31 October 2006

Wrong Car Noel

Oasis rocker Noel Gallagher was left red-faced last night (30OCT06) when he got in the wrong car outside an after party for the Q Awards in London.

The Don't Look Back In Anger guitarist, who landed the Classic Songwriter and Best Act In The World Today gongs at the star-studded bash, tried to hide his mistake by rushing back into the Met Bar.

To save his blushes, Gallagher then left by a back exit and jumped into the right car.

Source: www.contactmusic.com

Noel Snub For Robbie Apology

Noel Gallagher has revealed Robbie Williams sent Oasis a grovelling apology for his song slagging off him and Liam.

I uncovered Robbie’s cheeky tune, where he berated Liam for being inbred, last month.

And after I printed the lyrics to D***head, a secret track on No1 album Rudebox, Robbie fired off a desperate note to Oasis’ management trying to get out of trouble.

Noel told me of the contents of the paranoid email during the Q Awards held at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel yesterday. And he dished out a trademark slating to his old adversary into the bargain.

Noel said: “I read your story about the song. I haven’t heard the album — I doubt I will — apparently that’s the best track on it.

“He sent this note to our office claiming he didn’t know it was on the album. He can f*** right off. I don’t give a f*** what he thinks and I don’t give a f*** about him.”

I can also reveal the contents of Robbie’s grovelling email.

A source at Oasis HQ told me: “Robbie said he was really sorry and claimed he didn’t know how the track got on the album.

“He said he had no idea how the story got in The Sun, claiming the only copy of the song was on his computer.

“He apologised to Noel and Liam and everyone else involved.”

Robbie and The Gallaghers have had a long-running feud.

Last month Robbie told me it must be hard being Noel as he has to listen to cheesy music. But Noel hit back yesterday adding: “I love Abba and I love Britney Spears.”

Noel is the last person I would expect to make a camp statement like that. But he did redeem himself by ridiculing Paul Weller’s man-bag.

I told you yesterday Liam’s excuse for having one was that the Modfather was a proud owner too.

Noel said: “Weller came to our housewarming with this manbag thing but wouldn’t say what it contained.

“Eventually he coughed that his soul was in it. That’s where Liam got the idea.”

Come on Liam, time for a big night out to air your manbag.

That should give Robbie ammunition for another song entirely . . .

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

30 October 2006

Elder Statesmen, But Oasis Are Still Bad Boys

Oasis joined the British rock establishment today with two awards marking their longevity and enduring talent.

But it didn't mean they have grown up. Liam Gallagher failed to turn up at the Q magazine awards in London this afternoon, fuelling speculation he was sulking over brother Noel's award for classic songwriting.

Collecting his gong from the stage, Noel said: "Liam will be fucking gutted. I guess I should thank our kid for singing all those great songs but he's not here so fuck him. This is all my own work.

"Liam's gone to the zoo. The monkeys are bringing their kids to go and look at him."

Oasis were also crowned, Best Act In The World Today beating the likes of U2

Source: www.thisislondon.co.uk

The Razz: Room For The View?

Scots wild boys The View want to work with their heroes Oasis - and a chance meeting in London might have sealed the deal.

The Dundee band, fronted by mop-haired Kyle Falconer, were gobsmacked when they bumped into Noel Gallagher while recording their debut album, which is due out next year.

The Razz caught up with Kyle and guitarist Kieren Webster in their tour bus after their recent MTV2 Gonzo tour.

Kyle said: "We've worked with Babyshambles and Primal Scream but the other band we'd love to work with is Oasis.

"We met Noel when we were mastering our album at Metropolis studios in London.

"Our manager said 'I think that's Noel Gallagher over there' and we just went white. Noel came over and said 'alright' and I offered him a beer, but he said he doesn't drink early in the morning and he asked what we were up to.

"We told him we were mastering our album and he said he'd come up to the studio and check it out."

Much to the band's surprise Noel kept his word.

Kieren said: "He came up and had a listen to a few of our tracks and bounced along but he didn't say much. He's a man of very few words."

But both agreed Noel's little brother was far more chatty.

Kieren said: "We played at a few showcases at Sony BMG and Kasabian were there with Liam and we've said hello. He's a cool guy, really nice." Liam is also backing their new single, Superstar Tradesman, which entered the charts yesterday at No.15.

"We heard Liam bigged us up on the radio the other day to celebrate our single," they said.

The band are now set to go on tour with Scot's rockers Primal Scream after playing a few gigs with them in the summer.

And, when asked what advice Bobby Gillespie gave them to help handle their new pop career, they both blurted out: "He said don't take too many drugs."

Rock 'n' roll...

Source: www.thedailyrecord.co.uk

Nicole: I Will Marry Liam

All Saint Nicole Appleton reckons Liam Gallagher makes perfect husband material – and says they WILL wed soon.

In her first big interview in five years, Nic lifted the lid on her relationship with the lairy Oasis rocker and revealed his softer side.

She told how her parents ADORE Liam and said she and him are happier than they have ever been.

Speaking exclusively to Bizarre to mark the release of her reformed band’s comeback single, Nic told me: “Absolutely yes, we will get married. Of course we will.

“Things are so great between us that it will just happen when it does. We haven’t planned anything and we are really, really happy — the happiest we’ve ever been together.

“There’s no pressure from our parents to get married but when we go to friends’ weddings, I think, ‘I want to do this.’

“We’re pretty much married anyway and I call him my husband sometimes. We come as a unit — where he goes, our son Gene and I go. Having children together is a bigger commitment than getting married — but we will do it.”

Liam is perhaps not every mother’s impression of an ideal son-in-law — but Nic’s mum and dad think the world of him.

She said: “My parents love Liam, they think he’s so lovely.”

Lovely — now there’s a word not usually associated with the hard- drinking, fighting rocker.

But according to Nic, Liam goes all soft when it comes to five-year-old Gene, seen below with his parents. So much so that he doesn’t even mind that Gene likes his old enemy, GORILLAZ creator Damon Albarn.

Nic, who was once engaged to RobbieO Williams, explained: “Gene loves Oasis but he really loves the Gorillaz.

“His dad is all right about it, surprisingly. Liam bumped into Damon in the street and told him, ‘My kid is a big fan of yours.’

“I love the Gorillaz too so I think Gene has good taste.”

Gene wasn’t born when Nic was a pop star in her own right as one quarter of band All Saints, who first stormed the charts in 1997.

The group enjoyed five No1 singles — including Never Ever and Pure Shores — and paved the way for so many of today’s girl groups such as The Sugababes.

But they fell out spectacularly — even once rowing over a jacket — and went their separate ways in 2001 before reforming this year.

Nic says Gene is now aware that his mum was once in a top group.

She said: “Once a video came on TV and I told him it was mummy’s band. I told him, ‘That’s me — it’s not all about Daddy you know!’”

Nic was speaking to me as she and her bandmates, sister Natalie, Melanie Blatt and Shaznay Lewis, prepare for next week’s release of new single Rocksteady, to be followed by a whole album of new material on November 13.

Liam was spotted singing along to the new tunes when the girls did their first gig in years last week . . . and he did know all the words.

Nic says: “He has been totally supportive of me and the girls.”

Well I reckon Liam’s a very lucky fella to have Nic.

She’s funny, charming and dead normal. She’s not interested in having a flashy, showbiz lifestyle — you’re more likely to find her with Gene at Nando’s in her jeans and trainers, tucking into chicken.

As Liam would no doubt say, “She’s a top bird.”

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Can You Spot Liam's Man Bag?

Nicole says Liam still hasn’t used a “manbag” she got him for his birthday last month.

She said: “I bought it because I’m always carrying his phone, keys and passport. If we go anywhere my bag is bursting.

Liam said, ‘It’s OK, Paul Weller’s got one.’ But now I don’t even know where it is.”

If anyone spots Liam carrying his manbag take a picture and ring me, the nation needs to see it.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

On This Day In Oasis History

"Wonderwall" is a song and subsequent single by British rock group Oasis taken from their second album (What's the Story) Morning Glory? . It was written by Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher.

Released on October 30th 1995, it peaked at #2 in the UK charts and proved to be their American breakthrough, giving Oasis their only US Top 10 hit thus far. "Wonderwall" is perhaps their most popular song, despite the fact that British TV stars Robson & Jerome's "I Believe"/"Up On The Roof" kept it out of the top slot. "Wonderwall" has had enduring popularity in Oasis' canon. As of 2005 it was number 99 in the UK's list of best-selling singles and frequently appears in "best-of" single polls.

The song takes its name from the 1968 album Wonderwall Music by George Harrison, at the time still a member of the Beatles. Harrison's album was in fact a soundtrack to the film Wonderwall, but the film has remained unknown by the general public.

It is often claimed that "Wonderwall" was written for Gallagher's then-girlfriend, Meg Mathews. Noel married Mathews, but they were divorced in 2001. Gallagher now claims that the song was not about Mathews at all, but he felt he had to go along with the rumour, saying "The meaning of that song was taken away from me by the media who jumped on it. How do you tell your Mrs it's not about her once she's read it is? It's a song about an imaginary friend who's gonna come and save you from yourself." Initially Noel wanted to sing this song, but he gave his brother Liam Gallagher the choice, and Noel ended up singing "Don't Look Back In Anger".

The music video to the song is also notable as having been filmed in the relatively brief period when bassist Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan quit the band due to nervous exhaustion; Scott McLeod came in to replace him.

The sleeve artwork was inspired by the paintings of the Belgian surrealist René Magritte, and was shot on Primrose Hill in northwest London. The hand holding the frame is of art director Brian Cannon; the girl is Anita Heryeta, a Creation Records employee. The original idea was to have Liam Gallagher in the frame before Noel Gallagher vetoed that idea whilst the shoot was taking place.

The song is to be included on Oasis' "best-of" album Stop the Clocks.


"Wonderwall" has been one of the most-frequently covered songs of the last ten years, the most famous of which was an easy listening arrangement by The Mike Flowers Pops, which reached Number 2 in the UK Singles Charts, just as the Oasis original had done two months earlier.

Ryan Adams's version, first performed in 2001, and later released in 2004, was so popular with Noel Gallagher that he now uses Adams's slowed-down arrangment of the song when playing the song in acoustic sets.

Other artists who have covered the song include American Indie Songstress Cat Power, Paul Anka's swing-jazz style arrangement, the Beastie Boys punk rock cover that has been performed at concerts, but never released as a single, and a cover on the compilation Punk Goes 90's by the pop-punk band Cartel.

The Harvard Independent compiled a list of the five most ironic versions of "Wonderwall". The song was also covered by fellow British rock group, Radiohead.

Several songs use chords similar to "Wonderwall", including Travis's "Writing To Reach You" (which contains the lyric "what's a Wonderwall anyway?"), "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day, and Oasis' first single from Be Here Now, "D'You Know What I Mean". "Wonderwall" was later featured in the popular mash up "Boulevard of Broken Songs", which also contained parts of both "Writing to Reach You" and "Boulevard of Broken Dreams".

Awards and accolades

The promo video for "Wonderwall", directed by Nigel Dick, won the Best British Video award at the 1996 Brit Awards.

In May 2005, "Wonderwall" was voted the best British song of all time, in a poll of over 8,500 listeners conducted by Virgin Radio.

In August 2006, Wonderwall was named the second-greatest song of all time in a poll conducted by Q Magazine, finshing behind another Oasis song, "Live Forever".


The opening track of (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, "Hello", starts off with the opening riff of "Wonderwall" playing extremely quietly; this stops once the guitar noise comes in. (This is similar to the tape print-through that can be heard on such songs as the Talking Heads' "Road to Nowhere.")

The original title of 'Wonderwall' was 'Wishing Stone'.

Watch The Music Video Here
Watch A Live Performance Here

Source: Wikpedia

29 October 2006

Liam Won't Rock If He Goes Bald

Oasis front man Liam Gallagher says the band will call it a day - when he loses his hair.

Liam, watching miss us Nicole Appleton at the All Saints reunion gig, said: "The minute you start dressing like a f***ing idiot or get a bald patch, that's it."

Oasis are in line for best-act success at tomorrow's Q Awards. Mel Blatt has revealed why she agreed to a comeback gig with her All Saints co-stars last week - she was skint.

She buried the hatchet after a long-running feud with bandmates Nicole and Natalie Appleton. Mel, 31, admitted: "I've spent the last seven years not doing a lot, watching far too much TV.

"But I had to earn some money. It was hard dragging myself away from the TV."

Source: www.people.co.uk

Kasabian Rock Proms

BBC orchestra and Oasis star back Leicester rockers

Kasabian rocked the BBC Electric Proms tonight (October 28) with a 60 piece orchestra for a special performance at the Camden Roundhouse.

The Leicester five-piece were also joined by Oasis and The Who drummer Zak Starkey for three tracks during their bombastic 60 minute set.

The band had originally intended to bring Daleks on stage for the show but singer Tom Meighan went one better by dressing up in the same outfit as former Dr Who star Jon Pertwee.

The gig proved to be an eventful spectacle for Kasabian who were backed by the BBC Concert Orchestra throughout most of their set which comprised of hits from their 2004 debut and recent chart topper 'Empire'.

Clearly taken in by the occasion, Meighan at one point echoed Noel Gallagher's words at Knebworth 10 years ago when he declared to the audience: "This is history we are making right now, me and you," before adding: "You lot are fucking empire. God bless you."

Oasis bandmate Starkey took up stick duties during glam stomping opener 'Shoot The Runner', 'Club Foot' and climactic closer 'L.S.F.' while bassist Andy Bell watched from the sidelines and the whole venue bellowed out the song's trademark ending.

As the show drew to a close Meighan swung a Leicester football shirt in the air and later wrapped himself in a British flag.

Kasabian played:
'Shoot The Runner'
'Reason Is Treason'
'Me Plus One'
'By My Side'
'Last Trip'
'Processed Beats'
'The Doberman'
'Pinch Roller'
'Club Foot'
'The Stuntman'

Support came from Guillemots.

The Electric Proms will draw to a close in Camden tomorrow (October 29) when The Who take to the stage for the season's final show.

You can watch the show Here

Source: www.nme.com

28 October 2006

More Info On Noel and Gem In Toronto

Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher and rhythm guitarist Gem Archer will perform a special unplugged concert at the Danforth Music Hall on Nov. 7.

The two are in town to promote the upcoming Oasis greatest hits album, Stop The Clocks, which is in stores Nov. 21.

The concert will be preceded by a screening of the Oasis road movie, Lord Don't Slow Me Down.

Tix, $35.50, for reserved seats, are on sale tomorrow at 10 a.m. at Ticketmaster, by phone at (416) 870-8000, or on-line at ticketmaster.ca. There is a ticket limit of two per person.

More On Liam And Sully's Phone Call To Virgin Radio

Click Here to listen to Liam and Sully's hilarious phonecall to Christian O'Connell's breakfast show on Virgin Radio yesteray morning.

Sarah: I'll Give Noel A Caning

Noel Galllagher said in yesterday’s Bizarre that he wants to challenge Sarah Harding for my Caner Of The Year 2006 crown.

But the boozy Girls Aloud babe reckons he has no chance.

She told me: “I want to get together with Noel and have a Caner Of The Year drink-off.
“I reckon I’ve had more practice than he has lately — I could easily beat him.

So I’m going to challenge Noel to a drink-off with Sarah when I see them at Monday’s Q magazine awards.

I’ll bring you a full report next week.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Noel Gallagher & Gem Unplugged In Los Angeles

Noel and Gem will be performing a special invitation only acoustic show to celebrate the release of Oasis Stop the Clocks best of album in Los Angeles on Thursday November 9th. The performance will be preceded by an advance screening of the Oasis road movie Lord Dont Slow Me Down.

We have 50 pairs of tickets for this unique invitation only night to give away to lucky oasisinet friends. For your chance to receive a pair of tickets please email your name and address including ZIP code to competitions@oasisinet.com before midnight Sunday October 29 PCT putting Oasis Oasisinet LA as subject of the email. Lucky recipients will be notified by email within 48 hours. Important: recipients MUST collect their tickets in person by presenting valid ID at the El Rey Theater box office, 5515 Wilshire Blvd, LA, CA. Box office hours are between 10.00am and 6.00pm Monday October 30th thru to Saturday November 4th . Failure to pick up tickets by 6.00pm Saturday the 4th November will result in loss of entitlement.

Doors open 7.00 pm, due to special nature of the event strictly no admission after 7.45 pm

Stop the Clocks is released on SonyBMG on the 21st November

Liam Makes Call To Eff-M Radio

Liam Galllagher caused havoc at Virgin Radio yesterday as he phoned in drunk about a dozen times — desperate to get on air.

Liam and pal Scully wanted to take part in the Who's Calling Christian? spot on Christian O'Connell's breakfast show where listeners get celebs to ring in with the prospect of winning £10,000 for a charity of their choice.

But Liam was so hammered station bosses were unsure it was him — until he and Scully sent a cheeky mobile phone snap of themselves.

A Virgin source said: "Liam went berserk when asked to prove his identity. He swore, hung up, then kept ringing back every few minutes and cursing some more.

"He jokingly barked at Christian: 'I'm gonna come down there and rip yer f***ing head off.'" When Liam did get on air, he also treated listeners to four-letter words.

Christian told me: "Liam said he'd been drinking all night."

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Noel Gallagher Doesn't Know What's Next For Oasis

After 12 years of rock 'n' roll stardom, Oasis have officially announced that, after compiling their Stop The Clocks greatest hits album (due out November 21), they're taking a break.

Since emerging in 1994 with the release of their Definitely Maybe debut, the band have maintained a profile unmatched by any of their former Brit-pop rivals. Guitarist Noel Gallagher says that Oasis' longevity has more to do with the universal quality of the band's music than their ambition or tenacity.

"I think a lot of bands from 1994, particularly the English bands, were so British that you couldn't get it if you weren't British, you know what I mean?" Gallagher says. "The irony and the painful fucking trendiness of it all.

"Whereas Oasis, it's universal, man. Like 'Cigarettes And Alcohol' means the same to people in Brooklyn as it does in Burnage. The sentiments of those songs are the kind of feelings that young kids get every day. I guess all those bands from 1994 were just trying too hard. And I don't ever attempt anything unless I can make it look effortless."

So, what will Gallagher do while Oasis take their much-needed break? Don't expect any animated side-projects or self-indulgent solo albums. Gallagher plans to spend his time just hanging out and not doing much of anything at all.

"I have to get coaxed back into doing work," he says. "I don't aggressively pursue my muse.
"I'm not one that always has to be creating — if I'm not writing songs, I'm painting, and if I'm not painting I'm fucking trying to make a bottle out of a fucking table leg. I'm not into all of that. In that sense, I'm not very creative at all. You get some idiots that if they have more than a day off they start throwing fucking paint around the living room. I don't give a fuck about the creative process. I'll do it when I get around to it."

When Gallagher will "get around to it" remains to be seen. To most savvy music fans, "hiatus" can usually be translated as "we're breaking up, but we want to keep our options open just in case there's some money to be made in the future." In typical Gallagher style, Noel is staying cunningly cryptic about Oasis' future. While he consistently speaks of Oasis in the present tense, he won't speculate when — or even if — there will be another album of new Oasis songs.
"It would be wrong for me to say yes," he says when asked if the band will ever go into the studio again. "But I'd be lying if I said no.

"It could be a long time. To be honest, we've got 11 songs left over from the last album and, of that 11, seven are really good. And of that seven, four are really great. We've really got the starting point for a new album, so we could go and start a record and get half it done next week. So, there's not really any rush."

Gallagher pauses. "And if you believe that, you'll believe quite literally anything."

Elizabeth Chorney-Booth

Source: www.chartattack.com

Noel Gallagher Records Unplugged AOL Sessions

Noel Gallagher has cast off from the rest of the Oasis boys to do a few acoustic shows. The singer-songwriter stopped by AOL to record a set for The Interface, and he'll also be playing a special invite-only show at Los Angeles' El Rey Theatre on November 9th.

While at AOL Noel had a chat and played stripped down acoustic renditions of oldies: "It's Good To Be Free", "Slide Away" and "Whatever." The session is now available to stream individual tracks or download an mp3 of the entire set. There is also a list of five fun facts about our favorite Mancunian.

Noel Live and 'Un-Liamed' at AOL

or download Podcast : here

Source: www.music.aol.com

27 October 2006

Kasabian Team Up With Noel Gallagher Again

At a gig in London next month

Kasabian have joined their pal Noel Gallagher on the bill at a drugs benefit show in London next month (November 2).

As previously revealed on NME.COM, 'For Pities Sake Focus' is an evening of comedy and music, set to raise money for Focus12, a charity dealing with all aspects of drug addiction.

The event will take place at KOKO in Camden, the same place where Kasabian and Gallagher teamed up onstage at NME.COM's tenth birthday party last month. Gallagher guested on the Kasabian tracks 'Club Foot' and 'The Doberman'.

Comic Russell Brand and Gallagher will perform extended sets, while Kasabian's Tom Meighan and Serge Pizzorno will perform acoustically.

For ticket availability go to: WWW.NME.COM/Gigs

source: www.nme.com

New Content Added To The Stop Clock !

New content has been added to the STOP CLOCK today including a live performance clip of Fade Away from the Chicago Metro 1994, an audio stream of Some Might Say (live) taken from the Stop The Clocks EP out on the 13th November PLUS a new downloadable clip! www.oasisinet.com/stoptheclocks/

Source: www.oasisinet.com

Zak In For Kas

Kasabian will team up with Oasis for their show tomorrow. They have secured the services of drummer Zak Starkey, 41, and intend to employ a pulverising two-kit strike force.

The Leicester lads play Camden's Roundhouse and are determined their set will be deafening and bruising finale to the Electric Proms series.

Source: Daily Star

Oasis Of Calm

Making up's a doddle for Damon and Noel

Damon Albarn and Noel Gallagher have finally ended their decade long Britpop war.

The Blur frontman and the senior Oasis man have had a famously frosty relationship since falling out during Britpop's heyday in the mid 90s.
But now Noel has put down his verbal shooter to let bygones be bygones. He requested tickets to see Albarn's new band in London last night - a big move on his part.

The Good, The Bad and The Queen, which features former Clash man Paul Simonon, 50, on bass, was the hottest ticket of the BBC Electric Proms week of events. I'm told: "It's been ten years since the rivalry was at it's peak and Noel thinks it's time to move on."
"He doesn't see the point in holding grudges and is genuinely interested in seeing what Damon's new musical project is like."

Oasis and Blur took an immediate dislike to each other when they both began finding fame and fortune in 1994.
The animosity between the two camps spiralled out of control in the summer of 1995 when Blur decided to bring forward the release date of their single Country House to go head to head with Oasis' Roll With It. Famously the Essex-born quartet relegated the Mancs to No.2 in the charts.

Later that year Noel said he wished Damon and Blur bassist Alex James, 37, would contract Aids, a statement he apologised for earlier this year. Arguably Oasis have gone to greater success, with Blur on an indefinite hiatus.

Source: Daily Star

Send Your Questions To Oasis

Some might say Oasis are the best British band since The Beatles. Noel and Liam certainly wouldn’t argue.

And we suspect millions of Sun readers would make that a “definitely” rather than a “maybe”.
So, we’re giving You, the readers, a chance to interview the band.

SFTW’s Oasis frenzy celebrates the release of their first best-of album Stop The Clocks and the screening of their first “on the road” movie Lord Don’t Slow Me Down.

All you have to do is submit One searching question for the brash and brilliant rockers and we’ll ask them the most original and best.

Winning entrants will win entry to exclusive fan-only screenings of the movie.

Oasis have kindly given us Six Pairs of tickets to each of the screenings in London, Glasgow and Manchester at the end of November. Dates and venues will be announced nearer the time.
Stop The Clocks (out November 20) is 18 tracks of mercurial brilliance over two CDs – all killer, no filler. Truly a Champagne Supernova album.

It was 12 years ago that the boys from the light blue side of Manchester first burst on to the scene with their era-defining debut Definitely Maybe. And just like that masterpiece, Stop The Clocks kicks off with the euphoric Oasis mission statement Rock ’N’ Roll Star.

All the greats are included like Cigarettes & Alcohol, Wonderwall, Live Forever, Morning Glory and Don’t Look Back In Anger.

There’s the magnificent Acquiesce, the best Oasis B-side and live favourite, also released as lead track on the Stop The Clocks EP (out November 13).

And there’s a couple of standouts from last year’s stunning comeback album Don’t Believe The Truth in the shape of Lyla and The Importance Of Being Idle.

The Oasis documentary Lord Don’t Slow Me Down is directed by Baillie Walsh and drawn from a year’s filming with the band on their mammoth Don’t Believe The Truth world tour 2005/6.
It follows one of the all-time great rock ’n’ roll bands – behind the scenes and in front of the fans across the globe. With unique access, Lord Don’t Slow Me Down is the ultimate Oasis documentary and a must-see for fans.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Liam Blasts 'Posh Lightweights'

Liam Gallagher has taken a pop at recent rehab residents Tom Chaplin and Pete Doherty – branding them posh lightweights.

The Oasis heavyweight says today’s rock stars need to learn a thing or two from veterans like him and brother Noel.

Liam is irritated with Pete and Keane frontman Tom for having to seek help for their battle with drugs — because it is not rock ’n’ roll.

He said: “None of us have ever been in The Priory, like all these little idiots today. They have one little line, they have one burn and they’re all in rehab.

“That Pete Doherty is cabbaged already. And it’s like, ‘How old are you? Priory at 27 years of age? You idiot.’

“Posh boys can’t take drugs, man. They’re lightweights.”

Liam’s comments could not have come at a more sensitive time — and I hope his tongue is slightly in his cheek.

Tom is just back on the road with Keane after completing five weeks at The Priory for addiction to cocaine and alcohol.

Pete continues to battle a chronic crack and heroin addiction.

But worse — Tom will be at the Q Awards sat just a few feet away from Liam, who I’m sure will taunt him mercilessly.

Liam says he still likes to have the odd messy night out himself — even though he has calmed down with his fiancée Nicole Appleton and their son Gene. He also has son Lennon by Patsy Kensit.

The singer said: “Obviously I don’t go out as much as I used to because I’m in with my kids and missus and get a buzz off them. But when I do go out I still have a good time.

“We don’t go out and say, ‘Hey man, we’re dads so we’re gonna take it easy!’ We’ll still go boozing for a couple of days, drink anything — Guinness, lager, champagne, wine — and get high, get plastered.”

Liam believes when Oasis were at their maddest in the early days, they surpassed any other band when it came to larging it.

He added: “It was as wild as you could imagine. It was living life on the edge. There were no safety nets.

“But we weren’t Guns N’ Roses wild because we’re a different kind of band. All these bands who are rock ’n’ roll are just daft. We never fell over drunk and all that because we like our clothes too much!

“And I’ve never poured Guinness or Jack Daniels on my head because we’re not Beavis and Butt-Head!”

Oasis are about to release their Greatest Hits album Stop The Clocks. And Liam reckons life could not be better.

He said: “I’ve got two beautiful kids, I’ve got money in the bank, a nice house, a nice missus and my mum and brothers are happy. It could be worse.”

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

26 October 2006

Noel And Friends To Perform In Toronto

Noel Gallagher is set to perform at The Danforth Ave. Music Hall in Toronto Canada on November the 7th. Noel is expected to perform with several guest stars (Gem and Andy are rumored to be amongst them) and tickets go on sale October the 28th. For more info visit The Music Hall or call 416 778 8163 for Box office information.

Source: www.themusichall.ca

Liam and Andy Take In All Saints Gig

All Saints played their first gig for five years tonight (October 25) at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire.

Though the band played just a short preview set, the confessed it was nerve-wracking returning to the live arena.

"We're very nervous, you know!" Shaznay Lewis told the packed crowd as the band began their set.

The band played six songs mainly drawn from their forthcoming album 'Studio 1', though they also included their single 'Pure Shores' after which Nicole Appleton afmitted: "I'm very emotional now!".

The reunited band were watched by a host of celebrities in the audience, including Kasabian's Serge Pizzorno, The Prodigy's Keith Flint and Oasis bassist Andy Bell.

Also present were Nicole Appleton's partner Liam Gallagher and Natalie Appleton's husband Liam Howlett from The Prodigy.

All Saints played:

Chick Fit
Not Eazy
In It To Win It'
Pure Shores

The group are now set to release 'Studio 1' on November 13.

Source: www.nme.com

23 October 2006

Original Oasis Members In Toon Again

Wonderwall: Is that Bonehead in the middle? Manchester superband Oasis has reunited with three former members - well, for their new video at least. As revealed in The Diary last week, the video for new single The Masterplan sees the lads animated as matchstick men in a series of famous LS Lowry scenes.

And I can reveal that the five figures are those who originally performed The Masterplan in 1995. That is, the Gallagher brothers and three now departed members - Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs, Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan and Alan White.

The video's co-director Ben Jones tells me: "We had a debate with Liam and Noel about it, but we explained that for the story to make sense, it had to be the original line-up. There's already debate as to who the five are on the video, so we've tried to leave it ambiguous." Although Ben admits: "One of the characters is pretty unmistakable as the closely-cropped Bonehead.

source: www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk

New Content Added To The Stop Clock

New content has been added to the Stop Clock hub including; The Masterplan video, a new film clip and an audio stream of Cigarettes and Alcohol (demo) which features on the Stop The Clock EP out on the 13th November.

Click on the dartboard now to view all this new content!

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22 October 2006

Noel To Be Interviewed By Parkinson

Noel Gallagher was on the Russell Brand show earlier today and Noel Gallagher was talking about his appearance on Parkinson earlier in the week. The programme is due to air on the 26th November on ITV1.

Source: Russell Brand Show @ BBC Radio 6

You're Foul Noel

Hollywood soccer nut Anthony LaPaglia has put the boot into jaded Oasis gibberer Noel Gallagher for bagging the Socceroos.

Back to watch his beloved Sydney FC in their grudge match against Melbourne Victory at Aussie Stadium tonight, the LA-based Australian actor ripped into the British rock star, who this week called the Socceroos "sh**'' and said he would like to kick Tim Cahill in the "b******s''.

"Was he sober when he said that,'' LaPaglia said.

"When was the last time he had a No. 1 hit anyway?''

Our soccer blogger Tim Gill isn't impressed either - join him to discuss the Oasis oaf's outburst by clicking here.Actually, Anthony, it was only last year Oasis topped the UK charts but Cahill and the boys would appreciate your support.

The Without A Trace star went into bat for the Australian game, just hours after arriving on what is a shotgun two-day trip here to catch tonight's game.

"(Gallagher) obviously didn't watch too much of the World Cup because I thought the Australians including Tim Cahill were tremendous,'' LaPaglia said.

"They certainly earned the respect of the football world and the people who count. Comments by people like him should be treated with contempt.''

A Sydney FC shareholder, LaPaglia's flying visit back to Australia is the seventh he has made simply to watch his team go around since the A-League kicked off last year.

Having turned up to training yesterday where he chatted with players including Sasho Petrovski and Alex Brosque, he will watch tonight's match from the chairman's box alongside Brazilian great Romario before having a few beers with the boys at the post-match function at Star City.

LaPaglia flies back to LA first thing tomorrow morning.

Source: www.news.com.au

21 October 2006

Keane Tom Is A Cheeky Chap

Rehab has obviously boosted the confidence of Keane frontman Tom Chaplin.

The cherubic singer took a cheeky swipe at Liam Gallagher during a gig at Manchester’s Apollo on Wednesday night, dedicating Keane’s song The Frog Prince to him.

The crowd — full of Liam’s fellow Mancunians — let him get away with it.

Keane have just started touring again after Tom’s spell in The Priory for drug and booze addiction. I guess it worked — I was at their Hull gig on Monday and there was no sign of Tom’s troubles affecting his singing voice.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

20 October 2006

Noel Interview For The Wave Magazine

On the surface, all might seem quiet on the usually blustery Oasis front. The multi-platinum English outfit hasn’t recorded any new material since last year’s Don’t Believe The Truth, and has no plans to re-enter the studio any time soon. Dig deeper, however, and you’ll find their hive is actually buzzing with activity. Band Svengali Noel Gallagher just left London for rustic Buckinghamshire; joined his pals Kasabian onstage for a couple of numbers at an NME-sponsored bash; tracked two Beatles covers for an upcoming John Lennon tribute program (one with the Stereophonics, another with Johnny Marr and Cornershop); and just viewed the final cut of Lord Don’t Slow Me Down, an Oasis tour documentary hitting overseas theaters this fall. Somehow, he and his frontman/kid brother, Liam, also found the time to hand-pick 18 Oasis classics for upcoming Stop The Clocks anthology for Columbia, which kicks off with the long overdue release of early B-side single “Acquiesce,” one of the band’s best-loved standards. It also includes the recent Noel-sung smash, “The Importance of Being Idle,” although its composer is anything but these days.

Sipping afternoon tea in his new countryside mansion, Gallagher paused long enough to chat.

The Wave: So what’s the film’s story?

Noel Gallagher: I don’t know whether there is a story. I think that the guy who was making the film, Baillie Walsh, thought that his story would unfold across the nine months he filmed us. But I don’t think one ever did. The bulk of it is the American tour with us, Kasabian, and Jet, and then there are bits in England, bits in Japan, so it’s kinda broadly based all around the world. We weren’t in any hurry to let the cameras in to see what actually goes on backstage, and I think a bit of mystery in a band’s life is pretty much a good thing. But everybody was kinda on their best behavior. I think Baillie was expecting the drinking-champagne-out-of-cowboy-boots-at-seven-o’clock-in-the-morning-while-swinging-from-a-chandelier kinda thing. But he got onboard 10 years too late for that. So it’s the story of a band who are... errr... just kinda comfortable with where they are. I’ve seen the film once, and I thought it was great, beautifully shot. But, as for what it all means? Who the fuck knows? I don’t.

TW: Oddly enough, “All Around The World” is not on the collection. And thanks to those endless AT&T commercials, it’s probably now your most famous song – at least, in the States, where you hear it every five minutes.

NG: The reason it’s not on the anthology is that it’s just too fucking long – we couldn’t really find a place for it anywhere. But the reason that that came about for the advert was, we got an offer, and blah, blah, blah, my manager’s going on about it, and it was something that I’ve never kinda considered before, and there was a lot of cash involved. But I was like, “Nah, it’s not really my bag.” But Liam, bless him, said, “Look – that song’s 10 years old, right? We never fucking play it. It’s not one of the big famous songs, so why don’t you just fucking cash in on it?” And I was like, “Well, fine. Fair enough.”

And I said, “How much is it again?” [when] the figure came back, it wasn’t a very difficult decision after that. And, of course, living here, we don’t get to see the advert ’cause it wasn’t shown in England. But I was in Mexico and I’ve been in New York quite recently, and I hear it twice a day, every day, when I’m in the States.

TW: It’s great that “Acquiesce” is finally getting a shot at the charts. It never really got a fair shake.

NG: It was the same as “The Masterplan.” I was kinda sent into the studio to write a B-side, and that’s what I wrote. And when I wrote ’em, people were going, “Oooh – they’re a bit too good for B-sides!” And I was like, “Look – you fucking put me in the studio; that’s what I’ve written. And if you don’t fucking like it, don’t put me in the studio.” There was a two- or three-year period where everything I wrote was just fantastic. And, of course, if all the B-sides for the singles off Morning Glory would’ve been what became the Be Here Now album, I think we would’ve gone on to be possibly one of the biggest bands of all time. Not that we’re not anyway. But I think we would’ve been as big as U2, because I had an idea in my head for Be Here Now – it was to be the most bombastic, fucking hugest-sounding record of all time. And I didn’t worry too much about the words or the arrangements. But the really interesting stuff from around that period is the B-sides – there’s a lot more inspired music on the B-sides than there is on Be Here Now itself, I think.

TW: You and your ex, Meg Matthews, were just in the news, denying custody-battle rumors about your daughter, Anais. How is Anais holding up under all this press scrutiny?

NG: Ah, she’s alright. She’s like any normal six-year-old – she’s a little too cheeky for her own good, but she’s alright. I see her on a regular basis. And she’s only six, but unfortunately she already likes Kylie Minogue, which is something that I’m not too pleased about. And actually, my girlfriend took her to see Kylie Minogue last year, before Kylie got ill. But Anais is into animals now – she’s obsessed with dogs, cats, sheep, horses, spiders, and all sorts.

TW: It seems like you got into being a dad much more than you ever imagined you would.

NG: Well, I never had any dreams to be. I mean, I love kids, but I don’t really dig being a parent, so I’m kinda learning as I go along about parenthood. Especially for a guy. It’s different for women, because they carry the child for nine months and all that. So they have nine months to prepare for a child being born, whereas guys get about 10 minutes. For the eight months, 20-some days, you’re thinking, “This is all gonna be some horrible mistake, and I’m gonna wake up in a minute, and I’m still gonna be a single guy, and there’s gonna be no kids involved!” So you get about 10 minutes to prepare for it. But I think it’s a challenge to be a cool parent. But I don’t know – my parents split when I was young and all that, so Anais is following in my footsteps in that respect. But I have good days and bad days, being a dad. But it’s one of those things – you’ve just gotta get on with it and take it day by day, week by week. And I do my best.

Source: www.wavemag.com

Awards Organisers Struggle To Avoid A U2/Oasis Clash

Q Awards organisers are frantically trying to find a way to keep Oasis and U2 apart. Both are vying for the Best Act In The World Today title.
And they're both releasing their Best Of albums on the same day. So an almighty row is expected to kick off.

Last year Oasis bad boy Liam Gallagher, 34, called Coldplay's Chris Martin, 29, "a plantpot". So, if Bono, 46, and co beat his band, the Manc rocker will have pleanty to say.

A source told me: "Oasis and U2 are very important acts to Q and the fact that they've both confirmed to attend the awards have made everyone involved excited - but twitchy. "The last thing they want is either band to be disgruntled - but we expect that whichever loses the gong will not be happy.

"We're scheduling to keep them apart before the ceremony and the seating plan puts them on apposite sides of the room."

The Q bash is at London's Grosvenor House Hotel on October 30.

U2 already have six Q statues to Oasis's five. U2 have graced the mag's cover 13 times and Oasis 12. U2's 18 singles collection and Oasis's Stop The Clocks greatest hits are released on November 20 and the battle for the top of the charts will be fierce.

My source added: "After Liam's rant at Chris Martin last year, we're expecting he'll have something to say about Bono."

Source: Daily Star

19 October 2006

Stop The Clocks EP Artwork

Liam Talks To Colin Murray On Radio 1

Liam will be talking to Colin Murray this evening on his Radio 1 show. You can listen to the show online from midnight tonight click on the link below or listen live on Radio 1 from 10pm - midnight; www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/colinmurray

Source: www.oasisinet.com

Special UK Album Launch Nights In November

To celebrate the release of Stop The Clocks several special album launches are happening across the UK in November. The launch nights include playbacks of the album, competitions to win exclusive oasis merchandise and lots more. Below are the confirmed dates; for more information on each individual night click on the link!


THURS 16TH MFI @ THE GLOUCESTER, BRIGHTONPLAYBACK START TIME: 10:15PM http://www.myspace/madforitbrighton

FRI 17TH FRIDAY FEELING @ 5TH AVENUE MANCHESTER PLAYBACK START TIME: 10:00PM http://5thavenuemanchester.com/ http://www.myspace.com/5thAvenueManchester

FRI 17TH RAMSHACKLE @ ACADEMY BRISTOL PLAYBACK START TIME: 10:30PM http://www.ramshackle.org.uk/ http:// www.myspace.com/ramshackleclub


FRI 17TH COLLISION @ TIMEPIECE EXETERPLAYBACK START TIME: 10PMhttp://www.timepiecenightclub.co.uk

FRI 17TH MOJO BAR, LEEDS PLAYBACK START TIME: 8PM http://www.mojobar.co.uk



SAT 18TH MELTDOWN @ THE WATERFRONT NORWICH PLAYBACK START TIME: 10pm (and again at 12 in café bar) http://www.ueaticketbookings.co.uk


SAT 18TH CHAOS @ SOUTH PARADE PIER PORTSMOUTH PLAYBACK START TIME: 10PM http://myspace.com/ukchaos/ http://www.chaosuk.net

SAT 18TH STOP THE CLOCKS @ FIREWATER GLASGOW http://www.myspace.com/firewaterglasgow/ PLAYBACK START TIME: 10PM Source: www.oasisinet.com

Source: www.oasisinet.com

Oasis Frontman Takes Swipe At Socceroos

Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher has let rip at the Socceroos, saying Australians should stick to sports they're better at.

The keen soccer fan saw the Socceroos play at the World Cup in Germany this year and says he wasn't impressed.

Gallagher, renowned for his controversial outbursts, said he did not have a great deal of respect for Australians playing soccer.

"Stick to the Aussie Rules and the tennis and the cricket and the rugby, you are good at that," he told AAP from the United Kingdom.

"Football is the game of the intelligentsia and you are s*** at it.

"You will never win anything so give it up."

The 39-year-old is a keen follower of his hometown club Manchester City and was the unofficial mascot of Italian World Cup striker Alessandro Del Piero.

It was the Italians that dumped the Socceroos out of the World Cup under controversial circumstances, thanks to a hotly disputed last-minute penalty.

"What do they call them, the Socceroos?"

"Do me a f***ing favour, you could come up with a better nickname than that."

Gallagher says he has a particular dislike for Socceroos midfielder Tim Cahill, who plays for Liverpool club Everton.

"I don't know, there is something about him. I would love to kick him right in the bollocks."

Cahill scored two goals for the Socceroos in the World Cup match against Japan and was widely considered one of the country's best players of the tournament.

"He has just got one of those faces," said Gallagher, whose brother Liam is also in pop outfit Oasis.

"Don't you find his face really slapable? I can assure you, lots of people in England do."

Oasis toured Australia last December and next month release a 'best of' album, titled Stop the Clocks.

The album features a selection of what Gallagher considers the band's best work, including tracks such as Wonderwall and Morning Glory.

Despite his outburst, Gallagher said he liked visiting Australia and that he was "gagging" to get over for the Ashes cricket series.

"The last time was just brilliant so the sooner the better for me," he said.

Source: www.news.ninemsn.com.au

Oasis Honoured With ‘The Outstanding Contribution To Music’ Award In 2007

British recorded music industry trade association the BPI announced today that Oasis will be recognized with The Outstanding Contribution to Music at The BRIT Awards with MasterCard on Valentine’s Day 2007.

This prestigious award is in the gift of the Council of the BPI, which organises the BRIT Awards, all of the proceeds of which go to the industry’s charity the BRIT Trust.

Oasis will receive the honour on stage at London’s Earls Court on Wednesday 14 February 2007 when millions of TV viewers will see them perform and accept the award live on ITV. BPI Chairman Peter Jamieson said, “Oasis set the standard for many of the young rock bands who are currently enjoying success in the UK charts. As the BRIT Awards goes live for the first time in nearly two decades, it is appropriate that we should honour one of the most exciting and unpredictable live acts the UK has produced.”

Originally formed in Manchester in 1991, Oasis are one of the most successful and prominent British rock and roll bands ever. They are one of the pivotal bands to bring guitar music back into the UK charts.

Taking inspiration from the 60s bands like The Beatles and The Kinks, Oasis were also heavily influenced by their fellow Mancunian bands like The Stone Roses and The Smiths. With such critically acclaimed and massively successful albums as their debut Definitely Maybe and its 19 million selling follow up (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? Oasis have inspired an entire generation of music fans and new bands like Kasabian and The Arctic Monkeys with their embodiment of rock ‘n’ roll hedonism and swagger. Oasis performed back-to-back concerts at Knebworth in 1996 having sold out both shows within minutes; 250,000 people over two nights. Their latest studio album “Don’t Believe the Truth has given rise to two UK number one singles, sold over two million copies worldwide to date and the band continue to break records with their sold out tour dates across the globe.

In 2005, The Guinness Book of World Records declared Oasis the Most Successful Act of the Last Decade in the UK. Oasis have sold more than 50 million records worldwide. Their first confirmed release of 2006 is a best of album entitled, Stop the Clocks. This much anticipated album will be released on the 20 November 2006 through Big Brother. No strangers to the BRITs stage, Oasis have picked up BRITs in 1995 for Best British Breakthrough Act, in 1996 for Best British Album (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?, Best British Group and Best British Video, “Wonderwall”.

Oasis will receive the prestigious award and perform live at The BRITs 2007 with MasterCard. Previous recipients of the Outstanding Contribution Award include The Beatles, U2, Paul Weller, Tom Jones, Sting, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Eurythmics, The Who and many more.

Source: www.brits.co.uk

18 October 2006

Oasis' Masterplan To step Into World Of Lowry

At first glance it could be one of the famous scenes of Salford artist L S Lowry.

But look a little closer at the matchstick men - and there's the inimitable swagger of Liam Gallagher.

Liam and the rest of Oasis have been transported into a series of famous Lowry scenes for the video of new single The Masterplan.

The lads got the full blessing of the Lowry estate to create the animated video - as they hope it will give the famous artist a "fresh new image".

It follows the band in a host of famous Lowry scenes - including Man Lying On A Wall and Fairground At Daisy Nook - with quirky modern day additions like the satellite dish pictured here.

Lindsay Brooks, head of galleries at The Lowry, consulted Oasis and the Lowry estate on the video plans.


She said: "It's an idea that could have resulted in something really naff, but in fact the end result is wonderful.

"I think it's something that both The Lowry and the Lowry estate felt would be great to see because LS Lowry is in danger of being set in stone in the memories of people in the north west, but this would be a great way to freshen up his image if you like. Both Oasis and Lowry are inextricably linked with the north west, so bringing them together like this is a masterstroke."

The Masterplan, along with a re-recorded version of Acquiesce forms a new EP from Oasis, Stop The Clocks, released on November 13.

Source: www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk

Bonehead Is Back!

Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs, one of the founding members of Oasis, is back on the Manchester music scene.

But he's put his guitar to one side to become manager of Manchester-based singer songwriter Vinny Peculiar and his band, which include ex-Smiths members Mike Joyce and Craig Gannon, ex-Fall bassist Karen Leatham and ex-World of Twist's Ben Knott.

It's his first foray into music management, but Bonehead tells me he's ready for the new direction. He says: "I'm good friends with Mike and over the summer he brought me a copy of the Vinny Peculiar album and I just couldn't take it off the system.

"I loved it, especially the lyrics, I'd not heard anything like it for a long time.

"Technically it is the first time I've managed a band, although in the early days of Oasis I was pretty much roadie, organiser, everything. It's a learning curve for me but I feel so passionately about the music.

"Bonehead has been appointed in time for the release of their new album, The Rise and Fall of Vinny Peculiar, out on Monday.

And they are just as pleased to have the ex-Oasis star on board as he is. Vinny tells me: "We wanted someone who had the same passion for the band and the music as we do. Bonehead has a genuine belief in the band."

Good banter

Ex-Smiths drummer Mike says: "Bonehead has been in bands before, he's someone who understands the music industry. We have a good banter and we're mates more than anything.

"Bonehead, one of the founder members of Oasis, quit the band in 1999 to spend more time with his family. But he's still in touch with his "best mate" and fellow band founder Liam Gallagher. In fact, Bonehead tells me he's hoping to get Liam down to Vinny Peculiar's gig in London tonight.

Still, if Liam can't make it to that one, perhaps he could journey home to Manchester next month - as I hear the band will be playing a gig at Club Academy on Oxford Road on November 4.

Meanwhile, The Diary couldn't resist asking Bonehead his thoughts on the release of the Oasis "Best of" album next month. It has caused some debate among fans about the tracks selected - including early B-sides and album tracks at the expense of more recent hit singles.

Bonehead said: "It's something we said we'd never do, but good luck to them.

"I'm on 14 out of the 18 tracks they've put on the compilation, so I'm happy. I think it's a pretty good selection."

But he added: "I got a bit worried when I heard they'd re-recorded Aquiesce as a single, and thought 'oh no they're going to re-record the whole lot', but thankfully that hasn't happened."

Vinny Peculiar and his band play Club Academy on Friday, November 4. £10. Call 0161 832 1111.

Source: www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk

17 October 2006

New Sony Walkman Advert

Click Here to see a advert for the new Sony Walkman featuring the song Lyla and images from the video.

Source: www.walkman.sony.co.jp

All Saints Admit Oasis Chart Defeat

Reformed British girl band All Saints have conceded their new release will probably be beaten by Oasis' greatest hits album if they go head-to-head in a chart race next month (Nov 06).

Singer Nicole Appleton, who is currently dating Oasis star Liam Gallagher, is so terrified her longterm boyfriend will win the chart battle she's persuaded management to bring forward the release date of Studio 1 to 13 November (06) to avoid a clash with Oasis' Stop The Clocks on 20 November (06).

Last week (ends13 Nov 06), Gallagher insisted there was "no f**king chance" All Saints would beat his album.

Source: www.contactmusic.com

Robbie: Liam Is An Ugly Inbred

One of the biggest feuds in the history of rock n’ roll is about to kick off Again.

I have uncovered a secret track recorded by Robbie Williams which slags off arch-rival Liam Gallagher for being Inbred.

In Give Pies A Chance — a play on John Lennon’s famous peace lyrics — Robbie sings a list of insults slating the Oasis frontman.

The abuse includes taunts about the Gallaghers’ looks and career, dubbing them Monkey Boys with Monotone eyebrows. It goes on to claim they’re: “Unemployed since being here right now.”
On the delicate issue of Liam’s ex, Patsy Kensit, Robbie adds: Your Mrs fancies me — bet she wishes she’d waited ’til I was shifting units.


A source said: “Robbie recorded the track with songwriting partner Guy Chambers when they were working on Sing When You’re Winning — their third album together back in 2000.

“They had two No1 albums under their belt at the time and were feeling pretty confident.

“The song ended up on the cutting room floor when they realised the almighty stink it would cause.”

Robbie and the Gallaghers did have a brief spell as boozing buddies at Glastonbury in the summer of 1995.

But things deteriorated rapidly.

Noel famously labelled Rob “the fat dancer from Take That.”

Robbie retaliated, sending a wreath to The Sun to pass on to Oasis when their album Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants was released in 2000.

He included the message: “Just heard your latest album — RIP.”

When Robbie sold out Knebworth for three consecutive nights in 2003 — beating the two Oasis did in 1996 — he sent Noel a pair of tap dancing shoes with another message. It read: “Dear Mr N Gallagher, you said two nights at Knebworth is history. Well, I guess three is just greedy.

“Yours, Rob. PS: Finding it difficult to find adequate support for my show. What are you doing on the 1st and 2nd? Oh, and the 3rd?”

Pop god Rob also caused trouble with a track called Ghosts on his last album Intensive Care — about his bedroom antics with Nicole Appleton — now Liam’s fiancée.

At the time he said: “It’ll really fry the balding, pot-bellied ****’s head.”

Robbie is touring Argentina at the moment while Liam prepares for the launch of greatest hits album Stop The Clocks next month.

Just as well. I reckon the further apart they are, the better.

Meanwhile, Robbie has once again threatened to quit touring.

He recently cancelled the Asian leg of his Close Encounters show and yesterday morning told Radio 2’s Ken Bruce: “I will probably never go on tour after this. That is unless I’ve got a divorce to pay for or a family and I want to get out of the house.

“I love talking about my songs on radio but you can do that for three and a half minutes and go home.”

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

16 October 2006

Win Oasis Goodies

You'd be mad to miss this exclusive chance to win unique signed artwork and booty from the moody Manc rock gods.

In association with the band and Google, we're inviting you to upload your Oasis clips and memories to a new Google Map.

You could upload clips of a gig, your memories of first hearing Wonderwall or even your own versions of Oasis songs - be creative! All you need is a digital camera or camcorder, an internet connection... and five minutes.

To enter, simply visit the Mirror website at www.mirror.co.uk and log on for details.

The closing date is Friday so Be Here Now!

Meanwhile, here are the first shots from Oasis' brilliant new video for an old classic, The Masterplan.

We got an exclusive preview ahead of its first official showing on Saturday.

The animated film sees Oasis transported to a world based on the paintings of Salford "matchstick men" artist L S Lowry.

The Masterplan is on the Stop The Clocks EP, out on November 13 - a week before the band's Best Of album of the same name.

Source: Daily Mirror

U2 And Oasis Set For Battle

I'm pretty confident this year's Q Awards will be explosive stuff.

Supergroups U2 and Oasis will go head to head for the prestigious Best Act In The World Today gong.

There's sure to be some serious competition - Bono and co have had a whopping six Q awards in the past while Oasis have had five.

Coldpaly, Muse and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers are also up for the trophy.

Meanwhile Lily Allen is up against the Arctic Monkeys, Corinne Bailey RAE, The Kooks and Orson for Best New Act.

The Arctic Monkeys show no sign of losing their appeal with four nominations for the Sheffield band.

On top of their Best New Act nomination they are also up for Best Album (Whatever People Say I Am That’s What I’m Not) Best Live Act and Best Track (I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor).

Jonathon Ross is presenting this year’s bash, to be held on October 30 at the Grosvenor House hotel.

Come back to the Sun Online for exclusive video footage and gossip.

Full list of nominees

Best New Act
1. Lily Allen
2. Corinne Bailey Rae
3. The Kooks
4. Arctic Monkeys
5. Orson

Best Track
1. Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol
2. Crazy’ by Gnarls Barkley
3. I Don’t Feel Like Dancing’ by Scissor Sisters
4. Never Be Lonely’ The Feeling
5. I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’ by Arctic Monkeys

Best Live Act
1. Oasis
2. Razorlight
3. Muse
4. Red Hot Chili Peppers
5. Arctic Monkeys

Best Album
1. Black Holes And Revelations by Muse
2. Empire by Kasabian
3. Under The Iron Sea by Keane
4. Razorlight by Razorlight
5. Whatever People Say I Am That’s What I’m Not by Arctic Monkeys
6. Eyes Open by Snow Patrol

Best Video
1. When You Were Young by The Killers
2. I Don’t Feel Like Dancing by Scissor Sisters
3. Empire by Kasabian
4. Smiley Faces by Gnarls Barkley
5. Why Won’t You Give Me Your Love? The Zutons

Best Act In The World Today
1. Muse
2. Coldplay
3. Oasis
4. U2
5. Red Hot Chili Peppers

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Stars Sign Boots For Charity

Celebrities including Madonna and Sir Mick Jagger are paving the way for Britain's National Giving Week by customising Doc Martens boots to be sold off on eBay. All Saints, Oasis and Janet Jackson have also teamed up with organisers the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) to sign pairs of the shoes to raise cash for the National Aids Trust. CAF spokeswoman Sheila Hooper says, "If people raid their wardrobes, cupboards and attics to find items they no longer need but could sell on eBay for a favoured organisation, we can make a real difference."

Source: www.contactmusic.com

15 October 2006

Wreck 'N Roll For Sarah And Noel

Sarah Harding and Noel Gallagher are two serious contenders for my Bizarre Caner Of The Year gong.

The Girls Aloud singer was snapped partying at London’s Movida club on Thursday with new pal Victoria Hervey just 48 hours after she got absolutely wrecked at the Vodafone Music Awards.

But Noel is giving her some spirited competition, leaving the Groucho club steaming drunk and pulling a pose that brother Liam would be proud of.

Below is my updated list of Caners League runners and riders – or perhaps that should be crawlers and droolers . . .

Caners league
1. Sarah Harding
2. Peaches Geldof
3. Lazy Lohan
4. Paris Hilton
5. Noel Gallagher

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

14 October 2006

Bubbly Noel's So Supa

We've always hoped that champagne is good for you and Noel Gallagher, 39, has helpfully proved that it really is.

The pre-bubbly Manc's monobrow forms an angry caterpillar as he Looks Back In Anger at all and sundry, But after enjoying some Champagne Supernova Noel turns into the unlikely Good Samaritan of rock.

The singer enjoyed come Cigarettes and Alcohol at the Groucho Club with his lady Sara McDonald, 31 and then he hugged a busker working outside the club for singing Oasis's hit Wonderwall.

Chirpy Noel then treated the street musician to an impromptu performance of Supersonic, and he handed him enough notes to fill a spy's briefcase.

We always knew that beggar costume would come in handy.

Source: Daily Star

Oasis - The Masterplan (2006 Promo Video)

Thanks To Mr Monobrow

Noel Gallagher Is Far From Idle

If you paid close attention to "Don't Believe the Truth" — last year's subtly scathing effort from Mancunian supergroup Oasis — the truth itself was obvious: Bandleader Noel Gallagher had had enough of his adopted hometown of London.

If one more obsessive fan approached him with a camera phone begging for a quick snapshot, he grumbled at the time, he would gladly dropkick said cellular straight up the street. So it's no surprise that the star has finally made his disdain official. "I've just moved out of London and back into the English countryside," Gallagher reveals. "I just moved into my new Buckinghamshire mansion.

"The guitarist's bratty kid brother, Oasis frontman Liam, has just ditched his old digs, as well. "So he's living in a flat full of cardboard boxes at the moment," Noel chuckles, phoning from home. "Right now, he's in the pub'round the corner from my house, just drinking on his own. How sad is that?"

In reality, the Gallaghers were merely enjoying their post-world-tour down time, with no plans whatsoever of entering a recording studio in the near future.

But Oasis is still maintaining a high profile this fall. There's the long-overdue single release of its early B-side "Acquiesce" (which ships to radio this week), a new best-of anthology "Stop the Clocks" on Columbia and a full-length concert documentary hitting theaters, the aptly-titled "Lord Don't Slow Me Down.

"Not to mention, of course, the current heavy TV/radiorotation of early chestnut "All Around the World," as heard in that steady stream of AT&T ads.

So how, exactly, does an artist of Noel Gallagher's stature suddenly change residence? Yard sales are simply out of the question when you want to jettison your belongings, he sighs.

But he hit on a unique solution. Over a laborious three-day period, he says, "I actually put all my junk and clothes and stuff I didn't need into black bin bags, we call'em, or refuse sacks. And then I called the local Oxfam, a charity shop, and I got someone else to be here when they arrived. Because if the guys had seen it was me, it would've all ended up in Sotheby's. So I gave it all to charity and nobody knows," he laughs.

"It's all out there somewhere — people are walking around in my old clothes, eating off my old plates, enjoying all the old bits that I don't need."

As he cleaned house, Gallagher stumbled on a few items he just couldn't part with. "Like loads of unmarked cassettes and CDs that didn't have any writing on'em. I'd stick them in, and a couple of'em were just me, sitting in my front room, playing acoustic guitar, just working out songs. And some of'em were songs that I've yet to record which I'd forgotten about, and that was quite special, just listening to all of those one night.

"Gallagher wasn't finished rummaging. Carefully, he and his sibling combed the Oasis catalog to select the 18 classics for "Stop the Clocks.

"They arrived at an interesting mix of U.S. hits ("Wonderwall," "Live Forever"), U.K. smashes ("Lyla," "Some Might Say," "Don't Look Back in Anger") and pet B-sides ("Talk Tonight," "The Masterplan," alongside the crowd-pleasing show staple "Acquiesce").

"All the choices for the album are quite obvious, so it's put together for the fans," says Gallagher. As a composer, he's most proud of his vintage "Slide Away" and "Truth's" recent "The Importance Being Idle," he says. "Simply because nobody writes songs like that anymore. I mean, 'Idle' is a song about being lazy, but it's very Kinks, very swinging'60s. And I love 'Slide Away,' because it should've been a single and never was, so it's the one song that hasn't been overplayed to death. I find big hit singles these days are all incredibly commercial. Even bands who claim to be punk like Green Day are anything but."

As Gallagher tells it, there was a three-year period shortly after the band's "Definitely Maybe" 1994 debut "where everything I wrote was fantastic."

"Acquiesce" and "The Masterplan" hail from that productive period. But if Oasis had saved those precious B-sides to release instead of its third coolly received "Be Here Now" album, he reckons, "We would've gone on to be possibly one of the biggest bands of all time. Uhhh, not that we're not anyway. But I think we would've been as big as U2."

Oasis — thanks to its media-fueled rivalry with fellow English outfit Blur — went on to launch, then practically define, the Britpop movement. Unlike Blur's chameleonesque Damon Albarn, though, Noel Gallagher never altered his trademark sound — pealing cathedral guitars propped by huge flying-buttress riffs and Liam's snippy, Lennon-inspired sneer.

And persistence paid off.The group would suffer several lineup changes, but go on to sell over 50 million records.

"All Around the World" was one of the few career coups that failed to make the "Clocks" cut. "Only because it was just too damned long and we couldn't find a place for it anywhere," Gallagher says. But thanks to AT&T, the track now receives more airplay than any other Oasis standard.

When he first heard of the offer, Gallagher quickly nixed the idea. "But Liam, bless him, said, 'Look — that song's 10 years old, we never play it, so why don't you just cash in on it?' And I said, 'How much is it again?' and the figure came back, and it wasn't a very difficult decision after that. But the advert has no presence in England at all. It's not shown anywhere. But you go to the States, and you're bombarded with our song, or the 10 seconds of it that comes on.

"Oasis might be resting on its laurels this holiday season, but Gallagher himself is far from idle.

He just joined his pals Kasabian (also featured in Baillie Walsh's "Lord" flick, which follows the groups, plus Aussie upstarts Jet, on a nine-month tour) onstage at an NME-sponsored bash.

He also taped two Beatles covers for an upcoming BBC tribute to John Lennon, one with Stereophonics, another with Cornershop and Johnny Marr; as well as tracked a few new home demos, with 6-year-old daughter Anais singing along on a few. "She's got a fantastic voice — seriously!" dad enthuses. "But unfortunately, she does like Kylie Minogue, which is something that I'm not too pleased about."

Rich is the examined life, as they say. And reflecting on his illustrious career, Gallagher says, has been a quite pleasant experience indeed.

With, of course, a few minor glitches in the memory circuit.

For example, one time in Thailand in 1998. Gallagher laughs, "When we were out at some bar, and there was this incessant HI-NRG dance music playing in a bar across the street. And I was thinking 'Wait a minute! I'm sure that's a version of "Some Might Say"! So we went across the street and up to the DJ, and it was a HI-NRG disco version of our song, completely illegal, recorded by some Thai person."

The DJ had no idea who I was. But I said 'Gimme that CD!' even though there were lots of British people in the bar going mad when he played it. And Liam and I were like, that doesn't sound like Oasis, that sounds atrocious! And that — not AT & T — is easily the weirdest place I've ever heard one of our songs."

Source: www.insidebayarea.com

13 October 2006

The Masterplan Video Exclusive On MSN

You are able to view the brand new video for The Masterplan on MSN now! The animated video sees Oasis transported into a stunning world based entirely on the paintings of legendary northern artist L.S Lowry including subtle modern day twists and detailing.

The UK TV exclusive of the video will be aired on Top Of The Pops, BBC2 at 8pm on the 21st October

Source: www.oasisinet.com

New Content Added To The Stop Clock Including Online Frustrustration Game!

New content has been added to the Stop Clock today including a new film clip, a new down loadable clip, the brand new Acquiesce video streamed PLUS an online version of the game Frustration. Last week we posted a film clip of the band playing Frustration back stage at one of their gigs – now you can play the game too but online!

Click on the bullseye on the Stop Clock dartboard!

Source: www.oasisinet.com

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