31 May 2008

Jay-Z Says Hop It Noel

Jay-Z has demanded more respect for hip-hop after 41-year old Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher hit out at his controversial Glastonbury slot.

The rapper, 38, said: "I know we don't play guitars like you know, Noel, or however you say his name, but we just have to respect one another's genre of music and move forward."

Mr Beyonce admitted there was an upside to peoples's reaction to his gig next month. He said: "I've never had a show cause such a stir so I'm looking forward to it.

Source: Daily Star

Oasis Noel Gallgher Hails Paul Weller's 'Brave' New Album

Guitarist backs Modfather for bucking music industry trends

Oasis leader Noel Gallagher has declared that Paul Weller is brave to buck current music trends and release a double album.

The former Jam frontman's new release '22 Dreams' is a double record, which includes a guest spot from the guitarist on it.

Speaking to BBC 6Music's Music Week show, Gallagher expressed his admiration for Weller's decision to make the album a double disc release.

“It’s easily his best one since 'Heavy Soul'. I think it’s a really brave decision to make a double album in the year that the music business is shrinking, he’s expanding," declared the Oasis man. "I think it’s really really good, really enjoyable. I find him inspirational as a character.”

Weller himself added that not only was he prepared to buck music industry trends, he was also against the idea of giving away music for free.

“I’d like to charge people double the price for my record if I could, don’t know if I’d get away with it!" he joked. "I’m not having it [free music]. It lessens the art, cheapens the art. Why shouldn’t an artist be paid for the work he’s doing? It’s not for free.”

The full interview can be heard at 1pm (BST) tomorrow (June 1) on BBC 6Music, go to www.bbc.co.uk/6music for more information.

Source: www.nme.com

We're Better Than Oasis

Ricky Wilson reckons Kaiser Chiefs have taken Oasis’s mantle as the most popular band in Britain.

It’s a big claim from the band’s frontman — and one he believes the Leeds boys have the tunes to back up.

I bumped into the well-oiled rocker on Thursday night at the opening of top London barbers Percy & Reed — and he had a few things to get off his chest.

Ricky said: “Oasis have disappeared up their own a***. They think they are Led Zeppelin. They’re not.

“Music has moved on and I think we are the band that most music fans would see as their successor.”

I Predict A Riot when Liam and Noel Gallagher catch wind of that one.

Qualifying his claims, Ricky added: “Our new album is shaping up. I reckon it’s our best stuff yet.

“I played it to our manager the other day, who has known us for over ten years, and a smile just spread across his face as soon as he heard it.

“He reckons that it’s the best material we have come up with.

“It isn’t finished but, in my mind, I know exactly where the vocals are going now and how it will sound. Mark Ronson is producing the album. He turned down a lot of people to work with us — a lot of big names, who I won’t mention.

“When he does that to work with us, we must be doing something well.”

Ricky’s not shy of blowing his own bugle and was clearly buzzing after playing a homecoming gig at Leeds United’s Elland Road football stadium last weekend, which went down a storm.

The singer had been out for a few ales at a leaving do and popped in to the party to catch up with his pal Spice Girl Mel.

Earlier, Bizarre Lord Noel Gallagher showed up on his 41st birthday to say hello to the owners Paul Percival and Adam Reed, who look after Noel’s prize barnet at their ultracool barbers.

I’m sure Ricky would have been singing a very different tune had he bumped into Mr Gallagher.

All will be revealed soon enough anyway.

Oasis have a new album due out later in the summer and Ricky said they will shock fans with their release earlier than expected. The battle lines are drawn between Lancashire and Yorkshire once again.

The Smart money’s on an Oasis victory...

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

30 May 2008

Recent Picture Of Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher showed his face to celebrate the opening of a salon in London’s West End last night.

Watch a video of Noel & Sarah leaving the event, by clicking here.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk & BIG

Oasis Founder To Play Town Mill

Mansfield's Town Mill plays host to one of the founding members of indie giants Oasis in June, when Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs hits the decks at the Bridge Street venue.

Born in Manchester, the rhythm guitarist is almost exclusively known by his nickname Bonehead - from the short back and sides haircut he had as a child.

He will be spinning the discs on a special DJ night at the venue, following performances from Winterlong, Four Day Hombre, Mellow Rebellion, Dirty Tux and Pylonless Wires.

Bonehead formed 'The Rain' in the late 1980s with friends Paul 'Guigsy' McGuigan, Tony McCaroll (drums) and Chris Hutton (vocals). Liam Gallager stepped in when Hutton left and renamed the group Oasis, and he and Bonehead teamed up as songwriters.

But it wasn't until Liam persuaded brother Noel to join the line-up that success beckoned. Noel had recently returned from his worldwide travels as a roadie with the Inspiral Carpets, and was armed with a collection of songs, including Live Forever and All Around The World.

Bonehead's front room - plastered and decorated by himself - was even used on the front cover of Oasis' debut album, Definitely Maybe.

And in addition to his role as musician with the group, he was also the Oasis diplomat, intervening when brothers Liam and Noel clashed.

He left Oasis in 1999 during the recording of the group's fourth album, Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, to spend more time with his family.

Since then he has been playing DJ sets in clubs, with a playlist featuring Oasis classics like Live Forever, and artists like Death in Vegas and The Chemical Brothers.

Tickets for the night, on Saturday 14th June, are £8 advance, £10 door, and are available from the venue itself, www.townmill.com, www.ticketbweb.co.uk or on the secure phone line on 08700 600 100.

Source: www.chad.co.uk

On This Day In Oasis History...

Don't Believe the Truth is the sixth studio album by Oasis, released on May 30, 2005. It reached #1 in the UK Albums Chart with first week sales of just under 238,000. The album entered the U.S. charts at #12, the highest any Oasis album has reached there since 1997 with Be Here Now, although its chart stay was brief. The album went triple platinum in the UK in the first week of 2006, and is the ninth fastest selling album there. As of August 2006, Don't Believe the Truth has sold approximately 2.5 million copies worldwide.

Every member of the band contributed to the writing of tracks for the album, and the album is the first where all duties were divided between the bandmembers. On some of the tracks regular bass player Andy Bell handled guitar, while Gem and Noel contributed bass to other songs. Don't Believe the Truth is the first Oasis record to feature the drumming of Zak Starkey, who replaced Oasis' longtime member Alan White.

Liam also had a larger impact on the album by his developing songwriting. Noel has said that this album is his favourite of Oasis' last four, because all members have contributed to it. This, he claims, has given it a different feel to a typically Noel-written Oasis album.

The band embarked on a massive world-wide tour and started off at the London Astoria for their Don't Believe the Truth Tour.


The recording process for Don't Believe the Truth was prolonged. The album was originally supposed to be released around summer/autumn 2004, with an initial 3-4 week session produced by Death in Vegas. The recording finally began after Alan White's departure in January 2004 at Sawmills Studios in Cornwall, the same place where Oasis had recorded their debut album Definitely Maybe. These sessions were completed but the band weren't happy with the results.

Noel has commented since on numerous occasions that there was no problem with the work done by Death In Vegas, but he felt the songs they were working on were simply not good enough to form a record, and felt a break was needed in which new material would have to be written. In Noel's words: "we were trying to polish a turd". Around 10 tracks were worked on with Death In Vegas of which, according to Noel, 6 were "not even good enough to make the b-sides". Four of the tracks which eventually appeared on the album were worked on with Death In Vegas, those songs being: "Turn Up The Sun", "Mucky Fingers", "A Bell Will Ring" and "The Meaning of Soul", although all of these had extra work done to them or were re-recorded before being released.

After a short break in which many new songs, including "Let There Be Love", "Lyla" and "Part Of The Queue" were written, the band reconvened at their Wheeler End Studios with Noel as producer. The band were joined on these sessions by The Who's drummer Zak Starkey. In June 2004, Oasis debuted two new songs from these sessions, the Liam-written "The Meaning of Soul" and the Gem-written "A Bell Will Ring" at two live shows in Poole and at the Glastonbury Festival.

After hearing of the band's production problems from Oasis manager Marcus Russell, American producer Dave Sardy expressed interest in taking over production duties. Sardy was given tapes of existing recording sessions to mix, and after his work was praised by the band, he arrived in the UK to oversee new recording sessions at Olympic Studios in London. These sessions didn't last long before he asked the band to travel to Los Angeles and re-record most of the album there, as he felt more comfortable working in a studio closer to home. With the band eventually agreeing to this, recording sessions began at Capitol Studios in October 2004 with the band spending around 9 weeks there.


The decision to have the leadoff single, "Lyla", on the album was a controversial one, prompted by the label's feeling that there wasn't a suitable lead single among the tracks originally presented. As a result, the decision was taken to record "Lyla", a song which Noel had written and demoed a year previously, but which wasn't recorded by the band during the previous recording sessions. It was decided that Dave Sardy would remix Noel's original demo with Liam recording a set of lead vocals and Zak adding a fresh drum track. "Lyla" reached number one on the UK Singles Chart and number nineteen on the U.S. Modern Rock Tracks chart. After having initial reservations about the choice of the first single being taken out of the hands of the band, Noel, who initially wanted "Mucky Fingers" to be the first single, has now reluctantly conceded that the song has indeed "done the business".

In April 2005, four tracks from a promo disc leaked: "The Meaning of Soul", "Mucky Fingers", "Keep the Dream Alive", and "Let There Be Love". The full album found its way onto the Internet on May 3, 2005, when Apple Inc. accidentally put the album up early for sale on their iTunes Music Store service in Germany. While there was no official comment by Apple or by Oasis management, it was speculated that Apple simply got "May 30" confused with "May 03" or "May 3".

Watch the promo video for Lyla HERE
Watch the promo video for The Importance Of Being Idle HERE
Watch the promo video for Let There Be Love HERE

Source: Wikipedia

29 May 2008

Are Lyrics Important?

Jarvis Cocker: the secret of saying the unsayable

Bowie's a master, James Blunt misses the point completely. Singer-songwriter Jarvis Cocker celebrates the misunderstood art of composing pop lyrics

Lyrics aren't poetry, says Jarvis Cocker

Take Louie Louie by the Kingsmen. The lyrics are unintelligible but it doesn't matter: it just sounds right. There are at least 130 versions of Louie Louie out there, but none of them comes even close to that one.

Yet when a lyric and a piece of music really work together, the combined effect is much more powerful than either of them on their own. "We could be heroes just for one day" is a vaguely uplifting sentiment. But when I listen to the song, I'm there. I am swimming with the dolphins. When I'm listening to that song, Bowie has me sold on the whole package.

Because, apart from the words and the music, the delivery of the song is a massive factor in its success or failure. David Bowie delivers "Heroes" as if he's trying to sing the throat out of his body, and the result is heroic.

I remember having an argument with Noel Gallagher over the lyrics to I Am the Walrus. Noel cited that as an example of how you could write any old nonsense and it didn't matter, which I vehemently disagreed with. To me, John Lennon is not just stringing together a load of unrelated imagery. It's an active rejection of meaning. A two-fingered salute to those who look for significance in song lyrics, and to the whole concept of making sense. A refusal to play the game or participate in the charade of straight society, which he felt at the time that his use of LSD had exposed as a sham.

But, although I Am the Walrus dispenses with most established rules, there is one it does adhere to - it rhymes. Should songs rhyme? My answer to this is a qualified yes. There's a sense of intense satisfaction when you get a good rhyme in a song. But beware: it can also lead to some of the greatest crimes that have ever been committed in the name of song.

I Am the Walrus uses internal rhymes, so you've got, "I am he, as you are he, as you are me" and "See how they run, like pigs from a gun". So the end of the lines are floating free. The more complicated rhyming structure gives the impression that the song doesn't really rhyme at all, but, in fact, it's quite carefully structured.

This question of rhyme is where many a songwriter comes a cropper. It's the one thing they know a song must do, and so they pursue it at all costs. And they become a rhyme whore. A rhyme whore will do anything for a rhyme. They will defy all notions of good sense, good English, intelligibility, logic, syntax, taste - you name it, anything goes as long as they get a rhyme. And this can have unintentionally hilarious results.

For the full article click here.

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

Happy Birthday Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher is 41 today

Noel Thomas David Gallagher (born May 29, 1967 in Longsight, Manchester, England) is an English songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, he is best known as the frontman and songwriter of the Manchester rock band Oasis.

28 May 2008

Liam Gallagher Is On Gordon Ramsay's F Word Next Week

Gordon Ramsay's F Word

Tuesday 03 June
9:00pm - 10:00pm
Channel 4 (UK)

The irrepressible Gordon Ramsay continues the new 12-part series of television's most entertaining food magazine.

In next week's programme Nicole Appleton and Melanie Blatt and their mums cook a delicious starter of angel hair pasta and clams, spiced pork chops with crushed sweet potatoes and a classic apple tart while Nicole's husband Liam Gallagher watches from the dining room.

Janet Street-Porter tries to persuade her Yorkshire neighbours to eat more veal; in Gordon Ramsay's Healthy Appetite Gordon faces one of his toughest physical challenges yet as he's put through his paces by the Marines, then shows them how to cook a fantastically healthy low-calorie but full-flavour beef curry.

David Blunkett takes on Gordon in the recipe challenge with his shepherd's pie; and Gordon searches through the night for one of Britain's rarest and most delicious food delicacies: elvers.

VIDEO Plus+: 5203


They showed a quick preview of it on last nights show, with Gordon asking Liam about his new haircut.

The clip can be found here 46 minutes into Tuesday's Show (UK Only).

The Story of The Who On TV This Week

Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who

Friday 30 May
11:35pm - 1:35am

Murray Lerner and Paul Crowder's documentary provides a definitive audio-visual record of the legendary British rock band, and follows Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey as they record The Who's first new music in more than 20 years and travel to the Far East for their first-ever live performance in Japan.

The doc will also feature interviews with U2’s The Edge, Eddie Vedder and Noel Gallagher.

VIDEO Plus+: 113721

Subtitled, Widescreen

26 May 2008

Bonehead Spins Some Tunes In MIlan

Ex Oasis guitarist Bonehead enjoyed a night out spinning some tunes in Milan on Saturday , that was organised by www.wonderwall.it & www.oasisnews.it.

Keep a eye out on the above websites for more pictures and also a interview with Bonehead, that will be uploaded soon.

For more information on upcoming dates or to book Bonehead click here.

Thanks to Fabio

Noel Gallagher The Superhero

Oasis rocker Noel Gallagher was branded a superhero after he jumped in front of an out-of-control car.

He was determined not to Roll With It as evil forces sent the empty Smart Car careering towards him.

Noel, 40, milder mannered than hellraiser rock brother Liam, battled the motor head-on and stopped it smashing into a row of houses.

A pedestrian in Marylebone, central London, said: “Noel lives in the area and must have been taking a walk in the weekend sunshine when the car buzzed by. It was flying down the road with no-one inside and heading straight for some houses.

“He jumped out in front of the car and pushed at it with all his might.”

The car’s unnamed owner was visiting a friend in a nearby house but forgot to apply his handbrake.

When the surprised driver came back outside he was confused when he couldn’t find his car, before Noel reunited man with motor.

The source added: “The owner looked very embarrassed, but Noel took it all in good humour.”

Source: www.dailystar.co.uk

Happy Birthday Alan White

Alan White, born 26 May 1972, in Eltham, South London, is an English drummer. He was the drummer of English rock group Oasis between 1995 and 2004.

Before Oasis (1987-1994)

Alan White was a highly regarded studio drummer before joining Oasis. In 1987 he joined future Oasis member Gem Archer's band Whirlpool."He came down and just blew us all away," remembers Archer [1].. "I thought he was mega but the others were worried what a 15-years-old kid on the road and on the lager would be like. I rang his dad and told him: 'Sorry. But don't worry he's fantastic. He'll go all the way.' And he did. It was the weirdest day when he welcomed me to Oasis. And he hasn't let me forget it." White also played drums on Andy Bell's wife's solo album, forming a connection with another future Oasis member. Prior to joining Oasis, White drummed with London-based band Starclub.

White's brother, Steve White had played with Paul Weller's Style Council and various other famous musicians, including The Who. Because of this famous connection, Alan mentioned that Steve impacted greatly his development as a drummer. His other influences include Ringo Starr, Chad Smith, Mick Avory, and John Bonham.

White replaced original Oasis drummer Tony McCarroll in May 1995 and was immediately "thrown in the deep end", joining the band the very next day to perform a playback of Some Might Say in front of a national TV audience on BBC1's long running music programme Top of The Pops. One of White's first live shows with Oasis was in front of a massive crowd at the Glastonbury Festival in June 1995.

Until the arrival of Gem Archer and Andy Bell in the Autumn of 1999, White was the token southerner in the otherwise Mancunian Oasis. Initially known, inventively, as 'Whitey', he was later re-christened 'Dave' by the band because he once served himself a drink from an unattended bar, therefore resembling the character Dave from "The Winchester" in the '70s TV series Minder. White commented on the "North/South divide" saying it was not that bad, but "for ages I was the 'Cockney cunt' and they were the 'Manc fuckers'". In his book "What's the Story?" Ian Robertson stated that White was also known by the phrase "Alan White - He's alright".

Oasis Career (1995-2004)

White was also entrusted with the job of being Liam Gallagher's 'official' drinking partner and was also said to be his best friend in the band. Together the pair were known as 'Bert and Ernie', named after the Sesame Street-characters. In December 2002 Liam and White were involved in a high-profile brawl in a German bar. Consequently, Liam lost some of his front teeth and was arrested by the authorities. Alan, however, was inebriated and had a brain scan in a hospital afterwards after suffering minor head injuries.

Noel has stated that Alan had a far greater significance to the band than a mere session and touring drummer, claiming that he helped immensely in the recording process[citation needed]. Noel also said that when he wrote a song he would play it to White who would often adapt the rhythm of the song or advise Gallagher on possible changes in the tempo.[citation needed] However, his style has been criticised for contributing to some of the bands more overblown moments, which earned Oasis' 1997 Be Here Now and 2000 Standing on the Shoulder of Giants a critical panning.

At the time of his departure White was the longest serving member in Oasis beside the Gallaghers and passed through thin and thick with the band. He had supported the act from their years of glory during the Britpop hysteria and to their fall-out at the end of the decade. Although that longtime performers Paul McGuigan and Paul Arthurs quit the band during times of pressure, he decided to stay on with the band. The Gallaghers, for their part, have referred to White as the "best fucking drummer" they've ever played with.

Alan performed on 4 of Oasis' 6 studio albums: (What's the Story) Morning Glory? (1995), Be Here Now (1997), Standing on the Shoulder of Giants (2000) and Heathen Chemistry (2002). He also played on the majority of band's b-sides, some of which were released on the b-side record The Masterplan (1998).

White married model Liz Atkins on 13 August 1997 at Studley Priory Hotel, Oxfordshire. He had met her on the set of the "Don't Look Back in Anger" music video. The couple divorced in 2000.

Departure From Oasis

In early 2004, White surprisingly left Oasis during the early recording sessions for the band's sixth album. According to Oasis' spokesperson there were some new tracks and demos with White's performance as well, which were made at the end 2003 and early 2004 at the first sessions for their upcoming album, before his surprising departure. Due to his departure, the band scrapped the first midway sessions and later suffered some prolonged and difficult recording for Don't Believe the Truth (2005).

In a recent interview, Noel also alluded to White's personal problems: "He's a fucking great guy and he's one of the best drummers I've ever met in my life, but his personal life is fucking chaos," a possible reference to White's alleged romantic woes.

The rumours surrounding White's departure, either revolved around his past tendonitis problem or the false accusations of his leaking Heathen Chemistry. Amidst all the turmoil, Steve White, Alan's brother, explained to a fan in early 2005 that his brother was just tired and didn't want to be in Oasis anymore, so he left to patch up his relationship with his girlfriend; "The spirit of being in a band was kicked out of him." However, Steve reassured the Oasis fan that his brother was in a good mood and condition and hinted that Alan possibly can continue his drumming – "Perhaps some time soon, but he is very happy and very healthy and keeping very well". He currently resides in the Chicago suburbs with the love of his life, Christine.

White was replaced with Zak Starkey – The Who drummer and the son of The Beatles' legend Ringo Starr. Ringo particularly was cited as one of White's biggest drumming influences.

In March 2007, the remaining members of Oasis paid White £348,000 to buy him out of their company "Definitely Maybe", in order to free place for Zak Starkey as an official drummer and member of the band.


For his part, White has kept a low profile since his departure, excluding a statement to a drumming site, where he said that the tendonitis rumours are "utter shit" and that the reasons are others. As of January 2007, 3 years after his departure of the band, White has remained out of the spotlight and he has no familiar drumming occupations at the moment.

His brother Steve has explained a couple of times in his website that Alan "is just having a nice time, he has pursued other interests in business.

Source: Wikipedia

Alan is playing with Trio Valore at the Jazz Cafe in Camden London on the 15th June.

For more information and tickets visit www.triovalore.com

In Stores Today

As previously reported, Noel and Gem recorded the track 'Echoes Round The Sun' a few months ago with Paul Weller for his new album, 22 Dreams.

The track is available to buy from today (May 26).


1. Have You Made Up Your Mind
2. Echoes Round The Sun (Radio Edit)
3. Rise and Fall

7 Inch Vinyl

1. A – Have You Made Up Your Mind – Album Version
2. B – Rip The Pages Up – Brendan Lynch Mix

Special Edition Dinked 7 Inch Vinyl

1. A – Have You Made Up Your Mind – Album Version
2. B – Echoes Round The Sun – Radio Edit

25 May 2008

More On Weller's Gig From Friday

Taken at Paul Weller's show at the Hammersmith Apollo in London on Friday night.

For more photographs from the show click here and here, a video of Noel Gallagher performing The Beatles classic 'All You Need Is Love' can be found here.

Photo Credit: mrchalks

Vote For Oasis' Top 20 Songs

Last reminder that Anna Patching and Tom Earle will be playing listeners' top 20 OASIS songs on Saturday 7 June, 10pm UK time - only here on Phoenix FM.

During the show they will be mentioning listeners' favourite charts and other Oasis facts and figures.

How can I vote?

Easy - click here and scroll down the page and you'll see the voting form.

We need you to choose your TOP TEN songs in order.

The votes will then be added up (1st=10pts, 2nd=9pts etc) and a full chart will be shown on the page after the show - on which we'll be playing the top 20 as voted by YOU.

Where can I hear it? If you're in Brentwood and Billericay - tune your wireless to 98.0FM.

If you live outside the area (or even if you don't) you can listen on the Internet by clicking here.

That's enough questions ... now vote!

24 May 2008

Paul Weller Had Some Friends Join Him In London Last Night

Paul Weller had some very special guests join him on stage last night at the Hammersmith Apollo in London.

Gem Archer joined the Modfather onstage and played guitar on 'Echo's Round The Sun'. Later in the evening Noel Gallagher arrived onstage for a final encore of 'All You Need Is Love' Noel played guitar and backing vocals.

Roger Daltry also joined Paul onstage and helped out by playing harmonica and doing some vocals on The Who's classic 'Magic Bus'.

Photographs and video from the gig will follow.

Top Boy Stevie Gets Billy Gig

Bizarre Best Actor 2007 Stephen Graham has landed another big role – playing football legend Billy Bremner.

Like his scouse namesake Stevie G, the actor is pulling on his boots to play the flame-haired fiery Scotsman in a film about eccentric former Nottingham Forest gaffer Brian Clough.

The flick, The Damned United, is about when Ol’ Big ’Ead briefly took over the reins at Elland Road to manage Leeds United.

I bumped into Stevie G at The Met Bar in London on Thursday night. The wee man was chatting to me in his best Scottish accent in preparation for his part.

He said: “I’m made up about it. I’ve got the wig to look like Billy. I’m doing football training too. He was a proper legend.”

Stevie was out with Noel Gallagher, Gem Archer and Andy Bell from Oasis plus a collection of characters from music and film.

Noel’s missus Sara Macdonald was looking cracking in shoes that the girls in the office were drooling over.

After a tear-up in the Met Bar, the hordes headed off to Bungalow 8 to carry on the party until 4am.

Inside, Noel and Stevie had a chinwag with Sopranos star James Gandolfini.

He looked like he didn’t understand a word they were saying in their broad Manc and Scouse.

Tony wasn’t too bothered mind as neither of them were whacked.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

23 May 2008

Celebs Out For The Take That Musical

Gary Barlow and co may have kept a wide berth but Take That fever still hit London last night.

A star-studded audience including Noel Gallagher, Denise Van Outen, Peaches Geldof, Ross Kemp, Michelle Collins and Johnny Vaughan were dancing in the aisles at the premiere of the Take That musical Never Forget at the Savoy Theatre.

The cheesy stage show is not based on the real band but it’s set to be a sure-fire hit.

It’s been on a tour of the UK but will now remain in London’s West End for eight months.

The crowd were in stitches as the stars rattled out a wide selection of Take That’s greatest hits including Pray, Relight My Fire, Could It Be Magic and, of course, Never Forget.

There were huge cheers from the audience when a huge curtain of water fell on the cast during Back For Good.

Other standout moments included a huge wall of fire and a raunchy scene set in a strip club.

A medley of Take That’s hits brought a standing ovation form the crowd at the end.

Denise Van Outen told The Sun: “I’m a huge Take That fan and the boys certainly did the songs justice. In fact it made me realise quite how good Take That are as a boy band.

"The dancing and singing were excellent.”

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Andy Abraham Says Oasis Should Enter The Eurovision

The UK's Eurovision entry Andy Abraham has revealed he thinks Oasis should enter the Eurovision Song Contest.

In 1998, rumours suggested Oasis chief Noel Gallagher wanted single All Around The World to be entered in the competition then last year the BBC engaged in failed talks with Morrissey to write an entry.

Now Abraham says that perhaps it's time for Brit indie acts to get involved to give us a better chance of winning.

He said: "If Oasis and Morrissey got involved in Eurovision the credibility would go up tenfold, I think, in this country. I was hoping that Liam [Gallagher] would get involved and kind of do his antics on stage and everything."

Andy competes in this year's Eurovision, which takes place tomorrow.

Source: www.mirror.co.uk

Chris Martin In Be Here Row

There are raised eyebrows in the Oasis camp over Coldplays’s decision to release their new album on a Thursday.

Chris Martin and Co hope their upcoming Viva La Vida will topple Oasis’ 11-year reign with Be Here Now as the fastest-selling British record.

But the Manchester band’s team believe Coldplay are stealing their idea to do it.

Be Here Now sold almost 700,000 copies in the first three days of sale in 1997.

Oasis released it on a Thursday — rather than the usual Monday — with three days of manic sales enough to catapult it to No1. Coldplay are doing the same with Viva La Vida, out on June 12.

Their last album, X&Y, is currently second on the fastest-selling list.

An Oasis source said: “Some people reckon Coldplay have nicked their successful blueprint from Be Here Now to try to break the record.”

But an insider in the Coldplay camp said: “The band decided to release the album on a Thursday to bring it in line with the rest of Europe.

“Oasis was never an influence.” I’m looking forward to seeing how many copies they shift.

It’ll be massive ... but I think the Oasis figure is a big ask.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

21 May 2008

The Littlest Gallagher Flashes Dad's Trademark Two-Finger Salute

The apple certainly doesn't fall far from the tree in the Gallagher family.

Oasis star Liam Gallagher's youngest son Gene appears to have picked up a rather bad habit from the notoriously hot-tempered rocker.

The seven-year-old shocked onlookers with his two-finger salute as he left London's Nobu restaurant with his father yesterday.

As well as aping Gallagher Senior's well document hostility towards the paparazzi, who also sported a bowl hair cut just like the singer and matching black leather jacket, jeans and trainers.

Liam, who married Gene's mother Nicole Appleton this year in a low-key Valentine's Day ceremony, also has a son Lennon, 8, from his failed marriage to Patsy Kensit and a 10-year-old daughter Molly with singer Lisa Moorish.

Gene is not the first celebrity's son to show a rebellious streak.

Just last month David Beckham's youngest son Cruz, 3, gave the crowd a piece of his mind as he stuck up his middle finger during a family outing in Los Angeles.

Source: dailymail.co.uk & Rex Features

20 May 2008

Pete Doherty Covers Oasis' Whatever At Glasgow Barrowlands

Post-prison, Doherty’s short notice gig at Glasgow Barrowlands was eagerly anticipated by his legion of devoted fans.

Pete played a storming set and finished off the night with a nod to his recent release from prison with Oasis hit 'Whatever', the crowd went wild as Pete strutted around onstage, before nodding to fans, waving and skimming his trilby into the frenzied gaggle of people.

19 May 2008

Echoes Round The Sun

Paul Weller is back with his latest offering 'Echoes Round The Sun'.

It's a collaboration between the original modfather and Oasis' duo Noel Gallagher and Gem Archer.

The tune itself actually stems from a melody that Gallagher had for a while but he'd never been able to do anything with.

It will be released alongside 'Have You Made Up Your Mind' which are the first two singles from Weller's upcoming double solo album '22 dreams', released on June 2.

Other guests to appear on the album include Graham Coxon, Little Barrie and ex-Stone Roses guitarist Aziz Ibra.

Source: www.dailystar.co.uk

18 May 2008

New Oasis Album Out In September

Noel Gallagher yet again joined Russell Brand on his weekly BBC Radio 2 show by phone for the usual shenanigans.

They talk about a number of diverse subjects that include, Winning a Sony Radio Award, Russell's Booky Wook, Noel's ego and more.

Noel also confirmed "September" for the release of the new Oasis album, but refused to be drawn on the exact date, claiming "his manager" would tell him off for messing up the launch by letting the date just slip out.

Russell was winding him up by saying things like "Ooh, it'll be as exciting as the release of the new Harry Potter book and Grand Theft Auto"!

You can listen to the show again by clicking here, you can also download the podcast from Tuesday.

Don't Look Back In Anger

Kanu's first-half goal won the FA Cup for Portsmouth against my beloved Cardiff City at Wembley yesterday to claim the trophy for the first time since 1939.

The final was given a magnificent backdrop by both clubs' noisy and colourful fans who clearly wanted to make the most of their moment in the limelight.

Photo Credit: Myself

16 May 2008

Acts Invited To Follow In Oasis And Coldplay's Footsteps

In The City registration opens

Acts have been invited to submit demos for the In The City music festival - which was founded by the late Tony Wilson.

The Manchester music conference, which takes place between October 5-7 is this year, is going under the Wilson-esque heading "It's All About The Music, Stupid".

The annual event is a regular showcase for unsigned talent, with the likes of Oasis, Coldplay and Arctic Monkeys taking part in previous years.

Bands wanting to take part should submit a minimum of three tracks, a biography and photo, which should be sent to: In The City, Unit 8, Brewery Year 0Deva Centre, Trinity Way, Salford, Manchester M3 7BB.

Head to Inthecity.co.uk for more information or to register online.


On This Day In Oasis History...

"Lyla" was the first single from British band Oasis' sixth album Don't Believe the Truth, released on May 16 2005.

The song was written by Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher, who has varyingly described the track as "specifically designed for pogoing", "annoyingly catchy", and the “poppiest thing since "Roll With It". Noting the varied influences of the song, Gallagher says that it's "a bit like... The Soundtrack of Our Lives doing The Who on Skol in a psychedelic city in the sky, or something".

However critics have argued that "Lyla" is perhaps more than simply influenced by other bands, noting the striking similarities between the song and "Confrontation Camp" by The Soundtrack of Our Lives and to a lesser extent "Street Fighting Man" by the Rolling Stones. The first line of the song reinforces the notion that the song was also partially inspired by The La's.

Noel has also joked with the fact that the Lyla in the song is actually the sister of the Sally mentioned in the Oasis single "Don't Look Back in Anger".

Admitting that he isn't very fond of the song, Noel has said that "Lyla" isn’t "even the fifth best track on the album". The song had existed as a demo since the early recording sessions for the album but was all but forgotten until practically the last minute.

Noel says that the song existed in an early form as a song called "Sing" and dated from the Heathen Chemistry-era. He also says that the title for the final song should have been "Smiler", but was changed seeing as guitarist Gem Archer's previous band, Heavy Stereo, also had a song called "Smiler".

Sony's insistence that it should be released as the first single from the album has helped to fuel the tension between the band and their record label, which has led to Oasis not renewing their contract with the record label following the release of Don't Believe the Truth.

"Lyla" became the band's seventh UK number one when it reached top spot in its first week of release. The song also debuted at #31 on the US Modern Rock Tracks chart and has reached #19 since then. It is the first Oasis song to appear on any US singles chart since 2000.

When performing on the UK music chart show Top of the Pops, Liam, who was forced to mime to the music, made no secret of the fact, walking away from the microphone with his mouth closed mid-way through lines that he was supposedly 'singing'. It would be Liam's last performance on the programme before its demise in late 2006. However, Noel and the rest of the band would return in August 2005 to perform "The Importance of Being Idle."

The song leaked on the internet during late March 2005, weeks before its May release date, after an unauthorised early airing on Polish radio station Radiowej Trójce.

'Lyla' was covered by Foo Fighters during a performance at BBC Studios.

The song is included on Oasis' compilation album Stop the Clocks. It is also included in FIFA 06 as a track.

Source: Wikipedia

15 May 2008

Bonehead And Pete Macleod Acoustic Tour

Me and Pete Macleod are going out on tour in November, with dates in the UK, Scotland and Greece. Dates and venues to be confirmed, but looks like the tour will start at Brixton Jamm.

I will be DJ'ing at selected venues after the live set.

Don't know when we'll get the chance to rehearse, Pete lives in L.A, seems like a good reason to visit the States for a couple of weeks!!

Keep checking this page for more details, or have a look on Petes page www.myspace/petesolomusic where you can check out some of the tunes.

Source: Boneheads Myspace Page

Supersonic Night In Milan

Ex Oasis member Bonehead will be spinning some tunes at a very special night that is being organised by Italian Oasis fans in Milan.

The night is being Organised by www.wonderwall.it & www.oasisnews.it and is on May 24th at Limelight, Via Castelbarco 11, Zona Porta, Lodovica, Milan.

Click here for more information and tickets.

Thanks to Fabio

Robbie Williams Drummer Joins His Enemies Oasis

He's been on strike for four months without anyone noticing... and now Robbie Williams has lost his drummer.

And to add insult to serious injury, Chris Sharrock has joined Oasis, whose mainman Noel Gallagher once dismissed Rob as 'the fat dancer from Take That'.

After parting ways with Zak Starkey - son of ex-Beatle Ringo Starr - the Manc rockers approached Chris.

We're told: "Oasis and Robbie have an ongoing feud. This move is sure to infuriate Robbie.

"Everyone thinks Chris has had enough of sitting on the picket line and not playing music.

"Oasis aren't striking against anyone so at least he'll be getting a bit of action now!"

Another cymbal of The Blobster's decline...

Source: www.mirror.co.uk

14 May 2008

Versus Cancer: Special Event

Friday May 23rd 2008 sees The Ritz on Whitworth Street, Manchester play host to a very special event...

'Thanks, Pranks and Party Pants' is a party hosted by Versus Cancer's Andy Rourke and Nova Rehman to show their appreciation for everyone who has contributed to the success of Versus Cancer since its launch in 2006, with all proceeds from the night going to Versus Cancer.

By happy coincidence the bank holiday weekend is also Nova Rehman's birthday and the line up ensures that this is one birthday celebration that will be talked about for a long time to come.

The party sees sets from local bands Frazer King and Our Fold, upcoming Manchester band Rambo and Leroy and legendary bass player Jah Wobble, performing ahead of his Chinese Dub tour. Badly Drawn Boy will perform with Andy Rourke.

The Sun and the Moon featuring ex Chameleons Mark Burgess and John Lever will be playing twenty years on from their first gig as The Sun and the Moon in the same venue DJs Dermo (Northside) and Tin Tin will be on hand to provide the tunes between sets.

Versus Cancer is known for its unique collaborations and this event is no different with some exciting collaborations planned as birthday surprises to include Aziz Ibrahim, from Ian Brown's band.

Ian McCulloch of Echo and the Bunnymen will complete the line up. In keeping with the theme of the evening he celebrates thirty years of The Bunnymen this year.

Tickets are released through seetickets.com on Friday 9th May and are priced at £12.

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the show.

The Versus Cancer Team

Don't Believe The Tunes

Oasis man not worried about new songs being leaked because they're only "old" versions.

Oasis fans got a major hint as to what the band's seventh studio album could sound like, after new songs by them leaked online last week. 'I wanna Live A Dream (In My Record Machine)', 'Nothing On Me' and 'Stop the Clocks', which the band's leader Noel Gallagher had previously said are in contention for the new record, rapidly spread around messsage boards and sites such as YouTube and MySpace.

The demos were actually part of a batch of nine, including versions of songs that ended up on 'Don't Believe The Truth'

In face NME bumped into Noel in London on the day of the leak (May 6), and the guitarist did not appear to be too bothered due to the age of the demos. Confirming they dated back to sessions for his band's last album, the Oasis chief just declared they were "old", adding that none of those versions are destined for the new album.

However, the emergence of the three new songs does provide insights into the sort of music being considered for the new album, suggesting a psychedelic feel. 'Stop The Clocks', played live once by Noel in 2003 at the Zanzibar in Liverpool, is in the strung out, psychedelic mould of the La's 'Looking Glass', with 'I Wanna Live A Dream...' in a similar vein. Meanwhile 'Nothin' On Me', written by Liam in 2002 in a German police cell and borrowing heavily from Lennon's 'Gimme Some Truth' is raw, bluesy and, like all Liam's song brief.

NME Says...

They might be fresh, but these new songs are getting us very excited about Oasis' next album. Songs such as 'The Importance Of Being Idle' on 'Don't Believe The Truth' proved a watershed as Oasis broadened out beyond their trademark anthems. The psychedelic hints that these new songs drop suggest that Noel and co are now really going to push forward. We can't wait until the autumn.

Source: NME Magazine

13 May 2008

In This Weeks NME Magazine

Noel Gallagher tells us why he’s not worried about Oasis’s tunes being leaked online.

Source: www.nme.com

Liam Shows He's Very Picky

Who said Liam Gallagher wasn’t a man of many talents?

Here’s proof the Oasis frontman can multi-task.

Not only can he pick his nose and suck his thumb at the same, he also manages to stroll with wife Nicole.

He also had a good scratch of his nether regions.

I expected to see steam coming out of his ears.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

I Got 99 Problems, But The Pitch Ain't One

Jay-Z has finally broken his silence over the controversy surrounding his Glastonbury Festival headline slot.

Oasis legend Noel Gallagher kicked off a massive debate about whether a hip-hop act should top the bill on the Saturday night.

But in an exclusive interview with Bizarre, the Grammy-winner hit back at Noel for being narrow-minded.

He declared: “We don’t play guitars, Noel, but hip-hop has put in its work like any other form of music.”

Jay — who had a 2003 hit with 99 Problems — sees his slot at the famous festival as rap’s next logical step.


He went on: “This headline show is just a natural progression. Rap music is still evolving.

"From Afrika Bambaataa DJ-ing in the Bronx and RUN DMC going platinum, to Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh prince winning the first rap Grammy, I’m just next in the line.

“We have to respect each other’s genre of music and move forward.”

Gallagher senior raised a chunky eyebrow to Jay’s inclusion in the line-up because he believes the West Country festival should stick to its roots.

He said: “Glastonbury has a tradition of guitar music and even when they throw the odd curve ball in on a Sunday night, you go: ‘KYLIE MINOGUE?’ I’m not having hip-hop at Glastonbury. It’s wrong.”

But Jay reckons the punters who have objected to his inclusion on the bill are stuck in the past — and he’s relishing the controversy he’s causing.

He went on: “I’ve never ever had a show that’s caused this much of a stir so I’m really looking forward to it.

“I’ve never been involved in anything this controversial. What’s the big deal about doing a show?

“I guess it’s heritage and people hold that dear to their heart and see it one way but that’s how the world is.”

With global urban music sales outstripping those of any other genre, I reckon the former New York drug dealer has a strong point.

He continued: “The world has to change. It just can’t be one thing — and that’s the beautiful thing.

“That’s why people feel so passionate about an event.

“People have that passion and have an opinion about who should perform there. But the world changes and we have to embrace the change.

“The artists of yesterday paved the way for the artists of tomorrow and that’s just how music is. For us rappers to arrive at this point has taken years.”

Wise words.

Here’s the conclusion I have drawn from the debacle: One throwaway remark from Noel at a film premiere and the world goes completely mad.

It shows how so few people have anything remotely interesting or controversial to say these days.

Along with Glastonbury, Jay-Z is also headlining the O2 Wireless Festival — and doing an arena tour in July. As I revealed last week, producer Mark Ronson will support him. The tour includes Cardiff, Manchester and Glasgow.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

12 May 2008

Oasis 100% Bearbricks Box Set

Price: £28.99: Just arrived from Japan, these Bearbricks come in sets of three: they all feature the ‘Oasis’ logo on the chest, one with a red, one with a blue Union Jack all-over body design, and one in sky blue. The Oasis Bearbricks are strictly limited and highly collectible, so order now while stocks last!

- Japanese Import
- Collector's item
- Strictly limited edition
- Officially licensed product
- Height of bearbrick is approx 7cm
- Set of three in a window giftbox
- Moveable legs, arms and head

Please note bearbricks are adult collectibles, not toys. They are not suitable for children under 3 years.

Also still available is a small number of the Oasis WaterRats posters, and the limited edition 'Lord Don't Slow Me Down' prints.

Check out the special limited edition print by Sheffield artist Pete McKee, inspired by Oasis' 1994 show at the Brighton Conference Centre, also available as poster.

Visit the Official Oasis Online Store for the full range of merchandise.

Source: Email from Oaisisinet

Paul Weller's 'Echoes Round The Sun' Promo Video

Echoes Round The Sun, was the result of a boozy recording session between Paul Wellers and Oasis legends Noel Gallagher and Gem Archer and Ocean Colour Scene guitarist Steve Cradock.

It will be out as a double Aside with Paul’s Have You Made Up Your Mind on May 26 and will be the first release from Paul’s forthcoming double album 22 Dreams.

Has Zak Left Oasis?

NME and various other sites have reported the same story as The Sun today. No announcement as yet on the bands official site about Zak's future with the band.

Oasis drummer Zak Starkey is unlikely to perform with the band again after falling out with singer/guitarist Noel Gallagher.

According to The Sun today (May 12), Starkey is highly unlikely to play with the band on any forthcoming live dates, and his involvement in their forthcoming new album, recently completed, will be his last with Oasis.

The newspaper quotes a source close to the band as saying: "There have been arguments with Noel Gallagher and general disagreements."

No official announcement about a possible departure or replacement have been made by the band.

The band are due to embark on a US tour in August, and are rumoured to be announcing further live plans soon.

Source: www.nme.com

Cardiff City's Cup Song Enters The UK Charts

James Fox & Cardiff City Football Club FA Cup Final song Bluebirds Flying High has entered the UK Official charts at number 15 in this weeks chart.

Portsmouth fans fear not a video can be found by clicking here

Stark Future For Oasis Drummer

The curse of the Oasis drummer has struck again.

Ringo Starr’s son Zak Starkey will not record on any additional tracks on singles from their forthcoming album.

Word from inside the camp is that Zak might never play the pots and pans for the Manc lads again. A source said: “There have been arguments with Noel Gallagher and general disagreements. It looks like the album will be his last involvement with the band.”

Bizarre Lord Noel has a reputation for going through drummers like dirty socks.

He binned both Tony McCarroll and Alan White when he felt their time had come.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

11 May 2008

Liam Gallagher Relegated To The Subs Bench

Liam Gallagher has been relegated to the subs bench in favour of Pete Doherty at a footie fest next Sunday. We kid you not.

The Oasis frontman was bought in to replace Pete for the Celebrity Soccer Sixes tournament at Millwall when he was banged up.

But since his early release, Liam has been shown the red card.

Pete is determined to defend the title he won last year after scoring the winning goal.

He's even got his mum to wash his vintage QPR kit.

Source: Daily Star Sunday

McGee Wants Rangers To Win So He Can Wind Up Noel And Liam

Millionare music mogul Alan McGee is hoping his Rangers idols triumph on Wednesday -so he can wind up his Oasis pals.

Noel and Liam Gallagher are Celtic supporters - like McGee's Scots rock mates in Primal Scream and Mogwai.

And McGee, who will watch the game on TV in Los Angeles, said: "In the back of my mind, I'll know they'll all be wishing me the worst of luck.

"So I hope we stuff it right up them. If we win, I'll be dedicating it all to them - especially Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai."

McGee, who signed Oasis after seeing them at King Tut's in Glasgow, will head down to Caffe Primo in Sunset Boulevard for the kick-off at 11.45am local time.

He said: "I can't believe Walter Smith has got us there. I'd say to the team go out and get Walter a knighthood.

"He's a genius - the best manager since Jock Stein."

Source: www.sundaymail.co.uk

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