2 September 2009

It's All Champagne Supernover

Noel's left and now the remaining members of Oasis could be about to leave Liam high and dry.

Liam is holidaying in Italy's Lake Como with his missus Nicole Appleton but we're told any plans for a new-look Oasis could sink without trace.

Says our mole: "It was always on the cards that Noel was to quit - the other band members saw it coming the night before he walked out.

"Some have already started to look for pastures new - as they have no idea how the new format of Oasis would work. Now that Noel has gone, no one else knows how they'll put up with Liam's big gob." It's an uncertain time for band members Gem Archer, Andy Bell and Chris Sharrock. Our mole adds: "They saw how Liam treated Noel, and don't know what will happen if he does the same to them. They have their doubts it can survive without Noel."

Noel announced he was walking out on the band after a punch-up with Liam just minutes before they were due to play in Paris.

Liam is reported to have smashed a guitar and yelled at Noel: "You're no brother of mine." However, their mum Peggy reckons they will reunite, saying: "Liam adores Noel." Funny way of showing it.

Source: www.mirror.co.uk


Jack said...

If the gobshite who wrote this article knew anything about the band they would know that Andy Bell, far from considering leaving the group, is holidaying in Italy with Liam. They should get their facts together instead of printing bullshit.

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