30 June 2008

Exclusive Oasis Album Details

Stopcryingyourheartout.com and Live4ever.us can now reveal one more album track for the highly anticipated new Oasis record "Dig Out Your Soul"which will be hitting the stores on October 6th. Oasis had announced that the first single to make its debut will be named " The Shock of the Lightning"

We can now tell you that another song is called Get Off Your High Horse (Lady) and that Stop the Clocks will likely be the discs closing track.

Although this news has been forwarded to us from a reliable inside source both scyho and l4e can not vouch for the details complete authenticity.

29 June 2008

Noel Gallagher Is In This Months Mojo Magazine

Inside this months Q Magazine (August issue) it has an advert for Mojo (August 2008 issue) in stores on July 1st.

OASIS: Their seventh “groovy” album is set for release on October 9 and Noel Gallagher simply can’t wait to get the songs out there. In his very first Dig Out Your Soul interview, the Oasis chief updates MOJO’s Danny Eccleston on the state of his band in 2008.

New Order And Smiths Project Gets A Release Date

Former New Order member Peter Hook has confirmed that Freebass, the band he announced last year with The Smiths' Andy Rourke, will release music by March 2009.

Hook told Billboard that he is "sick of talking about it" and that "It's coming out and I don't care how rough it is".

Liam Gallagher (Oasis), Ian Brown (Stone Roses), Tim Burgess (The Charlatans), Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) and Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream) are all rumoured to feature as guest vocalists.

Hook "retired" from touring with New Order in late 2006. In May 2007, he took action against the other members of the band continuing without him. In January this year, he announced that the band had split up.

The Smiths broke up in 1987. They have never played together since. Lead singer Morrissey says they never will.

Source: www.undercover.com.au

Noel Gallagher On Russell Brand's Show Last Night

Noel Gallagher joined Russell Brand on his weekly BBC Radio 2 in the studio for nearly a hour and a half last night for the usual shenanigans.

He spoke about a range of subjects including the new Oasis album 'Dig Out Your Soul' and said the name is from Gem's lyrics, he also talked about UK tour dates in November.

The 'Silver Clef' award at this year's Silver Clef Luncheon in aid of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy on Friday that all the band will be attending.

Brother Liam's Tea making skills, Ricky Hatton, George Michael's boyfriend and Noel claimed he was "blatantly" misquoted on the Jay Z thing, and that it's all been taken wrong - said he'd met him once before and he was a nice bloke and more.

Click here to listen again or download the podcast (from Tuesday).

Jay-Z Kicks Off Glastonbury Set With Oasis Cover

The rapper mocks Noel Gallagher's criticism of his headline slot

Jay-Z kicked off his controversial Glastonbury headline slot tonight (June 28) with an Oasis cover - hitting back at Noel Gallagher's criticism of his booking.

Before the show started, a montage of clips played, concluding with the recent interview Gallagher gave where he said the Pyramid Stage performance was "not right" for the festival.

Before a huge crowd, the superstar rapper then mimed along to Oasis' huge 1995 hit 'Wonderwall', to huge cheers.

Speaking earlier to Tim Westwood for Radio 1 and 1Xtra, Jay-Z said of the Gallagher controversy: "You know that sometimes remarks are made out of ignorance. If Noel Gallagher saw me perform and he said that then I understand that - that is a personal opinion and I have no bearing on how he feels – you know – it's just not your taste. But he has never seen me perform - I'm sure or else he wouldn't say that. We will see what happens after tonight!

"You know the funny thing about it with Noel and whoever else – for the most part, everyone's ready. I thought the resistance - it would be like – I thought it would be like an old guard versus the new guard but it's really not like that. You know, right now, every single person that I have seen, that I've encountered, that walked up to me - everyone is very excited about the show and ready for it so I feel good about it."

Source: www.nme.com

28 June 2008

Hoosier Money On, Noel Or Jay-Z?

Better get The Hoosiers' frontman Ian Sparkes a big wooden spoon because he's been stirring up trouble between Noel Gallagher and Jay-Z.

In a tense stand-off over the past two months, the two musicians have been caught up in a war of words. And now naughty Ian thinks they should sort it out in a fight.

He told us: "I'd pay to go and see Noel and Jay-Z slug it out. Noel wouldn't stand a chance though - Jay-Z's a big bloke. He'd kick his arse."

How mature.

Source: www.mirror.co.uk

Jay-Z's Glasto Rap For Noel Gallagher

Jay-Z will deliver the ultimate two-finger salute to Noel Gallagher when the hip-hop star headlines at Glastonbury tonight.

Oasis star Noel stuck his neck out and claimed The Jiggaman’s type of music was Wrong for the festival.

Now the American plans to broadcast Noel’s innocent, throwaway musings to Glasto’s 300,000 punters when he takes to the Pyramid Stage.

Bizarre lord Noel joked that hip-hop topping the bill at the Somerset bash was a blunder.

His typically cheeky red-carpet interview last April, in which he insisted hip-hop had no place at Worthy farm, soon mushroomed into an international music crisis.

Now Jay-Z has secured rights to the interview — as well as Gwyneth Paltrow's defence of Jay-Z a few days later — and will pump it all out at a deafening volume across the rolling hills of Glasto before he wheels out his rap bangers.

That’s one way to face down the critics.

But last night Noel shrugged it off as a storm in a teacup. He said: “Blaring out? I f****** doubt it very much. There aren’t enough speakers. Well, I guess it will make the first five minutes interesting.”

So here is what Noel originally had to say about Glasto: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If you start to break it then people aren’t going to go. I’m sorry, but Jay-Z? No chance.

“Glastonbury has a tradition of guitar music and even when they throw in the odd curve ball on a Sunday night you go, ‘Kylie Minogue?’ I don’t know about it. But I’m not having hip-hop at Glastonbury. It’s wrong.”

The Brooklyn-born former drug dealer has been blamed for poor ticket sales at this year’s event. And news he was to top the bill on the prestigious Saturday night shocked many.


But with millions of album sales under his belt, there’s little doubt the Grammy winner is one of the most successful solo males on the circuit at the moment.

Hip-hoppers have a history of not being particularly well received at British music festivals, though. 50 Cent battled a barrage of urine-filled bottles when he played Reading Festival in 2004.

And Brit MC Lethal B was pelted with clods of earth during his set at the Download Festival earlier this month.

But Jay-Z is clearly a sharp character and a proper showman to dream up a stunt like this.

It wouldn’t surprise me if, for his encore, he belted out Wonderwall.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

27 June 2008

Oasis And Arctic Monkeys Bookmakers Favourites For Headline Act At Glastonbury 2009

Despite reports of the demise of the Glastonbury, bookmakers William Hill are confident that the world's largest festival is here to stay.

William Hill are offering betting odds of 12/1 that Glastonbury does not take place in 2009 and are already betting on the headline act for next year.

Betting odds suggest that the Arctic Monkeys will be the headline act at 3/1 with Oasis 8/1 and the unlikely Leona Lewis at 33/1.

"Glastonbury is a highly successful event and one we expect to continue for many years. That said we do not think the organisers will choose such a controversial headline act next year and make the Artic Monkeys are favourites to headline in 2009." said William Hill's spokesman Rupert Adams.

Source: Casino Beacon

Noel Gallagher On The New Oasis Album

Noel Gallagher talked briefly about three new Oasis songs, from the band's new album ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ on the Ken Bruce Show on BBC Radio 2 yesterday morning.

Thanks to 32shutout.

'I Don't Think Noel's Seen Me Perform'

“Never underestimate the power of hip-hop – what it can do, what we can do,” says Jay-Z defiantly.

He is, of course, talking about his controversial headline slot at this weekend’s Glastonbury Festival, a booking that’s been the talking point of the summer.

The first rapper to headline the festival in its 38-year history, his booking has been met with criticism and blamed for poor ticket sales after the three-day event failed to sell out.

But tomorrow night, Jay-Z — who festival organiser Emily Eavis describes as “the greatest living hip-hop artist” — is hoping to silence his critics when he takes to the Pyramid Stage.

Interviews with the Brooklyn rapper are rare but he’s agreed to an exclusive chat with us and when he calls from Norway, where he is headlining Hovefestivalen, SFTW find him in a confident mood.

He says: “I am excited about playing Glastonbury. I feel like a new artist again, playing in front of new people as an unproven artist. I love that. I love going out there to show a new crowd just what you can do.

“I just want people there to have an open mind. Don’t judge me ’til you see me. Don’t knock the power of hip-hop.”

When it was announced in February that Jay-Z would top the Glastonbury bill, it seemed everyone had an opinion. Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher was the most vocal saying: “Glastonbury has a tradition of guitar music. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

“I’m sorry but Jay-Z? No chance. I’m not having hip-hop at Glastonbury. It’s wrong.”

But Jay-Z doesn’t care what Noel thinks.


“When someone makes judgments like that, they are kind of ignorant. Yeah, I have heard Noel’s music, but I have never seen him or Oasis play so I can’t say whether his show is rubbish. Until I see him perform, I can’t really give an opinion on him.

“But I don’t think he has ever seen me perform — I should send him a ticket.”

And Jay-Z — real name Shawn Carter — isn’t letting the commotion dent his enthusiasm for his big night. He explains: “I have a saying, ‘What people think about you is none of your business’. That’s why I am not taking notice. I’m ready for my show and the rest is ridiculous.”

While he won’t disclose whether new wife Beyonce, Amy Winehouse or good friend Coldplay’s Chris Martin will be joining him on stage, he coolly reveals that he hasn’t felt under pressure to change his show.

“I will pretty much run the same set because I’ll have just started the tour. I’ll probably move things around a little bit based on which songs work.

“I usually play a couple of nights and then move the order, just trying to find the magic flow. Once I find that flow I’ll just go with that set.”

Read the full interview here

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

26 June 2008

Coldplay Forum Dirty Tricks?

NME recently had a contest to see which song would launch the new NME radio station. Oasis were leading all votes with What's the Story Morning Glory as Polls closed. But to our surprise a Muse song won (how that happened nobody at NME fucking cares to explain)

It seems that our buddies at the largest Coldplay forum had a plan in place on how to topple Oasis from #1

Coldplay fans were urged to give Oasis the lowest number (1) and use an autorefresh program to cast Coldplay votes. Although they failed in winning the contest one can only wonder what other sites went through to get their results......


Source: Live4ever.


I also posted a comment on my blog as to why Oasis had not been the first song played on it's radio.

I emailed The NME and i'm as yet to get a reply as to why the voting was not stopped at 5PM as it stated on the NME website.

Loads of Oasis fans emailed in the NME yesterday on various other sites and forums, and as yet none have had a reply.

Read the post and comments here

What’s The Story, Japan Glory

Did he ask for a (sushi) roll with it?

That’s the question Insider just couldn’t resist, when it heard Noel Gallagher had played an impromptu gig at Japanese restaurant Sapporo Teppanyaki.

Apparently the Oasis legend was more than happy to entertain staff and fellow diners at the Duke Street eaterie when he popped in for the second time in a month.

An insider reports: "The guys came into the restaurant a couple of times and they were really friendly.

"Noel was very nice and after he had something to eat, he got his guitar out and started playing. He even shook hands with a couple of businessmen who were also having lunch that day."

Noel is clearly loving the Capital of Culture right now. After spending the weekend in the city celebrating his 41st birthday, he’s since been spotted drinking with mates, including Oasis guitarist Gem, in Ye Cracke and also laughing at the David Beckham posters in the window of Pink bar on Victoria Street.

Insider spies have also seen him at the Hard Day’s Night Hotel, Mathew Street, the Metropolitan and Bumper.

Source: www.liverpoolecho.co.uk

25 June 2008

Bonehead To Join The Vortex In Manchester This Friday

Former Oasis axeman Bonehead, 43, is to play with newcomers 'The Vortex' on Friday at Manchester venue Moho LIve on Tib Street.

For more information click here.

Source: Daily Star

The Winner Of The Andy Bell DJ Tickets Is...

The first name drawn out of the hat for a pair of VIP tickets to see Andy Bell DJ at 'This Feeling' in London this weekend is Bethan Allenby.

For more information about the the night that includes The Rifles, The Lea Shores & loads more fun then rolling around in the mud at Glastonbury visit www.thisfeeling.co.uk.

Regular visitors include members of Oasis, Kasabian and The Enemy, you never know who you could bump into.

Alan White To Join Trio Valore On Stage Next Month

Former Oasis drummer Alan White is playing with Trio Valore at the MOHOLIVE in Manchester on the 18th July.

For more information and tickets visit www.triovalore.com

24 June 2008

New Group Photo

New Oasis Album & Single Details Announced

The Shock Of The Lightning’ new single out September 29th

‘Dig Out Your Soul’ new album out October 6th

Oasis are set to return later this year with a new single and their seventh studio album. The single,‘The Shock Of The Lightning’ is released on September 29th and the album, ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ follows in October; it is the first new Oasis music since last year’s ‘Lord Don’t Slow Me Down’, taken from the on the road film of the same name. ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ sees Dave Sardy return to the producer’s chair following his work on their 2005 album, ‘Don’t Believe The Truth’. Recorded at Abbey Road and mixed in Los Angeles, all four members once again contribute tracks, but the recording marks a new approach for the band as described by the band’s principle songwriter, Noel:

“I wanted to write music that had a groove; not songs that followed that traditional pattern of verse, chorus and middle eight. I wanted a sound that was more hypnotic; more driving. Songs that would draw you in, in a different way. Songs that you would maybe have to connect to - to feel.”

The lead single is still unmistakably Oasis, a Noel penned song with Liam’s immediately familiar voice to the fore underlining their distinctive brand of finger in the socket rock ’n’ roll.

‘The Shock Of The Lightning’ may well represent the most recognisable Oasis song on the album but, again, the new approach on ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ was present on this lead track as Noel explains:

“If ‘The Shock Of The Lightning’ sounds instant and compelling to you, it’s because it was written dead fast. And recorded dead fast. ‘The Shock of The Lightning’ basically is the demo. And it has retained its energy. And there’s a lot to be said for that, I think. The first time you record something is always the best.”

‘Dig Out Your Soul’ will be the first album released on the band’s own Big Brother label worldwide.

Keep checking back to Oasisinet for more news..

Source: www.oasisinet.com

Andy Bell To DJ In London Oasis Announcment Tonight

Oasis' Andy Bell is set to play a DJ slot at the This Feeling club night at the Parker McMillan venue in London.

The Rifles will play an acoustic set on the night, which is this Friday (June 27), with The Lea Shores, Nell Bryden and Gloria Cycles also set to perform.

Ticket details can be found at the This Feeling website.

Come back to NME.COM tonight at 7.30pm (BST) for more exclusive Oasis news regarding the band's immediate plans.

Source: www.nme.com

Oasis Debut Tour Of Mexico **UPDATED**

There has been an issue with the original pre-sale links. We now have the amended links.

The Oasisinet link for the Mexico City & Guadalajara Pre-Sale is here. The password is: OASISINET

The Oasisinet link for the Monterrey Pre-Sale is here. There will be no password for this Pre-Sale.

These are the links for the Oasisinet Pre-Sale which starts Thursday 26th June @ 11AM CTS and runs until Friday 27th June @ 8PM CST.

The Banamex Credit Card Pre-Sale & General sale details have not changed and are below.

Source: www.oasisinet.com

Oasis Are Voted Third Best Festival Band of All Time

As festival season kicks in with Glastonbury 2008 next weekend, users of MSN Music have been having their say on the best and worst festival moments of all time.

Muse, who headline 2008's V Festival, were voted the best festival performers of all time, polling 31% of the 1209 votes. Gnarly legends The Rolling Stones, who headlined 2007's Isle Of Wight Festival, came second place (17%) followed by Oasis and Nirvana (11%).

Is Jay-Z right for Glastonbury?
More interestingly, Michael and Emily Eavis's decision to book Jay-Z for this year's Glastonbury has already been voted one of the worst festival moments of all time by 28% of music fans. His forthcoming Saturday headline slot is only 'beaten' by the grotty state of festival toilets (an understandable worst festival moment for 47%).

Noel Gallagher caused a media storm earlier this year by saying Jay-Z is "wrong for Glastonbury", but it seems a sizeable minority do agree with the Oasis songwriter, even though Jay-Z hasn't even performed. Glastonbury has been voted only the third best festival after Reading/Leeds and V.

The full results of the MSN poll are as follows...

Best festival performers of all time:

1. Muse - 31%
2. Rolling Stones - 17%
3. Oasis - 11%
4. Nirvana - 11%
5. The Killers - 8%
6. Radiohead - 7%
7. David Bowie - 5%
8. Coldplay - 4%
9. James Brown - 3%
10. Morrissey - 2%

Best festival line up for 2008:

1. Reading / Leeds - 35%
2. V Festival - 17%
3. Glastonbury - 13%
4. Download - 10%
5. T in the Park - 10%
6. Isle of Wight - 7%
7. Bestival - 3%
8. Creamfields - 2%
9. The Big Chill - 1%
10. Wireless - 1%

The artist that UK fans would most like to perform with:

1. Metallica - 23%
2. REM - 13%
3. Kaiser Chiefs - 13%
4. The Verve - 11%
5. Amy Winehouse - 10%
6. Sex Pistols - 8%
7. Kiss - 7%
8. Fat Boy Slim - 6%
9. Jay-Z - 5%

Worst festival moment of all time:

1. The toilets at any music festival - 47%
2. Michael Eavis announcing Jay-Z as a headliner at Glastonbury 2008 - 28%
3. Daphne and Celeste performing at Reading 2000 - 15%
4. The trench foot of Glastonbury 2005 - 7%
5. Morrissey singing at Madstock 2002 - 2%
6. The Stone Roses festival at Spike Island 1990 - 1%

Source: www.musicradar.com

Oasis Deny Blue LP Title

Oasis have denied that their new album will be called Blue Moon.

Liam Gallagher told PS reader Malcolm Marsh that the album would be named Blue Moon after his beloved Manchester City, when Marsh bumped into him at a pub in North London.

Oasis's PR said: "Liam was joking. We do know the proper album title, and it isn't that. We will be revealing the album's real details shortly."

Source: www.teletext.co.uk

23 June 2008

The New Oasis Album Is Called...

'Dig Out Your Soul'

SCYHO has heard from various credible sources that the new Oasis Album is called, Dig Out Your Soul and is out in October.

SCYHO has no way of confirming the validity of this information.

Stay tuned for more breaking news..

Oasis 'Morning Glory' To Be First Song Played On NME Radio

Oasis track 'Morning Glory' will be the first song on NME RADIO, voting finished at 5PM today in a tight contest with Muse.

The station goes live at 11am on June 24 and can be heard on Sky channel 0184, Virgin Media channel 975 or via NME.COM/radio.

The top 5 at 5pm on 23rd June was........

Oasis 'Morning Glory' Current Rating: 4.68
Muse 'Knights Of Cydonia'Current Rating: 4.42
The Beatles 'Strawberry Fields Forever'Current Rating: 4.29
The Libertines 'Time For Heroes' Current Rating: 4.29
The Doors 'Break On Through'Current Rating: 4.22

Source: www.nme.com

Oasis' Liam Gallagher Covers The Proclaimers

Oasis' Liam Gallagher headed out to his local in Primrose Hill for a few pints at the weekend. Instead of simply ordering his drinks he treated a barmaid to a rendition of '(I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles' by The Proclaimers (Daily Star).

Source: www.nme.com

Happy Birthday Bonehead

Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs, born 23 June 1965 (43 Today), Burnage, Manchester, England and is one of the founding members of English rock group Oasis and rhythm guitar player from 1991-1999.

He is almost exclusively known by his nickname Bonehead, a reference to the short back and sides haircut his father made him have when he was young.

Childhood And Early Musical Career

Arthurs was born in Manchester to Irish Catholic emigrants. His father worked in the demolition industry. Arthurs supports Manchester United.

He left school in 1981 and worked as a plasterer. He started his first band in 1984 -called Pleasure and Pain. Around this time he began a relationship with Kate, who he would later marry. In the late 1980s, while working as a building contractor, he started a band with his friends, Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan (bass), Tony McCaroll (drums) and Chris Hutton (vocals). They called themselves The Rain, after the Beatles' B-side. During this period, Arthurs owned a van which he used to transport the band's equipment to Hutton's garage where they would perform. The van was nicknamed The Bonemobile and was decorated by Guigsy with a psychdelic mural when they took it to The Stone Roses' legendary 1990 gig at Spike Island.

Oasis And Role Therein

When Hutton quit, he was replaced by Liam Gallagher. Liam changed the band's name to Oasis. Gallagher and Arthurs teamed up as co-songwriters. However, the band was still unsuccessful until Gallagher encouraged his brother Noel, who had just come back from travelling the world as a roadie for Inspiral Carpets, to join the band. Noel brought with him a collection of songs that were to make the band famous. Arthurs remembers the first songs Noel played to him being Live Forever and All Around The World.

He claims his favorite Oasis song to play was Columbia as the rhythm guitar part only consists of three chords. However, tour manager Ian Robertson has claimed that the first time Noel performed Champagne Supernova for the rest of the band - an acoustic version on the tour bus - Arthurs broke down and cried.

The Arthurs' front room was used on the iconic cover of Oasis' debut album Definitely Maybe. Arthurs had painted and plastered the room himself.

When Oasis performed the song "Whatever" for Top of the Pops, they mimed and one of the cello players from the symphony was replaced by Arthurs, who clearly had no idea how the instrument is supposed to be played. Towards the end of the song, he gave up the pretense and started using the stick to conduct. A woman plays his rhythm guitar.

Nonetheless, Arthurs is a multi-instrumentalist and is credited as having played piano and mellotron on (What's the Story) Morning Glory? and can be seen on piano in the video for "Don't Look Back in Anger". He was supposed to take lead vocals on one Oasis track, "Bonehead's Bank Holiday" - a jocular ode on the double vinyl issue of (What's the Story) Morning Glory. However, in the end Noel sang the song as Arthurs had been nervous about his first vocal performane and when Liam Gallagher took him for some drinks to calm his nerves they overdid it- samples of their drunken singing were used on the track. Noel claims to enjoy the song for its comedic value "Particularly the way he sings it, because he's beyond tone deaf." He highlights it as Oasis' "Ringo track".

On top of his role as musician he also fulfilled the vital role of band diplomat, saying "If it ever kicked off between Noel and Liam I was never scared to dive in. I was renowned for it."

Although Noel Gallagher has downplayed his relatonship with Arthurs in recent years (claiming to have shared only a few hours of conversation with him in their six years in the same band, a claim he has always made -more convicingly - about Guigsy), he gave rather a different impression in 1995, stating "being in a band with [Bonehead] is not miserable, 'cos that guy is like Peter Sellers and Rigsby combined, with less morals with either of them - he's just outrageous". Noel is also godfather to the Arthurs' first child, Lucy Oasis Arthurs.


Arthurs left the band in 1999, during the recording of Oasis' fourth album, Standing on the Shoulder of Giants. In his official statement he claimed he wanted to spend more time with his family (his first son, Jude Arthurs - named after the Beatles' song Hey Jude - was born August 12, 1997). However, Noel Gallagher claims Arthurs left after a drunken row with Noel regarding a drink and drugs ban set by the band during recording. Noel had intended to ease the recording process by keeping Liam sober, and to make it fair, he insisted the rest of the band do likewise.

Arthurs could not cope and took to taunting Liam, drinking red wine and kicking other crew members doors in the early hours to pour booze over them[citation needed]. When Noel turned the tables and broke into Arthurs' room, waking him up by pouring wine over his head, Arthurs was so angry that he quit. His guitar parts were subsequently re-recorded by Gallagher[citation needed].

Arthurs was replaced by Gem Archer, who was thereafter pointedly referred to as a "professional". The rest of the band downplayed the reaction to his departure, Noel commenting "it's hardly Paul McCartney leaving the Beatles". However, his status in the band was underlined when Guigsy also left, less than a month later, unwilling to continue without him.

Arthurs now lives in Manchester where he has built a studio under his house and formed Moondog One (named after Johnny and the Moondogs, one of the Beatles' former titles, before they rose to fame), which also includes The Smiths' Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke.

As of 2004 Arthurs teamed up with Thai superstar Sek Loso to play rhythm guitar alongside Loso's new English bandmates. The group is touring Asia, Europe, and the US in search of a label deal.

In early 2007 Bonehead had a visible presence in the North West of England for the first time since leaving Oasis 8 years previously. Bonehead's support for Andy Rourke's Versus Cancer fundraising concert saw the pair Busking together in Manchester's Cathedral gardens to raise Cancer awareness and to fundraise for Manchester's Christies Hospital. On March 30th 2007, the Versus Cancer concert was held at Manchester's MEN arena. Bonehead surprisingly played bass guitar (rather than the trademark rhythm guitar from his Oasis days) in a two-song-set early in the night. He was in a band billed as Electric Milk Band, which also featured former members of Happy Mondays amongst others. While Bonehead seemed at ease playing the instrument, it was so quiet that it was virtually inaudible in the mix. He also appeared to lap-up the crowds adulation (chants of "Bonehead" were heard as soon as the band walked onto the stage).

He has been playing DJ sets in clubs, most recently in London. His playlist heavily features Oasis classics like Live Forever, and collaborations between the Gallagher brothers and artists like Death in Vegas and The Chemical Brothers.

He also presented a radio show on BBC Radio Manchester with Terry Christian, Natalie-eve and Michelle Hussey. The show is Manchester Music and has had fellow Manchester Music artists as guests including intastella, members of Happy Mondays, The Smiths and The Charlatans amongst others.

Source: Wikipedia

22 June 2008

Bonehead Acoustic Set With Pete Macleod

Bonehead & Pete Macleod are going out on tour in November, More dates and venues to be confirmed soon...

Oct 31 2008 - 8:00PM - The Mill, Live live acoustic set with Pete Macleod, Mansfield

Nov 01 2008 - 8:00PM - Brixton Jamm, live acoustic set with Pete Macleod.
DJ set after show, London

Nov 8 2008 - 8:00PM - Thyme and Spirit, live acoustic set with Pete Macleod, Carlisle, Northwest

Nov 14 2008 - 8:00PM - The Attic. Live acoustic set with Pete Macleod. Accrington, Northwest

Nov 15 2008 - 8:00PM - The Ironworks, live acoustic set with Pete Macleod ,Oswestry.

Nov 22 2008 8:00P -Pivo Pivo, live Acoustic set with Pete Macleod, Glasgow.

Visit Bonehead's Myspace page for more information @ www.myspace.com/boneheadoasisdj

Muse, Oasis, The Beatles And Blur Slugging It Out In Radio Poll

Four bands are currently jostling for position in the vote to decide the first song that will be played on NME Radio.

The station launches next week, at 11am on June 24, and we're asking you to pick the first song that gets played.

Currently, Muse's 'Knights Of Cydonia', Oasis 'Morning Glory', The Beatles
'Strawberry Fields Forever' and Blur's 'Song 2' are fighting it out at the top of the online poll.

There is only a day to go before the poll closes at 5pm (UK) Monday (June 23).

To have your say, click here and cast your vote NOW...

Current top 4
Muse - 'Knights Of Cydonia' - Current Rating: 4.87
Oasis - 'Morning Glory' - Current Rating: 4.25
The Beatles - 'Strawberry Fields Forever' - Current Rating: 4.24
Blur - 'Song 2' - Current Rating: 4.23

The Mike Flowers Pops Responsible For One Of The World's Worst Cover Songs

Celine Dion is responsible for the world's worst cover song, according to music experts.

The Canadian singer received the ignominious title for her rendition of the AC/DC track You Shook Me All Night Long. Dion, 40, has never released the song as a single but performed the "musical offence" at a Las Vegas concert six years ago.

A Sugababes and Girls Aloud version of Walk This Way, which had been a huge hit for Aerosmith and rappers Run DMC, came second.

Westlife's 1999 cover of the ballad More Than Words by rock band Extreme was third in the list compiled by Total Guitar magazine.

Will Young's cover of The Doors' Light My Fire, which reached Number One in 2002, and an easy listening arrangement by The Mike Flowers Pops of Oasis ballad Wonderwall completes the top five.

Experts also delivered a verdict on the most successful cover versions.

Jimi Hendrix's cover of the Bob Dylan song All Along the Watchtower topped the list, followed by The Beatles' rendition of Twist and Shout, first recorded by the Top Notes.

The Guns N' Roses version of the Wings' song Live and Let Die, Nirvana's cover of The Man Who Sold the World by David Bowie, and Muse's Feeling Good, made famous by Nina Simone, are also in the top five.

Total Guitar magazine editor Stephen Lawson said: "Cover versions have never been bigger. Producer Mark Ronson became a household name on the back of his quirky covers album, with Amy Winehouse's version of Valerie outselling The Zutons' original.

"It's good to see that Hendrix still is Number One. The first time you hear All Along The Watchtower, with that heavy vibe, it sounds like it's from another planet. The number one worst cover song - Celine Dion covering AC/DC - is sacrilege."

Source: The Press Association

21 June 2008

It's Sir Liam The Great

Source: Daily Star (20/06/08), Picture: GoffPhotos

Jay-Z Calls Glastonbury Headlining Furore "RidiculousI"

Jay-Z hae expressed his exasperation at the criticism of his headline slot at Glastonbury Festival.

The Roc-A-Fella star is to play the Pyramid stage at the legendary festival on Saturday June 28th but his booking has been cited as the reason for slower ticket sales for this year's event.

But speaking to BBC Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood, Jay-Z - real name Shawn Carter - called the criticism of his headlining slot from the likes of Oasis' Noel Gallagher "ridiculous".

"If we don't embrace what is new, then how do we progress?" he asked.

"I've never actually experienced anything like that before," he continued.

"It's 2008, what is that about? That's such old school thinking, that's not even how the world thinks anymore. So I was really taken aback [by the criticism]."

While artists such as Get Cape.Wear Cape.Fly, Dizzee Rascal and the Guillemots have lent their support to Jay-Z's headline slot, arguing that the best rapper in the world should perform at the musical festival renowned as the best on the planet, Gallagher said a hip-hop artist was "wrong" for the festival.

But Jay-Z argued that dividing artists into genres is counter-productive.

"These barriers that they have are only put up there to separate us," he said.

"They are there so people have a way of filing the music but that's not the way kids today listen to music.

"I listen to all types of music and that's what should happen, that's what the world should be about, mixing culture.

"There's only good music and bad music."

Source: www.contactmusic.com

More On Freebass

In a lengthy recent phone conversation with Pitchfork, Peter Hook Hook spoke candidly about the demise of New Order, discussed the various Joy Division and New Order releases just hitting shelves or on the docket, and fondly recalled 30-odd years of "dodgy haircuts."

He also filled us in on the status of his current projects, including his work as a professional DJ, the bassist supergroup Freebass (whose latest prospective vocalists include Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke and Oasis' Liam Gallagher), this weekend's "Tony Wilson Experience", and a recent visit to the lost archives of Joy Division and New Order, which may well yield even more posthumous releases from both bands.

Pitchfork: [Laughs.] So now that we've touched on the past, on to the future. Obviously you're keeping quite busy lately. Where's Freebass at right now?

PH: Freebass is coming along quite well, really. If I didn't have to work for a living as a DJ, it'd be done a lot quicker because DJing can be quite arduous. I enjoy it a great deal, all of us do-- Mani, Andy Rourke, and I DJ professionally, and we do it a lot. And we're trying desperately to fit Freebass in between, which is proving to be a little bit annoying now, because as it's sounding better and better, we're more desperate to finish it. So it's coming along quite well.

We now have a vocalist, Gary Briggs from a band called Haven from Manchester. He's done great. We've done four tracks already with him. And we've got three, four guests probably. I'm one of the guest vocalists. We've got eight tracks finished, and hopefully in the next couple of months we'll have another eight finished and then we'll be ready then. Thank the Lord!

Pitchfork: So you think you'll have a record out by next year, hopefully?

PH: You know what? If we haven't got a record out by next year, I'm hanging my fucking boots up. I'm desperate to get it finished. I want to get it finished for February or March in the hope that we can do the festivals next year, because to be honest with you, while I enjoy DJing immensely, there's nothing like strapping on the old bass and hobbling around the stage!

Pitchfork: Ah, so it's definitely going to be a live outfit as well, then?

PH: Oh God, yeah. I mean the whole reason that Mani and I started the band was to play live. We're looking at the song as a hurdle that is stopping us from playing live, so the idea is to get the songs done so we can play live.

Pitchfork: I've also heard that you were trying to get Billy Corgan to sing?

PH: Yeah, Billy offered his services, and was provided with a couple of tracks. I'm still waiting, so if he's listening out there: Billy, get on with it!

We actually have a few guests. It was quite easy, really. Both Mani and I have a lot of friends in this business, obviously, and when we're working together I think a lot of people are really very interested in what we're doing. So people like-- [Charlatans frontman] Tim Burgess has done a great vocal. [Wah! guy] Pete Wylie's done one, [celebrity ex-drug dealer] Howard Marks has done one, and at the moment we're waiting for Billy Corgan. The guy from Bloc Party's doing one, Kele [Okereke]. And Ian Brown [ex-Stone Roses]. And Mani keeps saying to me that Liam's going to do one, Liam Gallagher [of Oasis], but he's proving very difficult to track down.

Pitchfork: Ha, I can imagine. So that's pretty much a who's who of British music over the last 20-odd years, apart from Billy Corgan.

PH: It's just a compliment to us, really, that people are willing to help, which I can't thank them enough for. I mean I also think that, groupwise, it's very important to have your own identity. So while having eight fantastic singers is a real luxury, you need to have your own core and your own heart. I'm pushing Gary very much to form the backbone of Freebass.

Pitchfork: Speaking of backbones, do you all play bass?

PH: Yeah, on four tracks, actually, all three of us play bass. Which is quite funny because when we originally plotted this project, everybody was laughing so hard at the fact that three bass players were together. I'm delighted to have proved them wrong, to be honest.

Pitchfork: And your playing style has certainly always been a lot more melodic than most...

PH: It works really well. Mani and I work together very well. Andy Rourke brings a different dimension. He and Mani work together very well and form a really interesting backbone. Andy's very funky. Mani's quite rocky, quite Northern soul-y. And obviously I sort of float up there, I float above it with the melody and the high bass. So it does, amazingly, work.

Pitchfork: Are there drums and guitars and other instruments?

PH: Yes, oh yes. It's a normal format. Andy Rourke plays a lot of guitar, and the tracks-- as I said, there are three or four tracks where we all play the bass. There's quite a lot of reggae in it, which I said to Mani, "Where did that come from?"

Pitchfork: How soon will we get to hear some of it?

PH: We're just putting up a Freebass MySpace page at the moment with the finished tracks and the demos. I don't see any reason not to put the demos up so people can hear the music before the vocals; then when you get the vocals, you can hear a big difference.

Read the full intereview with Peter Hook here.

Source: www.pitchforkmedia.com

19 June 2008

More Tickets Released For Oasis' Canadian Tour

Due to demand, a limited number of extra quality tickets will be released for the Oasis gigs in Edmonton and Calgary. They go on sale Friday June 20th @ 10AM PST.

The two dates are part of the band's fast-selling inaugural tour of Canada. The support for all dates, except their headlining appearance at the Virgin Festival, comes from Ryan Adams & the Cardinals.

29/08/08: Edmonton, AB - Rexall Place: Tickets now on sale at Ticketmaster & Rexall Place Box Office.

30/08/08: Calgary, AB - Pengrowth Saddledome: Tickets now on sale at Ticketmaster & Pengrowth Saddledome Box Office.

Source: www.oasisinet.com

Oasis Man Set To DJ In London (Win Tickets)

We have been given a pair of tickets to see Andy Bell's DJ set at 'This Feeling' on 27th of June in London to giveaway to one lucky person.

All you have to do to win them is email info@thisfeeling.co.uk

When sending your email please title it 'I'd Like The Free Tickets' and include your your name in your email.

The prize is entry tickets only....

All Entries must be over 18, and in by the 23rd of July, the winner will be announced on Tuesday 24th of July.

For more information on tickets, photos from previous nights visit www.thisfeeling.co.uk

Oasis Opt To Stick With Sony BMG

Oasis have struck a new long term deal with Sony BMG Entertainment, via their own independent record label, Big Brother Recordings.

The deal incorporates the bands next three studio albums and the distribution and marketing of their existing catalogue.

The nature of the deal means Oasis recorded product, new and existing, will be released on Big Brother in all major markets worldwide under a profit share arrangement with Sony BMG.

Ignition management’s Alec McKinlay brokered the deal with Sony BMG and says he hopesit will provide more flexibility to react to new business opportunities with recorded music .He says, “This is an imaginative and exciting arrangement, which will allow Big Brother to team up with the crème of both the independent and major sectors worldwide to build on Oasis already considerable international success. This allows the band to take advantage of all the opportunities presented by the new business models available today as well as remaining totally in control of their own destiny. We are really pleased that Sony BMG have demonstrated the foresight and courage to engage with the band in this way.”

Over the course of their career Oasis have sold nearly 50m albums worldwide and have received 151 platinum awards. Since 2000 all releases have come out on their own, independently run label Big Brother Recordings in the UK, amassing over 4m sales. The band's seventh studio album is due out later this year.

Sony BMG UK chairman and ceo Ged Doherty is delighted with the deal. He says, “Oasis are in complete control of their destiny and could have chosen to sign with anyone - or even go it alone - so I am delighted that they have chosen to continue to work with us. In addition this new arrangement will empower Big Brother to market and release not only the new albums but also the historic catalogue in many other countries of the world so that they can replicate the unparalleled sales and marketing record they have in the UK.”

Source: www.musicweek.com

More Fun With Stevie Riks

The Fratellis 'Chelsea Dagger' by David Bowie, Marc Bolan and Friends.

Click here to see more videos by Stevie.

The View Play Surprise Oasis Acoustic Show With Babyshambles

Kyle Falconer plays new song before Pete Doherty and co.

The View's Kyle Falconer played a surprise acoustic show in support of Babyshambles at the Brixton Mass venue last night (June 18).

Taking the stage at 10:30pm (BST), after being introduced by Babyshambles bassist Drew McConnell, Falconer played an eight-song acoustic set which included an Oasis cover, a new song and hits 'Same Jeans' and 'Superstar Tradesman'.

As well as the aforementioned two songs Falconer played 'Wasted Little DJs', 'Skag Trendy' and a cover of Oasis 'Don’t Look Back In Anger'.

Later on in the evening Babyshambles took the stage and played a 14-song set including two new songs, 'Ocean' and 'Heart Of The Matter'.

Source: www.nme.com

18 June 2008

Kaiser Chiefs Bottle Oasis Chart War

Kaiser Chiefs have backed out of a potentially explosive chart battle with Oasis.

Frontman Ricky Wilson boasted to me that his outfit had swiped the title of most popular band in Britain from Noel Gallagher and his lads.

With both acts set for big album releases in October, the music industry was getting its Calvin Klein-knickers in a twist over the prospect of them going head-to-head in the charts.

But now the Kaisers have decided to release their as-yet-untitled third CD a week after Oasis issue their follow-up to 2005’s Don’t Believe The Truth.

That should mean they both get a week at No1.

A source revealed: "October is shaping up to be a month of big releases. Not only are the Kaisers and Oasis scheduling new albums for that month, but Keane are too.

"It’s going to be a titanic struggle at the top of the charts and the Kaisers want to get to No1. They think the best way of ensuring that does happen is to release after Oasis and before Keane."

Last month Ricky told me: "Music has moved on and I think we are the band that most music fans would see as the successor to Oasis."

An old-fashioned head-to-head would have shown beyond doubt which band was top of the pops. So today I’m urging Ricky to rethink his plans.

Put your hand down your Calvins, find your cojones and release your record on October 6, as Oasis intend to.

Bring it on...

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

17 June 2008

On This Day In Oasis History...

"Stop Crying Your Heart Out" is a song by British rock band Oasis. It was released as the second single from Heathen Chemistry on 17 June 2002, peaking at number two in the UK charts. It went silver in the UK.

The song is an "epic weepy" anthem in the spirit of "Don't Look Back in Anger", reassuringly advising that in times of hardship, simply get over it and get on with your life. Noel Gallagher explained the song saying "A friend of mine was going through a pretty bad time with his kids and I sort of wrote it with him in mind.".

Noel Gallagher had high expectations for the song, saying "I hope it does for us what 'Don't Look Back In Anger' did... I didn't want it as a single because I thought we'd done all that before, but everyone's going, 'You're fucking mad.'" It appears Gallagher's hopes were well founded, as the song received a warm response from the critics. NME said, with regards to the album " 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out' [is where] you really start rolling out the red carpet. A return to the long lost humanism of 'Don't Look Back In Anger', it's a reminder of Noel's uncanny knack of cheering up his audience just when they need it most." Q magazine held up the song as proof that "genius never completely left Oasis".

"Stop Crying Your Heart Out" was one of the songs played during the end credits of the movie, The Butterfly Effect, starring Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart. The song also appeared after England's defeats in the 2002 Football World Cup and the 2006-07 Ashes. Noel Gallagher dedicated it to the English football team before playing it at the 2004 Glastonbury Festival.

Click here for the video, or here for a live performance.

Source: Wikipedia

16 June 2008

Noel Gallagher On The New Oasis Album, Ronaldinho & Fathers Day

Noel Gallagher joined Andy Goldstein from SoccerAM on his radio show on talkSPORT yesterday afternoon.

Noel spoke about Fathers day, the appointment of Mark Hughes to Manchester City, Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho and Euro 2008 and how he is glad England are not at it.

He also said the new Oasis album is out towards the end of September, but spoke about it for a few minutes without revealing any details.

Click here to listen or right click to download the podcast, Noel is 33 minutes in.

Source: www3.talksport.net

Muse, Killers, Coldplay & Oasis Slugging It Out In Radio Poll

Fans of four bands launch campaigns to bag NME Radio honour

Four bands are currently jostling for position in the vote to decide the first song that will be played on NME Radio.

The station launches next week, at 11am on June 24, and we're asking you to pick the first song that gets played.

Currently, Muse's 'Knights Of Cydonia', Coldplay's
'Bigger Stronger' and The Killers' 'Mr. Brightside' and Oasis 'Morning Glory' are fighting it out at the top of the online poll.

Fans have been uniting across a Coldplay fansite, a The Killers messageboard and a Muse online forum to orchestrate the mass voting.

There is still a week to go before the poll closes at 5pm next Monday (June 23). To have your say, click here and cast your vote

Source: www.nme.com

Oasis Debut Tour Of Mexico

Oasis have announced they will undertake a short Tour of Mexico this November. It marks the band's first shows beyond the capital Mexico City, which they last played in March 2006. It’s anticipated the band will be performing songs from their new studio album, as well as a large selection of old favourites.

The band will play:

26th November 2008: Mexico City, Sports Palace
28th November 2008: Guadalajara, VFG Arena
29th November 2008: Monterrey, Arena Monterrey

Oasisinet have secured a Pre-sale.

The pre-sale starts Thursday 26th June @ 11AM CTS and runs until Friday 27th June @ 8PM CST. The password for the pre-sale is: Oasisinet.

Tickets for all three of the shows will be available to Banamex Credit Card owners on Monday 30th June from 11AM CST until 10PM CST on Tuesday 1st July.

Tickets go on general sale from 11AM CST on Wednesday 2nd July from Ticketmaster.

Source: www.oasisinet.com

Recent Pictures Of Liam Gallagher

Recent pictures of Liam Gallagher.

Source: Newscom

15 June 2008

Coldplay Fail To Beat Oasis' All Time Sales Record

Coldplay have shot straight to the top of UK albums chart - despite their album having been on sale for just three days.

The band's fourth album, Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends, had sold an amazing 302,000 copies since Thursday to become one of the fastest-selling records in history.

Be Here Now by Oasis is still the fastest-selling album of all time, it sold 695,761 copies in it's first week when it was also released on Thursday August 21st 1997.

Paul Weller's 22 Dreams falls to No 2 on this weeks Album Chart.

Noel On Russell Brand's Show Again

Noel Gallagher yet again joined Russell Brand on his weekly BBC Radio 2 show by phone, for the usual shenanigans after his unforgettable appearance on last weeks show.

Noel spoke to Russell for around fifteen minutes from his home.

They spoke about Richard 'Uncle Monty' Griffiths, Noel's birthday celebrations, Green Day, James Gandolfini from the Sopranos and more.

Click here to listen again or download the podcast (from Tuesday).

The Enemy Revive Oasis' Britpop Spirit At Isle Of Wight

Tom Clarke and co stage amp tribute with rumours Liam Gallagher is on the way

The Enemy paid tribute to the Isle Of Wight crowd - and Oasis - ' classic Britpop get up, and with rumours that the Manchester band's frontman - and The Enemy's hero - Liam Gallagher was planning to head to the site today, it was clear the band were putting in an extra effort for the receptive festival crowd.

Clarke added that it was a "privilege" to be on the line-up with the likes of the Sex Pistols and Ian Brown who follow them later at the Isle Of Wight tonight.

The band then performed 'Happy Birthday Jane' though dedicated to their friend 'Liz', who was celebrating her birthday today.

They then wrapped up their set with 'You're Not Alone' with Clarke telling the crowd: "I'll see you down the front for the 'Pistols!"

The Enemy played:

'Away From Here'
'40 Days And 40 Nights'
'Had Enough'
'We'll Live And Die In These Towns'
'This Song Is About You'
'It's Not OK'
'Happy Birthday Jane'
'You're Not Alone'

Source: www.nme.com

14 June 2008

Nic's Flying High, Thanks To Liam

Liam Gallagher shelled out £6k so his missus Nicole Appleton didn't have to slum it on the ferry to the Isle of Wight Festival.

He forked out for a private helicopter so ex-All Saint Nic could spend a bit more time with her former bandmate Melanie Blatt.

They are presenting a slot on ITV from the fest, so romantic Liam (yeh, we were shocked too) sorted out the first-class treatment. Says our spy: "Nic was so excited. She was totally pampered and gushing about how sweet Liam is.

"He made sure she was chauffeured to the venue in style, with champagne and strawberries on tap."

Pharrell Williams was due to play at the festival last night but a mix-up left him stranded at Heathrow.

He should've hopped on Nic's chopper...

Source: www.mirror.co.uk

Coldplay Close In On Oasis Record

Coldplay's new album is on track to become one of the fastest-selling in chart history after 125,000 were bought on day one.

Viva La Vida, Or Death And All His Friends is Chris Martin and Co's fourth studio album and is expected to shift 400,000 to 500,000 by next weekend.

A cert to top tomorrow's album charts, it is widely tipped to be the fastest selling record of the year.

It will be a boost to label EMI, hit by falling CD sales as fans turn to downloads.

But in the all-time stakes the album is unlikely to beat Oasis's Be Here Now.

Here are the five most bought albums in their first week in British music history:

01. Be Here Now - Oasis, 1997 (695,761)
02. X&Y - Coldplay, 2005 (464,552)
03. Life for Rent - Dido, 2003 (400,351)
04. Spirit - Leona Lewis, 2007 (375,872)
05. Intensive Care - Robbie Williams, 2005 (374,000)

Source: www.mirror.co.uk

13 June 2008

Exclusive Paul Weller Documentary

For 30 years, Paul Weller has been an artist on top of his game. Now, as the man they call 'The Modfather' releases his most ambitious album to date, Paul Weller gives an exclusive and in-depth interview to Xfm.

Across five episodes, Paul Weller reveals the how '22 Dreams' was made, the truth behind the collaborations with Noel Gallagher, Graham Coxon, Steve Craddock and others, what he really thinks of The Jam reunion that went ahead without him and why David Cameron has completely missed the point.

You won't see this footage anywhere else so grap yourself a cappuccino, a handful of blues and settle back with Paul Weller.

Click here to watch the exclusive documentary.

Source: www.xfm.co.uk

Oasis Man Set To DJ In London

Wowsers, do we have a treat for you this 27th of June…and it involves no mud, no Wellington boots, and certainly no Jay-Z.

We’ve got Andy Bell (Oasis) DJ’ing and if you were at the last TF he DJ’d at you’ll know it was literally impossible to leave the velvet, tune after tune! The Rifles are back and playing some old classics and some songs that are soon to be classics (so some new terry’s off their new album which they’re recording at the moment…it’s sounding mega from the sneak previews we’ve had), NME stereo stars The Lea Shores unleash their epic string laden rock in acoustic form plus we have hotly tipped New Yorker Nell Bryden who has toured with KT Tunstall and Gloria Cycles who I couldn’t possible begin to pigeon hole but will say they’re pretty mega!

As if that wasn’t big enough there are also 3 pairs of VIP festival tickets to be won for Hard Rock Calling, The Mighty Boosh Festival and Hop Farm Festival. There will also be signed copies of The Music’s immense new album to be won. Only those who purchase advance tickets will stand a chance of winning. Winners will be notified when then they enter This Feeling. And of course they’ll also be the usual monster drinks deals in various happy hours, inc beers £2, sambuca £2, TF cocktails £5 all night…boom!

Buy advance tickets here!

Source: www.thisfeeling.co.uk

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