21 September 2009

Johnny Marr On His Long-Lasting Musical Relationships With Oasis

Johnny Marr made up half of the songwriting partnership behind The Smiths, widely regarded as one of the most influential bands ever. Now he has joined indie three-piece The Cribs. Rob Garratt spoke to him about his old band, his new band, and his favourite guitars.

One of his more long-lasting musical relationships is with fellow Manchurians Oasis, who he championed in their early days, and their guitarist Noel Gallagher has repaid the favour by frequently quoting Marr as one of his largest influences. Their only formal collaboration saw Marr lending his expertise to a couple of tracks of their 2002 LP, Heathen Chemistry.

Did he feel as excited about the band as when he offered to lend them his equipment in the mid-1990s when they were making their iconic first album?

“I don't like critiquing bands, I'm not very good at it and I change my mind every day,” says Marr neutrally. “Working with them was fun. We spent so much time together for years without writing anything together. It was all pretty causal - they had a couple of songs where the guitar wasn't working and I played on them - it wasn't very formal at all.”

Marr's measured responses are not surprising for someone who has made an effort to shy away from the media, and he is quick to dismiss the notion that he might be frustrated with people always wanting to talk to him about The Smiths.

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Source: www.eveningnews24.co.uk


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