6 September 2009

Liam: Oasis Will Not Split

OH brother - Liam Gallagher is going to continue with Oasis despite Noel binning the band for good.

The mad fer it Manc wants to Roll With It and keep the music alive as he holds the rights to the super band.

This week Liam said he wouldn't talk to his brother until January - because he thinks Noel will need that long to cool off.

I'm told by a contact in Liam's camp: "He's decided that just because the guitarist has quit, it doesn't mean the band should collapse.

"He's been on holiday with bassist Andy Bell and both of them reckon they can keep going and create good music - even without Noel.

"Liam has been writing a lot and Andy has made a big contribution to the band."

I'm also told that Noel has agreed to meet with Liam at the start of next year.

But on one condition - his MUM is there to make sure there's no fisticuffs.

Source: www.newsoftheworld.co.uk


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