30 September 2008

MTV To Show Oasis Gig Live

MTV is set to broadcast Oasis’s Wembley Arena gig live into your living room on October 16.

The Manchester band play the show as part of their UK arena tour and fans will certainly not want to miss the classic hits, new tracks and controversial moments.

Oasis’s gig will be shown as it happens on MTV One on Thursday October 16 from 9pm. It will then get it’s MTV Two premiere on Friday October 17 at 8pm.

The group release their new album Dig Out Your Soul this Monday (October 6). You can hear the record from tomorrow at Myspace.

Last week the group spoke exclusively to Zane Lowe about the fan who attacked Noel in Canada.

You can watch the full Oasis interview with Zane Lowe when Oasis Week kick's off, Monday Oct 6th at 21.00 on MTV TWO

Source: www.mtv.co.uk

Noel Gallagher Contributes To Paul Weller's 74 Song Box Set

Paul Weller is to release a four-CD set of rare and live tracks spanning the length of his solo career.

Noel Gallagher, Bobby Gillespie and Tim Burgess have contributed to the set

The 74 songs on 'Weller At The BBC' were recorded by the former Jam man during exclusive sessions and live shows for the corporation between 1990 and 2008.

The release features covers of Marvin Gaye's 'What's Going On' and Rose Royce's 'Wishing On A Star'.

Oasis' Noel Gallagher appears on a live version of Weller's adaptation of Dr John's 'I Walk On Gilded Splinters', as he does on the 1995 recorded version.

Other highlights include a previously-unreleased cover of Ronnie Lane's 'The Poacher', recorded for BBC Radio 1's Evening Session in 1997, and recordings from Weller's 1995 headline appearance at the Phoenix Festival.

Musicians including Gallagher, Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie and The Charlatans' Tim Burgess have been interviewed for a 64-page booklet that will accompanying the album.

Source: www.nme.com

Brotherly Love

With a new album looming, Oasis's battling brothers show a rare moment of compassion after onstage attack.

Noel Gallagher had been looking forward to Toronto all week.

That's what the fellow managing his affairs -- and his security -- told me backstage at the Pengrowth Saddledome as we sat in a drab, dimly lit room waiting to interview the leader of the British band Oasis.

Gallagher, 41, seemed relaxed, in good spirits and as cocky as ever Aug. 30 at the 'Dome. He had just run through a satisfactory soundcheck hours before the band's impressive show that evening and he was keen to talk up the group's latest disc Dig Out Your Soul, set to hit stores on Oct. 6.

But, according to his burly and quite jovial handler, the guitarist was most excited about playing Toronto's Virgin Festival on Sept. 7. Also on the bill that day was Welsh group Stereophonics and singer-songwriter Paul Weller, one of Noel's best friends, and it was indicated that when Oasis reunited with their mates they planned to "go a bit mad," as we might expect from the royal bad lads of British rock.

Those plans changed on the day of the gig when a fan tackled Noel onstage during Oasis's set, slamming him into a monitor speaker and breaking three of his ribs. Subsequently, the band wound up cancelling several weeks worth of shows through the end of September.

If there was a plus side to the incident, perhaps it was in forcing Noel and his younger sibling Liam, the thuggish 36-year-old singer in Oasis, to actually show each other a scrap of brotherly affection.

"I thought (Noel) had been stabbed," admitted Liam in an interview with MTV2. "It was f--king dark . . . but it could have been a lot worse. That's the way I look at it."

Liam, who had to be restrained from attacking Noel's assailant, added he vowed to protect his brother in the future. "It won't be happening again, I can assure you of that."

It was a different story in Calgary -- or, rather, the same old story between the eternally embattled brothers -- when Noel was interviewed backstage.

When it was noted, for example, that Liam's songwriting seemed to be improving with each record -- the singer wrote three of the 11 tracks on Dig Out Your Soul -- Noel was dismissive. "It's about time he got his thing down," he said. "I've been writing songs for this band since Day 1. He's been writing for three years. (Actually, it's more like eight. Liam's first song on an Oasis record was on 2000's Standing On The Shoulder of Giants)."

"He wants a pat on the back for that," Noel added with a smirk.

But when Oasis was formed in rough, working-class Manchester back in 1991, didn't Noel join his little brother's band on the condition that he would be the leader and the sole songwriter?

That's a myth, insists Noel. "In the beginning, we were all writing songs," he says. "It's just that I was writing more and mine were better than anybody else's, so everybody kind of took a back seat, which suited me. . . . It just so happens I've got this outrageous cross to bear. I'm extremely talented."

It isn't only Liam who's now contributing songs to Oasis albums either. On recent releases, including the new disc, guitarist Gem Archer and bassist Andy Bell have also notched up a few songwriting credits. It's been suggested that this has been to the detriment of the band -- that Noel is, and has always been, the brains and the driving force behind Oasis creatively -- and as such he should keep hold of the reins.

As far as being the dominant talent in the band, Noel couldn't agree more. "That's just a fact," were his exact words. But he's emphatic that he never wanted the responsibility of being the band's one guiding light.

"Everybody's got to make a contribution or I may as well go solo," Noel says. "I never wanted that. I always wanted to be in a real band. . . . (I was) f--kin' sick and tired of driving this car. I needed to live a little. From 1991 to 1999 . . . everybody else was getting drug habits and shagging supermodels and what was I doing? Writing f--king lyrics. . . . It was just too much."

Still, Noel continues to be the band's chief songwriter, writing more than half of Dig Out Your Soul, which takes Oasis in a heavier, more groove-laden direction than on their more recent efforts. As well, Noel's songs are almost always given a higher profile than those of his bandmates, being chosen as singles and dominating the Oasis live show.

Does Liam in particular, ever at odds with his brother, occasionally bristle at this? Should we expect him to one day break out on his own and release a solo record?

"He should do it, because he's got enough songs and they're good enough," Noel says. "But I don't think he ever will."

And why is that?

Noel's reply was delivered with a sneer. "Because he's a coward. You've got to have the balls and put 'em on the line . . . I think he likes the shield of Oasis."

If the Gallagher brothers' antagonistic attitude toward one another is an act, they deserve an Oscar. They truly do seem to dislike one another, with Liam giving as good as he gets. In recent interviews Liam has been quoted slagging his brother's singing voice (Noel takes lead vocals occasionally) and he bitterly told one journalist: "(Noel) wants to be me. I don't want to be him."

When I asked Noel if he'd ever consider writing a song with his brother, he scoffed: "We barely speak to each other let alone write f--king songs together."

It makes one wonder how they possibly function as a band, or otherwise. But then, their relationship has always been such, Noel says, going back to -- well, to Liam's birth apparently.

"I had my own room before he came along," says Noel, with a trace of sarcasm. "I had to share my room with him . . . and I've always resented him for that."

If there's one area where the Gallagher brothers have showed somewhat of a united front it's in their shared derision for the sort of art-school indie rock acts that are so embraced by critics -- the same critics who have frequently written Oasis off as a Beatles-obsessed retro band whose tunes are filled with vague, nonsensical lyrics.

"I don't consider myself to be a great lyricist," Noel admits. "But I often find the great lyricists are s--t songwriters. Pete Doherty is a great lyricist. Hum me one of his tunes right now. . . . There's (great songwriters who were also great lyricists) like John Lennon and Bob Dylan, but they're few and far between."

According to Noel, the press has never been overly fond of Oasis, even in the mid-'90s when they were hyped as the band that saved rock and roll (a claim the Gallaghers themselves made frequently, and with much amusing arrogance). "We were the best band in the world," Noel maintains. "You couldn't touch us between '94 and '96. No one could."

But Noel is quick to add that a huge part of the massive success Oasis enjoyed was timing, with the band coming along at the tail end of the grunge heyday, an era that largely took the fun out of rock, the guitarist believes. "It was just that nihilistic attitude towards life," Noel says with a look of distaste. "(Nirvana's) Kurt Cobain blowing his head off, for instance. Just divorce the b---h, man, don't kill yourself. . . . But we came along with a great album and our attitude was completely the opposite of where popular culture was at that time. . . . Things ebb and flow and it all goes in circles.

"Now, for instance, all that optimism of what the press then termed as 'Britpop' has been replaced with cynicism and all this art-school nothingness. But that was a reaction to what was going on in the '90s and it will change again."

While it was clear that Noel's ego remained mighty the week leading up to his injury in Toronto, he also seemed more grounded than when the band first stormed through North America in their younger days. "I know my limitations as a musician and a songwriter," he said, uncharacteristically humble. "(Oasis), we're not the best band in the world and we're not the worst. But regular people get us. . . . I assume it's because they can relate to us in some way, which still amazes me.

"More people get us in England than any other group, and the press -- because it's inhabited by middle-class art students -- finds that offensive in a way. Which I kind of like."

Heath McCoy

Source: The Calgary Herald

Why The Music World Needs Oasis

Posted by: Alan McGee

Turning 48 yesterday, I realised the only Creation band that I still get excited about is Oasis. And who wouldn't? The band contains two world-class songwriters, and two great ones, and their new release Dig Out Your Soul is truly tremendous. It's as if they have re-imagined their discography and made their true follow-up to What's the Story Morning Glory, completing the elusive and perfect rock'n'roll trilogy that began with Definitely Maybe.

The music world needs Oasis at this moment, a band with more personality and more amusing quips than any British band for at least 10 years. Throughout their history Oasis have captured the pop zeitgeist (and my personal zeitgeist) as a band that combine the best elements of the Beatles and Sex Pistols to emerge as this generation's Rolling Stones.

"Better than Morning Glory", has become many a critic's meme when reviewing post-Morning Glory Oasis albums, thrown into reviews in a random fashion as a desperate bid to return the band to the halcyon days of old. You know what? Dig Out Your Soul is the best Oasis album since What's the Story Morning Glory. Easy.

The signs were good when I met up with the Gallagher brothers last year in Los Angeles. We discussed music and, curiously, Noel told me how much he liked Glasvegas. I was surprised that he had heard of them at that point. The evening fell into typical Oasis debauchery: hanging out with Brody Dalle and Biffy Clyro and ending up in a dub club in east LA with Oasis participating in a stage invasion. The surreal nature of being Noel Gallagher must be bizarre. Noel, at his best, writes songs about pure escapism, northern ambition and transcending class culture, all in rock'n'roll Technicolor. The question is: "What do you do when you've achieved all your dreams?" You return to your youth and get back to who you were.

Dig Out Your Soul works because Noel has returned to the original inspiration of his youth for his songwriting. Definitely Maybe was about their dreams of rock'n'roll stardom, Morning Glory was about achieving the dream, Be Here Now was the coked-up aftermath, now Dig Out Your Soul is a glance to a psychedelic yesterday, again. For me, the past five post-Morning Glory albums never captured the magic of the first two. Songs from the past five albums had moments of pop reverberations and incredible songwriting, but were never complete statements. With Dig Out Your Soul, the notorious Oasis brothers have found their mojo. It's back, without a doubt.

Musically, it's a return to the grander ambitions and excess of before, with Noel stating: "But I kind of like fancy! I'd like to make an absolutely fucking colossal album. You know? Like literally two orchestras, stuff like that." Dig Out Your Soul is Oasis at their most baroque and Noel's pure pop ambition sits easily with his experimental side. The album oozes with confidence, and great songs.

Maybe it is their the lucky seventh album? The Beatles and the Stones released Revolver and Beggar's Banquet respectively, both were album number seven, and Dig Out Your Soul is on a par of with both in terms of classic songwriting. Or maybe it was his musical peer Paul Weller who inspired Noel to turn his back on Britpop and take a more eclectic direction after Weller's own opus of 22 Dreams? Noel Gallagher has said that Shock of the Lightning was the only song that had "Oasis single status" as the rest is far removed from the sound of Oasis.

I love the decision not to make the album freely available to download, as the Charlatans and Radiohead have. Noel's decision to release the sheet music and lyrics is very Noel; not encouraging free music, but encouraging kids to pick up guitars, learn songs and YouTube them. Or forming a personal army of New York City buskers to perform Dig Out Your Soul - and why not?

These songs are fantastic. From the opening Bag It Up, with the "freaks coming out through the floor", capturing the sound of drug psychosis; the Buffalo Springfield raga glam-stomp of Get Off Your High Horse Lady; the street-fighting vibe of Waiting for the Rapture, the Left Bank psychedelic baroqueness of To Be Where There's Life; the Dear Prudence lift on The Turning - Dig Out Your Soul is the sound of one of Britain's greatest bands at play.

Liam's soulful vocals are utter gems, no longer the one-take hooligan of before, he plays it like a psychedelic Elvis, underpinning the tracks with a commanding presence. Noel's vocal turn on Falling Down is one of the best tracks he has ever sang on. It is subtle, haunting, and full of pure Noel Gallagher magic.

I understand that openly admitting to liking Oasis is inviting confrontation, but you know what? Being an Oasis fan is never having to say I'm sorry. And I'm not. Leave saying sorry to the Coldplay imitators as their era of bedwetter music is over. It's only Glasvegas and Oasis for competition in this country. If you are in a band and are not artistically competing with the creative rock'n'roll genius of Oasis or Glasvegas, it's time to just stop and get off the treadmill. This is how rock'n'roll should be done in the United Kingdom today.

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

Oasis To Preview 'Dig Out Your Soul' On MySpace

Oasis will preview their forthcoming new album 'Dig Out Your Soul' online in its entirety tomorrow (October 1).

The album is not released in the UK until next Monday, but will be streamed in full on MySpace.

Fans will be able to listen to the album from midday tomorrow (BST) at the MySpace Music Page, where it will remain for the rest of the week.

Check out this week's NME for our verdict on 'Dig Out Your Soul', the band's seventh album.

The tracklisting is:

'Bag It Up'
'The Turning'
'Waiting For The Rapture'
'The Shock Of The Lightning'
'I'm Outta Time'
'(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady'
'Falling Down'
'To Be Where There's Life'
'Ain't Got Nothin''
'The Nature Of Reality'
'Soldier On'

Source: www.nme.com

Noel Gallagher At Xfm!

The Oasis guitarist and all-round rock legend will be chatting with Xfm London's Dave Berry live on Wednesday October 1. Find out how those ribs are...

With the new Oasis album due next week, Xfm are definitely mad fer it. And, to mark the occasion, Noel Gallagher will be dropping by Xfm London to sit in on Dave Berry's Drivetime Show from 4pm for a good old bit of banter. Expect some revelations about 'Dig Out Your Soul', those cancelled shows, and possibly a few digs at the rest of the musical universe.

And if you're not in London, or miss out, don't forget you can Listen Again to every Xfm show here.

What's more, Steve Harris will be playing some of those brand new Oasis tracks from 7pm throughout his Evening Show.

And while we're in the midst of total Oasis hysteria, get your Gallagher bros hat on and play our 'Beat The Intro' game right here.

Source: www.xfm.co.uk

Oasis BBC Electric Proms Show Sells Out In Minutes

Tickets for the Oasis show sold out in a few minutes as expected, for the BBC Electric Proms on Sunday 26th October.

The gig is set to be a special one with Oasis being accompanied by the Crouch End Festival Chorus.

The Manchester band will be closing the proms accompanied by a 50-piece choir.

The Oasis performance will be broadcast on BBC Radio 1 from 9pm on 26th October, and on BBC2 at 22:45pm on the same day. Fans outside the UK can watch the performance for a week after the festival along with photos and interviews at www.bbc.co.uk/electricproms

They join headliners Keane, Razorlight and The Last Shadow Puppets, as well as The Streets and Tony Christie.

Did you manage to get hold of any tickets?

More Oasis Fan Renditions Of New Songs From YouTube

(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady Youtube user wewally1 from New Zealand.

(Get Off Your)High Horse Lady + Bag It Up YouTube user Esaz2000 from South Korea.

The Shock of the Lightning by Christina Ha from United States.

The Shock Of The Lightning YouTube user Rock Supernova from Mexico.

A few of the videos Oasis fans have uploaded to Youtube.

You, the fans, are encouraged to interpret the new tracks in your own personal style on whichever instruments you please and Big Brother Recordings have put together a very special prize for the best entry. A lucky winner will be personally chosen by the band and will win a unique VIP experience to the Oasis gig of their choice anywhere in the world, including travel and accommodation.

Visit www.oasisinet.com/digoutyoursoulsongs for more information.

29 September 2008

Noel Gallagher To Team Up With Burt Bacharach Again? Definitely Maybe

Rock band Oasis have joined the line-up for this year's BBC Electric Proms, it was announced on Monday.

The Manchester band will be closing the proms with a performance on 26 October at the Roundhouse in London, accompanied by a 50-piece choir.

They join headliners Keane, Razorlight and The Last Shadow Puppets, as well as The Streets and Tony Christie.

The music festival will be held from 22-26 October. Tickets for Oasis go on sale at 8.15am on 30 September.

Talking on Radio 1's Chris Moyles show Noel Gallagher revealed that the band would be playing many of their hits.

He said the boys hadn't worked out which songs they would be performing with the Crouch End Choir but it would probably be more than half.

He said: "We haven't decided yet, we've got to go and have a little rehearsal up in Crouch End this week.

"I'm not sure what songs we're going to sing, how it's going to look or what it's going to be."

He added that the band would be performing about six or seven songs from the new album.

"It's quite a long show this time. We usually only play for about an hour and 40 minutes. It's maybe approaching two hours this time, so it's quite long for us," he said.

Noel said he would like to do a song with veteran crooner Burt Bacharach who's also appearing in the line-up, after singing with him once before at the Royal Festival Hall.

He said: "We met him in LA. We were staying in this hotel and he happened to wander in.

"He was coming to England for the first time in 30 years. We were chatting away to him because his picture's on the front of Definitely Maybe.

"He was getting guest singers to sing all these different songs. And I asked 'Who's singing This Guy's In Love With You' and he said, 'Will you do it?'"

"I didn't actually take him that seriously until he got to London. It's the only time I've ever sung without a guitar."

Burt Bacharach will be opening the event in London, accompanied by the BBC Concert Orchestra.

To mark the 30th anniversary of Saturday Night Fever topping the charts in the UK, Robin Gibb will also perform alongside Sam Sparro and Sharleen Spiteri.

Last year Kaiser Chiefs, Bloc Party, Editors, Reverend And The Makers, Mark Ronson, Chemical Brothers and Sir Paul McCartney were among the acts who performed.

The first BBC Electric Proms was held two years ago when Damon Albarn and Paul Simonon's The Good, The Bad and The Queen played their debut live show.

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Oasis Nominated For A Q Award

Oasis are amongst the nominees at the 2008 Q Awards with Russian Standard Vodka.

Alan Carr will be officiating at the event on October 6 - after all but stealing the show at last year’s ceremony - which is renowned as one of the most raucous and prestigious dates in the music calendar.

The full list of nominees is as follows:

Best Act in the World Today:
Kings Of Leon Golden

Breakthrough Artist:
Bon Iver
Gabriella Cilmi

Best New Act:
Fleet Foxes
The Ting Tings
The Last Shadow Puppets
Vampire Weekend

Best Track: Keane - Spiralling
Duffy - Mercy
Coldplay - Violet Hill
Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl
The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name

Best Video:
Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor
Coldplay - Violet Hill
The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name
Vampire Weekend - A-Punk
Goldfrapp - Happiness

Best Live Act: Kaiser Chiefs
Kings Of Leon
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
The Verve
Rage Against The Machine

Best Album: Coldplay - Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends
Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes
The Last Shadow Puppets - The Age Of The Understatement
Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
Nick Cave And The Band Seeds - Dig!!! Lazarus, Dig!!!

Q Award Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell

Visit the Q Awards website here.

Oasis Announce US Tour Dates

Oasis announce today the American leg of their 'Dig Out Your Soul' world tour. The tour, the band’s first US tour in 3 years, kicks off on December 3 in Oakland, CA and includes the band’s triumphant return to NYC’s Madison Sq. Garden on December 17th. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals will once again be Special Guests on all dates.

For a limited time, every Oasis ticket order made through Ticketmaster, comes with the option to upgrade to a special package containing your concert ticket, the brand new 'Dig Out Your Soul' cd, and an exclusive Oasis tour t-shirt available ONLY in this promotion.

Oasisinet is very pleased to be able to offer a Pre-Sale to the fans. While tickets go on general sale on October 3rd (October 4th for the Chicago gig), Oasis fans can apply for tickets through the Pre-Sale from Tuesday 30th September @ 10am (local time) until 10PM (local time) Thursday 2nd October (Chicago Pre-Sale open until 10pm Friday October 3rd).

The Pre-Sale password is: OASISINET

The full details of the tour are:

Dec. 3: Oakland, CA - Oracle Arena. Tickets available from Ticketmaster, Live Nation, Oracle Arena Box Office and charge by phone at (510) 625 8497

Dec. 4: Los Angeles, CA - Staples Center. Tickets available from Ticketmaster, select Macy's stores, WhereHouse Music, Beverley Center, Ritmo Latino, Staples Center Box Office and charge by phone at (213) 480 3232 and (714) 740 2000

Dec. 6: Las Vegas, NV - The Pearl. Tickets available from Ticketmaster, The Pearl Box Office, and charge by phone at (702) 474 4000

Dec. 8: Denver, CO - Broomfield Events Ctr. Tickets available from Ticketmaster, select Macy's stores, select FYE stores, Cherry Creek Shopping Center Guest Services Desk, Official Visitors Center (1600 California St.), Twist & Shout, and charge by phone at (303) 830 8497 & (719) 520 9090.

Dec. 10: Minneapolis, MN - Target Center. Tickets available from Ticketmaster, Live Nation, Target Center Box Office and charge by phone at (651) 989 5151

Dec. 12: Chicago, IL - Allstate Arena. Tickets available from Ticketmaster, Allstate Arena Box Office and charge by phone at (248) 655 6666

Dec. 13: Detroit, MI - Palace of Auburn Hills. Tickets available from Ticketmaster, Live Nation, Palace of Auburn Hills Box Office and charge by phone (248) 377 0125

Dec. 15: London, ON - John LaBatt Centre (rescheduled 9/9 date). Tickets available from John Labatt Centre, Fanshawe College BizBooth, The Bookstore at Western, Book Plus & (519) 667 5700

Dec. 17: New York, NY - Madison Sq. Garden. Tickets available from Ticketmaster, Live Nation, Madison Square Garden Box Office and charge by phone (212) 465 6000

Dec. 19: Camden, NJ - Susquehanna Center. Ticketmaster, Live Nation, Susquehanna Bank Center Box Office and charge by phone (856) 338 2000, (215) 336 2000, (302) 984 2000 &

Dec. 20: Washington, DC - GMU Patriot Center. Tickets available from Ticketmaster, GMU Patriot Center, 9:30 Club Box Office, Merriweather Post Pavilion Box Office and charge by phone at (703) 993 3000, (800) 551 7328 or (202) 397 7328

Source: www.oasisinet.com

Oasis To Headline Final Day Of BBC Electric Proms

Oasis will be headlining and closing this year's BBC Electric Proms. The band will play at The Roundhouse in London on Sunday 26th October.

The gig is set to be a special one with Oasis being accompanied by the Crouch End Festival Chorus.

Noel had this to say about the gig, “We are doing the Electric Proms, and we're doing it with the Crouch End Choir as well... there's 50 odd of them...because some of the songs on the album have got a 50 piece choir on them. So we're gonna do a night at the Proms with that lot, it should be good actually… Ennio Morricone uses them for his spaghetti western stuff in England, so I’m already looking forward to that because I’ve never played the Roundhouse and I’ve never done the Proms.”

The Oasis performance will be broadcast on BBC Radio 1 from 9pm on 26th October, and on BBC2 at 22:45pm on the same day. Fans outside the UK can watch the performance for a week after the festival along with photos and interviews at www.bbc.co.uk/electricproms

Tickets will go on sale at 8.15am on Tuesday September 30th. For more info, go to www.bbc.co.uk/electricproms for details.

Source: www.oasisinet.com

Noel Gallagher Brands Blur Song 'A Great Tune'

Noel Gallagher praised Blur's 'Beetlebum' on Russell Brand's Radio 2 show on Saturday night (September 28).

The Oasis guitarist and songwriter branded the group's 1997 Number One single "a great tune", and told Brand that he liked it when the DJ offered him a choice between the song and The Smiths' 'Still Ill' on the radio show.

The guitarist also explained more about the current state of his injuries – Gallagher was knocked over onstage by a fan earlier this month.

Speaking to Brand, Gallagher said: "[My ribs] are on the mend. The next gig is in ten days in Liverpool. I'm not gonna be right for that, it takes another five weeks to heal up, but we've got to start that tour 'cause it'll be two years' work out the window!"

Oasis' tour starts at Liverpool Echo Arena on September 7.

Source: www.nme.com

Click here to listen again to the Russell Brand show, or download the podcast (from Tuesday).

The Shock Of The Lightning - Out Now!

Oasis' new single 'The Shock Of The Lightning' is out now!

The single is available on 7", CD, digital download and mobile.

All formats include the B-Side 'Falling Down' (Chemical Brothers Remix). Exclusive digital bundles are available on Oasisinet and iTunes.

A collectors 7" box is available at Oasisinet and HMV.

Click here to get the single at Oasisinet!

Click here to get it at iTunes!

Source: www.oasisinet.com

28 September 2008

Jay-Z Is Archer Enemy

Oasis guitarist Gem Archer has branded Jay-Z a schoolgirl for penning a track about his feud with Noel Gallagher.

The US rapper fired off recent release Jockin Jay-Z in retaliation after Noel’s claim he was a duff choice to headline at this year’s Glasto.

He also spoofed Oasis hit Wonderwall during his festival set.

But now Gem says: “It’s like eight-year-old girls in a schoolyard, running off and writing ditties like that. Grow up!

“But rappers love a ruck. It’s what they do. They set out to have a fight and it’s there in their lyrics. They love biffo.”

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Oasis Las Vegas Concert Posted, New York Show & New Jersey TBA Soon

This date has not been confirmed by the band yet, expect official announcements made on the 3rd of October.


What's been rumored on various fan forums for quite a long time now is expected to finally become official on Oct 3rd. Pencil in December 17th for the return of Oasis to the 'world's most famous arena' Madison Square Garden.

Our sources tell us that the concert's promoters Live Nation will add a second night (18th) if the gig sells out fast.

Stay tuned.

Source: L4e

Also Oasis Live in Camden, NJ at the Susquehanna Bank Center on December 19, 2008 at 8:00 pm is looking like a real possibility with Live Nation sending out emails about the show early.

Exclusive Oasis T-Shirts From Play

Just in time for the new album is the new shirt!

This T-shirt to coincide with the release of Oasis new album. Play.com have secured this as an exclusive product with Oasis management company for all the many fans on the site.

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We Have Been Shortlisted For The BT Digital Music Awards 2008!

Voting closed for the People’s Choice Awards last night and we are pleased to tell you that you are in the top 5 for this year’s award!

We will be announcing the winner live at the BT Digital Music Awards this Wednesday in London.

Look out for the winners being announced on our website at 11pm GMT on Wednesday 1 October.

Email from The BT DMA team

Thanks again to every one single one of you that voted over the past few weeks.

I'm not sure who we are up against yet, as soon as I know the other nominees I will post them.

Oasis Top New Chart Of Gig Sales

Oasis will top the first weekly live-music chart, which will be launched next week, 55 years after the conventional chart, based on record sales, appeared in the UK.

It will measure the popularity of leading artists using data provided by online exchanges, including eBay, Seatwave and Viagogo, which have become the most popular way of buying tickets to gigs. Price comparison site Tixdaq.com is behind the new chart, which will be published in industry bible Music Week

Over the past seven days, more fans have bought tickets to see Oasis, who begin an 18-date UK tour in Liverpool next month, than any other act. US rock band The Kings of Leon are number two in the new chart. Tixdaq.com founder Will Muirhead said: 'Live music has traditionally played second fiddle to records. The Tixdaq.com chart reflects the importance of live music as the fastest-growing sector of the music market.'

Figures from music rights collection society MCPS-PRS last week suggested the live music industry was worth £1.08bn in 2007, not far behind the £1.39bn recorded music market.

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

CD Of The Week Oasis, Dig Out Your Soul

These are intriguing times for Britain's most totemic rock band, even for those immune to their powers. After years of entrenched positions, Oasis's Gallagher brothers have swapped public roles. Once the pied piper of lairiness, Liam now jogs every morning, cooks salmon and retires early.

For so long the elder statesman, Noel continues to enjoy getting messy out on the town. Even though the debauchery of his Supernova Heights days is avowedly behind him, he's written a song about the high jinks of getting high, with the album opener, 'Bag It Up'.

As their new record's title suggests, Oasis are supplementing the safe rockers - like the singularly unshocking single 'The Shock of the Lightning' - with feints towards what you might call supernova depths. Or rather, an easily assimilable facsimile of depth that doesn't stray too far from the Beatles.

Their seventh album is persuasively psychedelic in parts, however, with more attention than usual to grooves, drones and Fab Four orientalism. This is good news. Dubbed 'krautpop' by Noel, 'Falling Down' actually replays the Chemical Brothers's 'Setting Sun' (on which Noel sang) only with fewer beats, and more haze.

Another track even sceptics might respect is 'Get Off Your High Horse Lady', a bluesy spaghetti Western dirge. Unfortunately, the psychedelics turn into a bad trip on Archer's 'To Be Where There's Life', a guitar-free, sitar-sodden Eastern pastiche. From there, you make your own fun, bingo-spotting the references to the Beatles' era - revolutions in heads, butterflies on wheels and the like.

There are more giggles, thanks to Liam, who seemingly can't write a song without the word 'song' in it: it recurs in 'I'm Outta Time', his most vulnerable ballad yet, 'Ain't Got Nothing', and album closer 'Soldier On'. Most priceless of all is the conviction with which Liam voices Andy Bell's song, 'The Nature Of Reality': 'The nature of reality/Is pure subjective fantasy', sneers the singer as he once might have hymned cigarettes and alcohol. Intriguing times, indeed.

Kitty Empire

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

Arfield: That's My Wonderhaul

Scott Artfield netted a superb double to lift Falkirk up the charts - then launched an appeal for generous punters to help him Roll With It at the Oasis concert.

Arfield equalled last term's haul of three goals with a superb solo strike and late clincher from the spot following earlier efforts from Burton O'Brien and Steve Lovell.

Hamilton netted a late consolation with an own goal from Bairns keeper Robert Olejnik but it couldn't take the shine off Arfield's heroics.

Now the midfielder is desperate to follow up his wonder show by seeing his heroes belt out Wonderwall - if he can get his hands on a ticket.

Arfield said: "It was a funny celebration after my second goal. I went to the corner flag and pretended it was a microphone because I'm desperate to go to the Oasis concert with my brother Stuart in Glasgow in November.

"We can't get tickets anywhere but keep talking about it. I'm sure my brother knew exactly what I was doing.

Source: www.sundaymail.co.uk

Noel Gallagher On Russell Brand's Show Last Night

Noel Gallagher joined Russell Brand on his weekly BBC Radio 2 in the studio for the full show last night for the usual shenanigans.

Click here to listen again or download the podcast (from Tuesday).

27 September 2008

Oasis 'Gold & Silver & Sunshine' - Preview

A sneak preview of 'Gold & Silver & Sunshine - The Making of Dig Out Your Soul'.

The preview takes a look behind the scenes of the recording of the new album, 'Dig Out Your Soul'.

The preview is taken from the 'Gold & Silver & Sunshine' documentary, the full-version of which is available on DVD with the Limited Edition album, Box-Set or via digital download from Oasisinet or iTunes.

Source: www.oasisinet.com

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Exclusive Oasis T-Shirts From HMV

Oasis HMV Exc. New Oasis Logo Tour T-shirt (S,M,L,XL)

Oasis HMV exc. Dig Out Your Soul (S,M,L,XL)

They're available from Oct.6th (pre-order now) and are priced £9.99 each.

Click here for more information.

Source: www.hmv.com

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Noel Gallagher On The Russell Brand Show Tonight

Noel Gallagher is set to be a guest producer on the The Russell Brand Show tonight on BBC Radio 2.

The show starts at 9PM (UK) click here to listen live.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

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Dizzee Rascal Keen On Oasis Collaboration

Dizzee Rascal's one-off show in Auckland this week sold out, a sign of his growing popularity around the world.

But he's not just focussed on the world of hip-hop.

Dizzee grew up on a council estate in London's East End, but those days are long behind him. The last time Nightline caught up with him, he was performing on a plane on his way to Sydney.

After that he toured with El-P, a highly respected artist from the alternative hip-hop scene.

While El-P is more likely to rap about science fiction than dance clubs, Dizzee says they really do have plenty in common.

"We can both be quite awkward bastards," says Dizzee. "(We're) both go-getters. Both like to go against the grain."

And speaking of against the grain, Dizzee is planning to hook up with another famous British act: Oasis.

"Noel Gallagher especially," he says. "I don't believe he hates hip-hop, he just mouths off. Yeah he's just a bit cocky."

Dizzee says he appreciates the rock'n'roll audience, who he sees are more enthusiastic than the average hip-hop crowd.

"Absolute chaos, people up and down...not a lot of hip-hop does that."

Hopefully the Oasis-Dizzee combo comes off. But in the meantime, excuse the pun, Dizzee is just happy being a rascal.

Source: www.3news.co.nz

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Stage Injury To Noel Gallagher Gave Us A Real Fright, Says Travis Singer Fran Healy

Travis singer Fran Healy says he won't be inviting any fans to join him on stage after Noel Gallagher's rib-breaking.

Fran said he was alarmed by the news that a fan invaded the stage during an Oasis gig in Canada.

He said: "It was odd to see Noel getting pushed over because, when you are in Oasis, you have about 20 bodyguards.

"How did that guy get through?"

Guitarist Andy Dunlop added: "It gave us a real fright. You usually feel safe on stage."

Fran said the incident reminded him of 1999. He was threatened with a knife in New York after making a joke about the size of an autograph hunter's manhood.

Fran said: "I told him I didn't think I could fit all the letters of Fran on there."

He was also threatened with a syringe when he busked in Glasgow in 2004 and, more recently, he says he was almost strangled by an enthusiastic fan.

He said: "I got strangled on stage. A guy came up behind me and put his arm around my neck. He was excited, but I was going blue."

Fran, who met lots of fans at FOPP record store in Glasgow yesterday before the band's gig at the city's ABC, says he and the band are having the time of their lives with album Ode To J Smith.

Travis played Edinburgh's latest venue The Picture House earlier this week, but almost left their mark in more ways than one.

Fran said: "The people who ran it were a bit worried the balcony might collapse with all the stomping."

Source: Glasgow Daily Record

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24 Hours Left To Vote

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You have until midnight Saturday 27th to cast your votes.

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26 September 2008

New York's Official Oasis Listening Party

After the cancellation disappointment for NYC Oasis fans, the All England Club brings you good news. Join us for the official Oasis pre-release listening party next week!

Come down to The Professor's Loft on October 2nd and get mad fer it. We'll play Dig Out Your Soul before its Oct. 7th release date, play a full night of Oasis tunes and we'll have plenty of Oasis giveaways as well. From 9-10pm there will be complimentary Boddington's, and from 12-1am we'll have complimentary Bulldog Gin and Yellowglen Champagne cocktails to keep the festive mood going, and we'll even provide
proper English tea sandwiches!

The All England Club presents the Official Oasis Listening Party October 2, 2008
9pm @ The Professor's Loft (219 2nd Ave. @ 14th Street, NYC)
Admission: FREE
Listening party for Dig Out Your Soul from 9-10pm
Oasis giveaways all night- All Oasis tunes all night
DJs Cockfosters and Sacha of the morning after girls
Complimentary drinks provided by Boddington's Pub Ale, Bulldog Gin, and Yellowglen Champagne
Complimentary tea sandwiches provided by Papa Lima Sandwiches


Source: All England Club

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Liam Gallagher & Andy Bell On All Music TV (Italy)

Thanks to frjdel via youtube

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Liam Gallagher & Andy Bell Interview In Italy

Click here to see a photo gallery of Liam Gallagher & Andy Bell when they popped into Radio DeeJay earlier today.

There are also a number of videos to watch of the boys being interviewed 1 2 3 4.

Source: www.deejay.it

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Oasis Shock Of The Lightning 7" Box

Shock Of The Lightning 7" Box

Thanks to Jono for the pictures.

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Dig Out Your Soul Playback

We were invited down to London by Big Brother along with other Oasis fans for a listen to the new Oasis album on Wednesday night.

Unfortunately I was not available to attend the event due to work commitments, but friend of the site Tom went along on our behalf this is his review of the night.

We got to the location in London at 6:15 Wednesday and we were among 15 lucky fans to listen to the new Oasis album twice.

Steve from Big Brother checked the names of the people who else had won a chance to listen to the album, we then walked round the corner to the venue.

They supplied us with free beer and snacks, we then went upstairs to listen to the album. We all sat around some weird oval table it was very business like.

We listened to album twice and then he Steve said he had a surprise for us and got a courier to deliver a CD over with Boy With The Blues, he said we were amongst a handful of people who had listened to it.

Boy With The Blues is better then Ain't Got Nothing and Soldier On, that I had heard earlier in the evening.

It has a choir on it, The song is about 4 minutes 40 long.

"You got nothing to lose, you're the boy with the blues" and "Come together for you" repeated load of times by Liam and his backing singers.

It would make a good album closer and is definitely better than Soldier On,, that I heard twice earlier.

They also played us 'I Believe In All', it's a tune in the vein of Pass Me Down The Wine.

They had one of the deluxe box sets there and it was passed around, I had a look at the lyrics books and the vinyls etc. If you've ordered one you'll be very happy. It's huge.

I also asked Steve from Big Brother about a few things, after the listening.

He said "To Be Where There's Life" version on the bonus disc is them live in the studio.

He also said there is no definite next single lined up....asked him about Wiz being the Director and he just said "how do you know that"

The footage from the rehearsal gig that the band did for fans in London last month is still being edited and there are currently no plans for release.

I also asked how Noel was, he said he has seen him around the Big Brother office and is still in a lot of pain following the attack in Canada..

How I rated the Album, track by track...

Bag It Up - 09/10
The Turning - 10/10
Waiting For The Rapture - 10/10
The Shock Of The Lightning - 09/10
I'm Outta Time - 10/10
(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady - 08/10
Falling Down - 10/10
To Be Where There's Life - 09/10
Ain't Got Nothin' - 07/10
The Nature of Reality - 07/10
Soldier On - 08/10

It's a great album, up there with the best.

We also got given 'The Shock Of The Lightning' on Vinyl, 'Falling Down' CD Promo, Oasis badge, Oasis darts and the NME Promo CD.

'The Shock Of The Lightning' Vinyl, 'Falling Down' CD I will post some pictures of them later tonight the artwork inside the cover is superb.

Thanks to Tom for going along at such short notice and doing the report.

Also special thanks to the kind folks at Big Brother!

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Keane Offer Olive Branch To Oasis

Keane have offered an olive branch to Oasis after Liam Gallagher branded the trio a bunch of “posh lightweights”.

Liam slated the band after frontman Tom Chaplin spent a short spell in rehab where he was treated for drink and drug addiction.

However, speaking exclusively to Mirror.co.uk, Keane songwriter Tim Rice-Oxley, above right, said he was still a massive fan of the band.

He said: “I absolutely worshipped Oasis as a teenager. They were one of the biggest influences on us when we were starting out . I hope sooner or later they come to enjoy our music as much as we enjoy theirs some time.”

Tim rang us to talk about Keane’s new album Perfect Symmetry, their third, which hits the shops on October 13.

He revealed that the new record showed a marked change of direction in the band’s normally piano-driven sound – and featured even featured electric guitars.

Tim explained: “There’s a lot of different instruments on there, lots of new sounds – even African percussion and electric saw!

Source: www.mirror.co.uk

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Picture From German Rolling Stone.

A scan from Octobers German Rolling Stone magazine, Vielen Dank! Sebastian

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Vote For Oasis At The Europe Music Awards

Cast you vote for Oasis at the The Europe Music Awards, Oasis are in the shortlist for Best Act Ever, Rock Out and Best Album categories at this years awards to be held in Liverpool.

To cast your votes click here.

The five artists with the most votes in each category will become the official 2008 EMA nominees.

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The Ultimate Frontperson

The Ultimate Frontperson

Liam Gallagher? Morrissey? Robert Smith? Matt Bellamy? Iggy Pop? Who will get your vote?

Cast your vote by clicking here.

Source: www.nme.com

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25 September 2008

Oasis On The Front Cover Of German Rolling Stone Magazine

Liam and Noel Gallagher are on the front cover of the October German Rolling Magazine.

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Oasis Interview RTL 102.5 Italian Radio

Thanks to numero505 via Youtube

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Stunning Concert Posters From The Past 50 Years!

A combination of iconic classics and more contemporary artwork, Gigwise presents a collection of stunning concert posters from the past five decades. Ranging from simplistic early Sixties Beatles prints to the outright psychedelia of the seventies, right through to attention-grabbing posters of today, there's a plethora of brilliant gig artwork on display....

Click here to view the gallery.

Source: www.gigwise.com

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Noel & Liam Gallagher Talk About Stage Attack In Canada

Full interview is on MTV2 9pm (GMT) October 6th

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Liam And Andy In Italy

Liam Gallagher and Andy Bell popped into Radio RTL 102.5 in Italy today for a chat, they join the show after 27 minutes.

Click here to listen to the interview.

Schedule for tommorow - Friday 26 - 09 - 2008
14:15 (Italy) Liam & Andy - All Music Community - www.allmusic.tv
15:15 (Italy) Liam & Andy - Mtv Trl, Piazza Duomo in Milano - www.mtv.it
16:15 (Italy) Liam & Andy - Radio Deejay trasmission ‘Tropical Pizza’ www.deejay.it

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Unreleased Oasis Track Resurfaces

NYC band gives 'See The Sun' the cover treatment

With a new Oasis album just weeks from release, New York rock band The GoStation have paid tribute to the legendary Britpop powerhouse by offering up their own take on one of the Manchester outfit's earliest songs.

Included among the first batch of Oasis demos from 1992, "See The Sun" was never given a proper studio outing, and has remained available only through bootleged versions of what have become know as the band's "Lost Tapes."

The GoStation incorporated the track into their live sets early on, eventually recording their updated version with the intent of giving the "lost" track the airing they felt it always deserved.

"Oasis have released so many world-shattering tunes throughout their career, but this one got left behind," says GoStation frontman Doug Levy. "We've always thought it's a really great song, though, and that it provides a good picture of where the band were coming from when they first started out. Seeing their progression from back then to where they are now is really inspiring."

Often receiving their own comparisons to Oasis, as well as kindred spirits The Verve and The Stone Roses, The GoStation have become known for straddling the divide between US and UK sensibilities, bringing a decidedly British tone to their New York City rock epics. The band released their debut album, Passion Before Function, in 2007. Produced by Bill Racine (Flaming Lips, Rogue Wave), the album spawned the singles "All Together Now" and "Not Enough" and saw the band embraced across the US.

The Brooklyn-based five-piece are currently at work on their follow-up album, due for release in 2009. The first result of the new sessions is "Berlin Rose," produced by Jack Douglas (Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, John Lennon), which is currently available for both streaming and free download on the band's website and MySpace page.

The unmastered cover of "See The Sun" is also available in both locations. "It's just something we wanted to put out there for the fans, both of our band and Oasis," says guitarist Matt Friedlander. "Without Oasis, we probably wouldn't be doing what we're doing right now, so we're happy to give something back. We just hope they appreciate the gesture!"

Visit www.myspace.com/thegostation for more information.

GoStation Tour Dates

Sept. 25: Club NME @ The Annex, NYC

Oct. 4: Benefit for The Jiamini Scholarship Fund @ Union Hall, Brooklyn

Oct. 6: Bowery Ballroom, NYC

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Oasis Reschedule Cologne Show

Oasis can now announce that their special performance at the Gloria Theatre in Cologne has been rescheduled to Friday the 7th November.

The concert, originally set for September 29, was postponed after Noel Gallagher received three broken ribs when he was attacked while performing on stage at a festival in Toronto, Canada.

Oasis' show at the Gloria Theatre is being broadcast live on Eins Live and their radio partners Bremen Vier, Das Ding, MDR Jump, N-Joy, Radio Eins, Unser Ding, and You FM, together with radio stations in twelve other European countries making this the biggest ever live radio broadcast by a single artist in Germany.

Tickets purchased for the show on Sep 29th will remain valid for the new date. Customers who can't attend the show on this day can get a ticket refund - information is available by phoning Tickets Per Post +49 - (069) - 9443660 or sending an email to tickets@tickets-per-post.de. Refunds will receive preferred treatment if they are filed before Nov 4, 0.00 h

Source: www.oasisinet.com

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New Oasis Mailer

I received this through the post this morning, UK fans wanting to remain on the Oasis mailing list should return the form in a stamped envelope ASAP.

Source: Mailer from Oasis & The Postman

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Ex-Oasis Man Bonehead To Play Dublin

Former Oasis man Bonehead returns to the fray this November when he pays an acoustic visit to Crawdaddy, Dublin.

Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs plays Crawdaddy on November 3.

There’ll be none of this “here’s ten songs from my new album” nonsense, with the guitarist concentrating on classics from the holy trinity of Definitely Maybe, (What’s The Story) Morning Glory and Be Here Now.

Support is provided by Pete McLeod who, like the aforementioned Britpop legends, were discovered by legendary mover ‘n’ (shaker) maker Alan McGee.

Tickets are €22.50.

Source: www.hotpress.com

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Oasis' 'Dig Out Your Soul' - The Gigwise Verdict

Oasis are finally back, and Gigwise has the essential track by track guide ahead of the release of their eagerly awaited seventh studio album ‘Dig Out Your Soul’.

We can lay any uncomfortable anxieties to bed straight away because this album goes beyond the realms of what we expected.

The elegantly flowing order creates a feeling of one continuous piece of music and gives a swift slap across the download a song here and there generation. So now for the tracks…

1. Bag It Up - A striking start to the album and a quick insight into the psychedelia that lies within. Faultless changes including the gritty serene pre chorus: “Someone tell me I’m dreaming/The freaks are rising up through the floor,” delivers in a way only Liam could. Then the onslaught of the sleazy charismatic chorus: “Lay your love on the fire when you come on in/ I got my hee-bee-jee-bees in a hidden bag,” adds the final flavour to a filling starter.

2. The Turning - A slightly reticent comedown from the raucous power of the previous five minutes - and an effortlessly flowing transition from it also. A simple patiently building rock ‘n’ roll belter that moves from calmly stroked chords into a cacophony chorus where Liam lets rip.

3. Waiting for the Rapture - John Desmore and Robby Krieger seem to meet the band for Noel Gallagher’s first vocal outing. It’s the glam and the sleaze that add sinister beauty to a crush of charm. Noel’s high vocal moments are forceful and bounce well with the sharp guitar that pops in and out.

4. The Shock Of The Lightning - The first single to be lifted and one all should be familiar with already. It’s the quick pace and the Keith Moon drum style solo that elevates this track from any monotony that may trouble the cynics. A powerful, driving song intertwined with drips of imposing organ.

5. I’m Outta Time - One of the most talked about tracks at the moment. Liam’s ode to Mr. Lennon does not disappoint. The opening “La La La La” put you off the scent for a moment before the handsome ballad comes alive with Liam’s heart felt vocal. His affection is apparent and it will add a tear to the more emotionally sensitive. “If I’m to fall would you be there to applaud/ Or would you hide behind them all,” rings the chorus and showcases Liam for the great songwriter he has finally become. The speech sample from Lennon that ends: “Are you going to be there when I get back,” is eerie and adds the final poignant stroke.

6. (Get Off Your) High Horse Lady - This song is all about the drums, clapping and the single cowbell note that brings them flourishing further down the line. Noel’s effect laid vocal is uncompromisingly dastardly genius. The song typifies the fantastic effort that has gone into the production on the album. An expertly chosen follow up from the beauty of the previous effort before the beach walking sounds move into the oncoming brilliance.

7. Falling Down - This is one of ‘those songs’. The orchestra promotes a yearning for big things and delivers sophisticatedly. The drums again play the key role in the song. The jumping quick beat juxtaposed with a dark yet soft Noel vocal washes a sense of awe over the whole thing. There is something even more emotionally attaching then Liam’s ballad, and is certainly one of Noel’s best in years both vocally and structurally.

8. To Be Where There’s Life - The Eastern musical influences are apparent throughout but what elevates this Gem track is the powerful Liam vocal that dances coherently rather then a sneeze of confusion. The bass line typifies a Gallagher strut and marches on authoritatively. The plunge back into the verse and the scream of “Dig Out Your Soul” is the intelligent equivalent of an hour listening to Stephen Fry.

9. Ain’t Got Nothin’ - This is Liam standing right in your face scowling with frightening intent. It’s The Who all over with the Oasis magic sprinkled on. A short number but grand nonetheless.

10. The Nature Of Reality - Maracas shake and then in comes the Beatles ‘Revolution’/’Heltter Skelter’ style single note ringing before dropping into an 80s stadium rock beat that oozes the classic British feel. Imagine John Bonham meeting Pete Willis for a jam ensuring there’s enough reverb making headway to keep Spinal Tap’s Nigel Tuffnell happy.

11. Soldier On - A plodding groovy beat under an echoy Liam vocal climaxes the album with the same feel as a soundtrack behind credits. The ‘Baba O’Reily’-esque synthesiser stepping in along with the melodica end the album with a sense of the close of a dream. It’s trippy, it’s haunting, and it’s brilliant once again.

To summarise, this is an album that truly takes hold of all expectations and desires and delivers a punch that will not only shake your bones – but any one who manages to stand in a near radius of you. Get pre-ordering now.

Source: www.gigwise.com

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Oasis ... By Oasis

Oasis rockers Noel and Liam Gallagher have shared their secrets behind new album Dig Out Your Soul.

Returning to Abbey Road studios, this time they have absolutely nailed it.

Here I can bring you the first full track-by-track rundown — with the band talking you through their big return.

And in the words of Noel: “Bring on the ****ing tuba.”

Since Be Here Now the band have scaled down their sound. The original plan this time was to strip it back even further.

But once in the incredible surroundings of the legendary London studios used by The Beatles that didn’t last long.

Noel revealed: “That went out the window at about lunch on the first day. It was, like, ‘Let’s put another guitar on it, bring on the ****ing tuba’. Next thing there’s a 50-piece choir on the phone.

“Last time we went to Abbey Road we got kicked out. We were doing Be Here Now and were all a bit mad then. It’s nice to finally do a whole album there.”

Opener Bag It Up is a storming statement of intent for the album’s blow-the-roof-off philosophy.
Heartfelt second track The Turning is one of the album’s best.

Noel then takes over vocals for Waiting For The Rapture, a heavy, stonking, three-minute belter.

First single The Shock Of The Lightning was written by Noel in the studio.

Frontman Liam said: “That’s what making records is all about. We’re punk rock when we get cracking on it. Some days we spend a lot of time on the melody when we should be leathering the **** out of it.”

Fifth up is I’m Outta Time, a real highlight and Liam’s finest songwriting moment yet.

The tender John Lennon-inspired tune is a definite single.

Liam said: “I didn’t go out to write a song like that, it just happened. I find it hard with words. If I found it easier with words I’d be huge. Bigger than WH Smith.”

(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady shows off the band’s more mature sound, with a stripped-down opening that reminds me of Beatles White Album track Rocky Raccoon.

Track seven, Falling Down — the album’s second single — is another big, orchestral number with Noel on vocals.

Next up is To Be Where There’s Life, where guitarist Gem Archer takes over songwriting duties.

And Gem revealed: “There are no guitars on it — they weren’t allowed.”

Track nine is a Liam-penned and snarl-filled number, Ain’t Got Nothin’.

The Nature Of Reality next up couples philosophical lyrics with stomping guitars.

Then album closer Soldier On is a great, trippy, echo-filled end to a cracking record.

I’ll let Noel sum it all up.

He said: “What do I want people to take from it? Don’t know.

“As long as they buy it, possibly tell one of their friends to buy it, then come to see us live and buy a T-shirt. That’ll do.”

There is also a EPK here, with the band discussing the songs.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

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