30 June 2010

Ask Liam Gallagher - Derek Adams

Today's Ask Liam from Derek Adams.

Whats the inspiration for Beady Eye?

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On This Day In Oasis History...

On June 30th 1994, Oasis made their debut on 'Top Of The Pops' performing 'Shakermaker'.

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29 June 2010

Andrew Eaton On Working With Liam Gallagher

Taken from a interview with Andrew Eaton from the California Chronicle.

Liam Gallagher confirmed in May that he's planning to turn Richard Dilello's book about the last days of the Beatles into a movie.

"No-one's ever really done the Beatles story, but this isn't the Beatles story," he says. "It's about Apple Records, and the Beatles will hardly feature in the film. It's about a period of music that I love."

He is not daunted about the prospect of working with the temperamental Oasis frontman.

"It's fun to work with someone like Liam Gallagher because he's someone who's probably lived a life that's not a million miles away from that of the Beatles.

"We've done lots of music films -- like 24 Hour Party People and 9 Songs -- and they are great fun. A lot of musicians would like to be in the film business and a lot of film people would like to be in the music industry!" he says.

Source: www.californiachronicle.com

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Win An Oasis Speaker!

The Oasis WOWee ONE was created to celebrate the release of Time Flies... 1994-2009, the complete singles collection celebrating the work of Oasis from start to finish, which is released on June 14.

The WOWee ONE is a tiny portable speaker (about the length of an iPhone) with a massive sound. Plug it in to your MP3 player, laptop, or any sound source with a minijack, and place it on just about any surface to turn it into a bass super-conductor. The WOWee ONE produces bass frequencies approximately three octaves lower than comparably-sized units.

We've got 5 of these special edition WOWee ONEs. It's sure to become a collectors' item and is the perfect companion for listening to the songs that span the fifteen glorious years of one of the greatest rock 'n' roll bands of our time.

Click here for details (SIGN UP REQUIRED)

Source: www.fhm.com

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28 June 2010

Happy Birthday Tony McCarroll

Anthony "Tony" McCarroll (Born June 27 1972) (38 today) was one of the founding members of English rock group Oasis, as their drummer from 1991 to April 1995.

Born in Levenshulme, Manchester, England, McCarroll joined pre-Oasis incarnation The Rain in 1990, replacing their drum machine, and linking up with rhythm guitarist Paul Arthurs, bassist Paul McGuigan and singer Chris Hutton. Hutton was later sacked, and replaced by Liam Gallagher. Liam's brother Noel soon joined with a bag full of songs that were to make Oasis famous.

Perhaps McCarroll should have noticed the growing tensions between himself and the rest of the band when they buried him alive in the 1994 video for "Live Forever." This tension soon grew greatly between himself and Noel. McCarroll had been angered by the "£1,000 incident", as the band called it, which occurred after Creation advanced them that sum to purchase new equipment.

Having already spent £600 of his own money on drums, McCarroll found that Noel refused to spend any of the cash on drum skins and instead bought a new guitar. He felt Gallagher was intimidated by him. For his part, Gallagher made his feelings clear with his favoured trick of pretending to forget McCarroll's name during interviews. Noel has since been blatantly derogatory about McCarroll's skills as a drummer.

McCarroll was asked to leave the band in 1995 after rumours of a punch-up with Liam. McCarroll has since denied this. His last job with the band was their first performance of Some Might Say (the last Oasis song he played on) on Top of the Pops.

On the last day of April 1995, McCarroll's departure was announced and soon the fight was abandoned as the main reason - instead, Oasis explained, his drumming just wasn't up to it. "I like Tony as a geezer but he wouldn't have been able to drum the new songs," explained Noel. McCarroll was replaced by Alan White.

After leaving the band, McCarroll travelled over the world for some years.

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On This Day In Oasis History...

On June 28th 2002, this performance of 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out' was broadcast on 'Top Of The Pops'.

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27 June 2010

More On Tony McCarroll's Oasis Book

As previously reported former drummer Tony McCarroll is set to release a warts and all book this autumn about his time with Oasis.

Titled 'Oasis: The Truth, the Noel Truth, is Nothing Like the Truth', the book will detail his time with the Manchester outfit from 1991 to 1995 and beyond.

Product details
Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd (4 Oct 2010)
Language English
ISBN-10: 1843582465
ISBN-13: 978-1843582465

Above is the cover of the book that is available from October 4th.

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26 June 2010

Paul Weller On The Gallagher Brothers And More

One element of pop culture Weller does have an interest is fashion. With their dapper suits and neat shoes, The Jam were a sartorial as well as musical influence to a generation of bands.

Weller's friend and fan Liam Gallagher, formerly of Oasis, recently started a fashion line, Pretty Green, and invited the Modfather to design some clothes for it.

Weller wore one of the Pretty Green suits at his Albert Hall gigs.

While he hasn't begun any designs just yet, Weller says it's something he's always had an interest in. Rather than wearing the ripped clothes of their punk contemporaries, The Jam went for more stylish attire.

"We used to get our suits made up at this little tailor's that is long gone now, just behind Carnaby St, which on reflection were absolutely shocking really, because you'd wear them once on stage and you'd get them dry-cleaned and they'd shrink – to a size where they'd fit a chimp.

"And then we had some Jam shoes made up at a place called Shellys. We used to get stuff made up because you couldn't find it at that time, you had to get it made, really."

While those Jam outfits would probably now be considered collector's items, they have since disappeared into rock history.

"It's gone to the ether along the way. Probably a lot of it was lost or stolen, or was just thrown away because it was so shrunken you couldn't wear it anyway."

Weller is friends with both of Oasis's Gallagher brothers, whose split last year was allegedly exacerbated when older brother Noel poked fun at Liam's clothing label.

"They are very different, what can I say? Well, they're both lovely, they're both my friends, so I have to be careful what I say, really.

"Liam has got his own very definite vision of the world, of how the world works and his place in it. And I can't say what that is because I couldn't even hazard a guess, but he has got it anyway.

"And I guess you could say Noel's a bit more down to earth. No, he's a lot more down to earth.

"I love to hear Liam's theories on life. It's different. It's like listening to an ancient philosopher. I think he's really fascinating."

Source: www.couriermail.com.au read the interview here.

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On This Day In Oasis History...

On June 26th 1994 Oasis played at the Glastonbury Festival, above are a few videos from the show.

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25 June 2010

Russell Brand Turns To Noel Gallagher For Marriage Advice

Russell Brand is planning to live out his Robin Hood fantasies for his upcoming bachelor party. “I’ll do adventurous things and activities.

My friend who is my best man says we’re going to go white-water rafting and shoot arrows,” Brand says on Britain’s Capital Breakfast Show radio program. “We’ll be like merry men. Perhaps we’ll become outlaws, bandits for a while.”

Brand also admits he’s been turning to famous pals — like Oasis’ Noel Gallagher — for advice on keeping future wife Katy Perry happy. “I asked Noel how to get by in a relationship and he said, ‘Just say yes to everything they say,’” Brand says. “It works, I’ve been using that system and it’s working well.”

Source: www.metronews.ca

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Beady Eye Mailing List

Beady Eye are currently in the studio with producer Steve Lillywhite working on their way of looking at the world.

If you want to keep up-to-date on their activities they've created a new website where you can sign up for their mailing list. To register, click HERE!

Source: www.oasisinet.com

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The Vortex UK And European Dates

Visit Bonehead's band 'The Vortex' MySpace page (here) for a number of UK and European dates.

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Special 1 TV: Liam And Noel Gallagher, Sven Goes Dutch & Rafa Hits The Fridge

Sven goes Dutch & Rafa hits the fridge & we get undercover footage from The boy Wayne in the England dressing room.

All this & Noel & Liam Gallagher Too! Originally released on 22nd June 2010.

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On This Day In Oasis History...

On June 25th 2004 Oasis played at the Glastonbury Festival, above are a few videos from the show.

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24 June 2010

Microdot Competition

Here is a chance for you to take part in a new Microdot competition - Answer the following three questions correctly to be entered into a draw. Prize will be a numbered copy of the Microdot portfolio book (currently retailing for £85).

1. What event is depicted for 1994 in the Microdot website homepage movie?
2. Which piece of work on the site is described as 'Not strictly a Microdot project'?
3. What was the first ever Microdot album sleeve design?

All answers are contained within the website. www.microdotcreative.co.uk

All entries to be submitted before closing date of 24th of July.

All answers to be sent to brian@microdotcreative.co.uk

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On This Day In Oasis History...

On June 24th 2005 Oasis played at the Tweeter Center in Boston USA, above are a few videos from the show.

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23 June 2010

Ask Liam - Allie Dickinson

Ask Liam: Today's question from Allie Dickinson.

Please, please, please can we have some girl stuff may-be just a t-shirt..........or two .

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On This Day In Oasis History...

On June 23rd 1995 Oasis played at the Glastonbury Festival, above are a few videos from the show.

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22 June 2010

'Time Flies... 1994-2009' - Oasis' Eighth NO. 1 Album!

Oasis' complete singles collection 'Time Flies... 1994-2009' entered the UK album chart at number 1 on Sunday, selling four times as many as the second best selling album of the week.

It is the band's eighth number one album (the fifth of the past ten years) and has the highest first week sales of any album released this year!

It was also confirmed by the OCC (Official Charts Company) that 'Time Flies... 1994-2009' is the 900th number 1 album in the history of the UK's official album charts, the first being Frank Sinatra's 'Songs For Swingin' Lovers' back in 1956!

We'd like to say a big thank you to all the fans for their continued support!

Source: www.oasisinet.com

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Russell Brand 'Inspired' By Noel Gallagher

It may not be the most flattering homage, but Russell Brand has said his portrayal of the arrogant, wild and obnoxious rocker Aldous Snow in new flick was inspired by his friend Noel Gallagher.

Speaking to ShortList Magazine, Brand said of his Oasis front man pal: "He tells you stories and you think, 'Oh my God, you decadent lunatics.'

"Tales of when there was still money in the music industry and they were all carrying on. So there are no direct references, but Noel is someone I have in mind. Mostly because Noel Gallagher doesn't care.

"Most people say, 'Oh I don't care what people think about me.' He actually doesn't. You're like, 'Don't say that! You'll ruin everything you've worked for,' and he's like, 'Don't f*cking care, say what I want.'

"The way he sees it, as long as he can play guitar, people will always give him 10 quid and he'll be all right."

However, when asked if he’d made use of any other Gallagher characteristics, Brand explained: "No, just the attitude. Because if I nicked some personal anecdote from Noel's life about robbing houses in Greater Manchester I don't see how that would have helped the plot, to be honest."

The comedian also confessed he would love to be a real life rock star: "Yeah, it was like sanctioning a part of yourself you're always embarrassed about.

“Part of you thinks, 'I could be a rock star, couldn't I? Let me prove that by dancing along to Deep Purple.'

"It sanctions that kind of conduct, which normally takes place in bathrooms, like all good masturbation should.

"But it felt good, it was a good exercise for me."

Read the full interview in ShortList Magazine, out on Thursday.

Source: www.mirror.co.uk

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Oasis Triumph In Britpop Rematch

Oasis have triumphed over Blur after the battle of Britpop was re-staged, 15 years on.

The two bands were famously locked in conflict as they raced for the No 1 spot in 1995 with Blur's Country House winning out.

But now a poll of listeners for the launch of new station Absolute Radio 90s has found that Oasis's Roll With It is actually the most popular track after all these years.

Source: The Press Association

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First Live Tape Of Oasis Up For Sale

A piece of Manchester music history is up for grabs on Thursday – when the first ever recording of Oasis goes under the hammer.

Auctioneers Christie's are offering the cassette, which was captured at legendary Little Peter Street venue The Boardwalk in 1992.

It features five songs from the band's second-ever gig - the first with Noel Gallagher at the helm.

Christie's say the tape is the first 'live' recording of Oasis in existence and have set an estimate of £4,000 to £6,000.

Former music promoter Dean Hanley is selling the recording.

He was given the cassette by a desperate Noel at offices on Mount Street, in a bid to promote the fledgling band.

Dean made some demos from the tape and sent them to record labels to no avail. However, he did manage to secure Oasis a support slot for Peter Hook's off-shoot band Revenge.

Other than an early version of Columbia, which appeared on the classic first album Definitely Maybe, none of the tracks that feature on the recording were released.

There is also one song recorded in the studio.

The cassette, labelled in blue ballpoint pen and fluorescent green marker by Noel is offered without any reproduction rights.

It captures the four-piece around two years before they shot to fame.

Christie's say the band sound heavily influenced by fellow Manchester legends The Smiths and The Stone Roses.

They add that the Beatlesque chord changes that later became an Oasis trademark and Liam's 'yet to completely mature voice' it is 'still recognisably Oasis'.

The band were spotted by Scottish record label boss Alan McGee around a year after the recording in 1993.

He signed them up and their first single Supersonic, released a year later, set them on the way to success.

Millions of record sales followed, along with seven albums.

Last June they played sell out shows to huge acclaim at Heaton Park.

But in August the band announced they had split, with the final straw said to be a row between Liam and Noel backstage before a gig in Paris.

Source: manchestereveningnews

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What's The Best Number 1 Single From Oasis?

This month the poll in the right side menu is for the best Oasis UK number 1 single.

The choices are

Some Might Say
Don't Look Back In Anger
D'You Know What I Mean?
All Around The World
Go Let It Out
The Hindu Times
The Importance Of Being Idle

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Lionel Messi Inspired By Oasis

The combined skills of Ghandi, Kofi Annan, Nelson Mandela and Terry Waite would struggle to broker peace between the warring Oasis brothers.

But Lionel Messi - the planet's most special footballer since Archie Gemmill - reckons he can smooth the volatile diplomatic minefield between Noel and Liam Gallagher.

The little wizard has spent the World Cup receiving a masterclass in Oasis from his Argentina team-mate, Manchester City star Carlos Tevez.

And the Barcelona Lord has fallen in love with the band, vowing to do everything in his power to get them back together if the Argies win the World Cup. Messi said: "Ever since he has been playing in Manchester, Carlitos has told me how great Oasis was. I kept promising I would listen to them, but I never got round to it.

"On the plane on the way to the World Cup Carlitos made me listen to their first two albums. I have to say I wasn't expecting much but it is some of the best material I have ever heard. They are absolutely amazing.

"Their songs are incredible. I would have to say Supersonic and Live Forever are my favourites. I have been listening to their stuff on my iPod dock in the hotel room, on the way to the matches and in the dressing room. I can't believe it's taken me all this time to finally listen to them.

"I've been watching their live performances on YouTube and they look like they'd be amazing to see in concert.

"I asked Carlitos if we could go and see them in Manchester or London in concert, but he told me they have split up.

"I showed the rest of the boys in the Argentina squad their stuff and I promise you, everybody absolutely loves it.

"A few knew a couple of their songs but for most of them it was their first listen.

"We have agreed that if we win the World Cup we want to fly them over to Argentina for our celebration party.

"We just need them to name their price."

I'm sure Noel would enjoy a spot of chin-stroking contemplation about that after an early afternoon bag of Monster Munch.

Argentina boss Maradona is a fan of the Man City supporting boys too. He met them in Buenos Aires back in 1997, months before he was sentenced for shooting journalists.

It would take an act from the Hand of God to repair the biblical scrap between the most famous feuding brothers.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

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21 June 2010

Bonehead On Life After Oasis

He has been there and done it. Lived the rock 'n' roll dream with the biggest British band of the past two decades.

But Paul Arthurs, better known as Bonehead, who walked out on Oasis in 1999 declaring "there was no fun in it any more", is starting again with The Vortex, a Manchester five-piece that merges rock guitars with dance.

Alan McGee, who discovered Oasis, described the guitarist's new outfit as "set for big things... setting the controls for the heart of the northern anthem as if Kasabian never existed."

You can make up your own mind when they play The Maze in a couple of weeks.

Indie guitars and dance – are you reviving Madchester?

"No. There are full-on guitar lines, they're big songs but we use a lot of dance samples and loops. We have a girl on backing vocals. I get a Screamadelica/Primal Scream vibe off it."

Isn't it hard playing the pub circuit after 250,000 people at Knebworth in one weekend?

"It's a joy. Something like Knebworth was amazing, every boy's dream. But I like being on the road, going back to basics. I missed that with Oasis. It's what I've always loved about being in a band."

Is it better for you not being in the shadow of Noel and Liam, having greater control?

"I wouldn't say control but I've developed a lot more of my playing. I have got more freedom. It's got an energy I feel Oasis were lacking, at the point that I left, anyway. It's more edgy. I'm really enjoying it."

What happened with your previous band The Seers?

"We did all right, we did a lot of gigs but it fizzled out."

Are people still asking you about Oasis at the gigs?

"It used to be 'why did you leave Oasis?' but people have got over that. All I get off people is pure love. They respect me for what I did in Oasis and they're respecting what I'm doing with The Vortex. They do come to the gigs out of curiosity but when I come off stage they want to know about The Vortex."

Are you a better musician now than a decade ago?

"A lot better I think. I'm learning loads more in the studio. I'm a lot more hands-on these days."

Aren't you fed up of hearing new bands trying to sound like Oasis?

"I don't know if they're trying to sound like Oasis but they're influenced by us and that's not a bad thing."

When will The Vortex release an album?

We're finishing it now. We're paying for it ourselves. So by the end of summer we'll have one ready. We've got interest (from record labels) but we're just getting on with it"

What is your take on the Oasis split?

"I was sad it happened how it did, ending with a fight. I look forward to hearing their solo stuff. I just hope what Noel and Liam come out with is as good as I expect it to be."

Source: www.thisisnottingham.co.uk


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Noel Gallagher On Oasis' 'Time Flies'

Oasis have topped the charts once again this weekend with an album that brings together the band's 27 singles for the first time.

Time Flies 1994-2009 beat off competition from the soundtrack to TV series Glee.

Listen to Noel Gallagher talking about the making of the collection using the player below.

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Liam And Noel Gallagher On Roll Of Famous

Peter Kay will have his name permanently etched on to a new “eco” art installation at Manchester Airport.

Work has already begun on a glass-covered walkway which will feature the names of the North West’s most famous people and places.

The Bolton comedy legend will be one of hundreds of names ‘hidden’ in a giant wordsearch as part of the walkway which is being built to link terminals one and three.

Designers are hoping that people using the walkway will try to solve the puzzle, which aims to celebrate the best of Greater Manchester and pay tribute to its heritage.

The design will also help the airport in its bid to be ‘carbon neutral’ by 2015 by using third generation LED lighting to cut energy consumption by about 40 per cent, airport bosses say.

Other famous names will include Manchester’s Oasis stars Liam and Noel Gallagher and indie group The Stone Roses.

Source: www.theboltonnews.co.uk

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20 June 2010

Oasis Singles Collection Is The Best Selling Album This Week

Oasis have scored the UK album chart's 900th number one this week with their Time Flies... singles collection LP. The first being "Songs For Swingin' Lovers" by Frank Sinatra in 1956.

Oasis who split up last year, were given their eighth album triumph in their illustrious career, selling almost four times as many copies as Glee's Journey To Regionals, which was also a new entry in second place.

Below are the top ten albums in full:

01. (-) Oasis: 'Time Flies... 1994-2009
02. (-) Glee Cast: 'Glee: The Music, Journey To Regionals'
03. (-) Michael Bublé: 'Crazy Love'
04. (8) Glenn Miller: 'The Very Best Of Glenn Miller'
05. (7) RAF Squadronaires: 'In The Mood'
06. (2) Alicia Keys: 'The Element Of Freedom'
07. (15) Billy Joel: 'The Piano Man: The Very Best Of Billy Joel'
08. (5) Lady GaGa: 'The Fame Monster'
09. (14) Plan B: 'The Defamation Of Strickland Banks'
10. (13) Mumford & Sons: 'Sigh No More'

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Listen Again To Noel Gallagher On TalkSport

Noel Gallagher appeared on TalkSport again last night (19 June) and spoke about England's woeful performance against Algeria listen to the interview here.

Some extracts from the interview:

"It was bad, it was bad. You don't mind England playing not well but when it's so bad... its almost like they had never played together before."

The player he wouldn't have started against Algeria: "Aaron Lennon. I'm just not having him, he's good at running in a straight line really fast, and that's about the end of it."

Joe Cole not being used so far: "Why bring Joe Cole if you're not going to use him? If he doesn't play Joe Cole against Slovenia, that is just a ludicrous decision to bring him because he could have brought somebody else, he could have brought Adam Johnson."

Does he blame the Manager or the players: "He is a great Manager, hands down. There are six players in that team: theres Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard, Ashley Cole.... em... alright, theres four... they are pretty decent, like John Terry, fine, he's alright, you know, they are probably world class players, they've played Champions League finals and all that, they know what they're doing. I don't think you can say, "Its the Manager", because we've been through all that, you know what I mean?, we've got the Manager, the players we see week in week out and they're great, and I just think its the whole... its the England "thing", innit, do you know what I mean? I dono, maybe the weight of expectation from the media, and the fans is too big."

Rooney's criticism of the fans: "I think he was probably speaking for the team. I've got to say I've never booed anybody at a football match, I've left a couple of times." "I don't blame him for that but I reckon that's probably an underlying feeling within the team themselves, is like, you know, "We don't kinda need this", do you know what I mean? And whatever anybody says, booing is counter-productive - you're booing after the match, whats the point of all that, do you know what I mean, those lads go out there and they try their best, the booing is.. I don't know... its all people from Halifax, anyway, do you know what I mean?"

His optimism for the final group match: "The body language of those players coming off that pitch last night and the body language of the interviews I've seen today, if they can pull it out from here, I'd be staggered." "Slovenia have got a great chance of qualifying for the second round for the first time ever and all they've got to do is to stop England scoring, now, lets be frank, its been pretty easy so far." "England from 1 to 11 are pretty good, from 12 to 23 we're in trouble."

Why he prefers watching the matches at home, rather than in pubs: "If I go to a pub, I end up getting me picture taken for the first 45 minutes, and all that jazz..."

Thanks as always to Dougie.

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19 June 2010

Oasis: What's Your Story? - The Fans

This is the last of the fan stories.

'Time Flies... 1994-2009' is out now for more details click here.

Win Oasis Goodies

Here is another opportunitie to win an Oasis-branded Wowee One speaker unit, click here for more details.

'Time Flies... 1994-2009' is out now for more details click here.

Ex Oasis Man Bonehead Doesn't Look Back In Anger

From playing in front of 250,000 people at Knebworth to the 140-capacity Cellars at Eastney, life has come full-circle for Bonehead.

Founding member and guitar player in arguably the world's biggest indie band, he's now joined a new group and plans to hit the road hard to get them a name as big as his old one.

In the late 1980s, Bonehead – real name Paul Arthurs – started a band called The Rain with his mates in Manchester.

He went on to recruit Liam and then Noel Gallagher. The band went on to become Oasis and Oasis went on to found Britpop and achieve worldwide chart domination.

Ten years after leaving Oasis, Bonehead's back with a new band – The Vortex – and he's coming to The Cellars at Eastney.

'It's something that I always missed,' reveals the 44-year-old multi-instrumentalist.

'Reaching that pinnacle of playing to a quarter of a million people at Knebworth was beyond what we ever dreamed we could do, but – personally – I did miss the intimacy of turning up to gigs in a van, rather than a limousine with four security guards, and getting up-close and personal with the audience, you know, sitting at the bar with them afterwards. That's what I really love about being in a band and it's great to be back doing that,' he continues, apologising for munching on a sausage sandwich.

Bonehead still lives in Manchester with his wife, Kate, and two children, Lucy (whose middle name is Oasis) and Jude. He's been married to Kate for 'god knows' how long – 'since before Oasis'.

Bonehead was the bedrock of his former band. He was the one who would jump in to split up the fights between Liam and Noel and it was his front room which featured on the cover of the band's debut album, Definitely Maybe.

It was also his van that transported the band and their equipment around when they started out – a spray-painted van with no key that started with a screwdriver kept under the seat.

Everyone in the area knew about the van, and the screwdriver, and Bonehead would spend his weekends wandering Moss Side in search of his van, after some gig goer nicked it to drive themselves home.

These early days were a far cry from Oasis' eventual megastardom, but Bonehead missed the simple life.

He says: 'It was difficult being in a band with a profile like that. A lot of people don't realise how busy you are. You might get six days off a year.

'Part of the reason I left was because I wanted some time to see my family and watch the kids grow-up. But that wasn't the only reason.

'For me, the spark in Oasis had died out. I wasn't enjoying it as much. Something had gone, something had fallen flat. I just didn't feel I could carry on and finish that album (the band's 2000 release Standing
On The Shoulder Of Giants] and then go out around the world to promote it.

'You can't be a member of Oasis and not give 100 per cent. But you can't leave Oasis overnight either, legally or emotionally.

'For me, it was just time to go. It was not an easy decision, but I don't regret it, I just look back and think what an amazing time I had.'

Bonehead has plenty of tales of good times with the band, as you can imagine. But it was Liam that he was closest to.

'We just got on, We were best mates within the band,' he explains.

When Noel wrote a song called Bonehead's Bank Holiday with the intention of Bonehead singing lead vocals for the track, Liam lent his support, but it all ended in a drunken stupor.

When I ask him about it, Bonehead scoffs at the idea of him being drunk.

'Drunk? I was leathered mate! Liam had to hold me up.

'Noel came to me and said "I've written a song called Bonehead's Bank Holiday". I said "I like the title", then Noel told me "the twist is you're singing it".

'I'd never sung a note in my life and he just said "yeah, there's the words. There's the tune..."

'So Liam was like "I'll tell you what, you and me'll go to the pub for some Dutch courage". Sixteen pints of Strongbow cider later, we were beyond capable,' Bonehead laughs.

'I've still got about three hours of out-takes. It's probably the funniest thing you'll ever hear in your life.'

Bonehead and Liam's alcohol-inspired chanting can be heard in snippets on the final recording, but Noel re-recorded the lead vocals.
When I ask if he ever misses any aspect of Oasis, he says he's not bothered about the fame and fortune.

'I suppose you miss your mates,' he admits.

'I spent 10 years with them, seeing them most days. You miss being round the same circle of people,' he continues, then quickly adds: 'But it's not like I sit there at night getting sad about it.'

Bonehead is still friends with his ex-bandmates, but he sees them very rarely these days.

'I bumped into Noel a few years ago at the Manchester v Cancer gig and I've met up with Liam a few times in London. I saw Alan a few months back too,' he explains.

So how did he feel when the band he started eventually split in August?

'It was always on the cards but I was sad that they would be no more and particularly sad that it ended in a fight. I guess that's par for the course with them.

'I'm looking forward to hearing what both of them are going to come out with. It can only be a good thing for music in general. It's going to be an exciting thing,' he beams.

Bonehead has no regrets about leaving the band when he did. He explains: 'If I was to get hit by a bus tomorrow, wherever I end up, I would think "I did what I set out to do... and more". I just hope I can achieve the same degree of success with The Vortex as I did with Oasis.'
When we speak, he's in a Manchester studio recording an album with his new band.

'We're funding the recording ourselves,' he explains. 'We're just recording the final bits, tidying it up, today. We're going to start mixing next week.

'We've got some serious label interest in the pipeline, but nothing definite I can announce at this stage.

'Realistically, the album's likely to be released in the new year,' he confides.

Bonehead says that The Vortex are similar to Oasis musically.

'In terms of big anthemic choruses and loud crashing guitars, there's not a lot of difference. But there's a dance element to The Vortex as well. It's not far off Primal Scream because we've got Jackie (Heather Small and Cotton Club backing vocalist, Jaxx) on backing vocals, which gives it a sort of Denise Johnson feel.'

He also says that the band's dynamic is similar to that of Oasis.

When I ask him if life's more harmonious in his new band, he replies: 'Oasis was nothing but harmonious, though, of course, there were the well-publicised spats between Noel and Liam.

'The Vortex has a really similar feel people-wise. The vibe reminds me of the feeling of Oasis in the early days. It's one of the things that drew me to The Vortex.

'I loved the music, of course, but I jumped at it when they asked me to join because of the camaraderie.'

Bonehead met his new band through its bass player Nick Repton, who was friends with some of Bonehead's colleagues, for a show on BBC Radio Manchester.

After appearing as a guest performer with the band a few times, in January 2009 they asked him to join full- time and he 'jumped at it'.

The band recently acquired a new frontman, John Mackie. Bonehead says: 'He was pretty established around Manchester as a solo singer-songwriter and he's a really amazing frontman. He looks and sounds great on stage and he's a top boy.

'He completed the band and kicked us all up a gear.'

When The Vortex arrive at The Cellars at Eastney tomorrow night, Bonehead says: 'You can expect them to blow your head.

'A lot of people come down to gigs because they're familiar with the band from MySpace or they've read a review or heard about us from someone who's seen us before. Some come out of curiosity – they say "it's Bonehead. Let's go".

'We always get out front and talk to people after the gigs and they say "I didn't expect that".'

The Vortex will be blowing even more heads when they embark on a mammoth touring schedule in September and release a couple of singles around Christmas time.

'We're taking it a step at a time,' says Bonehead.

'We're doing it the old school way. We just want to chip away and see what comes of it. Just get out and be heard – that's the plan.'

See The Vortex at The Cellars at Eastney from 8pm tomorrow. Tickets cost £11 on the door or £9.50 in advance from the Cromwell Road Box Office or (023) 9286 6249. You can also catch them at Soul Cellar in Southampton on August 20.

Source: www.portsmouth.co.uk

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Noel Gallagher Thinks 'It's All Over For England' After Drawing At World Cup

Former Oasis man laments the national team's performance against Algeria.

Noel Gallagher thinks "it's all over" for England's Fifa World Cup campaign, after they drew 0-0 with Algeria earlier tonight (June 18).

Featuring as a guest on James Corden's World Cup Live chat show, the former Oasis man also passed judgement on the England manager Fabio Capello.

"Before tonight everyone really respected him," Gallagher said. "But he's kind of turned into some kind of silly wizard".

He added: "If they couldn't beat Algeria tonight I cant see them beating Slovenia. Slovenia are going to need to draw that game to go through, so they've got something to play for, it's all over."

Despite thinking England won't progress from the group stages at the tournament, Gallagher did reveal that when the national team were knocked out of the 2002 World Cup by Brazil, Oasis' single 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out' made the group a lot of money.

"We knew when it was picked as a single it would be released at the time of the [2002] World Cup," he explained. "We thought 'we [England] are bound to get knocked out to this', 'Kerching' I said."

Set to head to Johannesburg to watch the final regardless of whether England make it, Gallagher will hope he can influence the result after claiming he was Italy's lucky mascot for their successful World Cup campaign in 2006.

Source: www.nme.com

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Watch Noel Gallagher On James Corden's World Cup Live

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18 June 2010

Oasis: What's The Story?

This week Mark Radcliffe has told the story of Oasis, click here to listen to the four episodes.

'Time Flies... 1994-2009' is out now for more details click here.

Oasis: What's Your Story? - Marco

A while back Oasisinet asked you to send us in your stories about what Oasis and their music mean to you. We heard from thousands of fans all around the world and would like to say a big thank you to all who got in touch.

Big Brother Recordings took a small selection of these fans and filmed their stories. Each intimate portrait concentrates on how specific Oasis songs have affected their lives and are cut together with footage that you sent to us telling your story.

In amongst these short films are Italian football idol Alessandro del Piero, whose 2006 World Cup victory played out to the soundtrack of 'Don't Believe The Truth'. We also visit Stefy 'Supersonic' Bull, an amateur boxer who was inspired to turn pro after hearing 'Supersonic'; a family who came together thanks to hearing 'Don't Look Back In Anger' in a Hong Kong bar; an Italian sculptor and well known Liam look-a-like, and a prisoner who was inspired to do the right thing after hearing 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out'. Each story entertains in its own way and will no doubt strike a chord with all the millions of fans who supported the band through their eighteen year career.

This is Marco Stelitano's story...

'Time Flies... 1994-2009' is out now for more details click here.

Liam Gallagher On Pretty Green, Beady Eye And More...

He was voted 'The Greatest Front Man of All Time' by Q magazine earlier in 2010. But Liam Gallagher's no longer merely an iconic rock star. His menswear label Pretty Green has clobbered naysayers with its first three collections. Hard-to-please London fashionistas are reported to be 'pleasantly surprised' indeed some 'very impressed'. Moreover, customers have voted with their wallets on Pretty Green's combination of high production values and classic looks spun with street-style acumen.

Liam has also found time to announce his first movie production. The Longest Cocktail Party which is a "behind the scenes movie" of The Beatles no less, adapted from the word-of-mouth smash book by former Apple Corps 'house hippie' Richard DiLello. And as if that's not enough he is currently in the studio working on a new album with his band Beady Eye.

One year on from the original launch of Pretty Green on June 4th 2009, I met up with Liam at one of his preferred Hampstead watering holes to get his own impression of the last twelve months - and find out what he's planning for the coming year.

Has it been a hectic period since you started Pretty Green?

"Not for me mate, not hectic one bit. It is for other people. If it was hectic I wouldn't be doing it. It's been a good year, man."

Was it a surprise, Pretty Green taking off quite so quickly?

"I'm liking the way it's expanding and all that - it's been great and people seem to like it, the clothes and everything. But am I surprised..? No. Without sounding like an arrogant fucker, no I'm not. Because it's good, isn't it? And people like good things."

True, do you feel the pressure to produce collections that are expected twice yearly, as opposed to albums that are only due once every 2 years or so?

"Not really... You'd have to ask everyone else, It's not hard for me. It's a buzz isn't it man? Making new clothes. It's not hard for me pointing out things, saying 'Yes' or 'No' and 'Do it this way', bringing my ideas to the table. But I'm sure it's hard for the others at times."

What new designs can we expect?

"We've got footwear coming out - pumps, desert boots, jeans, you know - as usual with a twist. Some top jackets, like Steve McQueen used to wear. All sorts, something for everyone - shorts for the summer..."

And what items have been the most successful of the three collections to date?

"Everything man. The parkas were obviously popular but the big logo T-shirts, the polos, monkey jackets, everything does well. It's all popular man."

Sounds like you guys have been very busy, How many people are working for you on the brand now?

"I haven't got a clue man. But every time I look we've got someone new. Last time I checked it was around 30."

Your website receives very flattering comments from Pretty Green customers all over the world. Was a good website an important element for you, being someone with a global fan base?

"Yeah, without a doubt. Everything's important. Pretty Green, the whole package, it's the real deal. And that's why it's important to make sure everything we do is done right. The website's great, I'm proud of it and it looks good."

How many countries do Pretty Green sell to now?

"The last time I checked it was over 80 countries now, so a little birdie told me."

That's rather impressive for a company only 12 months old.

"Yeah, I suppose so. But we've only just started."

Which countries are currently your biggest customers?

"The UK has always been very strong, but Japan, the US, Italy and Germany are doing great. Come to think of it, Scandinavia is as well."

And in the UK what are the main stores stocking Pretty Green?

"Selfridges, who are increasing Pretty Green's space this September to make it even bigger, Cruise & Xile in Glasgow, Sarah Coggles in York, and Psyche in Middlesbrough."

What about your own Pretty Green store?

"Definitely man. We're just waiting for the right place to come along, and I'm not gonna rush into it. We're looking to do a temporary store in London this summer, the website will tell you where and when it's happening..."

In addition to the long list of movie stars, rock icons, DJs and TV presenters already wearing Pretty Green, a number of this year's World Cup footballers have been spotted sporting the label - namely England's Joe Cole and Jermaine Defoe plus key members of the Italian squad who are said to be huge fans of the brand. This is an amazing accomplishment for a label that's only a year old. What do you put your success down to?


Joe Cole is clearly a big fan of the brand, would you be happy if he signs for Man City?

"Yeah, I will. I think Joe Cole is a top player. He can always turn the game around, d'you know what I mean? So, yeah, I'm having him man. He's got a lot of energy."

Are you glad he is part of the England Team?

"I am glad Joe Cole was part of it and I'm glad Shaun Wright Phillips is too."

So you are going to be stuck to the TV when the World Cup is on?

"Without a doubt!"

Paul Weller - himself a style icon to more than one generation - wore a Pretty Green suit onstage during his five-night, sold-out, run at the royal Albert Hall in May. He stated here on Pretty Green News that he's going to work on some designs of his own with Pretty Green. Will this open the doors for others to follow or is this something that you will strictly control?

"Well... We will definitely control it, but yeah... I mean, I know Liam Howlett from The Prodigy. He was talking to me the other night about maybe doing the same kind of thing. We'll see how it goes. The ball's in their court. But it's good that Paul Wellers' doing it, 'cos he's cool and he's into his stuff. It's got to be the right people."

Moving on what else have you been up to other than the fashion stuff?

"I've been recording our fantastic new record with a musical pop combo called Beady Eye, sorting out the film, and working on Pretty Green's new designs."

Busy then! I hear you even manage to find time for running?

"Yes, I'm a keen runner. Every morning man. Got to be done."

The film's a strong concept, how did you come across it?

"Someone gave me the book ages ago and it was always knocking around our tour. I read it over and over. Couldn't stop reading it. One of them books you can't put down. And I just thought: "There's nothing else to do, now Oasis have split up I can do what I want."

Yoko Ono is clearly a fan after her recent comments. Have you ever met her?

"Yep, met her once. She invited me round to the Dakota building. Had a lovely day and I'll never forget it, great woman."

You must have some amazing stories from your many years on the road, do you ever envisage doing a book or film about them?

"Yep, without a doubt. Very soon. Before I forget them all."

So you've just got back from Lake Como for Andy Bells wedding how was it?


You guys all seem very close Andy, Gem, and Chris?

"Yep, we're as close as can be man."

So when you do get time to relax at home in front of the TV what's normally on?

"The usual shit, Eastenders, Coronation Street, I can't wait for the World Cup to take over on every TV in my house. I like that Pineapple Dance Studios as well. That Louis dude, he reminds me of Noel."

I hear your brother Paul is involved in the new movie production company?

"Just about."

What exactly will Paul's role be?

"Making the fooking tea." (Liam breaks into loud laughter)

What are your most vivid memories as a kid growing up?

"Just fucking about in the park playing football, really man..."

What do you think is different now for kids from when you were growing up?

"Everything's different now. They've got it all haven't they? You don't see many out in the park playing, or in the streets, they're just all indoors staring at screens. I'd hate to be a kid growing up today. It's fucking soulless."

Any plans for a holiday this summer ?

"I'm not going on holiday this year. Staying at home and watching the World Cup."

Thanks for your time Liam.


Source: www.prettygreen.com

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Don't Forget That Noel Gallagher Is On ITV Tonight


ENTERTAINMENT: James Corden's World Cup Live
On: ITV1 and ITV HD
Date: Friday 18th June 2010
Time: 9:45 pm to 10:15 pm

James Corden celebrates the colour and fun of the World Cup after every ITV1 evening match with Abbey Clancy, celebrity guests, a football hero, a studio full of fans, his friends and family and his very own human world cup wall chart.

Featuring exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in English football, plus regular updates of what is really going on in the England players' camp.

Tonight's guests are Russell Brand, Noel Gallagher and former England goalie David Seaman.

(Stereo, Widescreen, High Definition, Subtitles)

'Time Flies... 1994-2009' is out now for more details click here.

Alan McGee: "I Could See Oasis Reforming In Five Years"

The man who discovered Oasis says they will reform. Alan McGee signed the band in 1993 after seeing them at King Tut's in Glasgow.

With his record label Creation, he steered them to becoming the UK's biggest band of the Nineties.

But almost a year ago, brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher's fraught relationship splintered and the band split.

This week, Oasis release what is, for the moment, their final album.

Time Flies...1994-2009 brings together, for the first time, all 27 singles from their seven consecutive No.1 studio albums.

It is the final bow in a career that suddenly came to an end last August when Noel quit the band, saying he couldn't work with his younger brother "a day longer".

But McGee reckons they will bury the hatchet at some point. He said: "I think come another five years, they will look at each other and go, 'There's £200million on the table - do you want to do 100 shows?'

"It's money - but ultimately they are brothers and it doesn't matter what they want to say about each other because they love each other.

"I know they love each other because I know them.

"They might be annoyed with each other from time to time - but they definitely love each other."

While many felt the brothers should just have taken a little time out, McGee likes the fact they went out on a high and didn't become the next Rolling Stones.

He said: "They could have gone on and on and on making money live like the Stones.

"Oasis would have inherited the big live rock act from them.

"Not even the Stones will be touring when they are 80, I'm sure.

"But there's something to be said for killing something when it's still vibrant and good.

"And the last album was still pretty good."

Now Oasis fans are waiting for the next chapter.

Noel is pursuing a solo career, while Liam has formed a new band, Beady Eye, with the rest of the final Oasis line-up. It's back to square one.

In the early Nineties, Liam replaced original singer Chris Hutton in Manchester group The Rain, a band that included Paul McGuigan (bass guitar), Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs (guitar) and Tony McCarroll (drums).

They changed their name to Oasis and Noel, a roadie for Inspiral Carpets, also joined.

No one took much interest at first. In May 1993, they were invited to play King Tut's Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow by the band Sister Lovers, who shared their rehearsal space.

As fate would have it, McGee was in the audience. He was the boss of Creation, the label behind three of Scotland's greatest bands: Primal Scream, Teenage Fanclub and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

He was there to see one of his own bands, 18 Wheeler but was so impressed by Oasis that he offered them a record deal.

Recalling that night, Noel said: "When he (McGee) signed us that night in Glasgow, we played this song called Bring It On Down. He really liked it because it was like the Sex Pistols and he wanted it to be the first single.

"We went to Liverpool to record it and a couple of other tracks. For some reason it just wasn't happening. We had just signed the deal and got to the last night and couldn't go back with nothing.

"It was horrible. We didn't want to be like one of those flaky bands. While everyone else was having their dinner I went into a backroom and wrote Supersonic and wrote a complete stream of consciousness.

"I literally made each line up as I went. I came back and showed the drummer how it went. Bonehead wrote the chords out, wrote the lyrics out for Liam. I still think of all the 27 singles, it's my favourite."

Supersonic is one of the greatest debuts and statements of intent by a British rock band - yet even after it was recorded, it wasn't an automatic choice for the band's debut single.

McGee told The Razz: "I always wanted Bring It On Down as the first single. I knew Oasis were the revolution. I just never realised it was going to be as big as it was.

"I thought Bring It On Down would herald the new revolution. But it wasn't made a single because they couldn't get the record right. Then at 1am, Noel looked at me and said let's put Supersonic out. We knew Supersonic was amazing but we thought it was an album track.

"When he said it, it suddenly made sense. It was a decision made on a sixpence. That was the start of Oasis - and what a way to start. 'You need to be yourself, you can't be no one else.'"

Supersonic was released in April 1994 but only got to No.31.

Take That were No.1 with the aptly titled Everything Changes.

That year would be dominated by Wet Wet Wet's 15-week stay at the top with Love Is All Around and No1s by Whigfield and Pato Banton.

While Suede and Blur kicked off the UK's fightback against American grunge it was Oasis who became the kings of what became Britpop.

Third single Live Forever was the band's first top-10 hit. It became an anthem to the hedonistic Nineties.

Noel grinned: "If there were any doubters after Supersonic and Shakermaker about us being some post-Manchester bunch of lunatics, that was the song that people went, 'That's actually a classic.'"

Debut album Definitely Maybe was released in September 1994 and went straight to No.1. At the time, it became the fastest-selling British debut album.

Overnight, Oasis became the UK's biggest band. Noel removed McCarroll as the drummer - the first of many changes that would leave the Gallaghers as the only remaining original members.

They headlined Glastonbury in 1995 and the first single from their second album Some Might Say, released in 1995, became their first No.1.

No wonder their biggest rivals Blur then tried to steal the Oasis thunder by changing the release day of their single Country House to go up against Oasis's Roll With It. Blur won that particular battle of Britpop - reaching the top slot - but they lost the war.

Oasis's second album (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, released in October 1995, sold 346,000 copies in its first week. It went straight to No.1 and stayed there for 10 weeks. It also reached No.4 in the US and has since sold 14 million copies.

Second single Wonderwall missed out on the No.1 spot but became their biggest-selling single, shifting more than a million copies.

Next single Don't Look Back In Anger was their second chart-topper.

In 1996, they played to 250,000 people over two nights at Knebworth - but an incredible 2.6million applied for tickets, the biggest demand for a UK concert ever.

In Scotland, they played to 80,000 people over two nights at Balloch.

Oasis were at their peak. When third album Be Here Now came out in 1997, they sold 350,000 copies in the first day and 696,000 copies in a week - making it the fastest-selling album in British history. It also reached No.2 in America.

McGee remembers the times fondly: "At the height of it, we had seven per cent of the British market - which is pretty huge.

"We were so lucky to find them. They were an incredible band with the right management and record company."

Would they have been as big if they'd signed to a major, or any label other than Creation? McGee said: "It was the right time, right place and right set of people. I don't think I was particularly important compared to anyone else.

"I played a role. I was no genius. I was part of a football team that played well and won."

Later albums had some good songs but Oasis would never again reach the creative peak of those first two.

As for the future, McGee said not to discount what Liam could achieve with Beady Eye, adding: "Noel is an incredible songwriter and Liam has grown into being a good songwriter.

"It's a good move artistically - but there are a few Oasis tours left before either one croaks it."

Definitely. Maybe.

Source: www.dailyrecord.co.uk

'Time Flies... 1994-2009' is out now for more details click here.

Noel Gallagher's Payday From Lewis Cover

Noel Gallagher is grateful to Leona Lewis for covering Oasis' Stop Crying Your Heart Out - because he's received massive royalty cheques for her rendition of the song.

The Bleeding Love singer's version of the Brit pop anthem appears on her 2009 album Echo, and she has performed the track on several of the U.K.'s biggest TV shows.

And Gallagher is delighted his rock classic has been given a pop twist as sales of Lewis' version have garnered the musician a massive pay cheque.

He says, "One word. In fact, it's more like a sound effect. It just goes 'kerching'. Thank you very much."

Source: www.contactmusic.com

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17 June 2010

Oasis: What's Your Story? - Family

'Time Flies... 1994-2009' is out now for more details click here.

Ask Liam Gallagher - Luke Godfrey

Ask Liam is back - prettygreen.com - Liam is answering your questions via video.

Sunglasses!! Come on Liam it's the only thing I'm struggling to find this summer, a decent pair of sunnies, when can we expect some from Pretty Green?

Luke Godfrey

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Which Song Should Launch Absolute Radio 90s?

The 'Battle of Britpop' is perhaps the single most iconic musical event of the 90s in the UK.

The chart battle between Blur and Oasis bought the two bands to the forefront of British consciousness in 1995, gaining mass media attention in national newspapers and on TV evening news.

The British press had already reported an intense rivalry between the two camps, when Blur's record label moved the original release date for their single 'Country House' to the 14 August, the same date as Oasis's 'Roll with It,'

The clash was seen as a race for the number one spot and public imagination was sparked by the contrast between the gritty, working class, Northerners, Oasis, and the artsy, middle class Southerners, Blur. Spurred on by the media, the groups became engaged in verbal attacks on the other with the conflict seemingly as much about traditional British class and regional divisions as it was about music.

Blur won the battle, reaching number 1 with 274,000 copies sold to Oasis' 216,000. But the Manchester band arguably won the war – their second album: (What's the Story) Morning Glory? went on to sell over four million copies in the UK, becoming the third best-selling album in British history.

Vote now by clicking here.

Source: www.absoluteradio.co.uk

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On This Day In Oasis History...

"Stop Crying Your Heart Out" is a song by British rock band Oasis. It was released as the second single from Heathen Chemistry on 17 June 2002, peaking at number two in the UK charts. It went silver in the UK.

The song is an "epic weepy" anthem in the spirit of "Don't Look Back in Anger", reassuringly advising that in times of hardship, simply get over it and get on with your life. Noel Gallagher explained the song saying "A friend of mine was going through a pretty bad time and I sort of wrote it with him in mind."

Noel Gallagher had great expectations for the song, saying "I hope it does for us what 'Don't Look Back In Anger' did... I didn't want it as a single because I thought we'd done all that before, but everyone's going, 'You're fucking mad.'". NME said, 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out' [is where] you really start rolling out the red carpet. A return to the long lost humanism of 'Don't Look Back In Anger', it's a reminder of Noel's knack of cheering up his audience just when they need it most." Q magazine held up the song as proof that "genius never completely left Oasis".

"Stop Crying Your Heart Out" was one of the songs played during the end credits of the movie, The Butterfly Effect, starring Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart. It has been on the TV show Smallville too. The song also appeared after England's defeats in the 2002 Football World Cup and the 2006-07 Ashes. Noel Gallagher dedicated it to the English football team before playing it at the 2004 Glastonbury Festival. The song is also featured in the film Made of Honor, Starring Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan and appears towards the end of the film.

This website was named after the song.

Track listing

"Stop Crying Your Heart Out" - 5:02
"Thank You for the Good Times" - 4:32
"Shout It Out Loud" - 4:20

7" RKID 24
"Stop Crying Your Heart Out" - 5:02
"Thank You for the Good Times" - 4:32

12" RKID 24T
"Stop Crying Your Heart Out" - 5:02
"Thank You for the Good Times" - 4:32
"Shout It Out Loud" - 4:20

"Stop Crying Your Heart Out" - 5:03
"Stop Crying Your Heart Out" (demo) - 5:08
10 Minutes of Noise and Confusion - Pt. Two - 7:24
"10 Minutes of Noise and Confusion - Pt. Two" is the second part of a feature covering 48 hours on the road with Oasis during the Tour of Brotherly Love which took place in the USA with the Black Crowes during May and June 2001.

'Time Flies... 1994-2009' is out now for more details click here.

Brian Cannon Q&A

Brian Cannon, don't know the name? What if we said Definitely Maybe? Whats the Story Morning Glory? Urban Hymns?.. Getting the picture?

Brian orchestrated huge photo shoots, everything you see on a microdot sleeve ( Brian's design company) is real, its not pasted, its not photoshop'd, That in itself is reason to revisit his work. With creative budgets in decline, record companies going bust, no physical product released, digital technology making us work cheaper, faster and some times with less imagination we'll probably not see music covers like these again.

Manchester Gossip caught up with Brian and got his thoughts on a couple of points...

Is there a sense that you worked in a golden age for British Music.
The nineties was an amazing time to be involved with the bands I worked with, as for golden age, I don’t know about that, half a dozen or so good bands doesn’t constitute a golden age, but it certainly was good fun.

Best decade for music and the best year ever ? (and why ?)

I think both the sixties and seventies were incredible decades for music. As a massive fan of both The Beatles and Sex Pistols I suppose I’m bound to say that, but there was so much good music during that period that it was self perpetuating, bands were feeding off each other – a lot of inspirational music is bound to have an effect. As for a particular year, I’d have to go for 1977, the punk explosion had a nuclear effect on not only music, but the way the industry worked.

Read the full Q&A by clicking here.

Source: www.manchestergossip.com

'Time Flies... 1994-2009' is out now for more details click here.

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