4 September 2009

Danny Dyer: 'I'm More Oasis Than Punk'

Danny Dyer has said that Oasis are the biggest influence on his appearance.

The actor plays Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious in stage play Kurt & Sid and recently said that he would like to take the role to the big screen.

However, Dyer told thelondonpaper: "I've never really been into the punk look. The biggest influence on me was Oasis. I'm a trainers, jeans and T-shirt man. With music, I'm into a bit of everything.

"I've just started DJing, so I've got back into the classic house tunes. I'm a massive fan of Kasabian - they're the best around at the moment. And I like soul. I like everything except heavy metal."

He added: "I do like the Sex Pistols. You have to be in the mood, though. It's not Sunday afternoon music. Sid was never really a musician. He was a tortured soul, an enigma.

"He couldn't sing, play bass, couldn't do f**k all. But it worked. He was beautiful - a rebel without a clue. They used to take the plug out of his bass without him knowing."

Source: www.digitalspy.co.uk


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