1 September 2009

Pete McKee Manchester Show

Great news the Pete McKee show in Manchester titled ‘Great Moments in Music History’ has grown in size. The lovely people at oddest in Manchester are helping him tour the exhibition around their three bars in the city. The show will now run from Thursday 8th October all the way through till Thursday 14th January 2010 and will call at Odd, Odder and Oddest Bars. The full dates and venues are:

Oddest – Wilbraham Road: 8 October – 5 November
Odd – The Northern Quarter: 5 November – 7 December
Odder – Oxford Road: 7 December – 14 January

This will be his first show in Manchester and should be something special...

The exhibition is his way of celebrating the role Manchester’s music scene has played in helping sullen teenagers grow up to be Sheffield’s Guardian-reading social workers and teachers — or Tesco night line managers — or artists.

Keep your eyes on www.therealmckee.co.uk for some special announcements about the shows in the coming weeks.


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