16 September 2009

Ian McCulloch Blames "Bullies" For Oasis Split

Noel forced to "walk out on his own band", says Bunnyman

Ian McCulloch, legendary frontman of Echo and the Bunnymen, today commented on the recent Oasis split.

During an interview with The Quietus, McCullock said "I feel sorry for Noel. After all it was his fucking band man. Looking at things it seems like he's been bullied from all those behind the group.

"What do you do when that happens? He's had to walk out on his own band. But Noel is a good songwriter and he'll be ok. He's got projects. The rest of the band, well that guy from Ride, I like him, he's ok. At least the rest of them have still got him if they want to continue together."

Check the Quietus soon for a full interview with Ian McCulloch.

Source: thequietus.com


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