3 September 2009

Oasis? It's All In The Pasta

Liam Gallagher has ruled out any chance of an Oasis reunion with Noel, declaring: "It's over."

Speaking for the first time about the band's split, the rocker said there was "no way he'd get back with Noel".

His brother quit the band last week after another bust-up with Liam, who then headed to Italy's Lake Como with girlfriend Nicole Appleton and fellow band member Andy Bell.

They spent four nights at the exclusive Villa D'Este hotel before checking out yesterday morning and flying back to London.

But on Tuesday night the group enjoyed a boozy three-hour dinner at il Gatto Nero, a hilltop restaurant overlooking Lake Como, and where Liam spent his birthday last year.

There Liam, 36, opened his heart to waiter Vincenzo Della Corte as he served him his favourite pasta with black truffle, washed down with Cristal champagne and Antinori rosé wine.

Vincenzo, 32, told the Mirror: "I had to ask him what the future was and he said it was all over and there was no way he would get back with Noel.

"He said that Noel had his style of music and he had his and they would be going their separate ways."

The waiter said Liam was on top form despite the band's split - and seemed head over heels in love with Nicole.

"You hear all these stories about Oasis being real rock and rollers but Liam was really polite and was very happy to talk," revealed Vincenzo.

"There were fans outside and he went out to sign autographs and pose for pictures. He was with them for ages.

"What also struck me was how in love he is with Nicole. He was kissing and touching her all the time and his leg was always resting on hers - you could tell they adore each other.

"They were all having a good time and he didn't seem at all bothered about the fact he had caused one of the world's biggest bands to break up.

"But Nicole had a bit of a sore throat which she said she had got from swimming in the lake.''

Most of their fellow guests at the Villa D'Este were elderly American tourists who had no idea who they were. One hotel source said: "They were no trouble. They've been here before and are welcome any time.''

Source: www.mirror.co.uk


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