2 September 2009

Let's Get 'Wonderwall' Back In The Charts

With the sad news that Noel Gallagher has quit Oasis, lets all try and get 'Wonderwall' back into the UK chart this week.

We are asking Oasis fan sites and forums Worldwide to help out with this project.

The song never got to number one on it's release in 1995, it only needs a few thousand downloads to enter the charts on Sunday.

Fans from the UK can buy the song from iTunes, Outside the UK you can get the song from the Official Oasis store here.


Anonymous said...

just done it :)

Anonymous said...

Done my bit.

By the way, Amazon Uk won't let you download music from abroad (just tried).

The Oasis store does (althought I registered myself as an UK customer, just in case :))

OasiStyle said...


jenny said...

done :)

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