3 September 2009

Oasis Split 'Sad But Inevitable,' Says Inspiral Carpets Front Man

While the Strabane faithful who made the trip to Slane Castle in June to see Oasis were still taking in the news of Noel Gallagher's acrimonious split from the group on Friday, one of Noel's former employers was in Strabane on Sunday for a very special gig of his own.

Tom Hingley, front man of nineties 'Madchester' favourites, The Inspiral Carpets, for whom Noel worked as a 'roadie' for a number of years before joining his brother Liam's band in 1991, wowed the Sunday Comedown Club' in Dicey Riley's on Sunday night with a dazzling acoustic set, and the Chronicle spoke to the singer afterwards to get his take on the most talked about story in the music world over the weekend.

"It was inevitable really," he told us. "Obviously it's sad that Oasis are finishing but I think it's probably a good thing. They were very much associated with 'Brit-Pop', the end of the Conservatives and the rise of 'New Labour', so it's probably quite a smart move to quit now before the Conservatives get back into Government again. I'm by no means saying that they did this deliberately but maybe now it means that they will be defined by that period of change.

"Very few bands will ever be as big or as successful or as significant as Oasis. In one way it's sad and in another sense it's not. All things have a certain life-span, then it ends. Brothers in bands will fight. Ray and Dave Davis of The Kinks used to punch each other's lights out, too. At the end of the day, it's only music. Family is much more important. I think, as brothers, Noel and Liam should try to get on a bit better and if that means not seeing each other for a couple of years then that might not be a bad thing," Tom suggested.

As everyone speculates as to what Noel will do next, Tom has his own opinion on what the singer-songwriter behind numerous anthems like 'Live Forever', 'Wonderwall' and 'Don't Look Back In Anger' should do.

"Noel will probably do that solo album he should've done about ten years ago," predicted Tom. "I do think that if he gets a load of famous musicians like Paul Weller to join him that would be very boring, though. I have no doubt that Oasis will play again somewhere down the line. I think it's possible in the future that they will get back with the original line-up of Liam, Noel, Tony McCarroll, 'Bonehead' and 'Guigsy'. I think a lot of people would love to see that and, to be honest, I've never really regarded any other of the later line-ups as being Oasis," Tom confessed.

Finally, it was put to Tom if Noel could have his old job back when The Inspiral Carpets tour again. "That's a question indeed! You'll have to ask Noel that one," he laughed.

Source: www.nwipp-newspapers.com


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