31 January 2008

Oasis' Mark On British Music

Albums Of The '90s

Four- Basildon boys conquered America, indie rock discovered ecstasy and Britpop reigned.

The 20th Century went out with a bang.

Definitely Maybe - Oasis

Picking up where The Stone Roses left off, Definitely Maybe was the sound of provincial dreams becoming reality. "You're the outcast,you're the underclass, but you don't care, cos you're living fast," sang Liam Gallagher on Bring It On Down, articulating the realities of the downtrodden everywhere.

The biggest-selling debut album at that point, it proved that if you sang, "Tonight, I'm a rock 'n' roll star" loud enough, then you really could be.

Hail From: - Burnage, Greater Manchester
Most British Moment: Gallagher's brilliantly untutored drawl - one part John Lennon, one part John Lydon.
See Also: Stereophonics - Word Gets Around

Other albums mentioned

Violator - Depeche Mode
Blue Lines - Massive Attack
Screamadelcia - Primal Scream
Parklife - Blur
Music For The Jilted Generation - Prodigy
Dummy - Portishead
OK Computer - Radiohead
Urban Hymns - The Verve
Different Class - Pulp

Tracks Of The '90s

Enter Britpop, big ballads and - oh yes! Bollywood

Live Forever - Oasis

Noel Gallagher penned this hymn to communality in 1991, a bleak year in John Major's recession - hit Britain, while working alone in a builders yard storeroom.

Live Forever forged a vision of transcendence that was both universal and homegrown: it's key line, "We'll see things they'll never see," was rooted in the great British phenomenon of ecstasy culture.

Most British Moment: The opening line, inspired by Gallagher's childhood memories of waiting around, bored, on his dad's allotment.

Other tracks mentioned

Angels - Robbie Williams
Unfinished Symphany - Massive Attack
Park Life - Blur
Common People - Pulp
Firestarter - The Prodigy
A Design For Life - Manic Street Preachers
Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve
Brimfull Of Asha - Cornershop
Born Slippy (Nuxx) - Underworld

Source: Q Magazine

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Interview With Alan McGee

Alan McGee interviewed by Selina Scott in 1997, Alan talks about Oasis, Primal Scream, Hurricane #1, Super Furry Animals, Teenage Fanclub, Creation and more...

Visit Alan's MySpace page here

Would You Like To Be A Part Of The Oasis Podcast?

They are looking for contributors to help out with the show. If you'd like to record a segment for the show, or would be interested in co-hosting a episode or two, drop them a line at theoasispodcast@l4eradio.com

Or if you just want to hear yourself on the "radio", you can leave a voicemail at 1-302-47OASIS. If you have Skype, you can reach the show at user name live4everpodcast. You can leave a message about anything!

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Pick The Bands You Want At The Festivals!

Oasis, Foos, the Zeppelin, Panic and even Mika - vote on who you want, and really DON'T want to head up your favourite festivals this summer.

Click here to have your say on nme.com the results will be forwaded on to fesival organisers!

Source: www.nme.com

30 January 2008

Greatest Band Of The 90's

10. The Flaming Lips
09. Belle and Sebastian
08. Suede
07. The Happy Mondays
06. Radiohead
05. Wilco
04. The Stone Roses
03. R.E.M.
02. The Verve
01. Oasis

If a band is being judged and understood within the limits of the actual music and songwriting strength, which should obviously be the standards when judging a band, then Oasis is clearly of superlative rank in the history of pop music.

Circumscribed with the 90's itself, there was no songwriter that held the power of song the way Noel Gallagher did. There was no singer that held the vocal power of Liam Gallagher.

There was no band that could be considered as "timeless" in the 90's as Oasis. The amount of good to great songs that lie in Oasis's 90's output is enormous to say the least, so enormous, that some of their good songs seem average compared to their best, and those songs opined as "average" are in most cases, the A-sides of all the lesser bands in the 90's.

How do you define music in the 90's to an alien that flew down to earth and wanted to know about current modes of music? You play "What's the Story Morning Glory" with its massive wall-of-sound guitar space backing vocals so raw yet so mellifluous.

You then go and play "Live Forever" to inculcate the alien with Oasis's ease at defining the 90's with anthemic anodyne, and these are just two great songs within 20-30 more great songs in the Oasis 90's catalogue, and then there are their B-Sides.

What Oasis pass off as "B-sides" would be the best songs for other bands struggling to broach the pop market medium. That a song like "The Masterplan" is a B-side is obfuscating.

That songs like "Underneath the Sky" and "Let's all Make Believe" are left off official albums is astonishing until you're reminded of how great their album songs are too.

Oasis are the most justified band to release a B-Sides record in this history of pop music. Many an Oasis fan would become converted by their B-side album, and all the subsequent B-sides released on new singles.

When Oasis is considered in a typical setting, what is usually covered most is drug interests and in-band fighting which has nothing to do with the music and quality of songwriting.

These accidents while puerily interesting in the moment, will fade away in the aging of a band, and any form of creativity in general. When these "accidents" fade, all that will be left is the band's creative output, and when new generations uncover this desiderate goldmine of songs, Oasis will be fully considered as one of the hallmark bands in this history of pop music.

If the best band of the 90's is to be solely considered by how many great songs are in their repertoire, then Oasis is clearly the greatest band of the 90's.

Source: www.old-wizard.com

Inside This Months Copy Of Q

50 Great Years Of British music starrring The Beatles, Radiohead, Queen, The Clash, Kate Bush, The Libertines, Oasis, Elvis Costello, The Prodigy, The Who, David Bowie, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Amy Winehouse, Blur, The Smiths, Arctic Monkeys, Led Zeppelin, Coldplay, Sex Pistols and Cliff Richard

Source: www.q4music.com

Oasis & Blur Team Up Together To Make Cheese

If only Blur and Oasis had cracked open the Babybels in the Nineties, Britpop’s biggest feud might never have happened.

Now Blur bassist and dairy farmer Alex James, 39, thinks he’s got the perfect whey to bring them together.

The floppy-fringed legend has persuaded his former band’s singer Damon Albarn, 39, to team up with the Gallagher Brothers and create a special stilton for next month’s BRITs.

Elegantly wasted Alex has invited the Mancunian monobrows and old All-Bran to his Cotswolds cheese factory to start work on the smelly olive branch, which they will call A Country Roll (With It).

The bands split music fans by releasing their two singles Country House and Roll With It on the same day in 1995.

But the cheese will be an edible symbol of their new comradeship.

Our gourmand with the Jacobs Cream Crackers said: “Damon and Alex have always been enthusiastic about cheese – it was the glue that held Blur together for so long.

“But it wasn’t until recently that Alex discovered Liam, 35, and Noel, 40, shared their obsession.

“So he had the masterplan of creating something constructive through the medium of cheese, which would mark their maturity.”

He felt the Earl’s Court rock ceremony would be the perfect occasion to showcase their efforts and will offer the mouse food as a dessert alternative at the awards dinner.

Damon is a vegetarian and donated recipes, including Albarn’s Cheesy Garlic Potatoes, to The Vegetarian Society’s menu.

He can’t wait to head to the 200-acre farm to get to work with the other Big Cheeses.

As Alex explained: “From hard drugs to soft cheese! That’s me. From boozy, vegetarian vampire of the Groucho Club, to rural sober family man.

“It’s amazing, the friends you can make, just through cheese. People get very emotional about it.”

We’re sure their stilton will bring a tear to the eye.

Source: www.dailystar.co.uk

Damon Albarn Biography Tainted By Outdated Rivalry

Let’s get one thing straight: life has been very, very good to Damon Albarn. Even today, the back catalog of his best-loved band, Blur, plays like a veritable Encyclopedia Cool Britannia ­— a seven-album testament to the cultural high planned by the press, patented by Suede and perfected in Blur —and his is the mockney accent plastered all over it. If Britpop made England cool again, Blur made it count.

In “Damon Albarn: Blur, Gorillaz and Other Fables,” co-authors Martin Roach and David Nolan cover the ways in which, through Blur — and through Damon — the British Empire struck back. In doing so, they have created the most complete evaluation of Albarn’s life and career to date, if not the most insightful one.

“Fables” provides an outstanding entrée into the United Kingdom of the 1990s for fans born in the wrong country or at the wrong time. For those who were re-introduced to the Union Jack by Ginger Spice’s dress instead of Noel’s Epiphone, it’s important to understand that for all intents and purposes, Blur was Britpop. Suede might have been the misnomer’s first patron, Pulp its brightest and Oasis its biggest, but no band belonged to it, and subsequently loathed it, quite like Blur. Which made Albarn the movement’s pretty face.

His band’s formative years included all the shenanigans you might expect from four twenty-somethings who have never held proper jobs: press wars, infighting and over-indulgence — in short, serial chaos. (It’s telling that the most oft-used adjective is “shambolic.”) In “Fables,” all the Blur boxes are ticked: there are the Seymour years, followed by the anti-American years, the anti-Oasis years, the anti-Blair years and the anti-Graham years — in the same order in which Stuart Maconie covered them (in “Blur: 3862 Days: The Official History”), just without the same panache.

The trouble with an unauthorized biography, and with this one in particular, lies in the nature of its construction. Nolan and Roach may know that Albarn is afraid of becoming Sting, but they got that tidbit from recycled NME and Mojo clippings, not from the cover star himself.

Unsurprisingly, Fables also suffers from the generally anti-Mancunian, specifically anti-Gallagher bias both camps tired of 10 years ago. (One band’s members has two eyebrows, the other’s has one — the rest is trivial.) Too many of the book’s pages are spent rehashing the difference between second-to-none and second-to-one.

By page 100, the nostalgia the bio was soaked in starts to grow tired, in the same way the quote about Noel Gallagher wishing “Damon caught AIDS and died” did before it was uttered and subsequently repeated in this book. Add to this an apparent lack of copy editing and any mention of the bankruptcy scare that shook up Maconie’s version, and Blur fans would be better served by bassist Alex James’ autobiography, until such a time as Damon puts down the operas and pens his own.

Source: www.themaneater.com

29 January 2008

Oasis Are Nominated For Two NME Awards

Oasis have been nominated in two categories for this years NME Awards 2008.

Best Track
'Fluorescent Adolescent' – Arctic Monkeys
'Flux' – Bloc Party
'Men's Needs' – The Cribs
'Lord Don't Slow Me Down' - Oasis
'Let's Dance To Joy Division' – The Wombats

Best Music DVD
'Up The Shambles' – Babyshambles
'The Song Remains The Same' – Led Zeppelin
'Unplugged In New York' - Nirvana
'Lord Don’t Slow Me Down' - Oasis
'I Told You I Was Trouble' – Amy Winehouse

The awards are now only a few weeks away, on February 28 at their new home, the Indig02 in north Greenwich, London.

Take a look at who is left in each category, and then cast your vote via NME.COM/awardsnominees. Remember and get your votes in by 10am on Monday February 25.

Source: www.nme.com

ChildLine Rocks

Legendary bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes (ex-Deep Purple, Black SabbathLACK), Deep Purpledrummer Ian Paice and Thunder are among the artists who will share the limelight to raise money for ChildLine at the indigO2 in London on Thursday, March 13

Sponsored by Kilmartin and hosted by Radio 2's "Whispering" Bob Harris, ChildLine Rocks aims to raise a six-figure sum for ChildLine.

Special VIP packages are available at ChildLine Rocks, including a pre-show reception, a chance to meet some of the artists and a live auction.

VIPs will be able to bid for tickets on the famous Flight 666 piloted by Bruce Dickinson for a trip to see Iron Maiden play live in Lisbon and be personally escorted by Bruce on a backstage tour. There will be guitars donated by Noel Gallagher and Status Quo, a Gibson guitar signed by all the artists appearing at ChildLine Rocks, a Led Zeppelin plaque and other top rock prizes.

Click here for more information

Source: www.theindigo2.co.uk

28 January 2008

Vote For The Best British Album!

To mark 50 years of great British music, the UK’s biggest music magazine, Q, and the nation’s favourite music retailer, HMV, are teaming up to crown the best ever British album – as voted for by you!

Just pick your 3 favourite British albums of the last 50 years (released between 1958and 2008). The vote is only open to artists from the UK - so Belfast's Van Morrison is OK, Dublin's U2 are not.

To make things even more enticing, everyone who votes will be entered into a grand prize draw. One winner will win a gold disc of the album voted Number 1 by the great British public and all of the Top 50 albums featured in the Best Ever British Album vote.

Plus 49 runners up will win one of the albums featured in the final Top 50 albums list.

Click here to cast your vote

Source: www.q4music.com

Oasis Dartsboard Up For Grabs

Ever wanted to throw darts at Manchester rock legends Oasis?

Well now's your chance - if you have a spare £1,000.

A rare dartboard, used on the front of the band's greatest hits album, Stop The Clocks featuring the hit Wonderwall, is up for sale.

The dartboard, which is one of only a few that were made for competition winners, has been acquired by online memorabilia store 911.com and is up for grabs at £995.

The board has a burgundy coloured outer ring and bullseye, blue, yellow, cream and grey sub-sections and wire dividers and numerals.

It also comes with its own set of three tungsten darts complete with black and white Oasis logo flights.

A 911.com spokesman said: "This unique and scarce promo item is in mint condition and must be the ultimate Oasis collectable!"

Source: www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk

Bonehead Club Date In Leeds

Date: Friday 14th March 2008
Venue Trash @ Josephs Well, Chorley Lane, Leeds, LS2 9NW

Thanks to Damian Morgan

27 January 2008

New Oasis Album Title And Artwork Revealed


Hi my name is Michael and I'm currently doing work experience in London for the NME magazine.

I'm here for three months and my job involves making the tea, answering the phones and I have just been made in charge for the last month of my work experience of the weekly crossword.

Yesterday our cleaner in the office never turned up, so I was summoned to HQ to empty all the bins and generally clean the office by Jamie Fullerton as we have a very important guest in the office this week to announce the nominee for the 2008 NME Music Awards.

Whilst cleaning the office I noticed that Dele Fadele had left his computer on. So I opened it up and there was a interview done on Thursday with Noel for publication in next weeks magazine.

It reveals the album cover (attached)and name 'THE BEST THING SINCE ME' and also includes the dates for the forthcoming tour to be announced exclusively on NME.COM in the morning.

So I forwarded on the artwork to my personal email address to forward it on to you as I know the fans would love to see it now.

Please don't tell anyone about this email, as Dan Martin threatened all of us work experience people with the sack about things getting out.

Best wishes and I love the site



26 January 2008

Icke-An't Believe Noel Is Fan

Bizzarre Lord Noel Gallagher couldn’t be more different from workshy lump Robbie Williams.

But they share one thing in common - an admiration for crackpot preacher David Icke.

Earlier this week I revealed Robbie has been hanging out with Icke in LA and the pair have been discussing their shared interest in aliens.

But I nearly passed out when I heard Noel once went to a marathon seven-hour seminar to hear the former footie-goalie- turned-pundit talk about our political leaders being lizards.

Noel was snapped out with missus Sara Macdonald on Thursday night after a civilised ale with brother Liam at the Met Bar.

A source said: “Noel and a few pals went to Brixton Academy a few years back to see Icke.

"Noel’s a fan of his crackpot antics and wanted to hear him in the flesh explaining his oddball theories.

"He even got an invite back stage for a cup of tea. He had T-shirts made up for his pals with the Nike swoosh and the word ‘Icke’ on the front.”

I imagine Lord Noel will be burning his Icke books when he finds out he’s pals with Rob the nob.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

25 January 2008

Versus Cancer & Danny McNamara’s The Aftershow Join Forces

Aftershow at Moho this Friday, Danny has organised a mammoth night of live bands at the venue after next month’s Versus Cancer concert at the MEN Arena on 23 February. Tickets for the night go on sale this Friday 25th and are expected to sell out fast.

The night marks the first time that the concert after show has been opened up to the public. The line up for the night is set to include Dodgy, Boy Kill Boy, Example and The Paddingtons, with more acts and some very special guests to be announced in the coming weeks.

The gig will mark Dodgy’s first live performance in almost 10 years and follows the release of their live album in 2007. Famous for Britpop anthems ‘Staying out for the Summer’ and ‘Good Enough’, their appearance at the Aftershow will continue the reunion vibe that Versus Cancer has become famous for.

Having recently toured with Echo & The Bunnymen who treated the crowd to a legendary performance at last year’s Versus Cancer, acclaimed indie-rock talent Boy Kill Boy are a huge addition to the line up. Currently touring with Athlete, the band are set for a huge 2008 with their own headline tour coinciding with the release of their hugely anticipated second album ‘Stars and the Sea’.

Hailed by Radio 1’s Zane Low and Pete Tong and now signed to Mike Skinner’s label ‘The Beats’, Example is set to really get the crowd going. The appearance at the Aftershow comes ahead of his UK wide ‘I love Mandy’ tour which kicks of in March.

Indie band The Paddingtons mark the fourth addition to the bill. Having toured with Babyshambles, and been signed by Alan McGee – the band, who are currently recording their second album look set for continued success this year.

Danny McNamara the lead Singer with Embrace said, “ The Aftershow’s going from strength to strength this year moving to a Friday and to a great new venue in the centre of town. Being asked to do this one off Saturday for Versus Cancer is a massive honour. We want to do what we always do, which is to bring the public and the artists together and put on the best new bands before anyone else, with big headliners and one offs to bring the crowds. Me and all the other people I have working at The Aftershow are really looking forward to putting on the party of the year. But I advise people to buy early as tickets will sell out fast.”

Tickets for the Aftershow are £5 in advance and if there’s any space it will be £8 on the door on the night, with proceeds going towards fighting cancer. See www.theaftershow.net for more information

Source: www.versuscancer.org

Blast From The Past...

Gem Archer's first band was The Edge. Started at Willington Parkside School in County Durham, they existed in varying incarnations of Jeff Walker, Gem’s high-spirited, best friend also on guitar, with a local doctor’s son Michael Chesters on drums.

Though Gem’s lyrics were strong enough, sadly his voice wasn’t, and so once at Durham New College he recruited a lead singer in the scream of Simon Scott, an eclectic performer a la mode of New York Dolls. Had anyone made it big back then, truly my bets would have been on Simon.

This band was very popular around the north-east in the early-mid 80s.I just happen to have copies of their two singles. The first records Gem ever recorded on.

For more information about the band and to listen to there music visit www.stewart-piercy.com

Thanks to OasisNewsBrazil

24 January 2008

New Limited Edition Oasis Poster For Sale

To celebrate Oasis' legendary show at Water Rats on 27 January 1994 - 14 years ago this Sunday - we have recreated the original black & white fly poster of the show that first introduced the band's name onto the streets of London back in the day.

- Printed on matt 160gsm paper
- Dimensions 50 x 73 cm
- Limited to 400

This bit of Oasis history is available from the Oasis shop and yours for just £10.

Also still available are posters and limited edition silk screen prints of the 1994 Brighton show, at which Ride and The La's supported Oasis. Created by Sheffield artist Pete McKee, they make a great collector's item. A limited number of the special 'Lord Don't Slow Me Down' prints is also still in stock.

For these and more items visit the Official Oasis Online Store

Source: Email from Oasisinet

Oasis Bootleg Artwork Wanted

I'm looking for the CD artwork for the following Oasis shows, for the Bootleg Artwork section on the site.

If you have any of the artwork that I'm looking for, could you please Email it to scyhodotcom@gmail.com





24/08/1994 2FM RADIO, IRELAND


06/12/1994 JOOLS HOLLAND, UK

05/10/1995 BOURNEMOUTH, U.


10/03/1996 RHODE ISLAND, USA


10/08/1996 KNEBWORTH, UK (soundcheck)
15/08/1996 CORK, IRELAND

08/09/1996 JONES BEACH, USA

12/07/1997 GLASGOW, SECC
18/07/1997 MUNICH, GERMANY


03/11/1997 LE ZENITH, FRANCE
10/11/1997 MADRID, SPAIN
17/11/1997 MILAN, ITALY

05/12/1999 DETROIT, USA
11/12/1999 ANAHEIM, USA

17/01/2000 LIVE LOUNGE
09/03/2000 OSAKA, JAPAN
03/05/2000 FAIRFAX
07/06/2000 BERLIN, GERMANY




Ex-Stone Roses Man To Play London Club Night Gig

Ex-Stone Roses and Ian Brown band guitarist Aziz Ibrahim will play his debut solo London gig on Saturday night (January 26) at London’s Sin venue.

The gig will be part of the This Feeling club night, which has previously seen a live set from The Enemy.

Oasis’ Noel Gallagher, Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner and Kasabian are regular visitors to the club night, which features house DJs playing classic indie hits and new music.

Ibrahim will play Ian Brown songs as well as his own material. He is set to work with Paul Weller on a forthcoming album.

Tickets can be bought from here.

Source: www.nme.com

Sofa Used On The Front Cover Of 'Definitely Maybe' Sells For £900

Earlier this month I posted about the sofa used on the front cover of Definitely Maybe, it sold last night on internet auction site ebay for £900.

The item came with a full COA signed by Bonehead in 2001, and also included in the sale was an original promo poster of the album.

Tonight's TV Choice

Pop! What Is It Good For? The 1990s

BBC4, 10.00pm (UK)

Pop was turned on its head in the Nineties by superstar DJs, samplers and Britpop. Here, music journalists Caitlin Moran and Paolo Hewitt and musician Goldie revel in the rise of hip hop, R’n’B and urban music with Moran also reminiscing about Kurt Cobain, and Hewitt recalling life on tour with Oasis.

Goldie, meanwhile, says he has yet to forgive Robbie Williams for pinching some of his shirts. The shock revelation among the panellists, however, is that one of them has a sneaking admiration for pop king Ricky Martin.

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

23 January 2008

Liars On Oasis

Liars have gone through this decade's hype and destroy cycle and emerged victorious. Rather than return to the dance-punk party long after the keg had run dry, the band took the widely panned tribal sounds of sophomore release They Were Wrong So We Drowned (2004) and refined them toward the excellent Drum's Not Dead.

Now, with nothing to prove to the critical establishment and armed with the most easily accessible album of their career (Liars), the boys have hitched a ride on Interpol's massive stadium tour.

On the afternoon of that trek's New York City stop, the band's principle members -- Angus Andrew, Aaron Hemphill, and Julian Gross -- talked in their cluttered Midtown hotel room about bringing their uncompromising live show to a larger audience, the nerve-wracking personal revelations of Liars, and why Oasis wasn't really so bad.

Taken from a interview that you can read the interview in full here or watch a video of the boys talking about Oasis here.

How do you think that's gonna go? [Laughs.]
JG: I'm pretty excited about it. Yeah, "3 Days." I'm ready.

AH: But are you ready for the six-song acoustic EP? [Laughs.]

AA: I've been recently doing the Britpop thing, with Pulp's This Is Hardcore, Blur's Blur. You know, Oasis, man, they write good songs. [Laughs.] The lyrics are just so stupid. It's amazing.

So when people go back and try to find meaning in some of your older, more surreal lyrics, do you think --
AH: There's no connection to the Oasis story!

But is that even a worthy thing for them to do?
AA: It's a cool thing. I don't know if you know, but we never print our lyrics, and it's kind of an important part for us because we love this feedback that we get from kids. They'll write to us an say, "You know, I was wondering what "Mr. You're on Fire" says. Does it say, "House in the world," and all this really weird stuff, and I write back and say, “Yes, that's exactly what it says.” Because it's so well written.

This idea that they can be involved and think about it and develop their own ideas for what it is. So maybe when we use some surreal words or ways of using lyrics, it's really an attempt to allow people to have their own interpretation of it. To take it where they want to. With a literal song like "Protection," I guess I don’t know what it's like for a third party to hear it, but I wonder are you thinking, “Angus on the beach smoking a cigarette.” I don't know if it's so literal that you stop thinking that way. But with a more surreal song, when it's like "Wonderwall," it's like, “What?”

Source: www.prefixmag.com

Liam And Noel Gallagher Sing "I Once Knew A Lady"

More fun with the talented Stevie Riks, check out more of his superb videos here.

Noel Gallagher's Studio To Be Sold

Place where Oasis recorded 'Heathen Chemistry' up for grabs

The recording studio where Oasis recorded their ‘Heathen Chemistry’ album in 2002, is being sold.

Wheeler End Studio had been on long-term let to Noel Gallagher, who had invited friends such as The Coral and Ian Brown to record there.

The studio, located in Buckinghamshire, has also been used by the likes of George Harrison, Robbie Williams and Paul Weller.

The studio has a price tag of £3.9 million and the owner, Suzanne Lee, former wife of blues rocker Alvin Lee, is hoping a buyer will buy it to and continue to put it to recording use.

"After 27 years of running the studio, I am incredibly attached to Wheeler End, so selling it hasn’t been the easiest of decisions to make,” she said.

“But the time has come to move on. What I want more than anything else is to see it sold to someone who intends to carry on using it as a recording studio and to preserve its amazing heritage and atmosphere.”

Source: www.nme.com

Liam Gallagher Is BB Fan, Claims Appleton

Nicole Appleton has revealed that her boyfriend Liam Gallagher is a fan of Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack and regularly watches the programme.

"Liam wanted to come but he had to look after our son," declared Tuesday's celebrity hijacker. She then admitted that the Oasis frontman "is a big fan of the show and he is watching".

"No way!" boomed John. "Would he do Celebrity Big Brother?"

"Absolutely not," she replied.

Earlier, Nathan joked with the All Saints singer about becoming her 'toyboy'. He asked Appleton how old she was, to which she answered: "I'm not proud of my age. I'm 33 - I'm so not my age."

"I think 21 is the perfect toyboy age," Nathan quipped, referring to himself.

Source: www.digitalspy.co.uk

More On Rock Star For The XBOX 360

Don't Look Back in Anger (Rock Band Expert Drums 5 stars)

Wonderwall (Rock Band Expert Guitar 5 gold stars)

Live Forever (Rock Band Expert Drums 5 gold stars) FC 100%

A few videos of the Oasis tracks that are available on Rock Star on the XBOX 360 thanks to Jarr3tt88 for the videos.

22 January 2008

Noel Gallagher Out And About In London

Noel Gallagher and Sara McDonald out and about in North London.

Source: www.mrpaparazzi.com

Annual Banner Competition Results

The winner of the Annual Banner Competition is 'Hector Nava Huanosta' from Mexico, who wins the Lord Don't Slow Me Down vinyl.

The first name drawn out of the hat for the Lord Don't Slow Me Down Promo CD given to us from MJ from This feeling was Darren Kirkler from Leeds.

Both items will be sent out to you registered mail ASAP, A big thanks to Paul from L4E and Maria in helping me pick out a winner from my shortlist.

01 and winner and a few random banners from the 200+ I received during the competition 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10. Over the next few weeks I will be adding them around the site.

Special thanks to everyone who took part in the competition, each year the standard gets higher and higher and it gets harder to pick out a winner...

Available From Today Oasis Tracks For Rock Band On The XBOX 360

Available from today for 'Rockband' on the XBOX 360 is a Oasis Pack includes songs by Oasis including "Don't Look Back in Anger," "Live Forever," and "Wonderwall"

Oh Boy, Oasis Are Back

Details of the new Oasis album, which is currently being mixed in LA, have leaked.

According to a studio spy, the follow-up to Don't Believe The Truth opens with a Liam Gallagher-penned acoustic track 'Boy With The Blues', tipped to be the first single.

As promised the boys have gone seriously orchestral on the rest of the record, particularly on 'To Love' sung by 40 year-old Noel and two more efforts from Liam, 35 'Guess I'm Out Of Time' and 'Evil Eye'.

But the set highlight promises to be Noel's epic 'I Wanna Live In A Dream With My Record Machine', complete with three guitar solos.

Source: Daily Star

What's Going On At Oasis And Kasabain's Favourite Club Night This Weekend?

What's going on at the UK's #1 indie club night? This Feeling at SIN near Tottenham Court Road in London on Saturday 26th January.

Aziz - Stone Roses/Ian Brown - Live Set & DJ Set
Speed Circus - Single Launch Party & Acoustic Set

The Twin Powers DJ
Soul Boy Mystic Collective DJ
This Feeling DJ's

Tickets are priced at £8 in advance or £10 on the door (if not sold out)

We've already had Kasabian, The Enemy, Rob Harvey from The Music, Oasis tour DJ, The Rifles, Kav from the Happy Mondays, Jersey Budd, Robbie Knox (Soccer am) and the Black Rats down to DJ, plus acoustic sets from the best emerging bands in the country along with the likes of Noel Gallagher propping up the bar....

For more information, or to order tickets visit www.myspace.com/thisfeelingclub

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Annual Banner Competition Closed

The Annual Banner Competition is now closed, we have had over 300 banners sent in over the last few weeks.

The winners will be announced later today...

21 January 2008

Last Chance To Enter Our Annual Banner Competition

We are looking for some new banners for around the site, so this is your chance to win a very cool prize. Competition ends at midnight tonight....


Also MJ from the award winning clubnight 'This Feeling' has very kindly given the site a Promo CD of Oasis' Lord Don't Slow Me Down, to be given away in the current compietion.

So for every entry received you will be automatically entered into a draw to win the CD.

The Banner must contain pictures of Oasis from 1994 onwards.
That can include group pictures, live pictures, CD artwork. Liam, Gem, Noel, Alan etc etc.
The Banner must be the same size as this template that I have included HERE
Graphics - GIF or JPEG
You can enter as many times as you like.

Important Info:
Deadline - All Entries must be received by 21 January 2008.
When sending your entry please title your email as 'Banner Competition'
Please include your name in your email.
Send all entries to scyhodotcom@gmail.com

The winners will be announced on the 22nd January . Going by past entries we have had some brilliant designs in previous years, and we are really looking forward to seeing what you come up with this year!

Prizes will be sent out registered mail worldwide.

Remember - Have fun, enjoy yourself and Good Luck!!!

20 January 2008

Blast From The Past...

I found these great pictures a few weeks ago, of a few different poster campaigns to go with Oasis' Best Of 'Stop The Clocks' that came out last November.

Gracias: Oasisbrother

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Noel Gallagher Thinks He's Colossal, It's Jersey Budd

A few months ago I posted on up and coming Leicester musician Jersey Budd who was inspired by his fathers love of Dylan, Springsteen, Lou Reed, Cat Stevens, Paul Weller, and also later captivated by Oasis, Jersey picked up a guitar as a teenager and taught himself to play.

The result is a collection of classically crafted songs, shaped by his peers, yet effortlessly his own; his unique voice, soul, and talent for a melody having led to Jersey being tipped as one to watch after only a handful of gigs, albeit supporting Kasabian, The Enemy, The Rifles and Hard Fi.

Jersey is currently recording his debut album in Leicester after the instant sell out of his debut single in August. His 2nd single is due out Jan 2008. Listen out for him and watch him grow.

Tipped for great future in the UK newspapers and music magazines at the turn of the year, is this is the year Jersey takes his place on the top of the UK music scene?

Noel Gallagher (OASIS) "Jersey is colossal and he's going to be huge next year."

Serge Pizzorno (KASABIAN) "Great voice and a great talent."

The Sun "A plumber by day, Jersey is set to kiss kitchen sinks goodbye with his gravelly tones and Dylanesque guitar. This boy is going to be as big as fellow Leicester lads Kasabian."

The Daily Star "Budd’s Bruce Springsteen vocals and guitar pop will be a winner in ’08."

NME "Jersey has KOKO eating out of his guitar hardened hands, storming through Oasis go honky tonk rollock rockers like Shotgun Times to nothing less than adulation"

Tom (THE ENEMY) "Jersey's got one of the best f##king voices I've ever heard"

Leicester Mercury "There are loads of male singer/songwriters out there at the moment, and there will be the inevitable comparisons with James Blunt, Paulo Nutini and James Morrison, but the truth is, he's nothing like them."

Have a listen to these

Bright Soul (Demo)
Diamond Girl (Demo)
The Shotgun Times (Demo)
Rebal Yes (Demo)
Blind Man (Demo)
Your Love Is My Release (Demo)

Download the demos by clicking here or here.

For more information and more music visit www.myspace.com/jerseybuddmusic

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Still A Few Days To Cast Your Votes At The NME Music Awards 2008

You still have time to get your votes in for Oasis at the NME Shockwaves Awards 2008.

Have your say to determine shortlists for each category, to be voted on again from January 29.

Oasis could be voted for in a number of catergories at the award show, that take place in London's Docklands on February 28th, 2008.

Click here for more information on how to vote.

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19 January 2008

Top Ten Biggest Album Flops

Number 2: Oasis: Be Here Now (1997)

The unbelievably hyped follow-up to (What's The Story) Morning Glory was a monumental disappointment. Overblown and badly produced, music writer Jon Savage has commented that "it killed Britpop" while Noel Gallagher himself described Be Here Now as "... the sound of a bunch of guys, on coke, in the studio, not giving a f**k".

See the full top ten including U2,Bob Dylan, Guns N' Roses, Madonna, Robbie Williams and The Spice Girls here.

Source: www.virginmedia.com
Thanks to Whatever

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Music Legends Back Afflecks

The campaign to save Afflecks Palace has been backed by some of Britain's biggest music legends.

Members of Manchester supergroups Oasis, Happy Mondays, New Order and the Inspiral Carpets joined other prominent music figures and called on the whole city to stop the legendary northern quarter bazaar from closing its doors for the final time.

"It would be a total crime to let Afflecks close. The council and the other interested parties must get together urgently and do everything possible to save it," said Clint Boon from the Inspiral Carpets.

Clint, whose Inspiral Carpets are to play the Versus Cancer concert at the M.E.N. Arena next month, described Afflecks as 'one of the most important parts of the city's pop culture in the last 30 years'.

Former Oasis guitarist Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs said the three-storey building was used by all the great Manchester pop and rock legends as a meeting place and some even used to style themselves from clothes bought there.

"Afflecks has always been a great meeting place for musicians. We all used to hang around there just seeing who we could spot, listening to new music, having a coffee and checking out the noticeboards," he said.

"We used to buy stuff from there all the time too - me, Liam, Noel, Guigsy - we'd all buy trainers and bits and bobs from there. We once found a drummer for a band I was in by scouring the noticeboards at Afflecks too.

Hundreds are expected to gather outside the store from noon today for a Traders' Day of Action rally protesting at the potential closure of the famous emporium. There could even be a famous face or two among the protesters.

Source: www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk

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18 January 2008

More On The New Oasis Album

At last - the new Oasis album relesase date.

It's due out in August, says European distributors who have been promised the latest Masterpiece. Bring it on.

The music industry could do with a belter from the boys.

Source: The Sun

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1st L4E Radio Podcast Online Now!

The first episode of The Oasis Podcast is now available for download! On this week's show, Jenny from The Oasis Fan Guide discusses her Obsessed list, offering a fascinating insight into just how far she'll go for the band. Tom also goes through the list, just to make sure he hasn't fallen into the obsessed category.

Click here for more to download the podcast.

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Last Few Days To Enter Our Competition

Only a few days to go till the competition ends...

We are looking for some new banners for around the site, so this is your chance to win a very cool prize.


Also MJ from the award winning clubnight 'This Feeling' has very kindly given the site a Promo CD of Oasis' Lord Don't Slow Me Down, to be given away in the current compietion.

So for every entry received you enter it will be automatically entered into a draw to win the CD.

The Banner must contain pictures of Oasis from 1994 onwards.
That can include group pictures, live pictures, CD artwork. Liam, Gem, Noel, Alan etc etc.


The Banner must be the same size as this template that I have included HERE

Graphics - GIF or JPEG
You can enter as many times as you like.

Important Info:
Deadline - All Entries must be received by 21 January 2008.
When sending your entry please title your email as 'Banner Competition'
Please include your name in your email.
Send all entries to scyhodotcom@gmail.com

The winners will be announced on the 22nd January . Going by past entries we have had some brilliant designs in previous years, and we are really looking forward to seeing what you come up with this year!

Prizes will be sent out registered mail worldwide.

Remember - Have fun, enjoy yourself and Good Luck!!!

17 January 2008

Liam Gallagher & Nicole Appleton Shopping In London

Liam Gallagher and partner Nicole Appleton snapped coming outside of London's Harrods store a few days ago.

Pictures from Rex Features Gracias a: Oasisbrother

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