31 August 2009

Oasis Hit Voted 'Greatest Song'

Oasis may have reached the end of the road following the departure of Noel Gallagher - but they can take comfort from one of their early singles has been named the greatest song of all time by XFM.

Their 1994 track Live Forever - only their third single - topped a poll of music fans, with three of their songs figuring in the top four.

Don't Look Back In Anger was placed third and Wonderwall came fourth in the international poll in which listeners were asked to choose the best tracks ever.

01: Oasis – Live Forever
03: Oasis – Don’t Look Back In Anger
04: Oasis – Wonderwall
19: Oasis – 'Some Might Say'
34: Oasis – 'Slide Away'
41: Oasis – Champagne Supernova
55: Oasis – Supersonic
61: Oasis – Rock 'n' Roll Star
68: Oasis – 'The Masterplan'
78: Oasis – Whatever
92: Oasis – Cigarettes & Alcohol

See the full list here.

What Next For Noel G?

What next for Britpop's most conspicuous under-achiever asks John Tatlock. Maybe Amorphous Androgynous point the way forward

It’s 1992, down a Manchester city centre back-street called Little Peter Street. You are leaving The Boardwalk, a combined rehearsal room and gig venue, where local bands play to small crowds alongside better known alternative acts from further afield – Sonic Youth, Husker Du and the like – while Fridays are given over to ex-Hacienda DJ Dave Haslam’s superb Yellow night, a no-rules mish-mash of soul, house and guitar bands. Maybe you’ll be up there later; you often drag the rest of the lads along too.

You turn left, then left again, then right onto Whitworth Street and observe the queue snaking along the opposite corner and into The Hacienda, perhaps past its peak, but still pumping out cutting edge dance and techno sounds to packed crowds. You walk straight ahead and pass The Venue on your left, a gnarly indie / punk club and The Brickhouse on your right, still hosting an assortment of cracking disco and soul nights.

Cross Oxford Road and arrive at the entrance of India House. You put down your guitar case and fumble in your pocket for your keys. You are Noel Gallagher and your walk home from rehearsal through the city centre has taken around four or five minutes, maximum. Maybe you could stay in tonight, or maybe head out for a drink a couple of minutes away in any of the venues you’ve just passed. Or head on out to the student boozers down Oxford Road for some indie sounds, or up to Legends (where the Mondays filmed the video to ‘Wrote For Luck’), or maybe even out to one of the new mixed gay / straight bars that appearing in Canal Street round the corner for a bit of cheesy Italo house.

You don’t mind a bit of that stuff, there are some great tunes; especially ‘Feel The Groove’ by Cartouche, brilliant. You’ve had the band rehearsing a cover version of that lately, just a repetition of the “Better let you know / it’s time for you to go” line over a mental wall of My Bloody Valentine feedback and Stooges riffing, but none of them like it, and it’s soon to be dropped from the set.

Anyway, whatever you decide to do, there’s pretty much any kind of music you can think of being played loud within a short walk, and you’re into it all.

Cartouche – 'Feel the Groove'

Oasis cover version – demo recording

Noel Gallagher has always been great at spinning a myth, and Oasis’s four-or-five-ordinary-lads-from-Burnage-who-shook-the-world back story has certainly played well in the papers over the years. The thing is, while that’s a roughly accurate description of the rest of the band, it barely describes Noel, who had got out of the (actually quite leafy and pleasant) suburb and right into the city centre music-biz action years previously.

India House was, and remains, something of a key institution for sharp youngsters on the make in Manchester. Adapted from an old warehouse into social housing flats, long before the current fad for city centre living, it provided a means of being right in the middle of the city action, but incredibly cheaply and with a landlord sympathetic to the fluctuating incomes of people struggling away in bands, promoting club nights and working in the theatre. (All of which could be supplemented with signing on the dole and a bit of low level drug dealing, if so desired.)

The flats themselves are not palatial, but are a much nicer proposition from the kind of high rise horror it’s all to easy to end up in in such circumstances. There are some nutters in there for sure, but the tenant list over the years has somewhat suspiciously favoured the city’s well-connected hipsters, including members of The Doves and Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown. The whisper around town has always been that if you know who to ask, and how to ask, you can get bumped up the waiting list.

Whether there’s any truth to that rumour or not, there was a certain cut-price boy-or-girl-about-town bohemian lifestyle to be had, and Gallagher grabbed it with both hands. By ‘91 he was well connected with many Manchester music scene movers and shakers (if not quite aristocracy). Having worked regularly as part of the Inspiral Carpets road crew, he’d travelled widely with them and befriended people like Johnny Marr – an important early champion of Oasis – and Mark Coyle, the Carpets’ sound man who later go on to produce Oasis’s first album.

The point of all this, of course, isn’t to suggest that Noel is hiding some kind of privileged past, as you can do all the above and still be horribly skint. It’s rather to point out that there’s always been something somewhat frustrating about Oasis’s self-imposed we-only-make-proper-songs-on-proper-instruments-for-the-milkman-to-whistle stance, especially when you know what broad musical exposure and taste the elder Gallagher actually has.

In an odd piece of serendipity, at more or less exactly the moment on Friday 28th of August that Noel Gallagher was announcing his departure from Oasis, the presses were rolling out the following day’s Guardian Guide, containing an interview with Jay Z, in which Gallagher’s musical broad-mindedness was discussed.

Referring to the storm in a tea cup surrounding Jay Z’s headlining performance at the 2008 Glastonbury festival, and Gallagher’s petulant complaint that “Sorry, but Jay-Z? Fucking no chance. Glastonbury has a tradition of guitar music. . . I'm not having hip-hop at Glastonbury. It's wrong.” Jay Z avoided a war of words with the Oasis man, simply electing to hand Gallagher’s ass to him by turning in an all-time festival highlight show, cheekily opening with Oasis’s ‘Wonderwall’:

For the rest of this article please visit The Quietus

Pete Doherty Covers Oasis In Russia

Pete Doherty plays Wonderwall from Oasis together with the audienceat a recent gig in Russia.

The X Factor 2009 - The Michael And James Audition

Oasis - Just How Rubbish Were They?

Over in the Daily Mail today I have a go at Oasis, the popular beat combo which has just split up. (Or so Noel Gallagher says, and since he’s the only one in the band who can write songs, that’ll be it till he changes his mind for the lucrative reunion tour).

To be honest, I probably don’t loathe Oasis quite as much as I make out in that article. When you’re writing polemic there isn’t much room for nuance like - “Well if someone put on Champagne Supernova right now I’d probably feel a pleasant nostalgic twinge for my lost youth” - which is more or less what I really think about Oasis: I’d never ever put on one of their records myself, but if someone else did I wouldn’t necessarily feel an intense urge to kill him.

But I very much stand by my main point which is that Oasis were derivative and overrated. Their second album (What’s The Story) Morning Glory remains the third bestselling album (after The Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper and Queen’s Greatest Hits) in British pop history. Does anyone out there seriously still thinks it deserves a place even in the top 50? Personally, I wouldn’t even put it in my top 100.

It’s not that I don’t like Liam’s son-of-Lennon vocals (and I also like, incidentally, that way he had of placing his mic way too high so that he had to keep craning his neck upwards like a Gerenuk feeding on an acacia tree); and I do agree that a lot of Noel Gallagher’s compositions are very catchy. But there’s a reason for the last bit and it’s very simple: they all sound quite a bit like songs you already know, most of them written by the Beatles.

You might argue that originality is a much overrated virtue in pop, given that from Led Zeppelin borrowing from the blues and every heavy rock band ever borrowing from Led Zeppelin pop has always fed on itself. But to me a truly great band is one that disguises or alters the sound of its influences to the point where you no longer go: “Ohmygod, that is SUCH a rip off.” My true greats would definitely include Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, The Smiths, New Order, Kraftwerk and the Pet Shop Boys. They wouldn’t include Oasis.

So how did Oasis ever get to be quite so massive. Well hype, quotability and attitude clearly had a lot to do with it. But by far the most interesting theory on this is in a new book on the history of recorded sound (which I highly recommend: trainspotterish but lively and compulsively readable) by US journalist Greg Milner, called Perfecting Sound Forever.

Oasis’s career, he argues, coincided with the Nineties trend in studio recording techniques for “loudness” at all costs. By “loudness”, he means music which has been heavily “compressed” in the studio - removing most of the loud/soft dynamic range and instead making it sound like the kind of muddy wall of noise which comes across well in a crowded pub. It’s actually a form of musical brainwashing: stuff recorded like this is designed to lodge in the brain and achieve massive and overwhelming cultural domination. Which Oasis did most effectively.

But the effect this had on pop music generally was disastrous. As one muso purist - a Vermont studio engineer called Chris Johnson - has tried to demonstrate scientifically by comparing the most “culturally significant” albums of all time, the music we really like (as opposed to the stuff that is bombarded at us relentlessly till we succumb) is the stuff which has the greatest dynamic range . The top ones on Johnson’s list - led by the Eagles: Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 and Led Zeppelin IV - are the ones with the biggest contrast between really loud and really soft. Oasis took us down a wrong alley. On the back of their success, every major label wanted to imitate that big, sludgy sound, in much the same way publishing companies try to replicate Dan Brown novels. Good commerce, maybe; but dreadful art.

James Delingpole

Source: Telegraph Blog

Noel Gallagher Flees To South America

AY CARAMBA! Noel Gallagher is fleeing the UK after spectacularly quitting Oasis.

The moody Mancunian, 42, below, will swap his guitar for a sombrero as he jets off halfway round the world to Mexico.

He’s planning on kicking back with a couple of cervezas with girlfriend Sara MacDonald, 42, and kids Anais, nine, and Donovan, two.

The band broke up on Friday after a sibling spat that ended in front-man Liam smashing Noel’s guitar.

The gruesome twosome are famed for their massive spells of PMT, but have always managed to kiss and make up in the past.

Fans may be holding out for a reunion, but Noel’s had enough and wants to get the hell out of town.

The guitarist growled: “Me and Sarah have got quite fond of Mexico.

“It’s the time for a little adventure before the little one has to go to nursery.

“Seeing as I’ve completed all my adventures in music, it seems like a cool thing to do.”

The wise old owl also predicted the band would split in the wake of the Dig Out Your Soul world tour.

He said: “I don’t think we’ll last now this tour is over. We’ve never made plans as a band ever.”

The split came just days after Oasis pulled out of the V Festival in Chelmsford last week.

Noel wrote on the band’s website that he could not cope with “verbal and violent intimidation” and “lack of support and understanding” from bandmates and walked.

We hope once he’s had his fill of enchiladas he will see sense and come home.

Meanwhile, in Italy it looks like Liam, left, couldn’t give a monkeys about the end of the band he once called “bigger than Jesus”.

The yawny younger Gallagher, 36, smooched his missus Nicole Appleton, 34, inset, apparently unfazed by the break-up.

Source: www.dailystar.co.uk

I Was There When Oasis Went Supernova

Noel Gallagher was my near neighbour when Oasis burst on to the scene in 1993. I interviewed them first, but even then you could sense this combustible band might not live for ever

New bands can be extremely delicate. Some local chancers had decided they weren't ready for press (in the Manchester Evening News? Oh, perr-leeze), leaving me with no lead feature. The pub beckoned. On the way, I bumped into one of my neighbours. I'd seen his band recently, and asked what he was up to.

"Guess what happened in Glasgow last night?" he replied. It was Noel Gallagher, and the band were Oasis.

Noel told me how Alan McGee had barged backstage after their now-legendary gig at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, and signed them on the spot. I threatened him with battery if he was lying. I interviewed a still-reeling Noel that day, alongside an admittedly unpredictable but otherwise sweet and pleasant Liam, who tempered his obvious glee by striding around in a show of brash, comedy bravado.

There were no fraternal fisticuffs, just some genial ribbing, as Noel – clearly in control and articulate as ever – reined in the overexcited Liam. I remember Noel's exquisite but compact music collection, including the Stones (Noel used a photo of a young Mick Jagger on his backstage photo-pass and nobody noticed) and early REM (I don't remember seeing any Beatles). The result was the first full article on Oasis to run anywhere.

The signs were already there. A friend rented the rehearsal room next door. He'd hear a massive Gallagher bust-up, sullen silence, and then they'd play I Am the Walrus ad infinitum.

I witnessed their live debut. No matter what you think of them, they had the tunes, and even for an audience of roughly 25, Liam exhibited that trademark swagger, as if he was headlining Glastonbury, not the Boardwalk. Geoff Travis of Rough Trade checked out the long-forgotten support band, leaving soon after. My snippet in the MEN was headlined: "Oasis Are Going Places". They were, and they did.

Everything got silly. I sent a mutual friend in America the ridiculous Oasis Xmas wrapping paper, free with the NME. Liam became red-top gossip fodder. Previously, I'd seen him at the Hacienda, already targeted by several adventurous ladies. Noel's then girlfriend (who apparently said: "Your music's shite/ It keeps me up all night.") whispered, "That boy's heading for trouble - Noel's warned him."

I will always remember those first gigs, where Oasis sparkled, but the magic is long dead. It was an amazing journey to watch, but I wish they'd stopped after (What's The Story) Morning Glory? – remembered as legends, not flawed and faded icons.

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

Brandon Flowers Urges Oasis To Reunite

The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers is urging warring Oasis brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher to put their feud behind them for the sake of their fans.

Guitarist Noel quit the band on Friday night after a vicious fight with Liam backstage at the Rock en Seine festival in Paris, France. Noel later explained his decision, revealing he had suffered "verbal and violent intimidation," and insisting the atmosphere in the group had become "intolerable."

The star's departure has thrown the band's future into doubt and The Killers singer Flowers is devastated by the news.

He is convinced the brothers should try to work through their issues so they can continue working together.

He says, "(It's) such a shame. They were a great band, iconic. The brothers should deal with their problems.The ones who pay are the fans."

Source: www.yahoo.com

Liam Gallagher Escapes To Lake Como After Oasis Split

Liam Gallagher sails away from the storm surrounding Oasis's shock split - on an impromptu holiday in Italy.

After his guitarist brother Noel stormed out on Friday, saying he could no longer work with Liam, the 36-year-old frontman flew to the swish resort of Lake Como.

Although he was snapped waving at the cameras and kissing his wife Nicole Appleton, at unguarded moments he looked glum. And no wonder - this latest spat in the Gallagher brothers' on-going feud has cost Oasis around £4.75million.

They have lost out on appearance fees and merchandise sales due to noshows at last weekend's V Festival, Friday's gig in Paris and upcoming shows in Germany and Italy.

A source close to the band said: "Liam has taken Nicole away for a few days and hopefully he can put things into perspective.

"He has been putting a brave face on things - as has Noel.

"The tension between them is still very high. And only time will tell if they can overcome their differences."

The band split on Friday amid reports that Liam smashed a guitar backstage and told Noel: "You're no brother of mine." Their fight is said to have become so violent that an ambulance was called.

Oasis had been together since 1991.

Source: www.mirror.co.uk

Oh Brother! Not Again...

Oasis follow a fine tradition of sibling rivalry in rock.

The Everly Brothers had massive success in the 1960s. But Don came on stage drunk for what was billed as their last performance in 1973.

Philsmashed up his own guitar in a rage and stormed off stage. They didn't speak for ten years.

Ray and Dave Davies from The Kinks often used to fight on stage.

Dave said recently: "I can hate him, but never not love him."

Barry and Robin Gibb from the Bee Gees were constantly squabbling over who was lead singer.

Robin even quit the band in 1969 but came back a year later. Last year, Ali Campbell quit reggae band UB40 after 28 years alongside older brother Robin.

The only brothers who seem to get on are Craig and Charlie Reid from The Proclaimers.

They are still playing and performing together after forming back in 1983.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

What’s The Story ... ‘Moron’ Fury

Noel Gallagher branded brother Liam a "f***ing moron" after quitting Oasis for good -then took a swipe at Liam's new fashion label.

Guitarist and songwriter Noel walked out of the band on Friday night after one final nasty backstage fight at the Rock en Seine in Paris.

He told a pal later that night: "They say never work with children and animals. No one mentioned f***ing morons though, did they?"

"I think all that modelling malarkey has gone to his head. It's a pleasure to give him time and space to work on his autumn/winter collection."

Noel headed back to London soon after Friday night's bust-up and has kept his head down at home ever since.

But frontman Liam - who recently started his new clothes label, Pretty Green - has been treating the aftermath as one big holiday. And he's relieved it's all over too.

The singer headed to Lake Como in Italy on Saturday with wife Nicole Appleton, Oasis bass player Andy Bell and his girlfriend.

Clearly, Andy is taking Liam's side in the split.

Yesterday, Liam and Nicole looked very happy and were kissing and cuddling as they messed about on the water.

It's a shame it all had to end this way, but Noel has found the last year on the road with Liam pure hell.

A source told me: "Liam has been drinking heavily for the duration of the tour and regularly got very abusive and personal.

"He has taunted Noel's girlfriend, Sara, other band members and the crew. People have been frightened to go near him.

"He is one very angry man who needs to sort his issues out."

The long-simmering tension came to a head backstage in Paris when Liam - who was unaccompanied - turned up for the show completely drunk.

He had taken the Eurostar on his own to Paris and arrived... steaming.

I've heard he'd been on a bender for days since pulling out of the V Festival a week ago.

Noel was disappointed that no one from management or security had the guts to challenge Liam's drinking.

So he confronted Liam about being unprofessional.

But Liam exploded in rage and started saying horrendous things about Noel's kids.

Liam hurled his acoustic guitar at Noel. It was a gift from his missus Nicole and had a personal message on it.

Noel then stamped on the guitar, smashing it into pieces and walked out - never to return.

Maybe that moment will go down in music history as a fitting end, with the band being so driven by the brothers' conflict.

Let's face it. There was never going to be a fairytale ending with this pair walking towards the sunshiiiine together.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Click here to see pictures of Liam in Italy.

30 August 2009

Your Views On Noel Leaving Oasis

Noel Gallagher leaving Oasis could be just what the band needs to pull itself out of its rut.

His departure gives the rest of the band chance to expand on their writing, hopefully moving into new areas. Or it could be that Noel who will surprise us. His work with Goldie, The Chemical Brothers and Cornershop shows he's not afraid to experiment. Maybe it will prove to be Oasis that was holding him back. Simon Franklin

Noel Gallagher quits Oasis, after the band falsely claimed him to be ill - isn't that how Geri Halliwell left the Spice Girls? They didn't last without her, and the Noel-free Oasis are also on a hiding to nothing. Dionne Jones

About five years ago, there was a story that Oasis were splitting up and Liam Gallagher would form a band with John Squire. If this story belatedly turns out true, Oasis with Squire would be interesting. Lefty G

The break-up of Oasis must be the biggest shock in showbiz since Peter Andre discovered that Katie Price enjoys taking her clothes off in front of other men.

I give them 18 months to allow Noel to get his solo albums out of the way, then they'll have the reunion tour. Perhaps Andy Bell could give us a Hurricane #1 reunion to keep us going, with Gem Archer reforming Heavy Stereo. DJ Gordy

I'd expect Liam Gallagher to continue Oasis. It was originally his band, before Noel came along and took the reins. My bet is Guigsy and Bonehead rejoin as the old team, while Gem joins Noel in his solo career and Andy Bell to reform Ride.

Liam's songs have improved over the years. Little James is embarrassing, but Songbird and Love Like A Bomb show talent. As one of Oasis' biggest fans, I'm gutted, but not surprised. DJ Dave

I'm in disbelief that Noel Gallagher has quit. At least maybe now we'll get twice the amount of albums from Noel solo and Oasis - it's the only plus I can think of. Aaron O'Neill

Oasis splitting up is terrible news. Or that's what I would have said if it had happened after Definitely Maybe. But as everything they've done since 1995 has been rubbish, it's great news. Bye, Noel, please don't bother to come back. Disco Stu

Source: www.teletext.co.uk

Rock Band Oasis Turned Away From Darwen Pub

Rock group Oasis were turned away from a Darwen hotel and restaurant - because staff mistook them for “four scruffy lads”.

The Manchester band, whose hits include Wonderwall and Don’t Look Back in Anger, turned up at the Whitehall Hotel in Park Road.

Noel Gallagher announced his decision to quit the band on Friday, but he can be seen before the breakdown with his brother Liam and other members Andy Bell and Gem Archer on CCTV footage asking a waitress for the bar and restaurant to be opened.

Manager Nick Parker said: “They walked into reception and were seen by one of the young waitresses who didn’t know who they were.

“They asked if the restaurant was open and she said no because we were having a wedding on, so they asked if the bar was open, and she said no for the same reason.

“Then they asked if the bar could be opened, so she came and asked me.

“She said that there were four scuffy lads in reception asking for the bar to be opened, so I told her I would sort it out.

“By the time I got down there, Liam was coming out of the toilet and the others were getting into a limo-type van parked outside.

“I said “you ok?” to Liam but he just grunted at me.

“I followed him out and said to them all that I would open the bar for them, but they didn’t even answer me and drove off.”

Mr Parker said the incident happened on 1.30pm on Saturday, August 22. That evening the band played at the V festival in Staffordshire.

Source: www.thisislancashire.co.uk

More pictures of the band leaving Paris can be found by clicking here.

A Sneak Preview Of Liam Gallagher's Autumn Range For Pretty Green

As you know, stopcryingyourheartout.com was invited to an exclusive preview of the new Autumn Winter 09 collection from Liam’s Pretty Green clothing label. For the past 4 weeks, the industry’s top retailers have been viewing the range and along with 20 ‘Premium members’ of the brand, we were given access to the new range.

Developments over the past 48 hours have brought new interest into Noel and Liam’s extra curricular activities and over the coming weeks, Pretty Green will be under the spotlight more than ever before. It seems that if ever there was a time to launch properly into the fashion community beyond simply being ‘Liam’s side project’ then this is the time. And to say fans won’t be disappointed is an understatement.

When people first heard Oasis, it was something completely new, with a nod to retro styles and ideas, Liam and the band created something fresh and exciting that hadn’t been heard or seen in years. After an introductory glimpse this summer into what Liam is offering in the way of clobber, the new Autumn Winter collection will do just that to the world of fashion. We were simply blown away the new lines that are on offer. Not only were we given a preview of the up and coming AW09 range, we also saw what will be on offer to fans in the New Year from the Spring Summer range.

Firstly, when you see what’s coming out in October, you’ll see this isn’t something Liam has simply put his name to and let others take control of, as promised in the early promotional videos released on the site, he won’t put anything out unless he’d wear it. This doesn’t mean simply OK’ing a few jackets now and again but designing each and every item from scratch, from the earliest stages of design to the finished product. This is one of the main factors that separate Pretty Green from other celebrity endorsements. Having been a millionaire since his early 20’s, Liam has spent A LOT of money on clothes, so he knows what he’s talking about, e.g. when working with designers, he describes exactly what he wants in every detail. When pressed about this, PG talked about Liam pin pointing precisely what he wanted in terms of shape, design, materials etc. If you’re going to start a high end men’s clothing line, you can’t get away with not knowing your stuff.

Without giving too much away before you can see for yourself, the quality and finish to the items is amazing. One of the main things reported back by fans from the first batch that went on sale this year was the quality of the materials used, you don’t have to be a fashion guru to appreciate fine clothing when you see it and whatever sceptics might make of a celebrity endorsed clothing brand, no one can argue about the strength of what’s on sale. One stand out piece; a winter jacket we were shown was designed by Liam as a nod to the Italian C.P. clothing label (an early incarnation of Stone Island), after designers literally scoured the world for the right materials, it took 3 attempts before Liam was finally happy with the finished product. It’s this attention to detail and dedication to every item that makes Pretty Green stand out and it becomes obvious why they do it when you see the finished versions.

Other stand out pieces include leather jackets (so finely made there’s no inner lining to avoid creases), tone on tone long sleeve shirts and a new selection of men’s tees. If you thought the first collection was maybe a bit safe, then you’ll be stunned by what’s coming up this October. The range has been snapped up by major high street retailer Selfridges and will be available in their Manchester and London stores as well as selected retailers around the UK, it will be the first time fans will get to see the range before purchase. In the New Year the Spring Summer collection will come out, this takes things up another gear, stand out items include an old fashioned 3 button hand-me-down style mod suit and a new line of polo shirts woven from silk, cotton and cashmere.

We were inundated with questions for Pretty Green and received answers from them for all our queries; on the subject of underwear, we were told that this is Liam’s call and will be discussed along with other areas such as socks etc in the near future as will belts, bags, sunglasses and other accessories, the reception to the initial lines has been overwhelmingly positive so there seems to be no limit to how far the label can extend. Jeans will be available from October as part of the AW09 collection and footwear is in the pipeline. For those of you wondering if the camo jacket Liam wore at Man City last weekend was from the label, you’ll be pleased to know it will be on sale as part of the Spring Summer collection from January/February next year. PG told us the collections are being made available all over the world and retailers from cities in most major countries have shown an interest in stocking the new lines. As mentioned, there are leather jackets in the new collection as well as shirts.

All in all everything we saw looked and felt fantastic, it was a real buzz just to see something developing that Liam is obviously really passionate about. The gallery had pictures of Liam from the Brighton photo shoot hanging on the walls and to be honest, you needed them up there to remind you it was Liam’s label, whilst being shown the items we forgot why we were there and got a bit lost just admiring the gear! There’s something for everyone in the autumn range and people like us who became fans of the label through Liam will get a real eye opener into quality men’s fashion. It’s still top to toe Liam but not in a way you’d expect, you’ll have to see for yourself what we mean but ultimately you’ll start to see it as a clothing brand in its own right as apposed to something you like simply because of Liam. The collections we saw today were simply stunning, they’re an unprecedented step up from the amazing first batch that most of us are currently wearing and if you’re into your clobber, you’ll want to buy the lot come October!

Thanks again to Pretty Green for giving us a quick peek at what’s coming this autumn.

Extra special thanks to Tom, who went along on on the sites behalf at such short notice.

Why Oasis Split - Ocean Colour Scene Frontman Speaks Out

The bitter sibling rivalry which caused the break-up of rock superstars Oasis was ‘wearing a bit thin’ after almost 20 years, a Midland pal of the band claimed last night.

Noel and Liam Gallagher had fought throughout Oasis’s career but the latest spat, which led to the band cancelling a string of appearances, is the end for the Manchester supergroup.

In a statement on the Oasis website, guitarist and songwriter Noel said he could not go on working with Liam.

“It’s with some sadness and great relief to tell you that I quit Oasis tonight,” he said. “People will write and say what they like, but I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer.”

The news came as no surprise to Simon Fowler, frontman of Brummie Britpoppers Ocean Colour Scene, who has known the Gallagher brothers since the early 1990s.

Fowler, a former Sunday Mercury reporter, shared the stage with Oasis last Saturday at the V Festival at Weston Park, in Staffordshire – the show that was to be their last gig.

He said it was clear something was wrong when Oasis cancelled their Sunday night V Festival headline appearance in Essex.

“We were playing at Chelmsford when we were told that they had pulled out,” he said. “I had this feeling that, because it was not due to any medical reason, this would be the tipping point.

“Their rivarly and arguments used to be part of the appeal. It was their style. But everyone else had moved on and they were still squabbling. It was wearing a bit thin after 20 years.

“Still, they have done well and lasted twice as long as The Beatles. I just wonder what their mum makes of it all. She’ll probably tell them to shut up and grow up.”

Fowler first met the Gallaghers during one of Oasis’s early gigs at the Jug of Ale pub in Moseley, Birmingham.

“I remember meeting Liam and we went back to his hotel, the Holiday Inn,” said the Ocean Colour Scene star. “I have never met anyone like him, brimming with attitude and intelligence.

“He was the best English frontman since Mick Jagger. But Oasis should be remembered as the band who re-invented and revived the rock group mentality. They allowed a band like mine to come through.”

Earlier this month Liam revealed his relationship with Noel was so bad that they no longer spoke, travelled separately on tour and only saw each other onstage.

The split was described as a “sad day” for music by Alan McGee, the man who signed the band for his Creation Records label in 1993.

He said that the huge earnings from their world tour wasn’t enough to keep them together.

“People don’t do things for money anymore,” he added. “I know how much money Oasis were making from their tour – you could buy two very good football strikers with that amount.

“But it’s very hard for someone to do what they really don’t want to do.”

The bust-up is the brothers’ most serious one to date but McGee predicted that they may tour together again – in five years’ time.

“I think this is pretty major,” he admitted. “Noel is a proud person – he won’t go back on it. And he knows he could make a successful solo album anyway.

“He’s a master craftsman and could go and become Neil Young for a generation. Liam, too, could go solo and become the John Lennon of his generation.”

But for all their fighting, deep down the pair still love each other, he said.

“I had a coffee with Liam a few weeks ago and I said: ‘But you love Noel,’ and he said: ‘Yeah, I know’.

“They probably will work together again eventually. When you love someone, you give them a second chance.”

Source: www.sundaymercury.net

Friendly Fires "Glad" Oasis Split Up

Friendly Fires say they are glad that Oasis have split up following news of the band's demise yesterday.

News of Oasis' split emerged yesterday after the latest in a series of bust ups between brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher led to the latter finally walking away from the band.

Electro punk rockers Friendly Fires were speaking at Creamfields before their headline set on the Mixmag Terrace.

"I'm kind of glad they're split up to be honest," said frontman Ed MacFarlane when asked about Oasis.

"They had two really great albums and it's been pretty dodgy ever since then."

Drummer Jack Savidge added: "They've been treading water for about the best part of a decade. So yeah, sod them!"

Source: www.clickliverpool.com

A few pictures of the band leaving Paris can be found here, here, here and here.

Glasvegas, Courteneers And Blackout On Oasis Split

As Oasis split up, we spoke to Glasvegas, Courteneers, Blackout and Matt from Skint and Demoralized at Reading Festival about the news.

On This Day In Oasis History...

Definitely Maybe is the debut album by English band Oasis, released on August 30th 1994. It was an immediate commercial and critical success in the UK, having followed on the heels of singles "Supersonic", "Shakermaker" and particularly the popular "Live Forever".

Definitely Maybe went straight to number one and 7x platinum in the UK Album charts on initial release. It was the fastest selling debut album of all time in the UK when released. Definitely Maybe marked the beginning of Oasis' success in America, selling over 1 million copies there, although only reaching #58 on the Billboard 200. The album went on to sell over 7.5 million copies worldwide.

In 1997 Definitely Maybe was named the 14th greatest album of all time in a 'Music of the Millennium' poll conducted by HMV, Channel 4, The Guardian and Classic FM. In 2005 Channel 4's '100 Greatest Albums' countdown placed the album at number 6. In 2006 NME placed the album third in a list of the greatest British albums ever, behind The Stone Roses and The Queen Is Dead. In a recent British poll, run by NME and the book of British Hit Singles and Albums, Definitely Maybe was voted the best album of all time with The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band finishing second and Revolver third. Q magazine readers placed it at five on their greatest albums of all time list in 2006 and in that same year NME hailed it as the greatest album of all time. It is frequently referred to as the greatest debut album of all time.

Album History

In 1994, Oasis were seen as a distant echo of the moribund 'Madchester' scene which had exploded in the early 1990s. Unlike other Madchester bands who indulged in experiments with funk, dance or hip-hop, Oasis presented themselves as a relatively straightforward rock and roll band. Along with bands like Blur and The Verve they seemed to encapsulate a new wave, one which did not yet have a name. By the end of the year the media coined the term Britpop, of which Definitely Maybe retrospectively became one of the pivotal albums.

Many of the songs had originally appeared on Oasis' "Live Demonstration" demo recorded in Liverpool the year before with Chris and Tony Griffiths of The Real People. The main recording sessions took longer than expected, with the bulk of the album having to be recorded three different times with Mark Coyle producing, before Owen Morris came up with a mix that everyone was satisfied with. The album cost nearly £85,000 to produce, a huge amount of money for a debut album at the time.

The album title, according to Noel Gallagher, comes from a poster he saw in a pub, although he cannot remember what the poster was advertising.

Track Listing

All tracks written by Noel Gallagher.

01: "Rock 'n' Roll Star" – 5:22
02: "Shakermaker" – 5:08
03: "Live Forever" – 4:36
04: "Up in the Sky" – 4:28
05: "Columbia" – 6:17
06: "Sad Song" (extra track on the UK LP version, and the original Japanese version of the album) – 4:27
07: "Supersonic" – 4:43
08: "Bring It on Down" – 4:17
09: "Cigarettes & Alcohol" – 4:49
"Digsy's Dinner" – 2:32
This was misspelt as "Digsy's Diner" upon its North American release.
10: "Slide Away" – 6:32
11: "Married with Children" – 3:11


Released: 11 April 1994
Writer: Noel Gallagher
Producers: Oasis & Mark Coyle
Video Director: Mark Szaszy (UK) / Nick Egan (US)
Chart positions: # 31 (UK)
Watch the music video here, or a live performance here.

Released: 13 June 1994
Writer: Noel Gallagher
Producers: Oasis, Mark Coyle & Owen Morris
Video Director: Nick Egan
Chart positions: # 11 (UK)
Watch the music video here, or a live performance here.

"Live Forever"
Released: 8 August 1994
Writer: Noel Gallagher
Producers: Oasis, Mark Coyle & Owen Morris
Video Directors: Carlos Grasso (UK) / Nick Egan (US)
Chart positions: # 10 (UK) # 2 (US Modern Rock)
Watch the music video here, or a live performance here.

"Cigarettes & Alcohol"
Released: 10 October 1994
Writer: Noel Gallagher
Producers: Oasis, Mark Coyle & Owen Morris
Video Director: Mark Szaszy
Chart positions: # 7 (UK)
Watch the music video here, or a live performance here.


Liam Gallagher – vocals
Noel Gallagher – lead guitar, vocals
Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs – rhythm guitar
Paul McGuigan – bass guitar
Tony McCarroll – drums

Additional Personnel

Anthony Griffiths – vocals
David Batchelor – producer
Mark Coyle – producer, engineer, mixing
Anjali Dutt – engineer
Owen Morris – producer, mastering, mixing, production concept
Roy Spong – engineer
Dave Scott – engineer
Brian Cannon – art direction, design, concept, cover design
Michael Spencer Jones – photography

Why Oasis Split

Oasis split because Noel Gallagher never forgave brother Liam for jokingly suggesting he was not the real dad of daughter Anais.

Noel flew at his brother after the comment about nine-year-old Anais - his daughter by ex-wife Meg Matthews.

Liam insisted it was meant as a joke, but Noel could never forget the insult, calling it "unforgivable".

On the band's website, Noel blamed "verbal and violent intimidation towards me, my family and comrades" as his reason for quitting.

And he thanked fans for giving him "glorious memories" and added: "It's been a f***ing pleasure."

An insider said of Liam's joke: "It was a dumb thing to say. They had a big fight when he made the gag. Noel went for him. He was in a blind fury. And he still hasn't calmed down."

The pair never managed to patch things up after the row - and Liam has never even met Noel's one-year-old son Donovan by girlfriend Sara MacDonald. Tensions built up during their recent world tour until a bust-up in Pairs led to Noel finally quitting band on Friday.

Now the warring brothers are set to fight each other again in the charts. Liam has been secretly recording tracks and already has songs ready to hit shops.

He knows it'll take Noel, 42, months to record his much-anticipated debut solo album. Liam, 36, reckons his effort will be so good it will destroy Noel's boast that he was the creative force in Oasis.

Liam told a friend: "If Noel thinks he can just walk away from me and the band then I will obliterate him. He'll be begging to rejoin my band."

Oasis's split was the big talking point at Reading. La Roux singer Elly Jackson said: "If I was Noel, I'd be a bit p****d off really. He wrote all the songs. Liam's just got an annoying voice."

Source: www.newsoftheworld.co.uk

Oasis Split? 'Little By Little' My Boys Will Play Together Again

EXCLUSIVE: Mum's vow to fans

They may think they have broken up the band for good... but Liam and Noel Gallagher's long-suffering Mum knows better.

With the rock world reeling from Noel's exit from Oasis, yesterday Peggy Gallagher did her best to soothe the rift by insisting: "Liam adores Noel."

Songwriter Noel, 42, quit the band on Friday night after a punch-up with Liam, 36, just minutes before they were due to headline a rock festival in Paris.

Liam is reported to have smashed a guitar and yelled at Noel: "You're no brother of mine!" The fight is said to have become so violent that at one stage an ambulance was called.

But mum Peggy yesterday revealed another side to Liam, who's known for his "hardman" image.

She told the Sunday Mirror: "They do love each other, but they've always been very different.

"The funny thing is, they didn't fight as children. They didn't fight until they started the band.

"They are two very different characters and I think when you're with somebody 24/7 and you've got two different egos they are bound to clash at times

Source: www.mirror.co.uk

Fury As Oasis Leave Fans Out Of Pocket After Splitting

Furious Oasis fans are demanding refunds after the band split amid a flurry of punches in the midst of their European tour.

Founding brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher traded blows in a vicious fight - in which Liam smashed Noel's guitar - just before they were due on stage at a festival in Paris on Friday night.

Noel then said the Rock en Seine gig was off and it was the end of Oasis, after making £52million from selling 50million records.

A backstage witness said of the fight: 'Liam was goading Noel constantly and then the two just snapped. There were proper punches and Liam smashed up one of Noel's guitars. Liam was like a man possessed. He was swearing constantly and was really angry.

'Medical staff were called, along with security. Noel got out of the ground as quickly as he could. This was a truly vicious fight - quite horrible.'

Scottish singer Amy Macdonald, who was also on the bill, wrote on her Twitter page: 'Oasis cancelled with one minute to stage time! Liam smashed Noel's guitar, huuuge fight!'

Noel said in a statement yesterday: 'The level of verbal and violent intimidation towards me, my family, friends and comrades has become intolerable.

'And the lack of support and understanding from my management and band mates has left me with no other option than to get me cape and seek pastures new.'

Now fans wanting refunds in France, Germany and Italy may be left out of pocket, with promoters insisting concerts will go ahead with acts like Kasabian and The Kooks replacing Oasis.

Rob Hart, 19, from Nottingham, spent more than £350 on a ticket, Eurostar and hotel package.

'A few pounds back won't compensate for missing Oasis,' he said. 'What happened was an absolute disgrace.'

Years of rancour between Mancunians Noel, 42, and Liam, 36, had been coming to the boil for weeks. Last week singer Liam said they travel on separate tour buses, no longer speak and only see each other on stage.

Last weekend the band pulled out of the V Festival in Chelmsford which they were meant to headline.

They have split before, though, first in 1994 when Liam sang different words to Live Forever, lampooning his brother.

Songwriter Noel once said of Liam: 'It's a good thing we don't live in the U.S. where guns are more accessible because I'd have blown his head off by now. The problem is that I can't fire him because me Ma would kill me.'

On the latest split he added: 'Dearly beloved, it is with a heavy heart and a sad face that I say this to you: As of Friday, I have been forced to leave the Manchester rock 'n' roll pop group Oasis.

'I would like firstly to offer my apologies to them kids in Paris who'd paid money and waited all day to see us only to be let down AGAIN by the band.

'Apologies are probably not enough, I know, but I'm afraid it's all I've got.
'While I'm on the subject, I'd like to say to the good people of V Festival that experienced the same thing: again, I can only apologise - although I don't know why, it was nothing to do with me.

'I was match fit and ready to be brilliant. Alas, other people in the group weren't up to it.

'I would like to thank all the Oasis fans all over the world. The last 18 years have been truly, truly amazing. A dream come true. I take with me glorious memories.

'Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a family and a football team to indulge.
'I'll see you somewhere down the road. It's been a ******* pleasure.'

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

Full Sky News Report About Oasis Split

Born To Feud: How Years Of Animosity Finally Split Oasis Boys

Noel Gallagher's announcement last week that he was leaving Oasis brought to an end a long history of arguments and punch-ups that have bedevilled the Manchester band

Barcelona, 2000: Oasis have cancelled a gig, not because of anything to do with Liam or Noel Gallagher, but because drummer Alan White has hurt his arm. With the band out drinking in their downtime, singer Liam oversteps the mark with brother Noel, the group's guitarist and chief songwriter, going much further than the fraternal banter, mickey-taking and occasional outbreak of hostilities that has defined their relationship since the band formed in 1991. He questions the legitimacy of Anais, Noel's daughter by his former wife, Meg Mathews.

Noel is on top of Liam in an instant, punching him, splitting his lip. Afterwards, Noel leaves the tour, the rest of the band dragging themselves around Europe without him. But he does not leave for good. "I've never forgiven him because he's never apologised," said Noel in 2005, talking about the incident for the first time in Q magazine, the five-year silence on the matter an indication of the seriousness of the schism it opened between two people who had been at loggerheads since growing up together, sharing a bedroom in Burnage, Manchester. "He's my brother. I hope he's reading this and realises that. He's my brother but he's at arm's length until he apologises for what he's done."

Liam did apologise eventually and the pair patched things up, as they have done with every big bust-up since Liam hit Noel over the head with a tambourine on stage in Los Angeles in 1994, during their first US tour. Not for the last time, Noel threatened to call it a day.

He didn't of course. This time, though, his departure from a group who've spent the best part of two decades as the biggest in Britain is final, with 42-year-old Noel this time saying goodbye following a pre-gig row backstage in Paris on Friday night, minutes before the band were due to headline the Rock en Seine festival. There was no blood, but 36-year-old Liam is reported to have broken one of Noel's guitars during the fracas.

A spokesperson for the band declined to comment beyond the statement from Noel that quickly appeared on the official Oasis website: "It's with some sadness and great relief to tell you that I quit Oasis tonight. I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer."

By Saturday afternoon there seemed no doubt in the elder Gallagher's mind as he updated with a more substantial explanation. "The details are not important and of too great a number to list. But I feel you have the right to know the level of verbal and violent intimidation towards me, my family and friends and comrades has become intolerable," he said. "The lack of support and understanding from my management and band mates has left me with no other option than to get me cape and seek pastures new."

It is the "great relief" part of Noel's statement that is telling. In the past the Gallaghers had, like many highly successful rock stars who don't always get on, managed to maintain at least a working relationship in order to keep what remains a very lucrative show on the road. Even if much of the attendant compromise often seemed to be on the part of the level-headed, pragmatic Noel, the band's commander-in-chief. "People don't see what I've had to put up with for 30-odd years," Noel has said. "But also they don't see that if we keep the right distance it really works."

Superficially, this has been true of late. The band's current tour has been their biggest. Their last two albums, 2005's Don't Believe the Truth and last year's Dig Out Your Soul, have earned the best critical notices since their mid-90s peak.

While designed to keep the peace, keeping their distance may also have been part of the problem, enabling trouble to bubble up without being properly dealt with. Once the Gallaghers seemed to communicate, as brothers sometimes do, through face-to-face flare-ups. Interviewed together, they would egg each other on, aware that this was what even people who weren't Oasis fans were keen to read. (Or hear, with 1995's classic Wibbling Rivalry CD of Noel and Liam in a highly amusing interview with author and journalist John Harris definitely worth tracking down, especially now.)

"The first time I interviewed them it was clear that Noel was funny, but the sensible one, who knew when to keep his mouth shut," says Q journalist Michael Odell, who has spoken to Liam and Noel at least half a dozen times in recent years, and to whom Noel revealed the truth behind the Barcelona walkout. "Liam was wading in on Patsy Kensit and it was noticeable later on that Noel decided to play along, and they were unleashing volleys about everyone after that."

It has been hard to conclude that they talk much at all, except via the press. Perhaps it's just hindsight but, despite official insistence that whispers of a rift were nonsense, that it was actually business as usual, Oasis-style, the familiar Gallagher ding-dong quotes from the past few months' interviews seem to indicate something more aggressive.

"I don't like Liam," Noel again told Q in March, while revealing that even though both have wives and children, they almost never spend traditional family time together, suggesting a more fundamental aspect to the estrangement. There was further proof of this when Liam replied through the pages of the NME, announcing, "It takes more than blood to be my brother", and declaring: "He doesn't like me and I don't like him." Perhaps Noel summed up his position most succinctly back in February when he declared: "I am eternally spring but my brother Liam is like the blackest winter ever."

Noel has said it was Liam's drinking that often broke the detente, that tipped him over from funny to mean. It's unclear whether this was behind this latest falling out, but that seems unlikely – Liam has been on a health kick recently. Perhaps, as his statement suggests, Noel has simply had it with playing nice for the sake of the greater good. "Noel is the guy who's chained to the Tasmanian devil," says Danny Eccleston, consultant editor of Mojo. "A lifetime of that would wear you down. He's a smart guy, he's knows there's no Oasis without either of them. But maybe he's had enough now."

You can't say they haven't tried, though, to the extent that those around them have suffered while the pair attempted to work out their differences at epic length, with three drummers, two wives, a guitarist and a bassist left behind along the way. "It's a dysfunctional relationship where everyone else is a casualty," says Q's Michael Odell.

Now it seems they have grown too far apart to stomach even working together. In February 2008, while the band were finishing Dig Out Your Soul in Los Angeles, Liam disappeared back home for the weekend, marrying long-term partner Nicole Appleton without telling his colleagues, or inviting his brother, for fear it would all end up in the tabloids. "They had a major unreported bust-up that resulted in a couple of tracks not making it on the album, because Liam hadn't done his vocals," says author and Mojo journalist Pat Gilbert, who joined the band on tour last autumn. "I rarely saw them together then. Liam was living a completely separate life to the band."

There have also been hints of differences over the direction of the band, with conflict on the first day of recording Dig Out Your Soul as Liam reacted badly to the presence of keyboards, which might embellish the band's sound.

"He has an irrational fear of keyboards," explained Noel later. "This is the man who thought we had gone too dance when I wrote 'Wonderwall' because the drums didn't go boom-boom bap, boom-boom bap. Liam is very institutionalised by being in Oasis."

As the band's creative engine room, Noel has been sensitive to charges that the brothers have not evolved at the same rate as their peers, such as Blur's Damon Albarn or Radiohead. Liam isn't quite so bothered. "He's happy for them to be a tribute to their past," says Odell.

Initially long-term Oasis watchers were loth to jump to conclusions in the aftermath of Friday night, but it seems as if Noel now recording his often mooted solo album and Liam perhaps spending more time modelling his new line of smart casual clothing, Pretty Green, is where things are headed. In the past the brothers have always somehow managed to reconcile. "They probably will work together again eventually," said Alan McGee, who signed the band to his Creation label and knows their ups and downs better than most.

It certainly remains hard to imagine one on stage without the other, but Noel Gallagher, never a man to back down if he feels he is right, now seems set on a future without his brother. Oasis are no more, in fact they're already consigned to the past in the mind of the man who steered the ship. "I would like to thank all the Oasis fans, all over the world," Noel's second statement concluded. "The last 18 years have been truly, truly amazing… a dream come true. I take with me glorious memories. Now if you excuse me, I have a family and football team to indulge. I'll see you somewhere down the road."

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

29 August 2009

Bloc Party's Kele Okereke Jokes About Oasis Split At Leeds Festival

Frontman makes quip during Main Stage slot

Bloc Party's Kele Okereke made a joke about Noel Gallagher leaving Oasis during their Main Stage slot at Leeds Festival this evening.

The band were playing second from top of the bill on the stage, before Radiohead's scheduled headline slot, when the singer/guitarist mentioned Gallagher's decision to leave the Manchester band.

"How are we dealing with the news?" he said before 'Mercury', just past the set's halfway mark. "One of the great British institutions is no more. The final series of 'Big Brother'. Did you think I meant Oasis? Just kidding."

Source: www.nme.com

Noel Gallagher Thanks Fans As Oasis Split

Noel Gallagher has thanked fans after his decision to quit Oasis brought an "amazing" 18 years to an end.

The guitarist has posted a statement on the band's website saying their success was "a dream come true", adding: "I take with me glorious memories."

Noel left the rock group after relations with his brother and bandmate Liam hit an all-time low.

He also apologised to fans in Paris who were disappointed when Oasis cancelled following a bust-up on Friday.

"Apologies are probably not enough, I know, but I'm afraid it's all I've got," he wrote.

He also said sorry to fans who hoped to see them at the V Festival in Essex last weekend.

'Pastures new'

He said he had "no other option than to get me cape and seek pastures new".

"Now, if you'll excuse me I have a family and a football team to indulge," he concluded.

Noel earlier explained that he "simply could not go on" working with his brother and bandmate Liam for another day.

The group's spokeswoman said Liam and the other remaining band members would consider whether to carry on without Noel, the chief songwriter and lead guitarist.

She said: "I expect in the next couple of days a decision will be made as to how to continue or if they continue."

Alan McGee, who discovered Oasis and signed the band to his Creation Records label, said Noel's departure was "a sad day for music".

The rift was "more serious than anything that's ever happened" between the brothers, he said.

"It's obviously the worst fall-out that they've ever had, and they've had some pretty bad ones," he told BBC News.

"But they love each other - they'll come back together," he predicted.

"I think you'll have a reunion tour in about five years time. They love each other. When people love each other, they'll always make peace."

Mr McGee said Noel no longer felt any obligation to stay in the band, which reflects a wider shift in society, he believes.

"Whether you're an electrician or a rock 'n' roll star, you can only do and be who you want to be," he said.

"He is the same as everybody else - he didn't want to do it any more and he stopped. People don't do anything now that they don't want to do."

The former label boss recalled that he spoke to Liam two weeks ago. "He was great. We spoke about Noel and I said 'do you love him', and he agreed that he loved him."

The pair will now make solo albums, he predicted, before reconciling.

Mr McGee compared Noel's songwriting to that of Neil Young, Bob Dylan and John Lennon, describing him as "as good as the people that he admires".

But the brothers were difficult characters, he said. "You can't control Oasis - they do what they want to do. That's the beauty and the skill of the band."

The brothers have always had a fractious relationship, and a string of tours have fallen apart over the past 15 years.

But until now, neither Gallagher has officially quit the group.

Some Oasis fans at the Reading Festival, which is currently taking place, were not surprised to hear of the band's break-up.


Lorraine Hoodless, 30, from Wimbledon, south London, described herself as a "disillusioned Oasis fan".

"It's not come as a big shock," she said. "Maybe Noel would do better on his own anyway as he's the one behind the music.

Ben Coburn, 25, of Harrow, north London, said: "It's disappointing but it was always on the cards because they don't get on."

Al Smith, 23, from Hampshire, said: "I was just about crying when I found out. One of the best ever gigs I've ever seen was Oasis back in 2004. There's no one else like them."

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Oasis Paris 'Altercation': Vampire Weekend Give Backstage Report

New York band were in dressing room next to Gallaghers

Vampire Weekend have spoken about the "altercation" within Oasis that led to Noel Gallagher quitting the band last night (August 28) in Paris.

As previously reported, the guitarist announced his departure from the band after an alleged fight between Noel and Liam Gallagher led to the band dropping out of headlining the Rock en Seine festival.

The Brooklyn band were also playing the event and had the dressing room next to the Manchester band where the incident occurred.

Keyboard player Rostam Batmanglij would not be drawn on the specifics but, speaking to NME.COM at the Leeds Festival, he said: "It's a story for Oasis to tell. We'd just come offstage. It was weird – you feel kind of good [having played], your mind is not in other people's problems. It was a strange time."

Drummer Chris Tomson added that many fans at the event took the news badly, after organisers announced there had been an "altercation" and that Oasis would not play.

"There were some people out in the crowd crying, we went and consoled them," he explained. "They put that sign on the screen, saying there's been an altercation in the band. We saw some people in the front row starting to cry. They were sad – they wanted to see Oasis."

Source: www.nme.com

Oasis Fans On Oasis Split

Noel Gallagher Reveals Why He Quit Oasis

Dearly beloved, it is with a heavy heart and a sad face that I say this to you this morning.

As of last Friday the 28th August, I have been forced to leave the Manchester rock'n'roll pop group Oasis.

The details are not important and of too great a number to list. But I feel you have the right to know that the level of verbal and violent intimidation towards me, my family, friends and comrades has become intolerable. And the lack of support and understanding from my management and band mates has left me with no other option than to get me cape and seek pastures new.

I would like firstly to offer my apologies to them kids in Paris who'd paid money and waited all day to see us only to be let down AGAIN by the band. Apologies are probably not enough, I know, but I'm afraid it's all I've got.

While I'm on the subject, I'd like to say to the good people of V Festival that experienced the same thing. Again, I can only apologise - although I don't know why, it was nothing to do with me. I was match fit and ready to be brilliant. Alas, other people in the group weren't up to it.

In closing I would like to thank all the Oasis fans, all over the world. The last 18 years have been truly, truly amazing (and I hate that word, but today is the one time I'll deem it appropriate). A dream come true. I take with me glorious memories.

Now, if you'll excuse me I have a family and a football team to indulge.

I'll see you somewhere down the road. It's been a fuckin' pleasure.

Thanks very much.



Source: www.oasisinet.com

The Courteeners’ Liam Fray: 'Oasis Aren't Finished'

Frontman adds that the Gallagher's split means The Courteeners are now Manchester's biggest band.

The Courteeners frontman Liam Fray has given NME.COM his reaction to Noel Gallagher’s decision yesterday (August 28) to quit Oasis, saying he doesn’t believe the band is finished.

Fray, who is onsite at Reading Festival and due to play on the Main Stage this afternoon (August 29), also pointed out that with the Gallagher brothers seemingly not working with each other, The Courteeners are now Manchester’s biggest band.

“I can’t see it being the end [of Oasis],” he said. “They’ve always been ambiguous, haven’t they? Will they, wont they? It’s strange though. I’m pretty shocked and I’m upset. But, you know, it just makes us the biggest band in Manchester now, doesn’t it?!”

Despite his bravado, the frontman said he was saddened by the appearnet split, and paid tribute to Oasis by saying they were the reason he started playing music as an adolescent.

“I’m really, really upset, because they were a big part of my life growing up. Noel’s the reason why I picked up the guitar when I was 11-years-old - trying to learn ‘Wonderwall’. And Liam, as he is, is a fantastic singer. [I’ve] got a lot of respect for them both.”

Source: www.nme.com

Oasis: Is This Really The End?

Could Noel Gallagher be serious about leaving Oasis? If so, this is the end of Britain's greatest ever rock'n'roll band.

Late last night, Noel Gallagher dropped a bombshell. After one scrap too many with brother Liam he announced that he'd had enough of life in Oasis. "It's with some sadness and great relief to tell you that I quit Oasis tonight," he posted on Oasisinet.com. "People will write and say what they like but I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer."

Critics will indeed write what they want, but there's no escaping the fact this probably signals the end of arguably Britain's greatest ever rock'n'roll band. It's telling that Noel ended his note not with a further dig at his brother, but with an apology to the fans for the two forthcoming gigs that will be cancelled. At the end of the day, Oasis were always a band for the fans rather than the many critics who've sniped at them since they formed at the start of the 1990s.

To a seasoned music critic, it was pretty easy to point out the uninspired chord patterns, the lumpen trad rock arrangements, the daft lyrics. To a 14 year old yet to be introduced to the way rock music could make you feel 600 foot tall, none of this mattered. Oasis – their music and their antics - changed the lives of an entire generation of young music fans like myself. Too young for the despair and nihilism of grunge, they arrived to show us how music could lift you up, inflate your ego, temporarily remove you from the grimness of your mundane surroundings. Rock'n'Roll Star, the opening track of their debut album Definitely Maybe, distilled this manifesto to perfection: "I live my life for the stars that shine/People say it's just a waste of time … Tonight, I'm a rock n roll star"

This was music that understood the importance of escape. And it's also telling that none of the songs Noel wrote after he'd escaped himself, from a life stuck in working class Burnage, came close to matching those early euphoric highs. Noel's lyrics on Definitely Maybe matched the mood of the country perfectly in the mid 90's. With the Tory stranglehold on politics loosening, we wanted to feel good about ourselves. We wanted to Live Forever, to get wasted on Cigarettes and Alcohol. Noel knew what it felt like to be trapped in a dead-end job but to still hold dreams that you could wriggle free to somewhere bigger and better.

I don't think I've genuinely liked an Oasis song since that early batch of songs. Their third album Be Here Now was a coke-bloated definition of the word overblown, and the band's subsequent clinging to the same trad-rock template ever since has been depressing. Oasis became a byword for predictability, for lack of invention. Yet they've still retained the same magic as a live band, and their interviews were frequently hilarious. I still laugh recalling how Liam told me that Bloc Party looked more like a panel on University Challenge than a band. Or how Noel quipped that the problem with Keane was that "the three biggest twats in any band are the singer, the keyboardist and the drummer".

Of course, not everyone's convinced Oasis are all over. I'm currently at Reading festival (this has been the year of big music stories breaking at festivals – have they no consideration for our reduced broadband capabilities?) and when the news spread some fans were convinced that this was nothing more than a brother's tiff. No doubt, they say, it was a rash decision, posted whilst Noel still gripped with rage. Yet nothing – not even the time Liam walked out on the eve of a critical US tour – has ever seemed as official as this. Back then, the band and the media revelled in the carnage. Now, Noel just seems fed up. And one thing is for sure, Oasis can't continue with just one Gallagher. We may just have lost one of the best rock'n'roll bands the world will ever see.

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

Bloc Party's Kele Okereke Calls Noel And Liam Gallagher 'Inbred Twins'

Bloc Party singer Kele Okereke called Noel and Liam Gallagher “inbred twins” after announcing live on stage at Rock en Seine that Oasis had pulled out last night (August 28).

Okereke and co. were promoted to the headline act at the French Festival after Oasis pulled out.

The Gallagher brothers had a huge rift, of course, which resulted in Noel sensationally quitting Oasis for good. It's alleged that Liam smashed Noel\'s guitar in the Parisian fracas.

On stage, Kele Okereke seemed highly amused at the news and told the crowd sarcastically: “So I'd like to take this moment to say \'ah that\'s a shame isn\'t it guys?' So I guess by default we are headlining.

“I'd like to to dedicate this next song (Mercury) to those who wanted to see, ah, those inbred twins (Noel and Liam).”

In 2007, Okereke called Oasis “the most overrated band of all time” and “luddites”.

He ranted to Uncut magazine: "They have had a totally negative and dangerous impact upon the state of British music... They claim to be inspired by The Beatles but - and this saddens me - they have failed to grasp that The Beatles were about constant change and evolution. Oasis are repetetive Luddites."

Source: www.gigwise.com

Noel Gallagher Quits Oasis

From ITN News

Alan McGee Speaks Exclusively To ZANI

ZANI – It’s just half past midnight and news is slowly slipping through about the Oasis split

Alan McGee - It’s like the stones or something, it is probably because they have been through so much, they just thought they were never going to call it a day. But I think that the times we are living in, there seems to be a change in Consciousness whether they feel it or not, whether it seems to be happening

To the individual is immaterial nobody does anything they don’t want to do anymore. And if they are doing it, they must feel pretty bad because the majority of people would rather do something out of love than for the money. That seems to be from everybody from a electrician to a rock 'n' roll star. There is a change of Consciousness in the world, and things are falling away.
We are in a different era then in the nineties and eighties, with things that would have Oasis together, and this era that we are approaching that is a reawakening of the consciousness. At the end of the day, if no one is enjoying it, then you break the band up, and I don’t see that Oasis are any different from anybody else , if they are not getting on then they are going to pull the plug.

ZANI – Do you think Oasis went on longer then they should of done, or do you think they had a little bit more longevity?

Alan McGee – To be honest, I thought that Oasis should have been in the Mercury top ten records. I think Glasvegas should win it, I think their last album was their best since Morning Glory. I like "Be Here Now"

ZANI – I loved "You Know What I Mean" and in fact "Don’t Go Away" is in my opinion one of the greatest love songs ever written, up there with Fly by The Jam

Alan McGee - Amazing song, but it won’t surprise me if they don’t get together in five years time and another stadium tour, but there is going to be a big break now. When you see Noel doing the acoustic stuff a couple of years ago in Manchester, and 17,000 Mancs singing along to "Don’t Look Back In Anger", you can see what it is all about and Noel can personally see that he has that power. Liam has also has that power, and they can both do it on their own. It’s of the moment, you’ve got Oasis splitting up and Michael Jackson dying, you can see they are not connected, but they are part of these changing of the times.

ZANI – What do think Liam will do?

Alan McGee – I think they will both be massive stars, I really do, Liam will be Liam and Noel will be Noel. What you do think?

ZANI – I think Noel will work on collaborations, like he did with Goldie and The Chemical Brothers, and I think Liam will be reflective and perhaps travel , and just chill out for a while.

Alan McGee – Liam is really switched on , My friend was at the Rock-en- Seine festival near Paris tonight, and she called up and said that they had split up, and I said are you sure? Now it’s official because I have looked at their website. Personally I am gutted, because one of my favourite ever bands has gone. Is there an upside? Yes, it knocks the ball into the park for Glasvegas to go and become the biggest band in the world, because they are the true inheritors of the Oasis ' spirit, they are the only soulful band that have come out with soul and a spark since Oasis, the same way The Jam, The Smiths and Oasis had.

ZANI – Do you feel it was like a JFK moment when the news had been announced?

Alan McGee – Of course, we wouldn’t be doing an interview at 00.30 if I didn’t. It’s huge, like Michael Jackson dying. But I am glad I am doing this interview with ZANI.

ZANI – Thank you. Do you feel they were your baby because you nurtured them?

Alan McGee – You know I am not nostalgic, but their body of work is so good.

ZANI – Do you feel like you have lost a son?

Alan McGee – I am sad of course, but I am very understanding of it, because changes happen whether it is jobs or relationships, things happen. Things are that meant to come to an end, do.

ZANI - Do you think Liam and Noel will talk again?

Alan McGee – Not for a while, but they will , they love each other

ZANI – What song do you think sums up Oasis’ career as a whole?

Alan McGee – "You Know What I Mean"

ZANI – Thank you

Source: www.zani.co.uk

Oasis Split

Oasis finally split after a huge punch-up in Paris last night.

It's a sad, sad day for British rock history as the two brothers' brawling marked the end of The Summer Of Bigness - and the end of an era.

Noel and Liam Gallagher like so many times before in their lives, came to blows before a gig, this time at the Rock en Seine festival in Paris.

It all went wrong before their headline slot had even started with a furious backstage argument.

A witness in the Oasis camp said: "It all kicked off after a few jibes were thrown back and forward between them. It got totally out of hand very quickly and all the pent-up anger just exploded.

"Noel has been so mild-mannered and above it all, but everyone has a breaking point.

"The fight was split up quickly but Liam smashed up one of Noel's guitars to make his point.


"That was it. The last act of anger that Noel could put up with. He just doesn't need the hassle any more."

Any hopes for a reprieve were dashed when Noel made an official farewell announcement on the Oasis website.

He said: "It's with some sadness and great relief to tell you that I quit Oasis tonight. People will write and say what they like, but I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer.

"Apologies to all the people who bought tickets for the shows in Paris, Konstanz and Milan."

But last night Liam was insisting to pals that he would keep Oasis going without his older brother.

A spokesman for the band said: "We are all just so sad that it has come to an end."

I took no pride in telling you earlier this week that relations between the siblings were at an all-time low and the band's days were numbered.

With my heart in my throat I said that the V Festival gig at Weston Park, Staffs, was the last time the band would play on home soil together.

I didn't expect it to be their last live date EVER.

Liam's no-show at the Chelmsford leg of V on Sunday went down like a lead balloon with his older brother.

Viral laryngitis was blamed - but bushy eyebrows were raised about the snarling frontman's late nights leading up to the illness.

An old-school punch-up was the only way they would ever be able to settle their differences.

It eventually happened - and the last scrap sadly signals an end to their incredible career.

Scots singer Amy Macdonald, who was at the French gig, said on Twitter: "Oasis cancelled again with one minute to stage time!!! Liam smashed Noel's guitar, huuuge fight"

The man who first signed the band, Alan McGee, then chipped in on Facebook.

He said: "Just got phoned by somebody at Rock en Seine that Oasis have just split up an hour ago and manager or tour manager made the announcement to 50,000 fans. Madness are now playing 2 sets as they played already at festival. f*** knows..."

In ten years' time, if the money is right and Liam finally calms down from his permanent rage then maybe, just maybe, they will play again.

I hope they do. But it is going to take a long time for this one to blow over.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Bloc Party Announcing Oasis Have Cancelled Festival Appearance

Steve Hargrave On Oasis Split

28 August 2009

It's Official Noel Gallagher Has Left Oasis

"It's with some sadness and great relief to tell you that I quit Oasis tonight. People will write and say what they like, but I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer.

"Apologies to all the people who bought tickets for the shows in Paris, Konstanz and Milan."

Source: www.oasisinet.com

Oasis Cancel Paris Concert After Gallaghers Fight

British rock group Oasis cancelled a scheduled appearance at a music festival near Paris at the last minute on Friday after a fight between Noel and Liam Gallagher, organisers said.

The management of the Rock en Seine festival claimed that the group "no longer exists" after the alleged fight between its founding members, but there was no announcement from the band on their official website.

Several minutes before they were due to take to the stage in Saint-Cloud on Friday, a spokesman for the organisers announced to the crowd that Liam and his brother "had a fight backstage."

The spokesman added: "The group no longer exists. They will not play tonight and they are cancelling the rest of their European tour."

Oasis also pulled out of a concert last Sunday at the V Festival in Britain, with organisers saying Liam Gallagher had lost his voice, but there were rumours that he and his brother were having the latest in a string of feuds.

On Monday, Liam used his Twitter feed to rubbish rumours that the band were splitting up.

Source: AFP

Oasis to split? Definitely... maybe

Oasis have cancelled their second gig in the space of a week because of "an altercation within the band", it was announced.

They were expected to play the Rock en Seine festival in Paris but the crowd were told by Bloc Party, who were due to perform before Oasis, the Manchester band would not be taking the stage.

Many of the crowd thought it was a joke - until the big screens at either side of the main stage showed the message "As a result of an altercation within the band, the Oasis gig has been cancelled".

Source: The Press Association.

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