4 September 2009

Noel’s Not Half A World Away

Noel Gallagher once penned the song Half The World Away.

But he hasn't managed to get even a quarter of the world away from little brother Liam.

The warring siblings have gone on holiday to get away from the storm caused over the Oasis split.

But they have ended up in the same country.

Noel has taken missus Sara MacDonald and their little laddie Donovan, to the Italian island of Sardinia for a well-deserved break after a gruelling world tour.

Meanwhile, on the mainland at Lake Como Liam and his wife Nicole Appleton have been enjoying a bit of sunshiiiiine.

Oasis bassist Andy Bell seems to have tagged along for the ride as well.

I hope everyone doesn't bump into each other at the airport on the way home.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Click here to see the pictures.


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