31 October 2007

Some Exclusive Oasis Videos With MSN

Watch a preview of the new Oasis DVD 'Lord Don't Slow Me Down' with MSN In Concert, click here to watch seven of the songs from the 2nd night at The City Of Manchester Stadium in July 2005 .

Also you can also still watch highlights from an acoustic show with Noel Gallagher and Gem Archer from Paris by clicking here.

Source: msninconcert.msn.com

Phoenix Work With Rock Band Oasis To Create Second Life Launch

Oasis have opened the doors to their brand new online Second Life Space with a unique special event, giving fans from around the world the chance to view an exclusive new trailer for forthcoming DVD “Lord Don’t Slow Me Down”. Working with specialist New Media production company Phoenix Film and Television www.phoenixmedia.co.uk, this dramatic step into the future from a band once renowned for being technology-phobic further demonstrates just how important Second Life is becoming as a means to communicate and connect with fans.

Throughout October and November, visitors can watch the DVD’s trailer as they browse around the gallery, pick up free goodies such as a virtual t-shirt and coffee table book, have a look at stills from the production and pre-order the double DVD itself for real world delivery by Amazon. The real world release of ‘Lord Don’t Slow Me Down’ is scheduled for October 29, 2007 through Big Brother Recordings/Universal Music.

The decision to work with Phoenix Film and Television to create this unique interactive environment is another example of how the music and video industry is exploiting new ways to communicate with fans, as the growth in online social networking shows no sign of slowing. This is a trend that began a few years ago, and this project is a further example of how online networking sites such as Facebook, Second Life and Myspace are irrevocably changing the face of marketing and publicity. Through working with Phoenix Film and Television to develop innovative new ways to launch artists and promote existing acts, Universal Music have further demonstrated their commitment to providing the record buying public with new ways to listen to their favorite music.

Anthony Caulfield, MD of Phoenixmedia says: “The Oasis Second Life Space mirrors everything you’d expect in the real world, but with the added advantage that it’s accessible to visitors from all over Second Life at the touch of a simple teleport button.”

Emma Fulford of Universal Music adds: “Oasis fans can be found in all corners of the ‘real’ world and we wanted to make sure that their Second Life counterparts also enjoy what promises to be one of the decade’s greatest rock documentaries and live concerts.” The Oasis SL Space can be found “in-world” here.

Source: phoenixfilmandtelevision.blogspot.com

A Money Can't Buy Oasis Prize Up For Grabs

This week saw the release of Lord Don't Slow Me Down, Oasis' bumper double-DVD tour film - and one of the things fans have been remarking on is Dave Dragon's ornate, classic-looking, black-and-white artwork.

Well, how would you like to see your own face on the sleeve next to Liam Gallagher’s? That’s the unusual prize we’re offering one lucky Oasis fan. If your name gets picked out of the hat you’ll receive a unique, framed version of the DVD artwork, with your own image drawn into it by Dragon himself.

To be in with a chance, answer the following question.

What was Oasis’ first UK Number One single?

Email your answer, together with your contact details to Q@emap.com. Please mention ’Oasis competition’ in the subject heading. Deadline for entries is Thursday 8 November.

Source: www.q4music.com

The Best Oasis Halloween Picture Ever

Pumpkin Art by Jenny 'Supersonic'

Noel Gallagher And The Coral 'Wing It' At Proms

The Scouse band kick off climatic end to 2007, with the Electric Proms and three hometown shows to follow

Noel Gallagher made a surprise appearance with The Coral in London last week (October 24), as the Scouse band gear up for a hectic finish to the year.

Oasis' leader joined the group at the Roundhouse in Camden, north London as part of the BBC Electric Proms gigs. The collaboration, which eclipsed the galaxy of guests stars headliner Mark Ronson assembled for his Proms set, was typically fanfare-free as frontman James Skelly simply introduced the Oasis man as "our mate".

"A lot of people think of him as just being in Oasis, but he's actually a really great guitarist, so it was good to have him join in," said the singer. "He told us 'In The Rain' is his favourite on the album so we got him out for that. He did a great job, he didn't even rehearse before it, he just jammed along with it."

Noel admitted it was a fairly relaxed affair. "I was supposed to rehearse, but as I have recently become a dad, my little lad put paid to that the night before by keeping me up all night," he said. "You know, I am a musician, I know what I'm doing, I listened to the song a few times. Bill [Ryder-Jones, guitarist] sorted me out with the chords and that was that."

Read the full article in this weeks magazine

Source: NME Magazine

Amazing Journey: The Story Of The Who (2007) DVD Review

Directed by: Paul Crowder Murray Lerner
Written by: Mark Monroe
Cast: Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle, Keith Moon, Richard Barnes, Jeffrey Baxter, John Bundrick, Dougal Butler, The Edge, Noel Gallagher, Glyn Johns, Steve Jones, Rob Ladd, Greg Lake, Kathleen Moon
Released by: Spitfire Pictures
DVD Release Date: 6th November 2007

Spanning four decades, this authorized and definitive anthology of The Who relives their journey from humble beginnings to their meteoric rise to rock legend status in a 2-film DVD set. Filled with all-new interviews with band members Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend and music icons Sting, The Edge of U2, Eddie Vedder and more, this must-have collection also features electrifying rare and unreleased footage in mind-blowing 5.1 surround sound. David Wild, a contributing editor of Rolling Stone, says it it's 'brilliant.' For music that spoke to generations of fans, and refused to be classified, the answer is - and always will be - The Who.

DVD Review
How do you squish decades of rich experience, experimenting, superstardom, destruction, attitude, and pure rock n’ roll into a two-hour documentary? Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who. That’s how.

Unlike how a vinyl album delicately gets put onto a turntable, this film breaks out with a deliciously poignant statement by Who singer, Roger Daltrey. It’s uncensored, honest, and perfectly sets the stage for the story of one of the greatest rock bands of all time. The visual interludes persuade us to feel like we are simply listening to a fantastic record but the experience is so much more.

Peter Townshend and Roger Daltrey, joined by a host of friends, family, and various music industry associates, tell the story of how The Who came to be, where they went, and where they are now. With a handful of music’s biggest names like Sting, The Edge (U2), Noel Gallagher (Oasis), Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam), and Steve Jones (Sex Pistols), the curtain in front of The Who gets ripped open, exposing the genesis, the myths, and the sad truths. For anyone who is a die hard fan of the band, much of the early backstory will prove basic but you will be able to pick out tidbits that bring new insight. With Pete and Roger talking about being born out of World War II and a running reel of historical British footage, the forces behind the conception of The Who intensely draw together.

Though Pete, Roger, and the others do the majority of the talking, there is a lackluster and supposedly ominous narrator that chimes in at awkward moments, as to fill the gaps that no one had anything to say about. Honestly, this documentary is so well done and supremely edited that the need for such an overtly forced voice seems completely unnecessary. Although it’s annoying, it soon becomes forgotten and blends into the rock n’ roll journey that took the world by storm.

The section of the film covering the early years is definitely the most enjoyable. Not only do you see where everyone came from, how they met, who stayed, who went, and how Keith Moon’s extreme bluntness and confidence started a revolution, but you observe why the group went from The Detours to The Who (to The High Numbers and then back to The Who), how they dealt with the “Mods vs. Rockers” clash in England, and how British history, like how the BBC’s ownership of the airwaves, paved a narrow path for The Who to travel down in order to be heard. The way these developing years are portrayed paint an intriguing and extraordinarily brilliant picture of how four men were able to be at the right place at the right time in the 1960s and team up to forge something truly amazing.

Often ignored in other documentaries, the expository accents in this film are short, well spaced, and, for lack of a better word, fun. Everyone’s birthday is given, which is typical, but here we also get a list of nicknames for each individual. They flash by quick but if you’re able to get a glance of them, you’ll be able to picture how great it must have been to refer to these legends by such terms. Also in accord with other musical documentaries, this one supplies the viewer with plenty of magical live concert and studio footage, concert posters, and encapsulating photographs. Because of these additions, we are exposed to a relationship with Jimi Hendrix, why The Who is forever banned from the Holiday Inn, Pete Townshend’s drunken remarks to the Sex Pistols, and a hilarious Smothers Brothers clip, which shows that Keith Moon can conquer all, even a popular variety show host while singeing a band mate’s hair .

What really brings this film to the top is its keen ability to humanize such a sensational rock n’ roll band. Yes, there are moments that are beautifully beyond our normal lives, like smashing up 1960s musical electronics, but the surface is definitely breeched and we get a deep look at the band. We see how amphetamines nearly extinguished The Who while they were trying to play more shows than was thought humanly possible, how alienation within the band set Roger Daltrey as an outsider, and countless other moments that signify years of trials and tribulations. Although the back end of the documentary is forced into a dark corner with John Entwistle and Keith Moon’s untimely deaths, it comes out on top, leaving the viewer with a somber feeling of contentment, as if a long intense journey has just been completed.

The second disc, Six Quick Ones, is fun and features some extra interviews and footage along with stellar musical performances. Also, make sure to check out the little booklet that comes with the 2-disc set. Together, these things make up an unforgettable documentary of The Who that old and new fans alike will be able to enjoy while observing the unforgettable story of one of rock n’ roll’s most iconic bands.

Source: www.realmovienews.com

Some Halloween Fun (Saw Spoof)

Happy Halloween

A Saw spoof made by Hayden Hillier-Smith for Halloween for the site.

Original music by Darren (I always go home from camping early) Smart, and remixed by Chuzeville.

30 October 2007

More On The New Oasis Album

Noel Gallagher says his songs on the next Oasis album will be inspired by acid trips from the past.

He's been talking to 6 Music about progress on their next record. The band are heading back to Abbey Road studios on 05 November to get stuck in to album number seven:

"We done a few tracks in Abbey Road about - seems like an age ago now - about six weeks ago. And then we've taken six weeks off for me to get acquainted with my new son: the future of British music.

"And then we start back in Abbey Road a week on Monday, (05 Nov) if anyone's interested, and then we'll proabbly work through a couple of months there, have Christmas off, then go and mix it and see where we're at."

And Noel told us the album has already developed its own feel:

"Funnily enough, we all write seperately, but for some reason all the songs sound like they've got a common thread."

"We've been focusing round the grooves more this time, the last album was quite 'songy,' if that makes any sense, I don't know.

"But it was quite 'songy:' Importance of Being Idle, Let There Be Love - it was quite a British, retro, 60s sounding album. This is kinda focusing round the grooves more.

"Saying that, we've only done two tracks but all the demos that we've done are great."

And he revealed his lyrical inspiration, which seems to have been hard to find:

"I've literally got nothing left to write about: I've wrote about being a youth, and I've wrote about being a rock star, and I've wrote about living life in the big city.

"I've been re-visiting some of my more psychedelic trips of a younger man, because I remember them all you see...putting them to music."

The Oasis DVD Lord Don't Slow Me Down is in shops now.

Source: www.bbc.co.uk/6music

Are Nicole Appleton And Liam Gallagher Hitched?

DJ Sara Cox has announced to the nation that Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton have tied the knot - but the happy couple refuse to comment.

Sara, 32, told listeners on her radio show: 'Congratulations to Liam and Nicole. They got spliced at the weekend. I'm really happy for them.

'They did it with no one around.'

Rumours of an Oasis wedding have been flying around since former All Saint Nicole, 32, said she'd love to be a bride.

'We will get married. When we go to friends' weddings, I think, I want to do this,' she admitted recently.

Source: www.nowmagazine.co.uk

Oasis Recording "Psychedelic" Album

Noel Gallagher has revealed that Oasis have already began recording their seventh studio album at Abbey Road Studios, and the songs are inspired by a psychedelic trip.

The Oasis guitarist explained although work began on the record six weeks ago - with several tracks being laid down already - the band had taken a break to allow Noel to "Get acquainted with [his] new son [Donovan]: the future of British music."

He added that the entire band would be returning to the iconic Abbey Road Studios next Monday (November 5) to continue working on their seventh studio album together, stating "We'll probably work a couple of months there, have Christmas off, then go and mix it and see where we're at."

As to lyrical content Noel admitted that he struggled to find new inspiration these days explaining "I've literally got nothing left to write about: I've wrote about being a youth, and I've wrote about being a rock star, and I've wrote about living life in the big city."

So instead Gallagher has turned to some headier days by "Re-visiting some of my more psychedelic trips of a younger man, because I remember them all you see... putting them to music."

He continued, "Funnily enough we all write seperately but for some reason the songs sound like they have a common thread.

"We've been focussing round grooves more this time, the last album was quite 'songy'...'Importance Of Being Idle', 'Let There Be Love' - it was quite a British, retro, 60s sounding album."

Source: www.xfm.co.uk

Noel Gallagher To Check Out The Coral's Homecoming Gigs?

Wirral indie kings The Coral return to Merseyside for a three-night Christmas homecoming.

The Hoylake lads supported by The Twang and The View will play three nights at the Carling Academy in December.

It will be their first headline gigs in the city this year.

Rumours are rife the crowd will be packed with the lads’ celebrity admirers, including Oasis and Arctic Monkeys, with whom they’ve just played a string of European dates.

Singer James Skelly said: “We’ve wanted to do a Liverpool gig for ages, but we thought, ‘let’s save it until the end of the year, make it a proper Christmas party.

“We were just going to do one night, but we’ve got so many on the guest list we’d never get everyone in.

“We really like The View and The Twang. There’s another support band to announce yet, another really good band.”

Read the full story here and how to get hold of tickets

Source: www.liverpoolecho.co.uk

Oasis To Begin Recording New Album At Abbey Road

Band will head to Abbey Road next week to lay down album number seven

Oasis will enter London's Abbey Road studios on November 5 to record their seventh album. They have already completed work on two songs set for the album, and have demoed the rest.

Speaking to BBC 6Music, Noel Gallagher revealed that the band already began initial recording at the studio six weeks ago, and plan to mix the album after a Christmas break.

"We start in Abbey Road a week on Monday [November 5]," he said. "Then we'll probably work through a couple of months there, have Christmas off, then go and mix it and see where we're at.

"We all write separately, but for some reason all the songs sound like they've got a common thread. We've been focusing round the grooves more this time."

He added: "The last album ['Don't Believe The Truth'] was quite 'songy', if that makes any sense - it was quite a British, retro, '60s sounding album. This [new album] is focusing round the grooves more."

Gallagher went on to explain that he'd been having difficulty coming up with lyrical inspiration.

"I've literally got nothing left to write about," he said. "I've written about being a youth, and I've written about being a rock star, and I've written about living life in the big city."

Source: www.nme.com

On This Day In Oasis History...

"Wonderwall" is a song and subsequent single by British rock band Oasis, from their second album (What's the Story) Morning Glory? and was realeased on October 30 1995. The song, which was written by Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher, is considered by many to be a defining British rock song, and regularly features in "best-of" polls.

Released in October 1995, the "Wonderwall" single peaked at #2 in the UK Singles Charts and proved to be their American breakthrough, giving Oasis their only US top 10 hit thus far. "Wonderwall" is perhaps their most popular song, despite the fact that British TV stars Robson & Jerome's "I Believe"/"Up on the Roof" kept it out of the top slot. "Wonderwall" continues to have enduring popularity in Oasis' canon; as of 2005, it was 99th in the UK's list of best-selling singles, and has now sold over a million copies in single and download sales in the UK.[


The song takes its name from the 1968 album Wonderwall Music by George Harrison, at the time still a member of the Beatles. Harrison's album was in fact a soundtrack to the film Wonderwall, but the film has remained unknown by the general public.

It is often claimed that "Wonderwall" was written for Gallagher's then-girlfriend, Meg Mathews. Noel married Mathews in 1997, but divorced four years later. Gallagher now claims that the song was not about Mathews at all, but he felt he had to go along with the rumour, saying "The meaning of that song was taken away from me by the media who jumped on it. How do you tell your missus it's not about her once she's read it is? It's a song about an imaginary friend who's gonna come and save you from yourself." Noel initially wanted to sing this song on (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, but he gave his brother Liam Gallagher the choice, and Noel ended up singing "Don't Look Back in Anger".

The music video to the song was filmed in the relatively brief period when bassist Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan quit the band due to nervous exhaustion; Scott McLeod came in to replace him.

The sleeve artwork was inspired by the paintings of the Belgian surrealist René Magritte, and was shot on Primrose Hill in northwest London. The hand holding the frame is that of art director Brian Cannon; the girl is Anita Heryet, a Creation Records employee. The original idea was to have Liam in the frame before Noel vetoed that idea whilst the shoot was taking place.

The song is included on Oasis' "best-of" album Stop the Clocks.


"Wonderwall" has been one of the most-frequently covered songs in recent history; the most famous of which was an easy listening arrangement by The Mike Flowers Pops, which reached #2 in the UK Singles Charts, just as the Oasis original had done two months earlier. Gallagher mentioned that when BBC Radio 1 premiered the song, they ironically claimed that they had found "the original version of Wonderwall." Gallagher, who had been in America at the time, was surprised to be asked by one of his record company's executives if he had actually written the song.

Ryan Adams's version, first performed in 2001, and later released in 2004, was well-received by Noel Gallagher; Noel continues to perform the song in the same style as Ryan's version.

Other artists who have covered the song include American indie singer Cat Power, Richard Cheese, Great Big Sea, Paul Anka's swing-jazz style arrangement, the Beastie Boys punk rock cover that has been performed at concerts, but never released as a single, and a cover on the compilation Punk Goes 90's by the pop-punk band Cartel. The Harvard Independent compiled a list of the five most ironic versions of "Wonderwall".

The song was also covered by fellow British rock group Radiohead as a joke in the late 1990s; Thom Yorke sings many incorrect lyrics and cuts out mid-chorus when a background voice says, "Is this abysmal or what? It's always good to make fun of Oasis." Along with the group Radiohead, the up-coming band, Cartel also did a remake of this song.

During a heated rivalry between Oasis and Robbie Williams, which came about due to Noel and Liam's constantly referring to Robbie as "the fat dancer from Take That", he performed "Wonderwall" at his Slane Castle concert live on pay-per-view TV.

The verse to "Wonderwall" is built on a common four-chord progression which several other songs have also employed. These include Travis's "Writing To Reach You" (which contains the lyric "what's a Wonderwall anyway?"), "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day, Justin Timberlake's What Goes Around...Comes Around and Oasis' first single from Be Here Now, "D'You Know What I Mean". "Wonderwall" was later featured in the popular mash up "Boulevard of Broken Songs", which also contained parts of both "Writing to Reach You" and "Boulevard of Broken Dreams". In late 2006, Gallagher accused Green Day of "ripping off" "Wonderwall", saying "If you listen, you'll find it is exactly the same arrangement as Wonderwall. They should have the decency to wait until I am dead [before stealing my songs]. I, at least, pay the people I steal from that courtesy."

Matthew Newton sang a swing version of Wonderwall during his controversial appearance on The Big Night In with John Foreman on New Year's Eve 2006.

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters has made a cover version as well.

British cover band Ten Masked Men have recorded a Death Metal rendition of the song.

American band The Fray added the chorus towards the end of its song Look After You in their live performances.

In the ABC television series Lost, British character Charlie Pace, portrayed by Dominic Monaghan, performs an acoustic sampling of "Wonderwall" in two episodes, notably the third season episode "Greatest Hits".

Australian Idol 2007 contestant Ben McKenzie performed a version mixing the Oasis original and Ryan Adams cover on Britpop night.

Awards and accolades

The promo video for "Wonderwall", directed by Nigel Dick, won the Best British Video award at the 1996 BRIT Awards.

In May 2005, "Wonderwall" was voted the best British song of all time, in a poll of over 8,500 listeners conducted by Virgin Radio.

In August 2006, Wonderwall was named the second-greatest song of all time in a poll conducted by Q Magazine, finishing behind another Oasis song, "Live Forever".

In 2006, U2's guitarist The Edge named Wonderwall one of the songs he most wishes he'd written.

In 1995, "Wonderwall" came in at number one in the national Australian music poll, the Triple J Hottest 100.

In May 2007, NME magazine placed "Wonderwall" at number 27 in its list of the 50 Greatest Indie Anthems Ever.

Other Information

The opening track of (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, "Hello", starts off with the opening riff of "Wonderwall" playing extremely quietly; this stops once the guitar noise comes in. This is similar to the tape print-through that can be heard on such songs as the Talking Heads' "Road to Nowhere."

The original title of "Wonderwall" was "Wishing Stone".

In an interview conducted in Australia around the time of the release of Be Here Now, when asked which three songs he would like to be remembered for, Noel immediately responded with "Live Forever", "Magic Pie", and "Wonderwall", and then proceeded to list several others, including "Champagne Supernova" and "Don't Look Back in Anger".

At the very end of the song, the intro to "Supersonic" can be faintly heard being played on acoustic guitar.

29 October 2007

Lord Don't Slow Me Down DVD

I have had a few requests via E-Mail, for some photographs of the artwork for the new Oasis DVD 'Lord Don't Slow Me Down' as it is unavailable in some countries for a few weeks still.

I have not got the best camera in the world, so I hope that these pictures are adequate.

DVD Review & Competition - Oasis

Oasis - ‘Lord Don’t Slow Me Down’

Despite many years of ups and downs, Oasis continue to survive against all odds. Now down to only two original members (but admittedly, those two are the Gallagher brothers) the band actually seems to be in better shape than ever on this double DVD package.

Following last year’s ‘Stop The Clocks’ release the boys have gone all multimedia on us with this expanded two disc DVD set of ‘Lord Don’t Slow Me Down’. The release is made up of the previously available documentary of Oasis live, backstage and off-duty, a full live show (their gig at The City of Manchester stadium from 2005) and numerous extras including a Q & A with Noel.

Their management will be glad this came along now that the boys have calmed a little, there is thankfully no embarrassing (and highly illegal) substance abuse on show although they do continue to enjoy a good arguement.

The documentary disc is a documentary of a band that really seems to enjoy themselves on the road, their extended crew as full of big personalities as the band themselves while their neverending round of interviews and press conferences give plenty of scope for them to take the pis and generally mess around.

The inter band ‘joshing’ is especially apparent on one of the best features of the DVD, a commentary track of the documentary hosted by Colin Murray which gives the band free reign to ridicule pretty much everyone who appears on screen.

From the rapping dwarfs serenading Liam on his birthday, the surprise appearance of Girls Aloud during a photoshoot (i’ve never seen Liam move so fast, although he does limit himself to handshakes) and a classic clip of a bemused Noel being introduced, live on air across Italy, as his brother.

The Live disc is a showcase of later day Oasis ( shot in HD with surround sound no less), as great a live band out there as the UK has produced with the best frontman of his generation, you really could watch Liam read a newspaper and be entertained.

The Noel Gallagher Q & A extra is interesting but is curiously audio only, the disembodied voices accompanied by slow motion backstage footage.

An essential purchase for any music fan but equally a hugely entertaining trip that’d keep even your mum entertained (as long as she doesn’t mind the swearing).

‘Lord Don’t Slow Me Down’ is out now.

Sounds Good?
Well you could win a copy of the exclusive boxset edition of ‘Lord Don’t Slow Me Down’

Click HERE to enter

Source: www.clashmagazine.com

Liams Make Plod Couple

Liam Gallagher and Liam Howlett look like rock ’n’ roll’s answer to Kevin and Perry.

The Oasis frontman and his Prodigy star pal were snapped on their family hols in Orlando, Florida, taking some exercise after a busy shift looking after their kids.

The lads didn’t seem to break into anything faster than a canter, mind.

Doing exercise on holiday is soooo unfair!

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Oasis Tough Guy Spooked By Ghost In His Mansion

Liam Gallagher is scared stiff of things that go bump in the night in his home.

He even sleeps with the lights on at the house he shares with long-term love All Saints singer Nicole Appleton, 32, and their six-year-old son Gene.

And the Oasis frontman, 35, who had a hit with Wonderwall, is building up to a chilling Hallowe’en after hearing eerie footsteps late at night.

A source said: “Liam is absolutely convinced there is something sinister in some noises he has been hearing late at night when he, Nicole and Gene are all in bed.

“He lies awake listening with the lights on. And he is adamant he hears footsteps going up and down the stairs.

“It’s been happening for some time now and he sometimes wakes up and feels as though he is being watched by someone from another walk of life. He also feels a cold air pass over him when he hears the sounds of the footsteps – usually between 4 and 5am.

“If he had his way, he’d call in the experts to investigate the sounds further. But Nicole reassures him it’s all ok.”

Liam, who lives in north London, is convinced he was once visited by the ghost of his idol John Lennon.

The Burnage-born star insists the late Beatle appeared to him as an apparition while he was staying at a friend’s house years ago in his home city of Manchester.

But instead of being freaked out about the situation, Liam was in awe of his hero.

He said: “I was in Manchester at a mate’s house having a sleep. I remember getting up and feeling really weird.

“I turned round and there I was, lying on the bed, and I sort of fell back into my body. There was a presence there and it was him, Lennon.”

Source: www.dailystar.co.uk

New Oasis DVD 'Lord Don't Slow Me Down' In Stores Today

Today Oasis release 'Lord Don't Slow Me Down' on DVD.

What happens when a film maker follows one of the world’s biggest bands on a year long world tour? What happens when the film maker is granted unique access to that band, is present for the ups and downs, the moments of greatness and the periods of the same interview in 10 different languages in as many days? What happens when that band is Oasis, travelling across 26 countries on their biggest world tour to date playing to a total of over 2 million people?

The answer is ‘Lord Don’t Slow Me Down’, a double DVD set that not only gives you the definitive feature length documentary seen in selected cinemas last year, but also the option of voice over commentaries from the band, a Noel Gallagher Q & A session with fans from New York City, out takes from the film, and a second 90 minute bonus disc capturing the band’s homecoming show at the City of Manchester Stadium together with footage sent in by fans from around the world who attended that show. If you wanted to know what the members of Oasis make of their lives on tour and their audience, then the answers are on these two discs.

Directed by Baillie Walsh who has previously worked with Massive Attack (he made ‘Safe From Harm’), Spiritualised, New Order and Kylie’s Slow, and is now working on a film with Daniel Craig, this DVD set is a compendium of Oasis entertainment par excellence.

‘Lord Don’t Slow Me Down’ contents:

Disc One:
Feature length documentary tour film ‘Lord Don’t Slow Me Down’ in stereo and surround sound.
Bonus audio commentary – Noel, Liam, Andy and Gem guide you through the film with their recollections of the tour.
A Noel Gallagher Q&A session with fans runs alongside out-takes from the film.

Bonus Disc:
Oasis live at City of Manchester Stadium on 2nd July 2005 – sixteen classic tracks shot in HD with stereo and surround sound.
Disc 2 also features unique footage and pictures sent in by fans who attended the concert.

Watch a few highlights from the film in the links below

Interview with Liam
Backstage with Charlotte Church!
Liam meets Girls Aloud
Tour Bus footage
Noel talking to Australian crowd
Noel in an Italian Radio Station
Liam's Birthday

28 October 2007

Italian Oasis Fans Unhappy

Italian? No, thanks!

Italian Oasis fans are disappointed that the new Oasis DVD, “Lord Don’t Slow Me Down”, will not feature subtitles in Italian. The DVD, to be released tomorrow, October 29, includes subtitles in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

Italian fans feel neglected by the band for the second time, as 'Definitely Maybe', the DVD launched in 2004 for the celebration of 10 years since the release of the band’s first album in 1994, did not contain any subtitles in Italian either.

As a protest Oasis Live & Oasis Italia have joined other top Italian Oasis fan sites in a “Lord Don’t Buy Me Now” campaign, and has removed any links to websites promoting the new Oasis DVD in order to make their voices heard.

Source: Various Italian Oasis Fansites

Oasis' 'Lord Don't Slow Me Down' Chart Position

Oasis' first ever digital only single 'Lord Don't Slow Me Down' has entered The Official UK Singles Chart at number 10 on this weeks chart.

The track, and accompanying video is taken from the eagerly anticipated DVD of the same name, which follows the band on their colossal world tour of 2005/6.

Win An Oasis Vinyl Single

US Only

On November 6th, rockers Oasis will release the new DVD Lord Don't Slow Me Down, a chronicle of their massive 2005 world tour. To celebrate, 411 is giving away limited edition vinyl copies of the band's latest single, "Lord Don't Slow Me Down". All you have to do to enter is send an email with the subject "Oasis" to ask411music@yahoo.com. The contest runs until midnight, Novemeber 2nd. Three winners will receive a copy of the "Lord Don't Slow Me Down" single on vinyl. All entrants will be signed up for Oasis' mailing list.

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Noel Gallagher Attends The Oasis Official DVD Launch Party At This Feeling

Good to see Noel Gallagher and Sara MacDonald on their first big night out since baby Rory's arrival. They joined Serge Pizzano, of Kasabian, at London club This Feeling after Sara left Rory with gran Peggy.

Source: www.sundaymirror.co.uk

Princess Beatrice Is Mad Fer It!

I always thought Bea was a bit of a goody-two-shoes, but the Queen's granddaughter, 19, went back to Lily Allen's house for a right royal booze-up last week - after partying with Kelly Osbourne, Beth Ditto and Kate Moss at Fashion Rocks.

Lily, who has a pad in Hackney, was so impressed by how well Bea fitted into the group that she has vowed to take her out again.

The royal was the life and soul of the party at the Smile singer's East London pad, knocking back shots and dancing around Lily's living room.

At one point, Beatrice was so excited to be partying with famous faces she curtseyed and shouted out: "I'm not so royal now, am I!"

A fellow party-goer told me: "Bea was great fun. Her and Lily were controlling the stereo and putting on the tunes - and leading the dancing. There was a gang back there, including some of Oasis - but not the Gallaghers. Bea was loving being in with the music crowd.

"She was one of the last to leave in the early hours of the morning and she must have had a serious hangover the next day."

Source: www.sundaymirror.co.uk

Bid For Items Signed By Oasis In Two Charity Auctions

Two charity auctions are currently taking place for various charities, featuring items signed By Liam and Noel Gallagher.

Signed PURE Marshall EVOKE-1XT DAB digital radio's

Here’s your chance to get yourself, (or the rocker in your life) a unique part of rock history, an original PURE Marshall EVOKE-1XT DAB digital radio – autographed in person by a rock legend. Unsigned these radios have an SRP of £99.99, so signed they could be priceless.

Check out the radio's signed by Liam & Noel Gallagher here all the proceeds go to Nordoff-Robbins music therapy – registered charity number 280960.

Signed 10-Foot Guitar By Artist Pete McKee

Noel's guitar made by Artist Pete Mckee for Gibson Guitartown London, signed by Noel Gallagher "Peace love jelly and ice cream" can be found here.

Of the process the artist says: "It was great to Have Noels direct involvement with the guitar and he was very keen to make sure all the records and bands he chose reflected his influences as a lad learning to play guitar, to the point that underneath a couple of the sleeves lie rejected choices only he and I know about."

The benefiting organizations are: The Prince's Trust, Teenage Cancer Trust and Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy.

27 October 2007

Reverend And The Makers Take To The Streets

Jon McClure busks at the Electric Proms

Reverend And The Makers took the 2007 BBC Electric Proms to the streets in London tonight (October 26) for a special busking performance.

Lead singer Jon McClure performed an impromptu gig outside the Barfly in Camden following a 60 minute gig inside the venue.

The frontman rolled through a series of classics by The Beatles, Bob Marley and Oasis with his acoustic guitar as fans gathered around to sing along.

Earlier, the Reverend played an intimate set inside The Barfly which comprised of tracks from his debut 'The State Of Things'.

Source: www.nme.com

Bonehead's Club Dates

Bonehead (Oasis) & Mike Joyce (The Smiths) DJ Set @ JAMM
Sat 3rd Nov 8pm Till 4am £8 On the door
JAMM ,261 Brixton Rd, London SW9 6LH

Bonehead (Oasis) DJ Set @ Dirty South
Sat 17th Nov 8pm Till 2am £8 on the door
Dirty South, 162 Lee High Road, London SE13 5PR

Wayne Rooney To Get Revenge On Noel Gallagher

Man Utd's Wayne Wayne Rooney is taking revenge on Noel Gallagher for spraying his birthday guitar sky-blue — the colour of arch-rivals Manchester City.

The Sun revealed earlier this week that Oasis star and Blues fan Noel played a cheeky prank on the England ace by giving a guitar he was sent to sign for Roo’s 22nd birthday a Man City makeover.

Guitarist Noel repainted the £2,000 Gibson in City colours with the lyrics to club anthem Blue Moon before sending it back to Wayne with the message “Happy birthday, Spongebob” scrawled on the face.

But Rooney is taking his revenge by sending Noel pictures of him celebrating after scoring against his Manchester rivals.

A source said: “Wayne has been scheming a suitable way to retaliate to Noel’s prank.

“He got his new guitar on Wednesday night and has been thinking about something he can send back ever since. He decided to send two of his favourite pictures that will rub a dyed-in-the-wool City fan like Noel’s nose in it.”

It’s the second time Noel has wound up a United player. He signed a guitar for Gary Neville with the message “Happy birthday, knobhead”.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Music Mogul Alan Slams Madonna Deal

The man who discovered Oasis, Alan McGee, has likened 360 degree record deals, similar to that given to Madonna, to 'raping and pillaging' artists.

Madonna recently signed her recording, tour, merchandising and appearance rights for the next 10 years to Live Nation.

Now Poptones boss Alan says: "The record industry's demand for bands to sign over a portion of their merchandise and tour revenues as part of a recording contract is an admission that selling music is not a sustainable business model.

"I understand business. It is not always win/win, some lose and some win. But I don't understand raping and pillaging in business."

He added: "It raises the question of legality. If you want a record deal you have to give up money from other endeavours. Isn't this a form of extortion?

"Because music is free and the traditional record industry model obsolete doesn't give the industry the right to move into promoters and merchandisers. What next? Will oil companies own our cars?"

Source: www.dailyrecord.co.uk

Liam Gallagher's Lift Rage

Liam Gallagher once left a group of Argentinean businessmen stuck in a hotel after he "destroyed" the lift.

The Oasis singer was staying in a 50-floor Buenos Aires hotel while on tour and "completely destroyed" the only working lift after a drug-fuelled all night party, leaving all the guests to queue for the stairs.

Former NME writer Paolo Hewitt revealed: "I followed Oasis for the whole of the 'Be Here Now' tour in 1997 and when they played in Buenos Aires there was a big party in my hotel room and everyone left about 6am.

"The next day I got up and there was a big queue of businessmen in the hall. Turned out Liam had lost his temper on the way back to his room and had completely destroyed the lift. There was barely anything left of it. A full hotel, with 50 floors and no lift!

"God knows how much money they paid them not to chuck us out on the street."

Source: www.monstersandcritics.com

Getting Hot Under The Collar

Mighty Boosh star Noel Fielding got very cosy with the Razz at Transmission With T Mobile as he offered to rub his furry-collared coat on our bodies.

Noel, who was at the gig in Glasgow's Film City with Pete Doherty, Amy Macdonald and Sons And Daughters, said: "Sean Lennon tried to buy it off me for £2000. But I bought it in Montreal and love it. I wouldn't sell it, not even if he added another zero."

Noel also revealed that he and Noel Gallagher are full of mutual respect for one another.

He said: "Noel came up to me and said we were the only two relevant Noels. He said: 'I'm relevant Noel 1 and you're relevant Noel 2'." Guess Noel Edmonds doesn't get a look in.

Source: www.dailyrecord.co.uk

What's It Like To Be On The Road With Oasis?

What's it like to be on the road with Oasis? All these people know, so sit back and enjoy some of the best tour stories ever told.

Robbie Williams
Who: Fat dancer formerly of Take That
When: June 23-25, 1995
Where: Glastonbury
"I nicked 16 bottles of champagne from this do, stuck them in the back of this blacked-out Jag and arrived like a nonce at Glastonbury. I pulled up, saw Liam walking towards me and he goes, 'Take f**king what?' and I thought, 'Right, that'll do for me,' popped the hood and there's all this f**king champagne in there. I was at Glastonbury for a reason."

Liam Howlett, The Prodigy
Who: Liam Gallagher's old-rave brother-in-law
When: August 11, 1996
Where: Knebworth House, Hertfordshire
"I remember Liam popping his head out of the portakabin as we came of stage, shouting 'What the f**k was all that noise? Turn the f**king bass down!' Later he said the whole portakabin was shaking, so, y'know, we'd done our job properly..."

Tom Meighan, Kasabian
Who: Empirical party-starter
When: 2005-2006
Where: Various venues worldwide
"The best memory I've got of being on the road with Oasis, is the night of Liam's birthday when the midgets turned up. Suddenly the doors burst open and there were these midgets there. There were three of them and they just run in with this birthday cake, it was absolutely magical - mind you, we were all of our heads at the time, which made it even more special. I was on acid that night, it was fabulous - it was blowing my mind! I hugged one of them too! The other thing that springs to mind is playing football with Noel backstage at our gig at Ally Pally in 2006. The area looked awful, there was beer and piss everywhere and in the end people were playing with a crushed can, until someone kicked a ball over. It was like 20-odd a side at one point - I think Noel was playing on both sides!"

Richard Ashcroft, The Verve
Who: He casts no shadow
When: 1993-1997
Where: Various UK Venues
"The first time I saw them I went, 'This is amazing, this is bonkers!' They shifted the whole rock'n'roll thing almost overnight. I remember we played a gig with them down in Southend, and it was such a young audience, it was incredible. Noel loved the idea of us going on before them. It wasn't like a patronising thing. It was literally, like, 'Wow! I'd love to have The Verve on before us, playing to all these kids, 'cos it'll blow their minds.' Much later we played with them at Earl's Court, and that was like, 'Jesus, wow.' I'll always be thankful to Noel - he went out of his way to help us. It was just pure, like. We were genuinely his favourite band. He loved us, you know?"

Andy Burrows, Razorlight
Who: Anvil-jawed sticksman
When: December 10, 2005
Where: Millenium Stadium, Cardiff
"Noel walked past us onstage when we did our little bit. We got a Noel escort from the dressing room to the stage! Afterwards there were several aftershows. Johnny got invited to the Oasis one but I wasn't. I remember being at the bar talking to actor Ralf Little while Carl [Dalemo, bass] was passed out on the sofa. That was bizarre. I've only met Noel though - I don't want to meet Liam. I saw him in town the other day and it freaked me out. Don't meet your heroes!"

Steve Cradock, Ocean Colour Scene/Paul Weller
The Modfather's right hand man
When: 1995-1996
Where: Various UK and European venues
"We were playing a festival in Spain with Paul Weller and Oasis were on the bill. The gig wasn't that remarkable, but as we were leaving the site our tourbus was behind Oasis'. We were going over this bridge and suddenly there was this huge commotion. Liam had climbed out of the skylight on top of the bus and was standing on the roof, with no shirt on, draped in a Union Jack. That's Liam - he's a legend. There were some funny scenes at Knebworth too. Liam had been up all night and was driving this golf buggy about. Then he wouldn't do the soundtrack. At Knebworth! But the gigs were phenomenal."

Read this weeks copy of the NME for four pages of the best Oasis tour stories ever told.

Source: NME Magazine

Thank The Lord....Oasis Are Back !

Review: 5 Stars


It’s not before time that Oasis release their first-ever tour DVD – and somewhat surprising that they haven’t made one before now.

How much more entertaining and debauched it would have been had it been made during the Be Here Now tour in 1997 is anyone’s guess.

Fast-forward a decade and both Gallagher brothers have babies, and the days of bragging about drug-taking and throwing punches at photographers are few and far between.

But that’s not to say this documentary does not have its fair share of hedonism and swaggering.

The band are followed as they travel 26 countries on their biggest world tour to date, playing to a total of two million people. The concert footage is as good as you’d expect from one of the world’s greatest bands.

But perhaps more interesting are the scenes cut in between of the lads warming up for gigs, relaxing afterwards, or seeing the sights as they travel to Australia, Japan, and the US.

The brothers are as cocky as ever – check out Liam bombing around Sydney harbour in a speedboat with a bottle of lager.

Press conferences are equally amusing as Liam and Noel in particular use the opportunity to show off and try to make fools of the journalists.

Another hilarious scene has a tipsy Charlotte Church introducing her friends over and over again to Noel, who looks on with a smirk and a raised eyebrow.

As well as the more amusing moments, there’s also semi-serious chat about the music and the band’s history.

Extras are plentiful and are among the highlights here.

There’s a bonus audio commentary, a full concert from the City Of Manchester Stadium shot in July 2005, and outtakes from the DVD.

But the best of the extras has to be the Noel Q&A session with fans, where the great man is on typically witty, arrogant form.

Emma Cox, The SUN

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

26 October 2007

Win An Oasis Vinyl Single

US Only I think

On November 6th, rockers Oasis will release the new DVD Lord Don't Slow Me Down, a chronicle of their massive 2005 world tour. To celebrate, 411 is giving away limited edition vinyl copies of the band's latest single, "Lord Don't Slow Me Down". All you have to do to enter is send an email with the subject "Oasis" to ask411music@hotmail.com. The contest runs until midnight, Novemeber 1st. Three winners will receive a copy of the "Lord Don't Slow Me Down" single on vinyl. All entrants will be signed up for Oasis' mailing list.

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Oasis - Lord Don't Slow Me Down Track Review

While some are sitting back and letting the brothers Gallagher bask in the glory they've somehow amassed after a generation decided to look back in their most rose-tinted of spectacles, others (i.e. us) are left wondering when the decision was made to transform in to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

The riff is pure Status Quo, the attempt at any kind of drawl reminiscent of Bobby Gillespie's cowboy hankerings on Primal Scream's last record. And yet, for all the puzzled expressions in the world - if this were just another dad-rock single we'd probably at least understand - it's probably going to be lapped up. Remember, this is Oasis. In the eyes of the 'new establishment' they can do no wrong - these are the same people who deem Suede single-handedly responsible for Britpop.

If said Lord could slow this down any further he'd be listening to Editors. And that's a fate one would wish on very few people.

'Lord Don't Slow Me Down' is released as a single through Big Brother on 21st October 2007.

Emma Swann

Source: www.thisisfakediy.co.uk

Oasis Videos: Friday Afternoon Top Ten

Watch classic Gallagher action on NME.COM now

It's Friday again, which means it's time to stop working and start counting down the hours until the weekend starts.Here in the NME office we're all feeling a bit 'Oasis', what with their new documentary DVD, 'Lord Don't Slow Me Down', coming out on Monday.

So we've collected together some cracking Oasis videos for you to watch now on the NME Office Blog.We're guessing you're already quite familiar with the music of the Gallagher brothers by now, so we've concentrated on digging out the band's best interviews through the years.

We've got Oasis' first ever TV interview in 1994, Liam on S Club Juniors and Craig David, classic Noel on TFI Friday and much more.

All the videos are available to watch now on the NME Office Blog, so head over and have a watch.

Don't forget to leave your own YouTube links to share your own favourite Oasis videos.

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Noel Gallagher Blames Fatherhood For Lack Of Rehearsal Time

Oasis star Noel Gallagher has blamed his new baby boy for not giving him enough time to rehearse for his performance at the BBC electric proms.

The singer/guitarist joined fellow rockers The Coral at London's Roundhouse for the concert on Wednesday night (24Oct07), but insists fatherhood is taking its toll on his working life.

He says, "I was supposed to rehearse yesterday but, as I have recently become a dad, my little lad put pay to that the night before by keeping me up all night, so I was knackered (tired)."

Gallagher's girlfriend Sara MACDonald gave birth to the couple's son Donovan last month (Sep07).

However, Gallagher still managed to wow the crowds, despite the lack of rehearsal time.

Source: www.contactmusic.com

Oasis Giveaway

In honor of the November 6 DVD release of new Oasis documentary Lord Don't Slow Me Down, we've got two vinyl records for the band's new single (of the same name) to give away.

To enter, just drop a line to newrecords@gmail.com with the name of your favorite Oasis song. (Note: entering this contest does also sign you up for Oasis email updates.

Source: newusedrecords.blogspot.com/

You've Gotta Stroll With It

It's not easy looking hard while visiting Disney World.

But Liam Gallagher and Liam Howlett gave it a try as they and their families hit the Florida resort.

Prodigy star Howlett made a particular effort to look tough with his dyed black hair and tattoos.

However, riding on the merry-go-round in those ghastly white Crocs slightly shattered the image.

Oasis singer Gallagher wore more suitable holiday kit — but didn’t lose his trademark snarl.

Both Liams are on a break with Gallagher’s partner Nicole Appleton and her sister Natalie, Howlett’s wife, and their kids.

It’s a far cry from Liam G’s hellraising days in the Nineties. How times have changed.

You’ve gotta roll with it, I suppose...

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Wayne Rooney's Blues Guitar

Getting a signed guitar from Noel Gallagher for your birthday is the ultimate lads’ gift — unless you happen to be Wayne Rooney.

The Sun revealed earlier this week that Man Utd star Roo’s fiancée Coleen had asked the Oasis legend to sign a guitar for his 22nd birthday.

She didn’t think that idea through.

Man City diehard Noel was rubbing his hands with glee when Coleen served up a perfect chance for a prank by sending him the instrument to sign.

And I’ve got my hands on the pictures of the finished masterpiece.

Noel and Oasis guitarist Gem Archer took pride in repainting the £2,000 tiger flame, cherry sunburst Gibson Les Paul Classic.

They splashed out on a tin of sky blue paint and some Tippex to spell out the chorus of City anthem Blue Moon.

I would love to have seen Roo’s face when he received his surprise present at a family dinner in Manchester on Wednesday.

The Old Trafford ace was in stitches when he peeled off the wrapping and read the birthday wishes to “Spongebob”.

But it won’t take pride of place in Roo’s home — he’s going to auction it off for charity.

I can also reveal the striker got a Second celeb guitar on his big day — from Sir Paul McCartney. Coleen arranged for Macca to sign the instrument.

A source close to the couple said: “Like any other Scouser, Wayne’s proud of The Beatles so getting a guitar off Macca will make his day. He enjoyed Noel’s gag but he can’t have City colours at home.”

Coleen also bought the United star a dartboard with a set of personalised quills.

She gave them to him at his birthday dinner in his fave Chinese restaurant Wings in Manchester
I’ll bet Roo will try and get his own back. Noel will be up for that — as long as the revenge doesn’t come next time Wayne lines up against City.

A spokesman for Roo said: “Wayne thought it was a great laugh. He looks forward to catching up with Noel after Man City next play United.”

After all of Noel's efforts, it’s a shame Roo didn’t respond with a message.

He’s got a decent sense of humour, shame he hasn't used it...

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

25 October 2007

Win An Epiphone Guitar And A Copy Of Oasis' New DVD!


Win an Epiphone guitar and a copy of Oasis' new DVD with artistdirect.com, click here for more details on how to enter.

Source: www.artistdirect.com

What Is Former Oasis Member Bonehead Up To These Days

These exclusive photos of Bonehead taken at his home were sent into stopcryingyourheartout.com by Bonehead's and Phil Smith 's (Official Oasis Tour DJ) agent Damian Morgan.

Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs now lives in Hale where he has built a studio under his house, and keeps himself busy on the thriving local music scene with a popular radio show. The programme goes out live on Saturday nights on BBC Radio Manchester with Terry Christian, Natalie-eve and Michelle Hussey. The show is Manchester Music and has had fellow Manchester Music artists as guests including members of Happy Mondays, The Smiths and The Charlatans.

In between radio and TV appearances Bonehead has kept crowds happy by traveling up and down the country rocking indie dancefloors as a DJ. He has been playing DJ sets in clubs all over the UK. His play list heavily features Oasis classics like Live Forever, and collaborations between the Gallagher brothers and artists like Death in Vegas and The Chemical Brothers.

Bonehead has certainly kept himself busy since leaving Oasis 8 years ago.

In 2004 Arthurs teamed up with Thai superstar Sek Loso to play rhythm guitar alongside Loso's new English bandmates.

In early 2007 Bonehead had a visible presence in the North West of England showing his support for Andy Rourke's Versus Cancer fundraising concert , which saw the pair busking together in Manchester's Cathedral gardens to raise Cancer awareness and to fund-raise for Manchester's Christies Hospital. On March 30, 2007, the Versus Cancer concert was held at Manchester's MEN arena. Bonehead played bass guitar (rather than the trademark rhythm guitar from his Oasis days) in a two-song-set early in the night. He was in a band billed as Electric Milk Band, which also featured former members of Happy Mondays.

He is also about to do a one-off date with highly-rated Mancunian singer/songwriter Vinny Peculiar at the Dalkeith Street club on Thursday November 8. Tickets for the gig, which is promoted by A Different Friction, are now on sale at The Nines, in Bar Five, £8, and also at www.ticketline.co.uk

Bonehead will be Djing at Dirty South, 162 Lee High Road, Lewisham, SE13 on Nov 17th , cost tbc

Phil Smith is at the Official Oasis DVD Launch Party tomorrow night that sold out in hours and on the 08 Dec 2007 he will be at the KU BAR, 256 High St. West, Sunderland, Northeast SR1 3DH Cost: Free B4 12!!

For DJ booking or more information visit Bonehead's/Phil Smith's agent at www.brave-music-agency.co.uk

Oasis And Smiths To Play Nines Gig

If you were told that former Oasis guitarist Bonehead and Mike Joyce, the drummer out of The Smiths, were set to play Barrow, you could be forgiven for thinking it was April 1st.

But that is the scoop pulled off by Barrow live music venue The Nines next month.

The pair have joined the band of highly-rated Mancunian singer/songwriter Vinny Peculiar and are set to play a one-off date at the Dalkeith Street club on Thursday November 8.

Alongside the Gallagher brothers, Noel and Liam, Bonehead was a founder member of Oasis in the early 1990s.

He played on both of the classic first two albums Definitely Maybe and (What’s The Story) Morning Glory, and then travelled the world as their success went global following a string of hits, including Live Forever, Some Might Say and Wonderwall.

He was still playing rhythm guitar in the band when Oasis played to 250,000 people over two nights at Knebworth at the height of their fame in 1996 – gigs seen by many as their finest hour.

Bonehead has switched to bass in the Vinny Peculiar band and is one half of the rhythm section with Joyce, who played with Morrissey and Johnny Marr for the whole duration of The Smiths’ stellar and hugely influential 1980s career.

Joyce was behind the kit on all the classic Smiths albums, including Meat is Murder, The Queen is Dead and Strangeways Here We Come, and played drums on all the iconic singles such as This Charming Man, Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now and Bigmouth Strikes Again.

Now the pair are continuing their music career with Vinny Peculiar, whose satirical pop and observations have seen him dubbed as ‘The Tony Hancock of the North’.

The music press have long championed the much underrated Peculiar, who is promoting his new album on this tour of the UK. Joining Vinny and his all-star band is Ben Knott on keyboards, who enjoyed success in Britain with his band Jeep.

Tickets for the gig, which is promoted by A Different Friction, are now on sale at The Nines, in Bar Five, £8, and also at www.ticketline.co.uk

Support on the night comes from Barrow’s brilliant songwriter Jon Byrne, and all the way from Chicago, the very talented comedic singer/songwriter Nice Peter.

Source: www.nwemail.co.uk

Noel Gallagher: 'I Winged Coral Guest Spot'

Oasis man admits he skipped practice for Electric Proms performance

Oasis' leader Noel Gallagher admitted he winged his appearance with The Coral at the BBC Electric Proms last night (October 24).

As previously reported, the guitarist joined the band on their track 'In The Rain' as they supported Mark Ronson at The Roundhouse in London.

"I was supposed to rehearse yesterday but, as I have recently become a dad, my little lad put pay to that the night before by keeping me up all night, so I was knackered," Gallagher told BBC 6Music of his lack of preparation. "So I just couldn't do the soundcheck."

However, the Oasis man, who played a solo on the song, said he was happy with the performance.

"You know, I am a musician, I know what I am doing, I listened to the song a few times, Bill [Ryder-Jones, guitar] sorted me out the chords and that was that," he declared. "That was the third time we played it."

To see pictures from the night click here to see the special gallery now.

Plus, read news reports on Mark Ronson, Sigur Ros and Editors' performances on the opening night of the 2007 festival.

Source: www.nme.com

Rhys Ifans Planning Music Comeback

North Wales star Rhys Ifans is to relaunch his music career – with an album that already has a rival “quaking in his boots.”

The Ruthin-born actor was one of the first members of the Super Furry Animals when they formed.

And now he has returned to his roots by recording an album with one of the group’s members.

Rhys has already sounded out one of his rock star friends, Oasis star Noel Gallagher, and has been given an encouraging response.

Rhys, 39, was, for a brief period, lead singer of the Super Furries when they formed in the Bangor area in the early 1990s.

After abandoning Rhys for current lead singer Gruff Rhys, they went on to international success, after signing as Oasis’ label-mates on Creation Records.

Rhys, meanwhile, went on to stardom thanks to his role as Hugh Grant’s scruffy housemate in the 1999 international hit Notting Hill.

Almost 15 years on, however, and he has returned to music, working alongside Super Furries drummer Dafydd Ieuan on his side project The Peth (Welsh for The Thing).

A 15-track album has already been recorded, but a release date has not yet been pencilled in.

Rhys, who starred in the award-winning video for Oasis’ single The Importance Of Being Idle, said: “I played it to Noel Gallagher and the boy’s quaking in his boots.

“It’s wild rock music and I do the singing. I play a bit of guitar, too, but I’m not very good.”

Dafydd, also 39, was the drummer for Welsh band Catatonia before joining the Super Furries and forming The Peth.

In a recent interview, he said: “I have a band called The Peth, and we’ve spent some of the time recording an album, which is being mixed at the moment for a summer release next year.

“We’ve got the actor Rhys Ifans on vocal duties which brings things full circle, as he sang on a couple of early Super Furry Animal tracks.

“This was in the very early days, Gruff was still living abroad and as far as I know those tracks have never been heard outside the band.

“Rhys was a school friend of ours and I’ve known him for 25 years. I wouldn’t say he’s a frustrated vocalist – I would say he’s a lunatic, but in a nice way.”

Rhys is rumoured to be dating top actress Sienna Miller, with the pair photographed together. But Rhys’ dad Eirwyn, a former teacher from Ruthin, told the Daily Post in August there was “not a word of truth” in the rumours.

Source: www.dailypost.co.uk

Oasis – Lord Don’t Slow Me Down DVD Review

3 stars out of 5

You can’t help feeling director Baillie Walsh missed the boat with this one.

Surely the ideal time to follow the Burnage boys around the globe and catch all their shenanigans on celluloid for posterity was in 1997 for their Be Here Now tour?

Although perhaps the amount of juicy material which would have been left on the cutting room floor due to their debauched lifestyle at the time would have meant it a futile operation.

Instead we get the band playing Frustration in their dressing room – rock ‘n’ roll hey?

Not that Lord Don’t Slow Me Down, the veteran quintet’s first ever tour documentary isn’t intriguing or entertaining, it’s just tantalising to think what might have been.

Buoyed by the unexpected critical as well as the usual commercial success of their new LP, Don’t Believe The Truth, the Gallaghers and Co are on good form as they zigzag across the globe taking in reliable hotspots like Italy, Japan, Australia and of course the UK.

And, ironically after struggling to make an impact in the States when they blew up after Definitely Maybe, they are finally playing their stellar venues – Madison Square Garden, Red Rocks, Hollywood Bowl – usually only the territory of the likes of their success blueprint, U2.


Both brothers are on typically cocksure form, idiotic journalists questions are batted away in comical deadpan style, while the delights of making full use of the fame and wealth they’ve achieved are fully showcased, Liam being scooted round Sydney Harbour in a speedboat while necking bottles of beer – is a great case in point.

And while there isn’t enough speaking footage of bassist Andy Bell or rhythm guitarist Gem for my liking, it’s heartening to see how well they’ve integrated into the band.

The concert footage, which is interspersed with the pre and post-gig shots (including an inebriated Charlotte Church repeatedly introducing the same pals to a bemused Noel), is nicely done too – but the most entertaining part of the package, which also includes cutting commentary from the band and a full concert DVD from one of their City of Manchester Stadium shows in 2005, is the Q&A session with Noel in America.

Finally armed with a host of questions he can actually get his teeth into, the songwriter shows just what a relaxed and witty raconteur he can be.

All in all another handsome package from a band, who ever since they included top notch B-sides with their singles, have always tried to give their fans value for money.

Sadly though, like the albums, it doesn’t live up to their previous work - the Definitely Maybe anniversary DVD of a couple of years ago.

Released on October 29.

Source: www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk

Watch The Coral's Performance From Last Night's BBC Electric Proms Featuring Noel Gallagher

Watch The Coral's Performance From Last Night's BBC Electric Proms.

Playing at the Roundhouse in London, the band got Oasis' leader to join them on their song 'In The Rain'.

Watch the full set (in a pop-up player), it is online until the 4th November.

The Coral played:

'Who's Gonna Find Me'
'She Sings The Mourning'
'Pass It On'
'Don't Think You're The First'
'In The Rain'
'Rebecca You'
'Music At Night'
'She's Got A Reason'

Keep up to date with what's going on at the BBC Electric Proms

BBC Radio 1, 2, 3, 1Xtra, 6 Music, Asian Network
Hear full sets and highlights from the festival across BBC Radio from 24 October.

Watch highlights each night 24-28 October, and then the best from BBC Electric Proms 23.20 on 29 October.

BBCi - Press Red
Watch up to four channel of highlights any time 25-31 October on digital TV.

BBC Electric Proms website
Watch the majority of artists online whenever you want for a week from 25 October

Source: www.bbc.co.uk/electricproms

Oasis Prize Packs Giveway

Glide Magazine is proud to giveaway to two (2) different winners: Oasis Prize pack: 1 Vinyl single for "Lord Don't Slow Me Down"

To enter, simply complete the form and you'll automatically be entered to win. The winner will be chosen at random from all the entries we receive. Good luck!

Click here to enter.

Source: www.glidemagazine.com

Another prize also for the same thing can be found here. This Contest is only open to U.S. entrants only...

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