17 September 2009

10 Bands To Fill The Oasis Void

Who can take over the Gallaghers' mantle as Britain's biggest band?...

Although the demise of Oasis was as expected as the clamour for a kebab after a night on the piss, their disbandment has left a huge hole. Like them or not an output of seven studio albums, two live albums, one B-sides collection and a Best of made them the biggest current British band up until the 29th of August that is (Rolling Stones exempt on account of them being around too long for debate). And before anyone starts, U2 can go back to their charity-bowl begging tax haven.

‘What’s The Story’ sold nearly 4.5million copies over here alone - third in the all-time list behind Queen Greatest Hits and Sgt. Pepper’s. 'Be Here Now' too is still the fastest-selling album in British history. Admittedly line-up changes to rival the Sugababes gap-year programme and some dross ('Little James' for one) followed but name another band’s B-side that 80,000 people know every word to? Know what I mean?

And so to the point of this semi-ramble, with impending solo careers beckoning for the brothers, a re-union doesn’t look likely. Therefore, by default, who is now the biggest band in Britain? Ruling out Blur and The Verve as they have re-formed and honorary Brits Kings of Leon (see ‘Fans’ for reference), here is a run down of all the contenders (and pretenders) to the Oasis throne.

NB: Kaiser Chiefs and Razorlight missed the cut because they’re shit and for no other reason.

Click here to see the bands.

Source: www.gigwise.com


Anonymous said...

as much as i dislike U2 theyre not a British band theyre Irish

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