31 October 2009

Jay-Z Refutes Noel Gallagher Team-Up Reports

Jay-Z has refuted reports that he will be teaming up with former Oasis rocker Noel Gallagher in near future.

The rapper clarified that his comments about a possible project were misinterpreted.

“It was an offhand comment, someone asked me if I would work with him. I don’t have any problem, so I said anything is possible,” the Daily Express quoted him as saying.

He added: “It’s not like we had any talks of doing it, it’s like someone asked me would you work with him, I said ‘Yeah, I don’t have any problem with it’.”

Gallagher had criticized the organizers of the U.K.’s Glastonbury festival last year for bringing in Jay-Z to play in the rock n’ roll festival.

Source: taragana.com

Alex 'Hurricane' Higgins Recalls The Night He Put The frighteners On Oasis

Snooker legend Alex 'Hurricane' Higgins is recalling the Halloween night he put the frighteners on the rock wildboys from Oasis.

He says: "Noel and Liam Gallagher grew up in Burnage, where I used to live in Manchester.

"One Halloween, Liam came to my door, but I was still a bit rough from a heavy session at a nightclub, so told him to 'f*** off'.

"Noel then came trick or treating a couple of hours later and I was in a better mood by then and gave him a fiver.

"So when the Gallaghers were growing up, one always thought I was a great guy - and the other thought I was a total ****."

To read the full interview click here.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Hapy Halloween Oasis Fans

Happy Halloween to you all....

30 October 2009

Tom Meighan Wearing Pretty Green

Tom Meighan from Kasabian backstage wearing Pretty Green Black T-Shirt

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Ask Liam Gallagher - Tucker

Ask Liam is back - Liam is answering your questions via video.
Todays question is from Tucker:


Looking forward to seeing the Autumn/Winter collection, and hearing some of your new tunes. Here's my question:

Overall, which band was the best dressed; The Who or the The Stone Roses?

You can ask your own question - either email askliam@prettygreen.com, tweet it adding #askliam, or post it here on youtube as a video question.

Robbie Williams: "Oasis Did A 13-Year Lap Of Honour"

Robbie Williams has taken another pop at his old rivals Oasis.

The singer, back after three years out, says he thinks Liam and Noel Gallagher are better off apart.

Robbie says: "Originally I thought they'd inevitably get back together because they are the band.

"But reading between the lines, they're both really stubborn so I don't think they will. To be honest, I know there's history between us and this isn't very complimentary, but they've been doing a lap of honour for the past 13 years. There's been the occasional gem here and there, The Importance Of Being Idle, and, well, that's about it."

Fairly harsh words from the man who was made an honorary member of Oasis when he quit Take That. It came after Robbie spent a "lost" summer hanging out with Noel and Liam after meeting them at Glastonbury in 1995.

Last night Liam was spotted giving a homeless Big Issue seller 50 quid outside a pub in Hampstead, north London.

Deep down, he's a big softy.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

On This Day In Oasis History...

"Wonderwall" is a song by English rock band Oasis, written by the band's guitarist and chief songwriter Noel Gallagher. Released as the third single from (What's the Story) Morning Glory? in October 1995, "Wonderwall" peaked at number two in the UK Singles Charts and proved to be their American breakthrough, reaching number eight on the Hot 100 and giving them their only top-ten hit in the US thus far. "Wonderwall" is perhaps their most popular song, despite the fact that British TV stars Robson & Jerome's "I Believe"/"Up on the Roof" kept it out of the top slot. "Wonderwall" continues to have enduring popularity in Oasis's canon; as of 2008, it was 76th in the UK's list of best-selling singles, and has now sold over a million copies in single and download sales in the UK, where it went platinum.

The song is included on Oasis's compilation album Stop the Clocks.


The song takes its name from the 1968 album Wonderwall Music by George Harrison, at the time still a member of the Beatles.[3] Harrison's album was in fact a soundtrack to the film Wonderwall, but the film has remained unknown by the general public. The original title of the track was "Wishing Stone".

It is often claimed that "Wonderwall" was written for Gallagher's then-girlfriend, Meg Mathews. Noel married Mathews in 1997, but the couple divorced four years later. Gallagher now claims that the song was not about Mathews at all, but he felt he had to go along with the rumour, saying "The meaning of that song was taken away from me by the media who jumped on it. How do you tell your Mrs it's not about her once she's read it is? It's a song about an imaginary friend who's gonna come and save you from yourself."


The song was recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales, during a two-week recording of the 'Morning Glory' album in May 1995. According to producer Owen Morris, the song was completed in 6-8 hours.

Morris claimed that Gallagher had presented an alternative arrangement of the song "which had some extra complicated pre-bridge bits that didn't have singing or melody - but just had some chord changes - which seemed completely unnecessary", the night before it was recorded. This idea was quickly shelved.

Noel initially wanted to sing this song on (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, but he gave his brother Liam Gallagher the choice, and Noel ended up singing "Don't Look Back in Anger".

Live performances

Noel debuted the song on UK TV, backstage at Glastonbury and broadcast on Channel 4 on June 24, 1995. The song wasn't performed by the band during their headline performance the night before.

In August 2002, Noel changed the arrangement of his live performances of the song to a style admittedly heavily-influenced by Ryan Adams' cover version of the song. This arrangement has continued to his most recent live performances of the song. When the full band performs the song live, with electric guitars, it's still in the original style as presented on the record. During the 2008 tour, however the band have return to performing the song in a semi acoustic form.

A live version of the song, recorded at Wembley Stadium in 2000, is featured on the band's live album Familiar To Millions.

In an interview with Q magazine in August 2008, Liam said that he hates performing the song: "I can't stand that fucking song, every time I have to sing it, I want to gag. Problem is 'Wonderwall' was a big big tune for us and so you go to America and they're like, 'Are you Mr Wonderwall?', and you want to chin someone."


The music video to the song was filmed in the relatively brief period when bassist Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan quit the band due to nervous exhaustion; Scott McLeod came in to replace him.

Cover art

The sleeve artwork was inspired by the paintings of the Belgian surrealist René Magritte, and was shot on Primrose Hill in north London. The hand holding the frame is that of art director Brian Cannon; the woman is Anita Heryet, a Creation Records employee. The original idea was to have Liam in the frame before Noel vetoed that idea whilst the shoot was taking place.

Chart history

It reached No.2 in the UK charts.

In the US it also peaked at #1 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart for an unprecedented ten weeks (this amount was later eclipsed in 1998 by Marcy Playground), and reached #8 on the Hot 100.

Awards and accolades

In 1995, "Wonderwall" came in at number one in the national Australian music poll, the Triple J Hottest 100.

The promo video for "Wonderwall", directed by Nigel Dick, won the Best British Video award at the 1996 BRIT Awards.

In the Grammy Awards of 1997 the band received a nomination for Best Rock Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group and Noel Gallagher picked another nomination for Best Rock Song, winning none.

In 2003, VH1 ranked the song at number 95 in its countdown of the "100 Greatest Songs Of The Past 25 Years."

In May 2005, "Wonderwall" was voted the best British song of all time, in a poll of over 8,500 listeners conducted by Virgin Radio.

The song "Wonderwall" placed 105 of the 3000 top songs of all time on the website acclaimedmusic.net.

In August 2006, "Wonderwall" was named the second-greatest song of all time in a poll conducted by Q Magazine, finishing behind another Oasis song, "Live Forever".

In 2006, U2's guitarist The Edge named "Wonderwall" one of the songs he most wishes he'd written.

In May 2007, NME magazine placed "Wonderwall" at number 27 in its list of the 50 Greatest Indie Anthems Ever.

In December 2007, it came in number 35 on VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 90's countdown.

In early 2007, "Wonderwall"'s drumming, provided by Alan White, was voted 90th best drumming track ever in Modern Drummer magazine.

29 October 2009

Win Tickets To The Pretty Green Launch

Pretty Green are running a twitter competition to find 2 lucky winners of tickets to the Pretty Green launch.

Click here for more details, You can't buy tickets to this event, it is strictly invite only!

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On This Day In Oasis History...

Release Date: 29 October 2007.

Highest Chart Position: N/A

Written By: Noel Gallagher.

Directed By: Baillie Walsh.

Recorded At: Various locations.

Lord Don't Slow Me Down is a rockumentary film, looking back on British band Oasis' Don't Believe the Truth world tour which took place from May 2005 to March 2006. The film is directed by Baillie Walsh. It went platinum in the UK.


A handful of fans-only private screenings took place around the world with the world premiere of the film at the Directors Guild Theater in New York City on November 4, 2006 as part of the CMJ Film Festival. The UK television premiere was on Channel 4 on November 19, at 11:50pm, although it was a heavily edited version with approximately 40 minutes cut from the original 95 minute version. The film was unveiled to coincide with Oasis' compilation album Stop the Clocks, released on November 20, 2006. A preview of the film was included on the Let There Be Love DVD single, released in November 2005.

The film features a new Oasis song also called "Lord Don't Slow Me Down", written by Noel Gallagher and recorded during the Don't Believe the Truth sessions, Gallagher described it as being "one of the best things, like The Who, The Yardbirds and the Jeff Beck Group combined, and it's got two drum solos on it!". He has also said that his girlfriend thought it was the only Oasis song you could dance to. The song was left off Don't Believe the Truth because Gallagher felt that including it would have meant he'd have been singing too many songs on the record. Italian footballer Alessandro Del Piero also appears in the video signing a shirt for noel.

DVD Release

Lord Don't Slow Me Down was released on DVD on October 29, 2007.

The DVD set contents:

Disc One:

Documentary tour film Lord Don’t Slow Me Down in stereo and surround sound.
Bonus audio commentary featuring the members of the band
A Noel Gallagher Q&A session with the fans filmed in New York in 2006

Disc Two:

Oasis live at City of Manchester Stadium on 2nd July 2005 in HD with stereo and surround sound.

"Fuckin' in the Bushes"
"Turn Up the Sun"
"Cigarettes & Alcohol"
"The Importance Of Being Idle"
"Little By Little"
"A Bell Will Ring"
"Live Forever"
"Mucky Fingers"
"Rock 'n' Roll Star"
"The Meaning of Soul"
"Don't Look Back In Anger"
"My Generation"

Unique footage and pictures sent in by fans who attended the concert.

28 October 2009

Amorphous Androgynous: 'Liam Gallagher Loved Remix'

Amorphous Androgynous have said that Liam and Noel Gallagher were both fans of their remix of Oasis's final single before their split.

The group's Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble remix of 'Falling Down' was described by songwriter Noel as a "staggering" and "monumental" piece of music.

One half of the duo Garry Cobain told Teletext: "We turned it into a 22-minute mini-album.

"Halfway in, we wondered 'What if they only wanted a five-minute mix?'. But Noel gave it its own 12" format, its own artwork."

He added: "Liam loved it too. He came up to me, hand on his heart, saying, 'I've got you to thank for making me look at music in a new way'. I'd never met him before!"

Cobain and bandmate Brian Dougans, also known as the Future Sound Of London, released the second volume of their Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding In Your Mind series earlier this year.

Source: www.digitalspy.com

Ask Liam Gallagher - Question from Sophie

Ask Liam is back - Liam is answering your questions via video.
Todays question is from Sophie:

Liam, I've heard you are going to open stores in South America and visit some countries to promote Pretty Green. Is that true?

You can ask your own question - either email askliam@prettygreen.com, tweet it adding #askliam, or post it here on youtube as a video question.

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27 October 2009

Inside This Month's Q Magazine...

In The December Issue of Q Magazine:

The Last Two Years of Oasis through the lens of photographer Jill Furmanovsky (6 page photo spread).

26 October 2009

Kasabian Deny Gallagher Rumours

Kasabian have denied Noel Gallagher is joining the band following his split from Oasis.

Lead singer Tom Meighan said: "I'd like him to but he's not going to - he's just quit his band, he's putting music aside for a bit."

However, he said if Noel wanted to join them for a concert he would be more than welcome.

Source: The Press Association

Ask Liam Gallagher - Emmanuelle

Ask Liam is back - Liam is answering your questions via video.
Todays question is from Emmanuelle:

My philosophy Professor says your are a cunt
What's the worst : making my pretty green scarf dirty with his blood or not defending you?

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New Liam Gallagher Interview

I wonder how Liam Gallagher might have responded if, a decade ago, he was told that in 2009 he would be giving an interview in which the journalist had been specifically instructed not to ask him about Oasis. It is, after all, the band which defined 1990s Britpop and, in the public's eyes, defines Liam Gallagher.
And, after 18 years, it is no more. On 28 August this year, Liam Gallagher had the latest in a long line of fights with his older brother and fellow band member, Noel, just minutes before the band was due to go on stage in Paris, and the gig was cancelled. Two hours later a statement from Noel appeared on the band's website: "It's with some sadness and great relief to tell you that I quit Oasis tonight … I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer." There has been very little since by way of an explanation, or hints as to what either Gallagher might do next.

Today I'm meeting Liam for a drink in his local boozer in Hampstead on the premise that I am not to ask him any questions about Oasis, Noel or the split. So what exactly can we talk about? The answer is the Oasis frontman's clothing line, Pretty Green, which he developed this year alongside British tailor Nick Holland, of Holland Esquire fame.

Named after a song Paul Weller wrote for The Jam, which was recently reprised by Mark Ronson ("I've got a pocket full of pretty green, I'm gonna put it in the fruit machine…") and initially released in June, it comprises casual menswear pieces including hats, T-shirts and scarves. The premium line, which includes more classic, grown-up designs in silk and cashmere is released at the end of this month and will be stocked in Cruise in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

It's difficult to know how to approach an interview with Liam Gallagher. The 37-year-old father of three (he is married to All Saints singer Nicole Appleton) is one of those people whom it's difficult to imagine in real life. His public image is so cartoonish that it seems impossible that he maintains it when he's having a pint down his local.

His own brother describes him thus: "He's rude, arrogant, intimidating and lazy. He's the angriest man you'll ever meet. He's like a man with a fork in a world of soup." Still, I rationalise, there's only so much rock star behaviour you can get away with when you're promoting a clothing line.

I needn't have worried. Sitting across from me in a dimly-lit corner of The Garden Gate pub, Liam doesn't smile. A hint of a smile doesn't pass his lips once over the course over the interview, yet he is friendly, polite, accommodating, even warm. He jokes, he asks me questions, but is always unsmiling, to the extent that I find myself wondering if he's ever smiled. He's a serious man, but there are no hints of the petulant child his brother has described, or of the lairy troublemaker he has been portrayed as in the media.

"Obviously I've got kids and you know, just took me foot off the gas a little bit," he says by way of an explanation. "I've definitely chilled out. A lot of people sort of get scared…" he switches into mock hard man mode, jutting out his chin and mumbling as if he's picking a fight, before waving a hand dismissively. "I've definitely changed, I think for the better."

He is handsome in person, shorter than he seems on stage, and looks relaxed, fit and healthy. These days, he gets up at the crack of dawn to go for a run around Hampstead Heath. He does the school run every day. And, perhaps most shocking of all, today he is sipping mineral water. He is sharply dressed in a Pretty Green parka and jeans, his hair is cropped. He looks stylish, if a little stuck in 1995. But then the younger Gallagher brother has always been obsessed with clothes.

"It's just as important as the music for me. Yeah man," he says, taking a gulp of water. "You can write a decent tune, but if you look like a dick, that doesn't cut it with me, you know what I mean? There's plenty of bands I've heard and I've gone, 'F**king hell if they look good man, if they look cool then we're over.' Then you see them on the TV and go, 'Thank f**k; they look s**t.' If you look good and you've got the tunes then you're away man."

Critics of Oasis have observed that the band has stuck resolutely to a musical style – one heavily influenced by the past and by artists such as The Stone Roses, Paul Weller and The Beatles – refusing to change or to move with the times.

Critics of the clothing line might say the same thing. Much like his approach to music, Liam clearly knows what he likes and likes what he knows.

Where 15 years ago, young men copied Oasis in bucket hats, parkas and Clarks wallaby shoes, today they want skinny jeans, skinny shirts, skinny ties and pointy shoes, an aesthetic which Gallagher describes as "a disease" and refuses to pander to, preferring to channel the mid-90s – with parkas and bucket hats.

However Pretty Green has been selling well, with some pieces (the parka included) selling out almost instantly. Its website crashed seconds after it was launched, such was the interest from fans, and the premium line has been well-received by buyers. Martin Lacey, the buying director at Cruise describes it as "a fantastic first collection surpassing all levels of expectation".

"Pretty Green brings a whole new look to the market that could match any mainline brand for quality, attention to detail and design," he says. "Unlike previous celebrity collaborations, it can stand the test of time and stand up in its own right."

Certainly Gallagher is an unlikely figure in the fashion world. He has been to a fashion show once before, he tells me, with his ex-wife Patsy Kensit, "and I nearly threw up. It's not my thing. Sipping champagne and talking s**te? They're only clothes aren't they, really, at the end of the day."

He's a showman. He holds court physically, gesticulating, shuffling around in his seat and occasionally leaping up to emphasise a point. When I remark upon the ponyskin shoes he's wearing today, he jumps to his feet, planting one foot on the low table and flinging his arms out in a pose that seems to ask me to come and have a go if I think I'm 'ard enough, not, as is the case, to admire his cheetah-print loafers more closely.

"These are Yves Saint Laurent," he says proudly, pronouncing every consonant, "and these are the nuts. You want to see the reaction when I take the kids to school in these. They're just like, 'Woah your dad's got Flintstones shoes on!'"

I ask him about Scotland, where Oasis were first signed back in 1993 after Creation Records co-owner Alan McGee saw them perform at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow. "Scotland's f**king cool man I love it," he says, leaning forward in his seat. "The crowds up there are top. People are always cool and you know how to drink. You don't know how to drink as much as me but… nice people. I don't know about the Mars Bar thing, though." He shakes his head ominously at the thought of tackling a deep-fried Mars Bar, before gesturing at his manager who's sitting at a nearby table eating chips.

"What did we try up there Steve, with cheese? What the f**k was it? It was like f**king loads of mad s**t, chips and gravy with cheese on it wannit?" Steve shrugs, his mouth full of chips and Liam looks at me incredulously, as if asking me to account for my country's bizarre dietary habits.

He leans back repeatedly, knocking his head on a fringed lampshade behind him. He sits with his knees as far apart as possible and swats distractedly at a fly. I ask him about fame. He has been one of the most recognisable faces in British music for his whole adult life, after all. His eyebrows furrow.

"Fame means nothing to me. It means that people have seen you on TV or whatever. I'm in a…" at this point he pauses and abruptly corrects himself; "I was in a band who made music and that was it. Fame is just a f**king disease."

His short-term future, he says, is "Pretty Green all the way. Relaxing at home, just getting out of the music for a bit and then gonna start up maybe after January, do something, see where it goes. Not Oasis. Something else. But having a breather from the music for a bit without a doubt. I'm always gonna miss Oasis. It was my f**king thing, you know what I mean? It's who I am. But it's only a name. I'm still who I am and I can go and do something else. I've got music in me. I'll never leave it behind but we'll see where it goes. It might be s**te but you don't know until you try."

He will give me no more specific clues as to his future in the music industry, but states repeatedly that he will get back into it in the new year and that it "won't be Oasis" and he won't go solo.

"Getting away from the whole Oasis thing is gonna be a good thing I suppose," he says. "Don't wanna do anything solo, it's not my thing. I want to be in a band. But we can do things a lot differently these days. Who knows man, but it'll definitely be rock'n'roll."

Is this an opportunity, I wonder, for him to try something a little different, to explore a new avenue? "Without a doubt. But at the moment instead of going straight into it I think we definitely need a breather from people's heads cos it's a big thing, Oasis, so that needs to be put to bed and let people get used to it and obviously let us get used to it. But I think what comes from it could be f**king pretty cool. You don't just turn s**t overnight."

Given the apparent openness of his personality, his restraint is admirable. I get the impression that he might reveal more were Steve not sitting nearby. He can, however, always be counted upon for a barb or two about the brother with whom he has been bickering for three decades. While the relationship has always been a tempestuous one, today they rarely speak. Before the split they were travelling separately and only met up on stage. To describe the relationship as strained would be an understatement.

"I gave him some (Pretty Green] stuff out of courtesy. And he took it." Liam's tone is one of incredulous outrage. "Which pissed me off cos he should have threw it back in me face cos we weren't talking. But he f**king took it and he probably put it in the bin."

He pauses, annoyed. He's wound up now, and on a roll. He continues: "He probably wears it round his house when his missus is out. Soon as she comes back in he probably takes it off cos he's not allowed cos he's under the f**king thumb." He sticks his fist out and points his thumb down petulantly, like an unimpressed Roman emperor.

With the exception of this one rant however, he seems calm, unmoved by the recent dramas, and insists that he's had very little time to turn his thoughts to it all. He's in the process of moving house, which is taking up most of his time, his children have started back at school after the summer, and his beloved Man City are doing well, "which is taking the heat off". If he is fazed by the drama or worried about the future, he isn't showing it.

The wound, perhaps, is still so fresh that he hasn't yet fully processed things or decided how to proceed. Like a difficult marriage that's spanned nearly two decades before coming to an abrupt end, the journey with Oasis has been all-consuming, and I can't blame him for being unclear on how he will move on with his life.

When I ask him if Pretty Green will be his main focus in the long-term, his answer is firm: "No." Then he quickly changes his mind. "It is, yeah, just like the music though. Music and the clothes without a doubt."

Will music take a back seat? "No way man. You don't just stop making music overnight. We're having a bit of time off. Or I am. You know we're doing the Pretty Green stuff and then maybe after Christmas, we'll start banging out some tunes. And it won't be Oasis and it will be something else. You don't just do 18 years of music and then go, 'Right that's it I want to do f**king clothes.' There's no point in looking cool and having no tunes either is there?"

Visit www.prettygreen.com for details.

Source: news.scotsman.com

Oasis Shortlisted For Q Awards

They may be gone but they are not forgotten - recently-split Oasis are in the running for the title of world's best act at a top music awards bash.

The band, whose guitarist Noel Gallagher quit in August, were shortlisted for "best act in the world today" at the Q Awards, against Kings Of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay and Muse.

Oasis will also compete for the best live act award at the London event, against acts such as U2, Blur and Take That.

Source: The Press Association

25 October 2009

Oasis - Definitely Maybe 15th Anniversary (Light Blue - Tin Gift Set)

Celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, 'Definitely Maybe' was Oasis' debut album and an instant commercial and critical success in the UK, having followed on the heels of singles "Supersonic", "Shakermaker", "Live Forever" and "Cigarettes & Alcohol". It was the fastest selling debut album of all time in the UK when released, and has gone on to sell over seven million copies worldwide.

This gift set includes an original `Definitely Maybe' design T-shirt, a thin, lightweight scarf with the band's logo on one end and an early days badge set, all held in an embossed tin featuring the band's logo.

It's on and hmv.com and play.com and is due for release on 30/11/2009.

Leona Lewis Covers Oasis On New Album Echo

Leona Lewis' has covered Oasis' Stop Crying Your Heart Out for her new album 'Echo' that is released 16th November!

track listing

01. Happy
02. I Got You
03. Can't Breathe
04. Brave
05. Outta My Head
06. My Hands
07. Love Letter
08. Broken
09. Naked
10. Stop Crying Your Heart Out
11. Don't Let Me Down
12. Alive
13. Lost Then Found feat. OneRepublic
14. Stone Hearts & Hand Grenades

23 October 2009

Who Needs Liam?

Noel Out On Lash For First Time Since Split

He stormed out of Oasis... but don't expect Noel Gallagher to be crying his heart out.

On the contrary, he's partying his heart out instead - well, at least he was on Tuesday night.

We were there as he enjoyed his first big night out since he walked out on Oasis after one bustup too many with brother Liam.

The rocker - usually happiest nursing a pint down his local - was a surprise guest at the reopening of celebrity haunt Chinawhite.

He told us: "I'm having a good time, and the support from my fans has been great. I'm looking forward to doing my own thing, bringing out my own music. I'm glad that's what people want to hear. I am not thinking about much else, Oasis or Liam, I'm just having a good time."

He certainly was, canoodling with his missus Sara McDonald as she perched on his knee. Scantily clad glamour girls hovered by his £5,000 VIP table - with champers and vodka mixers on tap - and blokes chanted his name. He gave them the thumbs-up and told them he was doing OK.

Then, giving Sara a squeeze, he winked: "We're gonna have a slumber party tonight."

Sadly our invite didn't extend that far.

Other guests included Strictly's Jo Wood and daughter Leah, Chelsy Davy, Natalie Imbruglia and Princess Beatrice. Meanwhile, his brother Liam was out yesterday with his wife Nicole and her sister Natalie. Liam and Nat's hubby - The Prodigy's Liam Howlett - later sat, exhausted, on a bench after a jog round a North London park.

Source: www.mirror.co.uk

Pretty Green Launch Party

Plans for the Pretty Green launch party are well underway and we're going to give 2 lucky winners from, the Pretty Green Community, the chance to join us on what promises to be a top night.

We'll be running the competition to win tickets through twitter, so make sure you follow us to get the details in the next week or two.

Follow @prettygreenltd on twitter

To compliment the new collection, we're hard at work giving the Pretty Green website a whole new look. Lauching the first week of November!

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22 October 2009

Ask Liam Gallagher - Question From Belen

Hi Liam
My name is Belen, i'm 16 years old and I think that Pretty Green is fantastic, congratulations!
Would you leave music in order work out to dedicate the fashion?
Cheers from Chile.

You can ask your own question - either email askliam@prettygreen.com, tweet it adding #askliam, or post it on youtube as a video question.

It's Cartoon Pop

They are the legends of Manchester music – but not as you have ever seen them before.

Some of the city’s best loved and most infamous music icons are being depicted in pop art style at an exhibition in Chorlton.

Artist Pete McKee, who designed posters for Oasis’s home-coming gigs in Heaton Park in June, has painted a tongue-in-cheek picture of Noel Gallagher and several other leading figures.

Many of his pictures create his idea of a pivotal moment in their lives, while others reference lines from songs or show their fans.

Pete, who lives in Sheffield and has a distinctive pop art cartoon style, said: "I thought it would be fun to create some of the great moments in Manchester’s musical history.

"I tend to think about what each band’s inspirations were, either through certain lyrics or things that were supposed to have happened or images of their fans, and then draw them in a quirky light-hearted way."

The paintings, which also include pictures of Peter Hook, Shaun Ryder and The Stone Roses, are being exhibited at Oddest bar in Chorlton, before moving on to the two other city centre bars in the chain, Odd and Odder.

Some of the pictures captures key moments in the history of Manchester music. One painting shows Johnny Marr knocking on the door of Morrissey’s home on King’s Road, Stretford, and asking if he wanted to start a band.

Another shows Howard Devito and Pete Shelley, of the Buzzcocks, visiting Malcolm McClaren’s shop in London to arrange for the Sex Pistols’ now legendary gig at the Free Trade Hall.

As well as displaying his quirky pictures for sale at the bars, there is a serious aspect to the exhibition.

His painting of Joy division’s Ian Curtis sitting in a cafe is being auctioned for the Samaritans. Curtis committed suicide in 1980.

Pete said: "It’s a serious subject so it’s a hard sell in a way, but I wanted to do something that might help the Samaritans."

Cleo Farman, founder and owner of the Odd bar group, said: "We’re really flattered to have Pete’s work in our bars as he’s an influential artist and his pictures show a big part of the Manchester music scene. I love them and am very proud to have them showing in all three bars."

The paintings will be at Oddest on Wilbraham Road, Chorlton until November 4.

To bid for the Ian Curtis picture, I C Cafe, email pete@therealmckee.co.uk before December 1.

Source: www.southmanchesterreporter.co.uk

Liam Gallagher And Liam Howlett Struggle For Breath On Comedy Jog

It seems Liam Gallagher isn't sitting on his lazy backside waiting for Noel to come back to Oasis. He teamed up with his brother in law Liam Howlett and the wives as art of a fitness regime. Wearing tights.

's brilliant isn't he? Note how throughout these pictures Liam appears to do the square root of my arse.

I'm not entirely sure what Nicole and Natalie Appleton were up to or why on earth they thought it would be a good idea to drag their husbands along, but it's fair to say it doesn't look like their hearts are in it.

What the hell is Liam wearing? He looks like a cat burglar out of the Beano FFS.

Pun time? Ours is up there ^^ Stop Coughing your Lungs Out^^ and it's a bit (a lot) shit.

Click here to see the gallery.

Source: www.holymoly.com

Alan McGee On The Vortex

Just one more part left. In this part, Alan discusses the upcoming band "The Vortex"

21 October 2009

On This Day In Oasis History...

"Lord Don't Slow Me Down" is a song by English rock band Oasis. The song was released as a download-only single on October 21, 2007 and was also released on an extremely limited 12 inch single in promotion of the release of Oasis' rockumentary of the same name, Lord Don't Slow Me Down. On October 29, the song debuted at number ten in the UK Singles Chart, becoming Oasis' 21st UK top 10. It is also their 21st top ten single in a row. It is also the first single by Oasis not to reach the top 4 since 1994's Cigarettes & Alcohol.

In October 2006 the first part of the song was used in a preview of the band's movie. Written and sung by Noel Gallagher and recorded during the Don't Believe the Truth sessions, Gallagher described it as being "one of the best things, like The Who, The Yardbirds and the Jeff Beck Group combined, and it's got two drum solos on it!"[4] The entire song leaked into the internet just a few days before the video was uploaded on YouTube and the song was played on the radio, on 1 October. The song was a probable track to be included on the band's last album, 2005's Don't Believe the Truth, but was removed from the final track list by Noel Gallagher, as he thought he sang on too many songs on the record. In May 2008 an unreleased studio version with Liam Gallagher on lead vocals was leaked over internet fansites.

This song is included on Dig Out Your Soul bonus CD.


The song has been very well-received by critics and fans. Commenting on the song, Noel said "You know there's a DVD coming out for Christmas... somewhat predictably. The title track was so brilliant that the powers that be said 'let's just put it out'."[5] It debuted at #10 on the UK Singles Chart, fell 21 places to #31 in the second week and left the chart the week after. It became Oasis' lowest charting song since 1994's "Live Forever" (which also peaked at #10), a factor likely aided by the lack of significant publicity, a tangible release, and corresponding album.

Track listing

"Lord Don't Slow Me Down" - 3:17
"The Meaning of Soul" (Live at City of Manchester Stadium '05) - 2:32
"Don't Look Back in Anger" (Live at City of Manchester Stadium '05) - 5:38

The Vortex UK Tour Starts On Friday

Paul ‘Bonehead’ Arthurs, founder member and former guitarist with Oasis, is about to tour the UK after a successful European tour with Manchester’s most talked-about new band, The Vortex.

These pictures are from Magnet (club NME) Berlin, Germany from the 16th October, visit the band's MySpace page here.

You can check the band out on the following dates around the UK.

23-Oct - Dirty - South Lewisham
24-Oct - The Bitter End - Romford

08-Nov - Sound Bar - Birmingham
12-Nov - St Georges Hall - Bradford
13-Nov - Harleys - Bathgate
14-Nov - McQ's - Stirling
20-Nov - The M Club - Crewe
21-Nov - Perfect 5th Taunton
22-Nov - The Well- Leeds
27-Nov - Yardsbird Club - Grimsby

04-Dec - Live Lounge - Blackburn
05-Dec - Club Academy - Manchester
11th Dec - Newz Bar - Liverpool

Thanks to Justine @ www.brave-music-agency.co.uk

20 October 2009

Voting Now Closed For The Q Awards

Shortlist voting for the Q Awards 2009 with Russian Standard Vodka has now closed.

Go to QTheMusic.com on Monday October 26 from 1pm('ish) onwards to see how your favourite artists fared as the winners are announced live from the Awards ceremony, as well as all the all minute by minute coverage of the event.

Discover, Vote And Share Your Song Of The Decade

Absolute Radio is embarking on a mighty mission to find your Song of the Decade. We’ve got every track that’s appeared in the Top 75 of the Official UK Chart since the turn of the millennium, so search and vote for your favourites now.

To cast a vote click here for more details.

19 October 2009

Alan McGee On Upside Down - The Film About Creation Records

Alan's talking about "Upside Down", the film covering the history of Creation Records. He highlights how the death of Tony Wilson made him not want to be in the music business anymore, as most other people in the industry "don't like music" (an obvious reference to the focus of making money in today's industry)

Watch more videos of Alan by visiting www.pepsimaxcast.com

Out Of The Blue - The Oasis Photographs

Michael Spencer Jones, the celebrated photographer best known for his work with Noel and Liam Gallagher's Oasis, has released a beautiful portfolio entitled "Out of the Blue - The Oasis Photographs" containing 15 limited edition prints and a deluxe coffee table book, all hand signed by the photographer. Available to purchase on Hypergallery.com, an on-line gallery specializing in limited edition fine art prints of album cover and associated art.

Hypergallery is proud to present a beautifully-produced portfolio box set containing 10 signed limited edition photographs of Michael Spencer Jones' iconic artwork as well as a large format book of mainly previously unseen images of Oasis as you've never seen them before.
The box-set represents a publishing first and offers the discerning collector with an investment opportunity which can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Unlike most bands of their stature, Oasis seemed to burst onto the music scene 'fully formed'. This, of course was partly due to their innate understanding of the history of rock and their own place within it. It was also due to the public image that was projected by the pictures of the band, which adorned their first single, and album releases…pictures, which were created by Michael Spencer Jones.
In a five year journey which began with a photo-shoot of an unknown band at Manchester's Out of the Blue studios in 1993, Michael Spencer Jones worked closely with Oasis to create a series of enduring images which adorned the bands first three albums and their accompanying singles.

Appearing in a strictly limited edition of 250 copies worldwide, Out of the Blue brings together for the first time an important collection of extraordinary photographs of one of England's finest ever bands during what is often referred to as their 'golden years'.

The portfolio comprises 10 signed original limited edition photographs of Oasis' iconic sleeve artwork. They include their first 3 album covers, Definitely Maybe, (What's the Story) Morning Glory? and Be Here Now; together with 7 of their single covers, Supersonic, Shaker Maker, Cigarettes & Alcohol, Whatever, Roll With It, Wonderwall and Don't Look Back In Anger. All the photographs have been printed onto crystal archive paper using the original camera negative, and are of stunning quality. Furthermore, all the photographs have been individually mounted within museum acid-free window mounts, and all have been individually signed and numbered by Michael Spencer Jones.

Michael Spencer Jones had unprecedented access to Oasis; backstage, in the studio, in concert, and off duty. The photos featured in the book, the majority of which have never been seen before, have been carefully selected from Michael's vast Oasis archive of over 8,000 images. An illuminating 12,500 word text written by Michael of his experiences with the band also accompanies the book.

The 198 page large format book is only available as part of this portfolio box set and is strictly limited to 250 copies worldwide. Each book is individually signed and numbered by Michael Spencer Jones, hand-bound in quarter leather and printed on 200gsm acid free matt art paper with silver gilt edges. The book has been printed and bound by Grafiche Milani of Italy, one of the world's leading makers of fine limited edition books. All images in the book have been spot varnished and have been printed using the finest offset printing technology. The book has been beautifully designed by Wherefore Art? who designed the multi million selling The Beatles Anthology and many other fine books.

To maintain the integrity of the edition the plates used to produce the book were destroyed after production ensuring the books investment potential.

The book reveals not only a deep insight into Oasis, the making of these great covers and the shoots surrounding them but also into the mind, art and surreal world of Michael's photography

In order to accommodate and protect both prints and book for posterity, a beautiful and stylish bespoke case has been designed. Handmade by craftsmen, the portfolio case is made from durable and hard wearing Pellaq and luxuriously lined with silsuede. The book is housed in its own 'secret' recess beneath the limited edition photographs.

The Photographs
The image size is approx. 28 x 28cm, the mount size is approx. 38.5 x 39.5 cm. Each limited edition photograph is housed within its own archival acid-free museum mount and is personally numbered and signed by Michael Spencer Jones and is further authenticated by his photographer's seal. They have been printed on crystal archive paperusing the original camera negative or transparency. These are limited edition are first generation photographs, not inkjets.
The Book
The book contains 198 pages of full colour including pages of trace and acetate. Each copy is ¼ bound in leather with silver foil blocking on the front and spine and has silver edged gilt pages. It weighs 1.9 kilos and has been printed on 200 gsm acid free matt art paper with spot varnishing to each image. Each book has been individually numbered and personally signed by Michael Spencer Jones.

The Portfolio Box

The box measures 42 x 40 x 8cm and has been hand-made by craftsmen in durable dark blue pellaq. It is lined with dark blue silsuede with in its own silsuede recess to house the limited edition book.

Source: PR Web

18 October 2009

Liam And Noel Gallagher On The Weakest Link....2009

More Fun With Stevie Riks visit his YouTube Channel by clicking here.

www.stevieriks.com www.riksymania.de www.myspace.com/stevieriks1

16 October 2009

Devendra Banhart Wants To Work With The Gallaghers

Devendra Banhart, who counts the Gallagher brothers among his fans, recently collaborated with Beck and is teaming up with GZA from hip-hop group Wu Tang Clan.

It’s a tie-up that got started after some high brow conversation at Coachella festival earlier in the year.

"We talked about how general relativity and quantum physics don’t agree with each other and then talked about maybe doing a song where I get to be general relativity, and he gets to be quantum physics, and we’re arguing," explained Banhart, who later sent GZA his catalogue of music.

Confirming a collaboration, he added: "I’m going to write some music for him to flow over and we’ll see where it goes."

The news comes ahead of the release of his new album What Will We Be on 27 October.

Banhart worked on the record with members of Isle of Wight band The Bees and singer/guitarist Rodrigo Amarante from Little Joy, a side-project of The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti.

It’s his first album on a major label, Warner, having been with independents like XL in the past.

Banhart explained one of the reasons he chose them: "The White Stripes had signed to XL and about a year later I signed to XL, and then about a year later they left XL and signed with Warners, so I’m just kind of following them around."

"I don’t know what’s next, it’s pre-determined by whatever Meg [White] wants," he joked.

He revealed his second reason for choosing Warner: "They gave us the most freedom and brought us sandwiches. I think after being financially crippled, the Goliath has been toppled, with them re-examining their approach and their business model."

Meanwhile the former members of Oasis are big fans of Devendra's music.

He's covered the Gallagher brothers’ music in the past and they asked him to remix a song from their last album Dig Out Your Soul.

We asked him if he’d like to work with Noel and Liam now they've split.

"Yes, I’m gonna see if Noel is going to start a new band, if he needs a didgeridoo player," replied Banhart. "And I’m going to go buy some Pretty Green jumpers to support Liam’s fashionista aspirations, because he’s got top style."

Source: BBC 6 MUSIC

Ask Liam Gallagher

The Internationally popular ‘Ask Liam’ series returns to the Pretty Green community next week. On the 21st October, Liam will pick a selection of your questions to answer by video.

You can Ask Liam in a variety of ways:

Twitter - Simply tweet a question and add #askliam at the end.
Email - Send a question via email to askliam@prettygreen.com
Community - Post your question as a comment to this post.
Video - Use your favourite video site to post a video question and send us the link (using the above options)

Source: www.prettygreen.com

Liam Gallagher Is A Kung Fu Star

Has Liam Gallagher been mastering martial arts since Oasis went their separate ways this summer?

The notoriously grumpy singer looked trim and in good spirits as he pulled off a selection of Kung Fu moves in front of snappers at The Ivy last night.

Perhaps he was keen to show off his fancy fur shoes - baring a strikingly similar animal print pattern to that of his wife Nicole Appleton' boots.

Or perhaps Liam was sending a warning to brother Noel after he walked out on the band in August.

At least Nicole is still playing happy families.

Her sister Natalie and husband Liam Howlett were invited along for some grub.

Although the Prodigy star sadly let the group down in the footwear department.

See the pictures by clicking here.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Eyewitness Account Of The Fight That Split Oasis Emerges?

A gossip website is claiming to have more details about the Paris fight that effectively led to Oasis' split.

As previously reported, the band failed to play the Paris Rock en Seine festival on August 28 after a fight between Noel and Liam Gallagher backstage, and now Holymoly.com is claiming to have an account from "a mole" who saw the dispute that triggered the split.

"The papers quite rightly reported the fact that Noel stormed out from their gig in Paris a minute before they were due onstage because Liam smashed his guitar - but the whole five minutes the saga lasted were proper comedy," explained the site.

Allegedly Liam had brought his own acoustic guitar to play in the dressing room and a row erupted when Noel made a "pithy comment about Liam's playing".

"Without thinking, Liam stood up and hurled the guitar at Noel. Naturally it missed and landed next at his feet instead," writes Holymoly.com.

"Realising Liam had mistakenly thrown his own guitar, Noel looked down, shrugged and stamped seven bells of shit out of it until it resembled the bottom of a hamster's cage."

It was then, as reported by NME.COM at the time, that the singer made his way to the stage and smashed up his older brother's guitars. Noel then "flicked the Vs, walked out of the backstage area, got into a taxi and went home".

The following day (August 29), Noel Gallagher then issued his full statement confirming he had left Oasis permanently.

Source: www.nme.com

15 October 2009

From The Archives - "Can I Have More Hoover In Me Monitors!"

Every now and then we here at Oasisinet have a tidy up in the office and try and find our desks again. It's at times like this that we often stumble upon some really cool stuff that we think you'll enjoy seeing too. So when we find something good we'll put it up at the Oasis YouTube page.

This week, we found the EPK* for the album 'Heathen Chemistry'. As always, the guys were on really good form and it makes for fun viewing - who knew that Henry the Hoover nearly made it on to the album!?

To watch it, click HERE!

Keep checking back to Oasisinet for more fun things from the archives...

Source: www.oasisinet.com

Alan McGee On CDs And Downloads

Our very own Maxcast "Svengali" himself Alan McGee talks to Maxcast on a sunny October morning, on all things music and Alan. In this video he talks about the music industry, the demise of CDs, the surge of downloads and what he thinks the future is.

Watch more videos of Alan by visiting www.pepsimaxcast.com

Inside This Months Q Magazine

Inside the current issue of Q Magazine (On sale now), there is a few pages on the Oasis split.

Oasis Tip From Spandau Ballet

Comeback heroes Spandau Ballet have some advice for Noel and Liam Gallagher... have a punch-up.

Gary Kemp told us at the aftershow bash for their show in Dublin, their first since 1990: "Oasis need to learn from us. No one has had more fights than us. Going to the High Court for six weeks was hell. Not speaking for 19 years, I can hardly believe we've made it on stage tonight. I'm so proud. I can't believe we wasted all these years."

His bandmate Steve Norman, who teamed up with Tony Hadley and John Keeble to sue Gary for song-writing royalties and lost, said: "Oasis need to have a punch-up, take each other to court if that's what it takes to get it out of their system. But they are brothers like us and they love each other. Life's too short to hold a grudge. I was like a pig in s**t tonight - that's how happy I was."

Still, their gig nearly never happened at all. Steve, John and the tour keyboard player gatecrashed a beer festival and had one too many when security waded in.

Steve told us: "They warned us to stop dancing on the tables or we'd get chucked out. I didn't want to get in trouble before our comeback gig. Can you imagine what'd happen if I didn't make the first night?" True, so true.

Source: www.mirror.co.uk

14 October 2009

What's Next For Liam Gallagher

Reality TV, song wars and new dance directions? NME’s Martin Robinson considers what’s next for Gallagher Jr

That’s it then, Oasis are officially dead.

Liam Gallagher fired the final bullet into the group’s lifeless body during an interview last week, declaring, “Oasis is no longer. I think we all know that. It’s a shame but that’s life... I’m thinking of what the next step is musically, which is all my mind’s on.”

It was a bit of a surprise, since the rumour was that Liam was going to continue Oasis without Noel, but it seems common sense has prevailed, and we’ve been spared the sight of Liam berating crowds for bottling new lead guitarist Spongebob Squarepants.

So what will Liam do next? His Pretty Green project will continue, but the itch to belt out some songs will hopefully result in new music from him soon.

Maybe when Noel starts releasing tunes. This could actually be the start of a highly productive beef to rival that between Jay-Z and Nas, as the two brothers trade diss songs, and try to prove who’s the best songwriter.

Liam’s improved considerably since ‘Little James’ and could hold his own, but his problem is that, unlike Noel, he’ll need collaborators. Since Noel slated all his bandmates when he left, you’d imagine Andy Bell and Gem Archer will be there for Liam, but we’d prefer to see him branch out a bit.

He’s been on Prodigy records before, and his appearance on Death In Vegas’ ‘Scorpio Rising’ was a sensation – Liam goes dance? Well, since in the same Times interview he revealed he used to breakdance and was into “old electro”, it could happen. Hey, it worked for Ian Brown.

If Liam isn’t up for pushing things on – and we really hope that he is – then perhaps Brownie can help in a different way. If King Monkey isn’t up for a Stone Roses reunion, then why doesn’t John Squire reform them with Liam as singer?

The youngster has certainly, “borrowed” some style tips from Ian Brown over the years and though the lad-rock community would probably implode, it’d be amazing.

Still, Liam’s so entertaining that there’s more open to him than just music. His brief appearance on Hell’s Kitchen provided a tantalising glimpse into Liam as a reality TV star.

We’d love to see him chinning snakes on I’m A Celebrity... or, having done food, we’d actually like to see Liam on something like What Not To Wear, dishing out his oddball-zen musings (“Just be, man” or “The comb is your friend”) to the great unwashed.

Seriously though, Oasis may be over, but the Gallagher Song Wars are just beginning; there’s a helluva lot of good music to come.

Source: NME Magazine thanks to Dougie for typing it up.

Oasis 'Dig Out Your Soul In The Street' Wins UK Music Video Award

We're very pleased to announce that last night the film 'Dig Out Your Soul In The Streets' won 'The Innovation Award' at this year's UK Music Video Awards. The award recognises a "piece of work that extends the definition of the medium of music video, and the visual representation and promotion of music generally, through the most innovative and creative use of technology.

"The film was shot by directors The Malloys while Oasis were in New York in September 2008. It was inspired by a competition Big Brother Recordings ran at the time for fans of the band to record versions of four of the (at the time) unreleased tracks off the 'Dig Out Your Soul' album. The Malloys extended this idea to a group of street musicians in New York. 'Dig Out Your Soul In The Streets' documents the musicians learning the songs with Oasis then going out and performing them.

You can watch the award-winning 'Dig Out Your Soul In The Streets' above.

'Falling Down' also picked up 'Best Editing In A Video' at the evening's awards.

Source: www.oasisinet.com

New Pete Mckee Art Prints Available Now

I kind of see Manchester as Sheffield’s naughty big brother who gets into trouble every now and then. We share a very similar DNA: Northern, industrial and musical. We’ve both made our mark on the psyche of the youth of today and yesterday, influencing them to dress and dance in a way that separates them from others and makes them feel special while sat alone in a bedroom reading LP sleeves listening to music inspired by rain and industry.

This exhibition is my way of celebrating the role Manchester’s music scene has played in helping sullen teenagers grow up to be Guardian-reading social workers and teachers — or Tesco night line managers — or artists.

This is my first exhibition in Manchester and call at Odd, Odder and Oddest bars from now till 14th January.

Oddest – Wilbraham Road: 8 October – 5 November Odd – The Northern Quarter: 5 November – 7 December Odder – Oxford Road: 7 December – 14 January

Special edition prints Printed on high quality art paper, there is a limited edition run of only 10 per image. Each is signed, numbered and has the story and the title hand written underneath by myself. Price £150 unframed £200 framed.

Open edition prints Are printed to order on quality art paper, each is 60cm x 60cm and is accompanied by the story printed along the bottom of the print. Price £30, these prints are also available from Piccadilly Records, 53 Oldham Street, Manchester

Canvas prints Printed on high quality canvas. They are 20” x 20” and are mounted to a box frame. Price £100.

Source: www.therealmckee.co.uk

Click here to see the rest of the collection or for details to order a print.

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