3 September 2009

Andy Bell Features On New SPC ECO Tune 'Silver Clouds'

SILVER CLOUDS (Featuring Andy Bell)

This track was another revisited recording. I have known Andy Bell for many years and we thought it was time to do some long discussed and overdue recording. Sometime in 2008 I forget exactly when I recorded Andy playing a very odd electronic sitar drone machine and an old custom Dulcimer made by the same dude that made a similar one for Brian Jones back in the 60s, in fact it might actually be the same one, anyway, It's a four stringed instrument I noticed on Andy's wall when visiting him one time.

I recorded him making about 6 passes of the Dulcimer while he played along to a basic beat (which we ended up using) of Monti playing a very old pig skinned drum kit that Ian Dury had given him as a present which now lives with me. When Andy left the studio I then cut up and arranged the passes into something with more sections and melodic clarity. Adding a bass and a few extra drones n tones. I then sent it to Andy to check (which he loved).

He then came back with a vocal idea, which we recorded and it was left just like that. Many months later Quince Records in Japan requested an exclusive bonus track for the album so I went back and investigated the Andy track but with Rose singing instead. We completely reworked all the vocals then added a very cool Joey noise guitar. It ended up being yet another of my favourite tracks. It’s always the same with me when making an album.

You have a very inspired energy at the beginning of the record swiftly followed by a down beat soul searching middle then a flurry of creativity and energy at the end. This was one of those inspired connections Rose and I touched upon which led us to believe that we were actually very good at this shit. All those years of singing and messing about with mad recordings when Rose was growing up all make for the combination and connection we have now.

Trust me, the track is just awesome. We just have our fingers and toes crossed that the record is well received so we can plan for a fun filled tour of the major cities and noodle bars of Japan!!

Source: www.spceco.com

Listen to the track by visiting www.myspace.com/spceco


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