30 September 2009

Jo Whiley Begs Noel Gallagher For A Solo Album

Jo Whiley is one person who Isn't praying for an Oasis reunion - at least not in the near-future.

The Radio 1 DJ admits she was upset about the band's break-up following a series of blazing rows between warring brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher.

But she's now hoping Oasis stay apart long enough for Noel to record, release and tour a solo album.

Jo said: "I'm really sad that they just can't bear to be in each others company any more.

"Noel and Liam have a very tempestuous relationship. It's like a very intense marriage.

"I'm a big fan of Noel and all the songs that he writes. I would definitely be interested in seeing a solo Noel album. I hope he does it. I'd love to see that.

"He's a great songwriter and I really like his voice.

"I'd like to see Oasis get back together somewhere down the line, but for now I want to see him do something on his own."

Source: www.thesun.co.uk


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