29 September 2009

Razorlight Want To Work With Noel Gallagher

Credit crunched? Need a job? Apply to Razorlight... if you're Noel Gallagher or just from the North.

Yep, Razorlight want to recruit a new producer and have asked 3am to help!

At the Arthur's Day Celebration in Dublin, they told us they'd like to work with Noel - or, failing the ex-Oasis bro, a Northerner with similar "cred".

Bjorn said: "I'd be interested in hearing a Noel solo album. He's got a better voice than Liam.

"Maybe we should get Noel to produce the new Razorlight album? We're looking for a producer. We need some Northern cred!"

Source: www.mirror.co.uk


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