30 April 2007

Quiz Time

Just for fun, I will put up the answers in a few days.

01: Which Oasis single was kept from the top of the charts by Blur's Country House?

02: How many nights did Oasis play Knebworth in 1996?

03: What was Oasis's first UK number 1 single?

04: Which British rock legend supplied backing vocals and guitar to Champagne Supernova?

05: How many studio albums have Oasis released?

06: Who produced (What's the Story?) Morning Glory??

07: Which Oasis album featured in Q's list of the worst 50 albums of all time in 2006?

08: What is the name of Noel Gallagher's daughter by Meg Mathews?

09: Whom did Noel Gallagher once describe as the "fat dancer from Take That"?

10: What was the highest chart placing Definitely achived in the UK?

11: Which Oasis album charted highest in the USA?

12: Which Hollywood star guests on Fade-In-Out?

13: Which London Street features on the cover of (What's the Story?) Morning Glory?

14: From whose original quote did Oasis take the name of Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants?

15: How many singles were released from Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants?

16: What was the name of 2000's live album?

17: How many copies of Be Here Now were sold in the UK on the day it came out?
(A) 323,000 (B) 423,000 (C) 523, 000 (D) 623,000

18: Which track from Be Here Now was released as a single in Japan, but not in the UK?

19: What is the name of the stately home on the cover of Be Here Now?

20: Only two albums have sold more copies in the UK than (What's the Story?) Morning Glory?. What are they?

21: Who are the two people on the cover of (What's the Story?) Morning Glory??

22: What was the name of the bonus track on vinyl copies of (What's the Story?) Morning Glory?.

23: Step Out was withdrawn from the (What's the Story?) Morning Glory? track listing at the last minute. Which song was it said to resemble a little to closely?

24: Which (What's the Story?) Morning Glory? song was released as a single in Australia, but not in the UK?

25: In total how many weeks did (What's the Story?) Morning Glory? spend on top the UK charts?

26: Which was the last Oasis album to be released by Creation Records?

27: With which band did Andy Bell find fame in the early' 90s?

28: before joining Oasis, Gem Archer had been in Heavy Stereo. What was the name of their only album?

29: Who is the mother of Liam Gallagher's first child?

30: Which Oasissingle was the first to be written by Liam?

31: Which track on Don't Believe The Truth was initially meant to be the lead single?

32: Which Oasis album was first to top Japanese charts?

33: Who was the original singer of Rain, later to become Oasis?

34: Which group were Oasis supporting when Alan Mcgee spotted them?

35: What is Bonehead's real name?

36: When former drummer Tony McCarro;; sued Oasis in 1999, how much did he claim for in compensation for his part of the band's five-album deal?

37: ...And how much was he awarded?

38: Which members of Blur did Noel say he hoped would "catch Aids and die" (he later apologised)?

39: Who replaced Guigsy when he briefly left the band in September 1995?

40: Which cover of a Slade song did Oasis preform on Top Of The Pops in February 1996?

41: How many people applied for tickets for Oasis's Knebworth shows?

42: Why didn't Liam participate in the bands MTV Unplugged show of 1996?

43: What did Gaynor Simonelli claim Liam Gallagher did to her in 1996 (police didn't press charges)?

44: How many teeth did Liam Gallagher lose in his Munich brawl?

45: What dead rocker presented Oasis with an award at the 1996 Awards.

46: When Noel quit overseas touring in 2000, who filled in as live rhythm guitarist?

47: Which two bands joined Oasis on the Tour Of Brotherly Love in 2001?

48: Which Oasis tribute band made the top 40 in 1996 with a cover of The New Seekers' I'd Love To Teach The World To Sing?

49: During a Loch Lomond show in 1996, Liam said: "Oi twatty face...You're f88king getting it. Come backstage and meet me, you f**king ginger bastard." Who was "twatty face"?

50: What was the name of the 1995 single, released by Fierce Panda under the name Oas*s, that featured Liam and Noel bickering for 14 minutes.

Source: The Essential Q Quiz Book in this months copy.

Noel Gallagher And Other Rock Stars To Design A Guitar For Charity

Guitarists to decorate their 'axes' for charity

Noel Gallagher, Paul Weller and Slash are among a number of guitarist getting creative for charity - by designing their own giant Les Paul guitars.

The unique project, entitled Gibson Guitartown London, will see the stars unleash their artistic talents on 30 ten-foot tall guitars and 30 regular-sized versions, which will go on display across London for 10 weeks from June.

Musicians will team up with eminent visual artists for the scheme - pop artist Sir Peter Blake will be painting Paul Weller's guitar, while cartoonist Gerald Scarfe is in charge of Ozzy Osbourne's.

However, a handful of rockers, including the famously artistic Ronnie Wood, will be painting their own instruments.

The giant guitars will go on display at More London by Tower Bridge, while the regular instruments will be exhibited at the 02 Arena - formerly the Millenium Dome - in Greenwich.

"I am very proud to be associated with the Gibson Guitartown London campaign as it combines my passion and appreciation for the guitar, whilst raising money and awareness for three very worthy and deserving charities," said Paul Weller of the project.

The full list of artists involved in the event so far is as follows:

Paul Weller
Ronnie Wood
Rod Stewart
Noel Gallagher
Mark Knopfler
Roxy Music
New Order
Bruce Dickinson
Brian May
Gary Moore
Dirty Pretty Things
James Dean Bradfield
Ocean Colour Scene
Graham Coxon
The Kooks
The Magic Numbers
Ozzy Osbourne
Paul Rodgers
KT Tunstall
Corinne Bailey Rae
Depeche Mode
James Morrision
Sir Cliff Richard
James Blunt

The Princes Trust, Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy and the Teenage Cancer Trust will all benefit from the event, which will culminate in all the instruments being auctioned off in September.

For more information go to www.londonguitartown.com

Source: www.nme.com

28 April 2007

Oasis Featured In German Guitar Mag

Oasis feature in this months copy of Guitar magazine.

Source: www.sadsong.net

There Ain't Noel Stopping Him

It's just as well Noel Gallagher's missus is up the duff or he’d spend his entire life on the ale.

Stunning Sara MacDonald had to drag her fella home on Thursday after another boozy night on the tiles.

Sara, who still looked ace in a pair of leather trousers even though she’s five months preggers, thought she was in for a civilised evening celebrating the opening of top music photographer Lawrence Watson's exhibition in East London.

But my Bizarre Caner Of The Year went on to put in another liver-punishing shift at the Groucho club well into the wee small hours.

Caners League

1. Noel Gallagher
2. Amy Winehouse
3. Serge Pizzorno
4. Sarah Harding
5. Paolo Nutini

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

27 April 2007

What's On Your iPod?

Former Blue singer turned solo soul man Simon Webbe.

Oasis - Definitely Maybe

"I'm a Manchester lad and I've always liked muddy guitars so it's natural for me. I'm probably going to cover Wonderwall when I play my home town."

Source: South Wales Echo

Phil Spector Doesn't Like The Gallagher Brothers

Phil Spector's murder trial - he's accused of shooting a B-list actress in the face -should've had all kinds of musical legends rallying to his side. Now we know why none did. The New York Post is carrying a report from the author who interviewed him for an upcoming biography in which the nicest thing Spector said about anyone in the biz is that Liam and Noel Gallagher of Oasis are jerks.

Writer Mick Brown's "Tearing Down the Wall of Sound" has Spector wondering how Dick Clark evaded jail in a payola scandal, intimating that Bruce Springsteen has fashioned a career out of three new songs and 25 old ones, and saying that he's unfazed by Brian Wilson's dislike because he'd rather "be worshiped by someone with a brain." Yeah, but what would you and Brainiac have in common, Phil?

Source: New York Post

Parents-To-Be Noel And Sara Check Out Classic Music Snaps

Noel Gallagher and his partner of seven years, Sara MacDonald, are clearly making the most of their evenings out before the arrival of their baby and the inevitable sleepless nights to follow. The pair were guests at a private viewing in London of the work of NME photographer Lawrence Watson, which features Noel and his Oasis bandmates along with other big music names including David Bowie and Janet Jackson.

Now five months pregnant, Edinburgh-born Sara, 31, looked glowing at the Shoreditch event. And while she wore a loose-fitting top to accommodate her bump, there was no sacrificing of style when it came to her feet as she'd chosen to step out in some killer designer heels.

The couple's child will be a sister or brother for Noel's daughter Anais, from his marriage to Meg Matthews. But before the new arrival is celebrated there's the small matter of the guitarist's 40th birthday party next month. He's already promised it's going to be "bigger and better" than that thrown by fellow musician Elton John, who hosted a lavish fancy dress do for his 50th. According to one source, the theme is set to be "tyrants and despots".

Source: www.hellomagazine.com

Banhart Covers Oasis For Guilty Pleasures Albums

No matter how much people talk about having no guilty pleasures, it's hard to deny that some artists and songs have a little stink on them, rightly or wrongly.

But that's not all bad. There can be a lot of catharsis in screaming from the rooftops about your love for, say, the Deftones (so good!) after so much repression. And when you're a musician yourself, sometimes screaming from the rooftops about your guilty pleasures turns into covering them.

It's under this premise that Engine Room Recordings rounded up some of the biggest names in independent music to have them record versions of their favorite guilty pleasures for a compilation it will release August 7 called Guilt by Association.

Will Oldham, Devendra Banhart, Superchunk, Minutemen/Stooges bassist Mike Watt, Jim O'Rourke, Luna, Petra Haden, Geoff Farina, and the Concretes all contributed to the compilation, which includes covers of songs by Journey, Oasis, the Spice Girls, Destiny's Child, Paula Abdul, Fall Out Boy, Cher, Shania Twain, System of a Down, Blue Oyster Cult, Eddie Money, and the cast of High School Musical. Seriously, this tracklist is amazing.

The folks at Engine Room are also holding a video contest in conjunction with the compilation. The label is currently accepting video proposals for one of three tracks from Guilt by Association: Will Oldham's cover of Mariah Carey's "Can't Take That Away", Devendra Banhart's cover of Oasis' "Don't Look Back in Anger", or Petra Haden's cover of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing".

Listen to Devendra Banhart cover of "Don't Look Back in Anger" Here

Source: www.pitchforkmedia.com

Meet The Frock And Roll Chicks

Now that she's a doting mum, and common-law wife to the snarling Oasis frontman, Liam Gallagher, it's easy to forget that Nicole was the smily blonde in All Saints.

A product of the Sylvia Young Theatre School, Nicole dabbled with wildmen when she dated Robbie, before upgrading to a genuine rocker in 2000.

By the looks of things, these once-unlikely lovebirds look set to run and run.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

26 April 2007

Mogwai Criticises Bands For Beatles Cover Album

Scottish band Mogwai have attacked artists The Fratellis, Kaiser Chiefs and James Morrison for making a Beatles cover album, insisting they cannot "pull it off".

A host of bands will record versions of famous Beatles songs for the LP, which marks the 40th anniversary of the Sergeant Peppers album.

Mogwai say they're unimpressed with artists attempts to cover the Beatles tracks, although they are working on the release of a new Pixies tribute CD this month (Apr07).

Mogwai say on their website, "Such musical wonders as James Morrison and The Fratellis are to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Sergeant Pepper's Beatles album by covering songs from it.

I cannot wait to hear this meaningful idea. "Only thing is, can anyone really better the genius of With A Little Help From My Friends? I know Wet, Wet, Wet came really close but it'll take mastery of music to pull this one off."

Source: www.contactmusic.com

Be Here Now Reprised

A Quick perusal of the home page of this site will tell you that the simian features of Liam Gallagher adorn this month’s cover. Scarily, it has been 10 years since the furore that surrounded the release of Oasis’s Be Here Now album reached a fever pitch, and then quickly abated when the hundreds of thousands of folk who’d bought it on the day of release determined it was a hubristic, overblown mess. Be Here Now signalled the end of Britpop, the end too of an era when one could sell markedly more magazines simply by referring to the ‘Brit’ word. Cheers, Oasis.

We tell the Be Here Now story this month. It’s a cracker. If nothing else, it re-enforces the fact that Oasis were – and remain – among the last of a dying breed: proper rock stars. They glorify in their success, apologise to no one for it, and forever run the risk of flushing it all away. Monstrous egos, ridiculous excess, grand delusions and the shovelling of vast quantities of Columbian marching powder up their collective beaks are indelible parts of their story. And you don’t get that with The Killers or the Kaiser Chiefs.

Q has had a sometimes rocky, but always fruitful relationship with the Brothers Gallagher and whoever else has comprised their band over the years. They’ve graced and – praise be – sold our cover many, many times. They’ve brought the Q Awards to life equally often. Liam Gallagher was, memorably, arrested after one such afternoon drinking in our company.

On another Q Awards occasion, fortified no doubt by the copious bottles of free plonk on his table and having been to the toilet more times than is seemly (perhaps he suffers from a weak bladder), Liam directed his considerable ire at Chris Martin, entering a new term of abuse into the lexicon in the process: “Plant pot!” he roared at Coldplay’s hapless frontman as the latter attempted to give an acceptance speech. Like much that issues forth from Gallagher Jr’s mouth, one could only guess at its meaning, but you had to laugh.

And therein lies the essence of Oasis. Notwithstanding the eternal appeal of their everyman anthems, by God they’re funny. Noel and Liam, that is. Lovely fellas though Gem, Guigsy et al no doubt are and have been, there’s little evidence to suggest that you’d need a change of underwear after an hour in their company. By contrast I once spent a thoroughly entertaining hour in Liam and Noel’s presence during an Oasis photo shoot for Q. Together, they’re a terrific comic double act.

On that afternoon, Noel greeted his scowling brother with a cheery “Hello Happy!:”. “Fook off,” replied Liam, whilst performing the most outrageously exaggerated ‘monkey walk’. Girls Aloud arrived as Liam was having his picture taken. Noel convinced them to shout “Wanker!” at his younger sibling throughout the session. Liam spoke but five words to me. They were, “Who the fuck are you?” He is everything you’d expect him to be. Noel, I find, is more so. He’s an effortlessly funny man, but a smart one too. I think he’s hugely impressive.

So... let me further recommend that Be Here Now feature to you now, Should that spark a yearning for more Oasis tomfoolery, let me direct you too to another of Q’s Oasis cover features, from 2005, around the time of the release of Don’t Believe The Truth. It’s by Michael Odell, and to my mind remains the best, and most entertaining piece written on the band. The man Odell has certainly dined out on it ever since.

Till next time...

Paul Rees
Editor, Q

Source: Q Magazine

Gallaghers Of The World Unite

Hundreds of people named Gallagher from across the globe will descend on Donegal's shores in September for the firs tever gathering of the clan.

And organisers have issued special invites to the most-famous two - Oasis brothers Liam and Noel.

It is hoped that the duo will make a special appearance in Letterkenny.

Gallaghers from the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Britain have already signed up with organisers hoping 2,000 people will make the trip.

Organiser Adrian Gallagher from Letterkenny said: "We thought about it around 2005 and have built on it since then. We're going to have Gallaghers from all over the world and it would be great to have the Manchester brothers there too.

"There's lots of folklore and history that gets lost if it's not collected and documented so this is a great way to explore one's ancestry."

A special invitation has been sent out to the Gallagher's management company and organisers are hopeful the brothers will respond.

Adrian said: "We haven't heard from them yet but it's early days. I think there will be a surge in the next couple of weeks where we'll get more Gallaghers signed up. We've left their places open just in case."

Organisers have been delighted with the response so far and tourism has been boosted in the area. Hotels and restaurants have been inundated with bookings and everyone is full of support.

Adrian said: "It's amazing just how many Gallaghers are out there in the world. I've just come off the e-mail from one guy from Shanghai who's booking his trip now."

The Gallagher Global Gathering is taking place from September 8-15 in Letterkenny.

For further details phone 00 353 74 912 4689 or log onto www.gallagherclan.org

An Apology For Noel Gallagher

Earlier this week I reported that Noeg Gallagher was spotted drinking mineral water at an Arsenal v Man City match.

A reader rang to say Noel was being sensible, supping water all night. I would like to make it clear that Noel was, in fact, right on it with pals Mike Pickering, Phil Smith and Manc character Scully.

I apologise for any damage to his reputation as Bizarre Caner Of The Year.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

25 April 2007

Q Magazine Covers The 10th Anniversary Of Oasis' Controversial Third Album, Be Here Now

The next issue of Q, onsale 1st May, celebrates the 10th anniversary of Oasis' controversial third album, Be Here Now. Hailed as a masterpiece upon its 1997 release, its reputation swiftly deteriorated. Today it's usually dismissed as a disastrous, overblown folly - the moment when Oasis, their judgement clouded by drugs and blanket adulation, ran aground on their own sky-high self-belief. Noel Gallagher himself remembers is as "the sound of five men in the studio, on coke, not giving a fuck."

But was Be Here Now really all that bad? We came across this footage of Noel Gallagher performing Don't Go Away on an obscure Japanese TV show in 1997. Stripped of the dense layers of distorted guitars that cluttered the album version, it emerges as a heartfelt, affecting ballad - easily the equal of, say, Slide Away, or Cast No Shadow. OK, the lyrics are excruciating, but that hardly makes it unique in the Oasis canon.

Whatever you think of the song, the clip is worth watching for Noel's visible embarrassment at performing the song in such bizarre circumstances, surrounded by baffled studio guests and backed by cheesy video footage. Of course, the original version was sung by Noel's brother Liam. Are we alone in thinking Noel actually delivers it with more soul and sensitivity?

Clip Here

Source: www.q4music.com

Mad Fer Cabbage Soup

Liam Gallagher could be in for a windy time of things.

We're told the Oasis frontman, 34, has put on a few pounds and is hoping to ditch them on the Cabbage Soup diet.

Liam will have the special soup twice a day for two weeks as he gears up to lose weight.

We hear the former hardman of rock is a fan of diet guru Gillian McKeith.

But we're pleased to report his fiancee Nicole Appleton is far too sassy to allow him to guest on her show.

Source: Daily Star

24 April 2007

Noel: " Liam Is Losing It"

Noel Gallagher believes that his younger brother Liam is “losing it” – so much so he hates to be near him.

The songwriter believes that he is the cement holding the band together and if it wasn’t for his good self, the band would collapse.

Reflecting upon his decision to stay at home rather than hit the road in Europe with Oasis earlier this year, the monobrowed one said: “I don’t like the way people are saying I want to spend more time at home. If you’d ever tasted my wife’s tea you wouldn’t say that.

At the moment my brother is losing it. Anyone who knows me or has been a fan of the band down the years will know it would have taken something quite major for me to walk out of a tour.”

He finished to Radio 1: “It’s been me who has kept the band together, it’s not been made lightly, but it’s been impossible for me to even be in the same room as him let along be on the same stage.”

source: www.gigwise.com

On This Day In Oasis History...

"Some Might Say" is a song by British rock band Oasis and was released on April 24 1995, it's written by the band's lead guitarist Noel Gallagher. It was the first single to be released from their definitive second album (What's the Story) Morning Glory? in 1995, and provided the band with their first #1 in the UK Singles Chart (see 1995 in British music).

The track was apparently inspired by the Small Faces and/or T-Rex. It was the last Oasis track to feature drummer and founding member Tony McCarroll, who was asked to leave the band during the recording sessions for (What's the Story) Morning Glory when tensions arose between McCarroll and the Gallagher brothers, resulting in an alleged punch up with Liam Gallagher. The rest of the tracks on the album feature Alan White on drums.

The sleeve artwork, shot at Cromford railway station in Derbyshire, England, features art director Brian Cannon's father with wheelbarrow and his mother with mop. Also pictured are Matthew Sankey, Cannon's aide and Carla Knox, barmaid of his local pub. Liam Gallagher can be seen on the bridge whilst Noel can be viewed with a watering can. Cannon himself rates this piece amongst his greatest works.

The planned promo video for the song was cancelled due to Liam not turning up for the shoot. Instead, a makeshift video was created using footage from the "Cigarettes & Alcohol" and US "Supersonic" videos.

In an interview promoting Stop the Clocks, Noel stated that Some Might Say is the song which "sums up everything Oasis is about". This is strange, as the song isn't played live an awful lot, and is rarely mentioned as being an Oasis classic.

The song also appears on Oasis' 'best-of' album Stop the Clocks, as do two of the b-sides. Surpisingly, this means that the "Some Might Say" single contains the fourth largest number of tracks to appear on Stop the Clocks of any Oasis release (after Definitely Maybe, Morning Glory and The Masterplan). Therefore more songs from this single ended up on Stop the Clocks than Don't Believe the Truth (2 songs), Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, Heathen Chemistry (1 song each) and Be Here Now (no songs from this album appear on Stop the Clocks).

Click here for the music video, or here for a live performance.

Source: Wikipedia

22 April 2007

Oasis Holding Out For Highest Bidder On Next Album

The boys in Oasis are currently without a recording contract, as their last endeavor fulfilled their requirments to Sony Records. As such, crafty Noel says the band will finish the album, then hand it off to the highest bidder. Smart move?

The album, which isn't expected until 2008, has been a hot topic of late. Although rumours swirled that Noel would be doing a solo project, the band shot them down last week.

According to a Australian news site, the main reason the Oasis album will be delayed for almost a year is Noel will be using the time to care for his girlfriend, Sara McDonald, who is pregnant - and then spend time with his new kid.

The wait could actually be good for Oasis... as the old saying goes, "absence makes the heart grow fonder", and labels will probably be chomping at the bit to release an Oasis album, when the time comes.

Say what you like about the Gallaghers, but they're not dumb.

Source: www.shoutmouth.com

Noel And Bez Take In A Manchester City Game

Ben Foster's dreadful error gifted Darius Vassell the goal that condemned Watford to relegation after a 1-1 draw at home to Manchester City.It was unfortunate that Foster - the Hornets' best player this season - should make the mistake that ensured Adrian Boothroyd's team would return to the Championship.

But had the on-loan Manchester United goalkeeper's under-hit pass not gifted City striker Vassell the opening goal, and had Watford gone on to win this game, it would have merely delayed the inevitable.

Substitute Tamas Priskin equalised for the Vicarage Road hosts in the 75th minute, but the painful truth for Boothroyd is that his team have hardly ever looked good enough this season, and their demotion after just one season is a surprise to nobody.

In front of Oasis star and City fan Noel Gallagher, City were as poor as Watford, but the home side - as on so many occasions - lacked the guile to break down the visitors' defence, meaning Stuart Pearce's team did not have to work especially hard to claim a point.

Gallagher was joined in the crowd by Bez from fellow Manchester band the Happy Mondays - but there was little supersonic about City's attacking play.

Half-time entertainment in the away end at Vicarage Road involved fans getting your mobile phone out and taking a picture of yourself with Manchester City fan, and the mastermind behind rock band Oasis, Noel Gallagher.

Source: Yahoo Sports

20 April 2007

Where's Wally

Liam Gallagher once slagged off David Beckam for being a "nancy boy" - but now look who's become the proper Wally.

The Oasis frontman wore a red and white jumper like the nerdy kid's cartoon when he popped to the shops in London yesterday.

He has ditched his cool mop-top barnet for Wally's lanky locks - and even clutched a man bag like the hide-and-seek hero - while he was out flashing the cash with 32-year-old partner Nicole Appleton.

Liam, 34, accused Beck's, 31, of being a nancy boy and England playing like a bunch of women after the team's dismal World Cup performance last year.

Source: Daily Star

18 April 2007

On This Day In Oasis History

"Who Feels Love?" is a song by British rock band Oasis, written by the band's lead guitarist Noel Gallagher. It became to second single to be released from the album Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, peaking at number 4 in the UK charts. One of the B-sides is a cover of The Beatles' "Helter Skelter".

The album was noted for its psychedelic feel, and "Who Feels Love?" was held up at the most extreme example of this. Mark Stent was praised for his production on the song, creating a "trippy" feel like that found on Beatles songs such as "Rain". With the psychedelic and Eastern sound, the song also reminds of George Harrison achievements like "Within You Without You" and also some of his solo work.

However, despite the high-quality production, the song was not well received by the critics, NME said that the production "triumphs over any real sort of feeling... pure mock Maharishi spirituality that not even Liam can salvage from the realm of self-parody".

Click here for the music video, or here for a live performance.

Source: Wikipedia

17 April 2007

The Enemy's Friend

This time last year The Enemy couldn’t afford to see their fave band Kasabian live — and now they’re pals.

The Leicester rockers were helped on their way by Oasis star Noel Gallagher — and now in turn they’re helping the Coventry teen trio.

The Enemy — who Bizarre tipped as a band to watch this year — have already supported Kasabian on tour and their first full single, Away From Here, was released yesterday.

Frontman Tom Clarke told me: “Our lives have changed in so many ways.

“This time last year two of us were selling TVs and one was working for FedEx. I used to have a knackered Rover 416 and we used to drive around Coventry listening to Kasabian.

“Now we’ve met them and they’re putting a lot of faith in us — it’s mint.

“I’d never seen them live because we couldn’t really afford to go to gigs.

“The first time I saw them was when we supported them. They blew me away.”


16 April 2007

Noel Gallagher 48th In "Most Influential" Poll

X-Factor judge Simon Cowell has landed the fifth spot in a poll of Britain's top 50 most influential unelected people.

The no-nonsense music boss is the highest placed TV celebrity in the poll - which was complied by Guardian Unlimited - and finds himself only one place behind the Queen.

Kate Moss also made it into the top ten due to her status as a style icon, highlighted by the recent rush for cheap Superdrug bags after the supermodel was seen holding one.

Author J K Rowling's 375 million book sales haven't gone unnoticed as the Harry Potter creator was allocated 13th place in the top 50.

The latest and final instalment in the Potter saga, Harry Potter and the Deathly Gallows, will be published on July 21st in the UK.

Two music legends are also featured, with David Bowie being placed in 43rd place and Noel Gallagher sneaking in at 48.

Both rock 'n' roll elder statesman still know how to wield their influence, particularly Gallagher, who recently requested a place at this year's Glastonbury through the NME, duly resulting in the promise of a phone call from festival organiser Michael Eavis.

Tesco chief executive Sir Terry Leahy won the top spot in the poll, followed by the governor of the Bank of England Mervyn King.

Noel: I'm A Rock 'N' Roll Stalin

I can reveal there are going to be dictators on the dancefloor at Noel Gallagher's 40th birthday mega bash.

The Oasis star is throwing a “tyrants and despots” party where everyone will be kitted out as a ruthless renegade — and he’s going as evil Soviet leader Joseph Stalin.

There are sure to be some fantastic costumes on show and Noel’s brother Liam is not one to be overshadowed.

I reckon he could go as Nazi Adolt Hitler — the most infamous despot of them all.

As for that fat fascist Benito MussoliniENITO, I think their roly-poly brother PAUL is the only Gallagher big enough for that job.

The Sun’s art desk wizards have done mock-ups of just what the lairy lads might look like

A source said: “The party will be totally insane.

“Noel has a brilliant but really dark sense of humour, as his plans show. It’s going to be a mad, mad, night.”

Macho brothers Liam and Noel are actually big fans of fancy dress.

Liam once dressed up as Jesus for a party — no surprises there. And Noel was high as a kite and in a costume when his invitation to drinks at Downing Street plopped on to his doormat in 1997, Britpop’s heyday.

He revealed recently: “I defy anybody to have an official f***ing letter drop through the letterbox, while you’re dressed as an Afghan clown, at five in the morning, off your head on acid from going, ‘It’s from the f***ing Prime Minister. He’s inviting us to his house for a drink’. ”

Among those expected to be at Noel’s affair in May are Kasabian — there’s a whisper guitarist Serge Pizzorno could go as Genghis Khan — and Paul Weller.

Noel wants to keep things up to date and is trying hard to find someone to be Iranian boss Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. And no wonder he chose a Russian icon — his childhood nickname was Brezhnev, after bushy-eyebrowed leader Leonid.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

15 April 2007

Noel Loves The God Delusion By Richard Dawkins

The hard-living Oasis star Noel Gallagher has revealed to the New Musical Express that he has read Richard Dawkins’ book The God Delusion and loved it “Anything that disproves God, bring it on,” he is quoted as saying.

Source: www.secularism.org.uk

Ace Wilko On The Rocks

He's Finger-plukin' good

Jonny Wilkinson is a secret guitar ace with his own band that belts out Oasis and Coldplay hits, Supergrass can reveal.

England World Cup rugby hero Wilko has teamed up with his brother Mark to Perfect the classic songs and they've got them down to a tee.

But Wilko's tribute acts won't ever strum their stuff at a gig or even down the local boozer on a talent night. For the Newcastle Falcons fly-half, 27, has vowed never to play in public and won't even sing the songs in the privacy of the farmhouse studio he shares with his brother in Northumberland.

My Rockin' revelations explode the myth that ultra-professional Wilko is a dour, single-minded soul whose life revolves around rugby and very little else.

As well as giving it large on the guitar, Wilko has also learned how to tickle the ivories on the piano.

"Jonny and brother Mark jam together for hours, they love it and it see it as a massive release for them," confided my snitch. "They always play Oasis and Coldplay songs. Mark plays drums to Jonny's guitar but neither of them will sing. It's strange."

Wilko admits he will never add lyrics. "Neither of us would venture into that area. It is the unspoken rule that nobody does anything remotely dramatic, stylish or arty. We are just not like that," he said.

"Singing would be showing off".
"It would be far too exhibitionist and far too embarrassing."

Source: Sunday Star

On This Day In Oasis History...

"The Hindu Times" is a song by English rock group Oasis, and was the first single to be released from their fifth album Heathen Chemistry on 15 April 2002. It was written by Noel Gallagher.

The title has little to do with the lyrics of the song, which are more in the vein of Definitely Maybe's "Rock 'n' Roll Star". It has been speculated that the title refers to the main riffs' similarity to Indian music in sound, sounding as if they were played on a sitar.

The song, which combines the powerful fast rock of their earlier work with the psychedelic feel of their later work, was one of the first Oasis singles since (What's the Story) Morning Glory to receive almost unanimously positive reviews from the critics.

The song was unveiled during Oasis' Fall 2001 Noise and Confusion Tour. The song was due to be released commercially at the same time but Noel decided the track needed more work done on it to be suitable for release.

Click here to watch the promo video, or here to watch a live performance of the track from Rome in 2002.

Source: Wikpedia

14 April 2007

New Movie Named After Oasis Debut Album

Definitely Maybe

Universal Pictures

Adam Brooks

Adam Brooks

Ryan Reynolds, Isla Fisher, Derek Luke, Abigail Breslin, Elizabeth Banks, Rachel Weisz

Release Date: TBA

Release: Wide

Synopsis: Ryan Reynolds stars as Will Hayes, a 30-something Manhattan dad in the midst of a divorce when his 10 year-old daughter, Maya (Abigail Breslin), starts to question him about his life before marriage. Maya wants to know absolutely everything about how her parents met and fell in love.

Will's story begins in 1992, as a young, starry-eyed aspiring politician who moves to New York from Wisconsin in order to work on the Clinton campaign. For Maya, Will relives his past as an idealistic young man learning the ins and outs of big city politics, and recounts the history of his romantic relationships with three very different women.

Will hopelessly attempts a "PG" version of his story for his daughter and changes the names so Maya has to guess who is the woman her father finally married. Is her mother Will's college sweetheart, the dependable girl next-door Emily (Elizabeth Banks)? Is she his longtime best friend and confidante, the apolitical April (Isla Fisher)? Or is she the free-spirited but ambitious journalist Summer (Rachel Weisz)?

As Maya puts together the pieces of her dad's romantic puzzle, she begins to understand that love is not so simple or easy. And as Will tells her his tale, Maya helps him to understand that it's definitely never too late to go back...and maybe even possible to find a happy ending.
Source: New Films Now

Top 50 Rarities

Here Is the list of the UK Top 50 Oasis Rarities compiled from Record Collector's own Record Price Guide 2008, plus a handfull of new rarities that have appeared or become known since the guide was issued.

Stop The Clocks (RKIDLP36) £30
Songbird (RKIDCD27P CD Promo) £30
Cast No Shadow (UNCLE Beachhead Mix) (CDR Promo, no Cat No) £30
Stop The Clocks (RKIDCD36PCD Promo) £30
Who Feels Love (SINE002CD Promo) £30
Champagne Supernova (Lynchmob Beats Mix) (RKID35TP 12" Promo) £30
Heathen Chemistry (RKIDCD25PCD Promo) £30
Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants (RKIDCD002P CD Promo) £30
Turn Up The Sun (RKID 31TP 12" Promo) £30
Hung In A Bad Place (RKID25TPX 12" Promo) £30
My Generation (RKID26TPX 12" Promo) £30
D'You Know What I Mean? (CTP256 12" Promo) £30
Supersonic (CRESCD176P CD Promo) £35
Stand By Me (CTP278 12" Promo) £35
(What's The Story)Morning Glory? CD Singles Box (CREMMG001) £35
Definitely Maybe CD Singles Box (CREMMG001) £35
The Masterplan (CRELP241) £40
(What's The Story)Morning Glory? (CRELP189) £40
Definitely Maybe (CRELP169) £40
Go Let It Out (CTP327 12" Promo)£45
Slide Away (CCD169 CD Promo) £45
Supersonic (CRE176TP 12" Promo) £50
Round Our Way (CTP215 12" Promo) £60
(It's Good) To Be Free (CTP195 12" Promo) £60
Fuckin" In The Bushes (FITB001 12" Promo White-Label) £65
Cum On Feel The Noize (CTP221X 12" Promo) £70
Live Forever (CRE185TP 12" Promo) £70
Masterplan 10" Singles Box (CRELX241) £70
Be Here Now LP/CD Box (No Cat No) £70
(What's The Story) Morning Glory? (CRECD189P CD Promo) £75
Definitely Maybe (CRECD169P CD Promo) £75
Familiar To Millions (RKIDLP005) £75
Cigarettes & Alcohol (CTP190CL Two-Sided 12" Promo) £80
Heathen Chemistry DVD Box Set (No Cat No) £80
Roll With It (CTP212 12" Promo) £85
Cigarettes & Alcohol (CTP190CL 12" Promo) £90
Whatever (CRE195TP 12" Promo) £100
Shakermaker (CRE182TP 12" Promo) £100
Some Might Say (CCD204 CD Promo) £125
The Meaning Of Soul (RKID1NIL) CDR Promo £150
Acquiesce (CCD204P CD Promo) £170
Acquiesce (CTP204 12" Promo) £170
Cum On Feel The Noize (CCD221 CD Promo) £175
Songbird (Demo) (No Cat No) £200
Champagne Supernova (Lynchmob Beats Mix) (RKIDSCD353 CD Promo) £200
Can You See It Now? I Can See It Now (RKID28TPX 12" Promo) £225
Columbia (CTP8 12" Promo) £250
I Am The Walrus (CTP190TP 12" Promo) £375
Vox Box Promo CD Singles Boxset (No cat No) £800
Demo Cassette (No Cat No) £1500

Oasis remain as collectable as they have always been. To buy the items in this list would cost a mind whopping £6,000 or More.

Source: Record Collector

13 April 2007

Noel & Peggy Gallagher On The Russell Brand Podcast This Week

Noel Gallagher and his mother Peggy are on this week's podcast. They talk about the story of Russell staying at Peggy's house and more.

Click Here for more information on how to download the podcast.

Liam's A Choc 'N Roll Star

Looks like Liam Gallagher really is the wildman of choc.

The Oasis frontman seemed to get an attack of the munchies after picking up a stash of Easter eggs from his ex Patsy Kensit’s home in North London.

He’s a big Doctor Who fan so I reckon the chocolate Tardis is his.

I never had him down as a Smarties and Milky Bar Buttons man though.

Some Might Say he’ll get fat eating all those sweeties. But it’s better than his usual diet of Cigarettes And Alcohol.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

12 April 2007

Don't Believe The.........

Oasisinet wants to qualify a few stories running across various music and entertainment websites over the past few days that have been a little wide of the mark. Noel Gallagher is not preparing to launch into a solo career nor will he be playing at Glastonbury this June, as have been strongly suggested in some circles. He is an avid fan of the festival and will no doubt be on site checking out a few of his favourite bands again this year. Noel, along with Gem, have had a great time performing their semi acoustic shows recently and will continue to do so when it feels like a good idea, however Glastonbury is not on the agenda.

For any information with regards to future releases and performances it is best to first check at oasisinet for confirmation. As is usually the case, if its not confirmed on here then its likely the stories are simply wishful thinking or conjecture.

The summer of 2007 is set to be a relatively quiet time for Oasis with the band members writing and demoing new songs.

Meanwhile Andy Bell will be appearing at the Syd Barrett Tribute Concert in London early next month. Check back here for more details.

Source: www.oasisinet.com

What Could Noel's Solo Album Sound Like?

A solo album is something Noel has been talking about for almost a decade - denying he'll do one as much as admitting he'd love to branch out alone.

However with Gallagher Sr confirming that a record is not only on the cards but potentially half-written, the key question arises: What will it be like? Noel has built a career wearing his influences proudly, it's safe to assume the sounds he's been banging on aboutcould feature - particularly if they are sounds he knows don't fit into the Oasis mould. His recent solo-shows have been semi-acoustic affairs, but there is no guarantee any solo album will simply follow suit. He has recently rhapsodised about Klaxons, especially 'Golden Skans', while Hot Chip have also passed muster.

If you factor in Kasabian and remember that two of Noel's most successfull solo collaborations were with the Chemical Brothers ('Setting Sun') and Goldie ('Temper Temper'), a solo album that experiments with a different side of British emerges.

And what of the tracks themselves? Well, Noel claims to have a "backlog" of older tunes earmarked for the solo records,, so it's possible he could go right back to 1989 and lift from his early demos. Songs such as 'I Am The Man' and 'No Cause For Alarm!' - both life-affirming numbers - featured on a tape Noel gave to a friend back then.

That tape was sold in auction last year and Noel may feel it is time to reclaim the songs. There is also 'Stop The Clocks', the great lost Oasis song, written around 2003 and tentatively scheduled for release on 'Don't Believe The Truth' until it was deemed unsuitable. It would also be fair assume that he would throw in the much-vaunted version of 'Strawberry Fields Forever' or his stripped-down, bluesy rendition of The Smiths 'there Is A Light That Never Goes Out', both of which he has played live recently.

The crew Noel ropes in is likely to read like an industry Who's Who. Paul Weller, Ryan Adams, Richard Ashcroft, Liam Howlett... None of his friends or acolytes are likely to turn down if approached.

"If Noel asked me to be on his solo record, would I? Completely!" Serge Pizzorno of Kasabian told the NME. Without doubt, without a question I'd play on that record!"

Noel Hits 40 in a matter of weeks. A mid-life crisis could be just the thing to push the nation's greatest into a new rave/crossover/semi-acoustic ballad collection.
It'd certainly keep us talking.

Source: NME Magazine

Oasis Set To Feature In A New Documentry Series For The BBC

Oasis are to feature in a brand new documentry series called the Seven Ages of Rock for BBC 2.

The series starts on Saturday the 19th May. Oasis will be featured in the 7th programme of the series about UK Indie Rock.
There is also an exclusive interview with Noel Gallagher.

A website for the series will be up in the next few weeks here.

You Gotta Scowl With It

Noel Gallagher's daughter shows she’s already learned a lot from her old man as she scowls for my snapper.

Anais looked the model of her dad as she pulled that familiar “don’t mess with me” face at Stansted Airport.

And Oasis legend Noel had the same expression as he walked alongside her.

Anais even looked the part, too, in a green, mod-style donkey jacket. No doubt she will soon be raiding Noel and his chic missus Sara MacDonald's wardrobe . . .

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Noel Goes Solo

Rocker reveals he has several songs lined up for debut album.

He might be better known as one half of the brothers behind Oasis, but Noel Gallagher's confirmed he's set to make his debut solo album.

And the singer already has more than a few songs earmarked for its release.

Over the years, brothers Noel and Liam have consistently refuted the idea of doing separate projects, with Liam, at one point, commenting, "I don't wanna f***ing hear about solo albums, you're not putting me on an f***ing shelf for a year."

Now it looks like he'll have to eat his words, or find a nice place to sit after Noel, soon to hit 40, revealed to this week's NME that he's making tentative steps towards a solo project, following recent solo concert spots.

He said: "I've actually got a backlog of songs that are slowly building up. The thing about a solo record, is the time to do one is between Oasis world tours, because you'd have a good couple of years.

"But it takes me so long to write the songs that, eventually, I run out of time. I've got a backlog now of about four or five songs, which are probably too far in the past as far as the band are concerned, but which could work on my record."

He dismissed a full-blown solo tour adding: "The thing that always stops me doing it is going on the road, standing up and fronting a band.

"I don't mind sitting down on a chair with a couple of pals playing, or doing the charity thing.

"But I'm not sure how I'd feel about charging people to come and see me play every night with me up front. But a record, I don't know, it's coming."

The move will not mark an end for the now legendary band - who even have a landmark in their honour - Berwick Street in London's Soho has been named a national rock landmark because it features on the cover of What's The Story Morning Glory.
Noel also revealed Oasis have already written most of the follow up to 2005's Don't Believe The Truth.
He explained: "The next one, in theory, is already f***ing written. "I've got eight songs that I'm pretty happy with. I think Liam's got one or two he thinks are brilliant.

"We're waiting for Gem and Andy. It's just a case of sitting down and saying, 'When do we want to do this?'"

Noel also revealed that he finds it harder to keep up with the pace these days when he's on tour.
When he was 24, he reckoned it was okay to drink until 8am, as long as he could get some kip in before the big night. Noel admitted: "The hardest thing about being on the road is that you're on the p**s every night.

"Now you have to get into training." This year, the guys plan to release a DVD film about their last tour, complete with their personal commentary.

11 April 2007

Inside This Months Record Collector

What are the Top 50 Oasis Rarities that you must own?

Noel: "The Solo Album's On Its Way"

Plus Gallagher Sr
admits there's another Oasis LP in the works too. The legends will certainly be busy boys this year

For a man who apparently didn't have much planned after Oasis' picked up their Brit Award in February, Noel Gallagher has had a very busy few weeks.

First-up, he was using these very pages to get himself a spot at Glastonbury (Michael Eavis has promised to call him, so watch this space), then he jetted off to Moscow for an acoustic gig, played his biggest ever solo shows headlining the Royal Albert Hall in London for two nights in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust, before rounding off last week headlining the Manchester Versus Cancer gig with Ian Brown.

So it looks as if the guitarist is currently enjoying his own company - well, his along with guitarist Gem Archer and percussionist Terry Kirkbride, who have backed him at all of the acoustic shows. But could there be more at stake than doing his bit for charity?

His brother Liam has already slated the idea of a Noel solo project - "I don't wanna hear about solo albums, you're not putting me on a f***ing shelf for a year," he said in July 2000 - but with the older Gallagher's unofficial acoustic tour winding down, we collared the man and asked him once and for all about a solo album.

Oh, and what's keeping Oasis going...

NME: You started off playing the odd acoustic show last year, now you've played across the globe and headlined two nights at the Royal Albert Hall. It feels like you've been on a solo tour.

Noel Gallagher: "Yeah! When I sat down to do the gigs, the first one was at KOKO for [the Russell Brand-sponsored show for Focus] charity, then the second one was at the Union Chapel [in Islington], which was also for charity [Mencap]. In-between because we weren't really promoting the Best Of, I started it off by doing a couple of interviews in New York, and my manager asked me how it was. I said it's shit, it's like being on tour without all the good bits'. I don't mind doing interviews all day as long as I can play a gig, so he said: 'Why not?' Putting the setlist together was great because there were songs such as 'Half The World Away', which you don't get to play with the band. 'Sad Song', which I did at the Albert Hall, I hadn't played in ages. I remember playing it live on Radio 1 just after I'd written it. That was when I had to write a song every day, that was my thing, I had to write a song every day. Come on!"

What's Your Songwriting Workrate Like Now?

"(laughs) Not one a day! I've got two on the go at the minute and it's taken me well over... the tunes themselves aren't a problem. I've got eight that I've made a start on, it's the words. I start writing and I always end up with a (lyric) book with huge gaps in it. Ive got two songs that are nearly finished and that took me four months. But I've got loads of songs left over from the last record."

The title track of the tour documentary Lord Don't Slow Me Down sounded quite promising...

"Yeah, it's quite rocking! It's just 12-var blues really, but it's good. That got left off the last album because it was the same verse all the way until the end, but it's kind of locked into that now because it appears at the end of the film."

With all these acoustic shows - you recently told us you want to play Glastonbury - and a few new songs milling around, have you ever thought seriously about doing a solo album? You always play it down, but...

"I've actually got a backlog of songs that are slowly building up. The thing about a solo record is the time to do one is between Oasis world tours because you'd have a good couple of years. But it takes me so long to write songs that eventually I run out of time [before Oasis begins again], but i've got a backlog now of about four or five songs which are probably too far in the past as far as the band is concerned, but which could work on my record."

Well, you've proved you can see out huge venues with the Royal Albert Hall shows, so there certainly seems to be fan interest in you doing solo stuff.

"The thing that always stops me doing it is going on the road, standing up and fronting a band. I don't mind sitting down on a chair with a couple of your pals playing or doing the charity thing, but I'm not sure how I'd feel about charging people to come and see me play it every night with me up front. But a record, I don't know, it's coming!"

Well, that's the side-project sorted, what now for Oasis?

"Well, I did two nights at the Albert Hall, so I guess next up we'll start thinking about another album at some point."

It's early but do you have any ideas for your seventh studio album?

"The next one in theory is already f***ing written. I've got eight songs that I'm pretty happy with. I think Liam's got one or two that he thinks are brilliant. We're waiting for Gem and Andy. It's just a case of sitting down and saying, 'When do we want to do this?'"

What will it sound like? 'Don't Believe The Truth' seemed to move things on musically for Oasis, do you think that has given you a freer hand when you start recording?

"It's been a very healthy kick in the arse for me. From 'Be Here Now' we've finished albums and I've always thaught, 'We can do better than that', but when this one was finished and we were playing it on the road I thought, 'F***ing hell, this is good!' I've found myself throwing a lot of songs away as a result, a lot of them that might have got past before.

That's healthy. I fancy doing something more extravagant with this one."

So it's all systems go?

"The thing that always puts me off is as soon as somebody says, 'Right, we're going to start recording in August' - for arguments sake - my manager will book a tour and the next thing you hear it's sold out in five minutes. The thing about going on the road is the older you become the more difficult it gets. It's great but you have to prepare for it. The hardest thing about being on the road is that you're on the piss every night. When you're 24...when I think of it now, some of the states we would get into! Drinking 'till 8am, with a big gig like Earls Court the next night!

You grab abit of kip and then play it. We never went onstage out of it, by the way!

And now?

"Now, you have to get in training because you know you're going to be on the road for a year and you're going on the piss. Of seven days a week, four of those nights you're going to be absolutely out of it. The first four months are great, but the worst thing is when the conversations repeats itself. You go 'hang on, we've had this drunken argument about The Velvet Underground already' (laughs). The first three or four months are fucking brilliant and the last couple of months are great because you're heading home. The middle bit is tough. That's when you get bored of playing the songs and start playing them differently. You're pissed every night, there's always some shit going on, all that crap. So I'm going to try to put this record off as long as I possibly can (laughs)."

Well, since your last record deal ran out with 'Stop The Clocks', you're probably the biggest unsigned band in the world right now. There are no record labels to tell you to release an album.

"I'm quite enjoying not having a record deal at the moment. I'd rather make this album, get it finished, then go round to record labels instead of some hotshot A&R man getting involved and going, 'You know what I always thought you guys should sound like?, What! And so on, I'd rather make this album, get it finished before anyone else gets involved. But it definitely won't be this year, although I think it might get started."

Will there be any Oasis releases this year? How about the film?

"Yes, it will be out later this year. I was amazed it wasn't out for christmas actually, but I'll be really amazed if it isn't out for the next one! I'm going to do a DVD commentary, yes! They were talking about extras the other day and I begged them to let me do a commentary. I'm going to have some fun with that..."

Finally, not to make you feel too old or anything, but following your Brit Award, did you see Berwick Steet in Soho, London, has been named a national rock landmark because it's the cover of '(What's The Story) Morning Glory?'?

"Really? Fu**ing hell. Do you think people do the thing, walking down the street like they do on Abbey Road? That would be f**king great, wouldn't it? I wouldn't mind but it's such a shit cover. It must be one of the most uninspired artworks for one of the biggest albums of all time. I'd like to think Japanese people do walk down that street in rush hour dodging black cabs. I hope they put one of those blue plaques there!"

Source: NME Magazine

They Have Arrived! How Do Klaxons Know The Hype Is Real? Oasis’ Noel Gallagher Publicly Bashed Them

Klaxons' debut album is called, "Myths of the Near Future," but these English dance rockers are the real deal right now.

The young London-based trio's first release entered the U.K. charts at number two in early February--"Myths" hit U.S. stores in late March--and compelled Rolling Stone magazine to call the group "leaders of a new rock revolution." Their concerts also compel fans in Europe to leap onstage amid a wild, dance-party atmosphere enlivened by glowsticks, whistles and other '80s-throwback paraphernalia.

What's been your most surreal moment so far?

We just felt like we had this arriving moment when [Noel Gallagher of Oasis] started talking about us. We felt like there was actually something going on.

What did he say?

He said that watching one of our gigs is like being tortured.

How do you feel about that?

I [think] that if you get the establishment even giving a second to think about you, no matter what they say, then there's definitely something going on. I didn't have a reaction. I just was like, "Wow, the establishment dislikes us, and that must mean that we're doing something right."

And the Gallaghers don't like anybody anyway.

Yeah, but he sort of went out there, wanker-like, to say that we were awful. I thought it was great.

With all the hype, are there any misconceptions about the band?

Yeah, that we're a nu-rave band.

Well, we know who's responsible for that.

Source: www.tribune.com

Noel Gallagher: 'Solo Album Is Coming'

The Oasis man tells NME about all his recording plans

Oasis mainman Noel Gallagher has confirmed that he already has song earmarked for a solo album.

Speaking in the new issue of NME, Gallagher said that following his recent solo concert appearances he was making tentative steps towards a solo project.

He said: "I've actually got a backlog of songs that are slowly building up. The thing about a solo record is the time to do one is between Oasis world tours because you'd have a good couple of years.

"But it takes me so long to write the songs that eventually I run out of time (before Oasis begins again), but I've got a backlog now of about four or five songs which are probably too far in the past as far as the band in concerned, but which could work on my record... it's coming."

Gallagher also said that Oasis have already written most of the follow up to 2005's 'Don't Believe The Truth'.

He explained: "The next one in theory is already fucking written. I've got eight songs that I'm pretty happy with. I think Liam's got one or two that he thinks are brilliant. We're waiting for Gem and Andy. It's just a case of sitting down and saying, 'When do we want to do this?'"

Source: www.nme.com

On This Day In Oasis History...

"Supersonic" is the debut single released by British rock band Oasis, written by Noel Gallagher. It also appears on their debut album, Definitely Maybe. It was released on the 11th April 1994 and peaked at #31 on the official UK charts. It was the song performed by the band on their debut national TV performance on Channel 4's The Word, transmitted on the 18th March 1994. It remains to this day a favourite song of both the band and the fans (On the Definitely Maybe DVD Noel cites it as his favourite Oasis song). The single went silver in the UK on June 30th 2006, 12 years and 3 months after is original release.

In spite of its popularity, Gallagher claims the song is basically a collection of nonsense lyrics written in a matter of minutes, just before the band entered the recording studios to record the track. The identity of the character "Elsa" caused some confusion — according to the song She done it with a doctor/On a helicopter/she sniffin' in a tissue/Sellin' the Big Issue. Noel claims, "Someone told me "Supersonic" was about teenage prostitution. Shit!".
It has since been revealed that Elsa was a nine-stone rottweiler with a flatulence problem who was in the studio on the day the song was written, hence the line "she's into Alka Seltzer". It was written and recorded at The Pink Museum in Liverpool. The plan was for Oasis to record "Bring It On Down" for their debut single and another bunch of demos. However, Supersonic was written and it impressed everyone so much, it was chosen to be the band's first single.

In March 2005, Q magazine placed "Supersonic" at number 20 in its list of the 100 Greatest Guitar Tracks.

The song is included on Oasis' 'best-of' album Stop The Clocks.

Source: Wikipedia

10 April 2007

DJ Set This Saturday, Centre Of The Universe

Saturday 14th April @ Dirty South, Lewisham/ Lee High Road
Bonehead (Oasis) Night

Featuring: Freedom High + Thee Outlaws + Peacock Avenue + General Paulus + Dirty Sam

The man without the hair, formerly of Oasis (when they were good, coincidentally) Bonehead gets his head down and battering-rams his way into Dirty South, giving it some ah that on the turntables, and presenting a host of upcoming bands who no doubt owe much to his former band…

Freedom High: Apparently a phrase originally used to describe the spirited mood of protesters on march day, Freedom High is also a London-based five-piece rock band whose mission to make catchy, hook-laden pop is a meritorious march against mediocrity. www.myspace.com/freedomhigh

Thee Outlaws: Southampton-based garage-rock punkers Thee Outlaws are a riotous four-piece whose ambitions to “start a revolution” promises much moshpit-based bonding. And possible pregnancies. www.myspace.com/theeoutlaws

Peacock Avenue: West Midlands-based mod-rock Quadrophenists Peacock Avenue address the notion that Modism is still a way of life. Postmodern, post-mod posterboys with a postmark. www.myspace.com/peacockavenue

General Paulus: Local boys who burst forth with big beats, fuzz-addled guitar breaks and heartfelt lyrics that recall Beefheart, Nirvana and The Doors. Not bad at all, sir. www.myspace.com/generalpaulus

Dirty Sam: Catchy melodies meets bittersweet lyrical leanings in the style of Morrissey. Lovely stuff. www.myspace.com/wearedirtysam

Doors: 8pm – 2am.
Admission: £8

Inside This weeks NME

First the gigs, then Glasto, now... Noel's solo album!

Source: www.nme.com

9 April 2007

Tyler Mocks Gallagher's Onstage Cool

Aerosmith star Steven Tyler has poked fun at Liam Gallagher in a new interview, claiming the Oasis singer is a terrible frontman.

The Live Forever star reminds the Walk This Way rocker of a terrible guy who fronted one of his bandmate Joe Perry's former group's - and was so bored with the music he pasted photos of naked women all over the stage so he could gaze down at them as he performed.

Tyler says, "The lead singer would tape a copy of Playboy to the stage and look at the girls and he didn't give a s**t - kind of like that singer in Oasis." The Aerosmith singer accepts Gallagher is just trying to be cool but he'd love to see the Oasis frontman really let loose.

Tyler adds, "Even Liam does a dance to whatever he's feeling. When he gets home he doesn't continue to kick the imaginary wires on the floor, does he?"

Source: www.contactmusic.com

Doctor Who!

Double, double, toil and trouble... Tardis burn and Time Lord bubble.

These are the hags who go head-to-head-to head with The Doctor.

The curtain rises when he takes new assistant Martha for her first spin in the BARDis - to see William Shakespeare in 1599.

In perhaps the most visually spectacular episode of Doctor Who yet, the special effects team recreated a stunning replica of 16th-century London, including a model of the famous Globe Theatre.

But there's little time for The Doctor (Paisley-born David Tennant) and Martha (Freema Agyeman) to enjoy the view before the witches put them under a spell that could change history. But our heroes match their foes - Measure for Measure.

They are joined by Shameless star Dean Lennox Kelly as a Shakespeare he revealed was inspired by rockers Oasis.

Dean, 34, said: "The director told me, 'Think Liam Gallagher - except that you're actually a lyrical genius.' They wanted him to be a 16th-century rock star."

Easter Mum Day

Forget the Easter bunnies, here are the Easter mummies.

Celeb mothers-to-be were out in force at the weekend showing off their Easter buns in the oven.
At least they all have a good excuse for scoffing chocolate eggs and forgetting any of the usual starry fad diets.

Noel Gallagher and his Scots girlfriend Sara MacDonald were out in London and the Oasis songwriter was surrounded by bumps.

As well as girlfriend of seven years Sara, 31, who is four months pregnant with their first child, Noel was hugged by a pregnant fan.

The guitarist, who has a seven-year-old daughter Anais with his ex-wife Meg Mathews, was walking in London with a swell-looking Sara when a pregnant fan stopped them and gave him a huge cuddle.

The former hell-raiser looks like he's doing his bit for Mothercare. While Sara's smock and polo neck only showed off a little bump .

Rocker Noel Is Dad For It

Noel Gallagher looks like he can’t wait to become a dad again as he enjoys a stroll in the Easter sun.

The Oasis star cuddled pregnant girlfriend Sara MacDonald on a shopping trip in London. And he was so loved up he even hugged a pregnant fan.

In the old days Noel would Look Back In Anger at such a show of public affection.

And his odd behaviour had chuckling Sara in fits.

Noel acting the softie? It made me laugh too . . .

8 April 2007

Beat That

Towers of London frontman Donny, 26 - desperate to preserve his glamourous rock 'n' roll image - is dating Tatia Starkey, 21.

Her dad is Oasis drummer Zak Starkey - the son of Beatles legend Ringo Starr.

Tatia Starkey,bears a striking resemblance to her famous drummer grandad. But to fans of saucy dance troupe Narni Shakers she is better known by the stage name Tasher.

Source: www.people.co.uk

7 April 2007

Noel's Pregnant Pause

The softer, gentler Noel Gallagher says his girlfriend Sara MacDonald's pregnancy could delay the birth of Oasis' seventh album.

He says the band have "eight really good tracks" ready to start working on, but he plans to devote as much time to Sara, who is four months pregnant. He said: "We virtually have an entire album ready to go, so there won't be a great deal of work to do.

"But as Sara is making a baby, that kind of puts most of this year out, I would have thought." Sweet.

Source: www.mirror.co.uk

6 April 2007

Rock Stars To Receate Sgt Pepper

Oasis, The Killers and Razorlight are to cover songs from The Beatles' Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band to mark the album's 40th anniversary.

James Morrison, The Fratellis, Travis and the Kaiser Chiefs are among the other acts taking part in the special recording sessions for BBC Radio 2.

The engineer in charge of the original 1967 sessions will use the same equipment to record the new versions.

The results will be aired on Radio 2 on 2 June, a day after the anniversary.

The original album was released on 1 June 1967 and went on to be regarded as one of the best and most influential releases in rock history.

Last year, it came top of a Radio 2 poll to find the best number one album of all time.

'Unique event'

The modern rock bands will be recorded by audio engineer Geoff Emerick, using the one-inch four-track equipment he captured the original on 40 years ago.

Radio 2 is also celebrating its 40th birthday this year, and the programme will form part of the station's '60s Season.

Radio 2 controller Lesley Douglas said: "This will be not only a unique radio event, but a very special musical moment.

"The range and quality of artists involved ensure that this will be a fitting tribute to one of the great albums of all time."

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

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