27 September 2009

Noel Gallagher Is Hired Gun On Kasabian's UK Arena Tour

Kasabian have asked pal Noel Gallagher to return to gigging and join them on tour.

The Mancunian rock legend, 42, is already desperate to get back on the road again just month after Oasis split.

So he has turned to Kasabian and said: 'Maybe you're gonna be the ones who save me...' from being bored.

He's asked to appear on their upcoming UK arena tour - which kicks off in Newcastle on November 10 - and they have given him the thumbs up.

In an exclusive chat Kasabian frontman Tom Meighan, 28, revealed their gig plans and hinted they may record a song together in the future.

He told me: "We've got our arena tour in November.

"Noel will be calling us up nearer the time for sure saying, 'Lads, I'm going to come perform with you on tour'.

"He's a performing machine, and loves playing live so he jumps at the opportunity whenever he can join us."

And assessing the prospects of getting into the recording studio with Noel, Tom added: "We'd love to do a track with him. Never say never.

"But at the moment he's concentrating on his solo stuff and we're busy as ever."

I imagine Noel is fully aware that performing live with the Leicester rockers Tom, Sergio Pizzorno, Chris Edwards and Ian Matthews will annoy his younger brother and former bandmate Liam.

I'm told by a pal: "Noel has got itchy fingers and wants to get back into touring as quickly as he can.

"He and the Kasabian lads have spoken about it and they all thought it was a brilliant idea so he will join them onstage in for a few cameo appearances.

"It also has the added benefit that it will irritate the hell out of Liam, who didn't want the band to split at all.

"It shows Noel has already moved on and can play with anyone that takes his fancy, which will rile Liam considering how competitive he is."

Noel and Kasabian's collaboration will come as good news to Oasis fans who missed seeing the band after a huge bust-up between him and Liam caused the band to split and cancel a number of gigs in August.

A music insider tells me: "The Kasabian lads love Noel and see him as a guiding light. To get him to play on Their tour rather than support him as they have before means so much to them. Plus imagine what it would do for ticket sales."

Noel has performed with Kasabian before. He did three songs with the Mercury Prize nominees at Edinburgh's Hogmany in 2007.

And they joined Noel and Liam on the doomed Oasis summer tour.

Source: www.newsoftheworld.co.uk


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