17 September 2009

Oasis Legend Bonehead At PJs

Former Oasis star Bonehead comes to PJ Molloys in Dunfermline on Saturday night with his new band, The Vortex.

The group are tipped for the top by none other than Alan McGee, the man who set Oasis on the road to stardom.

They are set for a European tour but wanted to come north after becoming mates with Dunfermline band The Modern Faces, who supported them in a London gig earlier this year.

The concert is the launch of the Dirty Love Club, which aims to add to the ever-burgeoning live music scene in Dunfermline.

Gary Heaney, of Modern Faces, said, "They're going to Europe shortly and we might be playing some of the dates with them.

"Although they're heading over there soon to play in France and Germany, they still wanted to come up for this one-off gig, which is great of them.

"The two bands get on well and it's great to hear some of Bonehead's story. He's been there and done it. Other promoters have done well getting bands to Dunfermline recently but this guy was in Oasis."

Alan McGee said of the band, "Always trust in Manchester music. The Vortex are set for big things. They have been setting the controls for the heart of the northern anthem as if Kasabian never existed."

The band's own ambition is to "put real Manchester music back on the map again - prove that not all Manchester bands are burdened buy the past".

Bonehead, AKA Paul Arthurs, was a founding member of Oasis, recruiting Liam Gallagher as lead singer and later his brother Noel.

He was guitarist during the heady days from 1994 when Oasis shook the music world with their albums 'Definitely Maybe', 'What's The Story (Morning Glory)' and 'Be Here Now'.

He also had the arduous task of acting as peace-keeper between the warring Gallagher brothers once saying, "If it ever kicked off between Noel and Liam I was never scared to dive in. I was renowned for it."

Bonehead also enjoyed some of the band's greatest live performances including the famous 1996 Knebworth double-header in front of 250,000 over two nights.

He eventually left the band in 1999 to spend time with his family and the band's fortunes have gradually declined since leading to their recent split after more internercine feuding.

After playing a few dates with The Vortex, Bonehead decided at the end of last year to join full-time saying they had given him "his buzz" back after 10 years.

Also on the bill at PJs are Stirling band The Shermans, Bathgate singer/songwriter Ewan Butler and The Modern Faces. Tickets are £5.

Source: www.dunfermlinepress.com


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