26 September 2009

Noel Gallagher And Jason Orange Form Supergroup On London Street

Noel Gallagher clearly has time for the one who's not "the fat dancer from Take That".

You know that it's a slow day when a picture of two aging men and a baby become news, but if Noel is trying to recruit Jason 'the body' Orange as Liam's replacement in Oasis, that'll do us.

The pair were spotting having a chin-wag on a London street, possibly chuckling about the time Noel said he'd "put a bullet in the gun" for Robbie Williams." Ho ho ho ho, what a wag.

Noel's jovial appearance mostly likely stemmed from the news that his brother is considering moving to the USA though, which means we might soon be able to report similar pictures of Liam and Robbie aping around like neanderthals the sidewalk. God, America, you've been too good to us - although we did have Madonna and Gwyneth for all those years.

Click here for pictures.

Source: www.holymoly.com


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