10 September 2009

Favorite Oasis Youtube Moments

Sydney’s biggest Oasis fan and Britpop DJ, Mucky Fingers, gives us his favourite Oasis moments as seen through YouTube:

So, this is apparently it. Noel has left Oasis for good. Despite the fact that the band, and particularly the Gallagher brothers, have always been volatile, it still seems odd to think that we may never see them perform together again.

To celebrate their amazing history, here is some of their best moments; a collection of performances, interviews and assorted tomfoolery. As Noel said in the announcement of his departure; “I take with me glorious memories”.

Long before they were famous or had even had a record deal, here’s the original Oasis line-up in their rehearsal room in 1992 performing All Around The World; a track that wouldn’t be released until 1997’s Be Here Now. Noel had spoken a lot about this song before it finally came out; once saying that he wanted to enter it into the Eurovision Song Contest. “Orchestras, man? It’s not got to be one, it’s got to be two”.

Their debut performance of Supersonic. As far as debut singles from debut albums go, there are very few that are better. The opening line can be pin-pointed as the band’s statement of intent for the next 15 years.

Just to show how seriously Oasis were taking their chart battle with Blur, the Gallaghers decide to trade places and make a mockery of Top of the Pops’ use of miming. This is right before their “friendship” with Robbie Williams turned sour.

Oasis perform their cover of I Am The Walrus with a little help from their friends, The Bootleg Beatles, in 1995. Throughout their career, the band have always been dogged by criticism by lazy journalists and uneducated listeners for supposedly being Beatles copyists. What these people tend not to remember (or know) is that, for a start, Oasis really sound nothing like the Fab Four and that The Beatles themselves were blatant plunderers of a load of other people’s work.

After losing out to Blur in both the previous year’s Brit Awards and in the infamous chart battle between Roll With It and Country House, Oasis get a little bit of their own back by sweeping the 1996 Brits and putting their own spin on Blur’s hit Parklife.

This clip comes from Oasis’ infamous debut Australian tour in 1998. I can still remember this time as if it was yesterday. The whole country seemed to be up in arms about their supposed “bad boy” behaviour. From this moment on, declaring yourself an Australian Oasis fan became almost an open invitation to be chastised forever. When Oasis did finally make their second tour, in 2002, one of the airline unions tried to have them banned from all flights in the country.

Following the excess of the 90s, Oasis returned in 2000 with a new line-up and their fourth Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants. This video comes from that tour. The main reason I chose this is because of the banter between Noel and Liam at the start. Maybe a future in comedy is what lies ahead?

This comes from the DVD special features of the film Live Forever. If you haven’t seen it, get off your computer and go and buy it now! Noel is a great storyteller. There are very few people in music that can do interviews that are laugh-out-loud funny. The other great thing about this clip is the seat he’s sitting on. It’s a throne!

Noel being interviewed for Video Hits a couple of years back. This was trainwreck TV at its finest, with Noel taunting knob-exposing jazz-warbling host Axel Whitehead over the course of six icy segments. It wasn’t long after this that said knob exposure occured at the ARIAs. Could it be put down to post-Noel stress?

Performing what might be their last ever single, Falling Down, on a special Top Of The Pops earlier in the year. Their most recent album, Dig Out Your Soul, was their best in a decade and this was one of the best songs from it. One version of the track was remixed by electronic-psych duo Amorphous Androgynous and clocked in at a whooping 22 minutes. If Noel does go solo, could he get the rest of Oasis minus Liam to be the band?

Tomorrow never knows what it doesn’t know too soon.

Oasis. Live Forever. 1991-2009.

Source: www.britpop.au


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