30 September 2010

X Factor Boosts Sales Of Oasis, Radiohead And Adele

The X Factor effect is back and influencing the singles chart once again as songs by Oasis, Radiohead and Adele are set to bounce back into the Top 40 after being featured on the show.

Adele's Make You Feel Alive shot into number four in the mid-week charts while Oasis' Stop Crying Your Heart Out is at number 38, and Radiohead's Creep is number 40.

The three tracks have all been covered recently by contestants on the ITV talent show, with one of the favourites, Gamu Nhengu, giving a rendition of Make You Feel Alive that almost moved judge Louis Walsh to tears.

The music industry is well aware of the impact having a song featured on the reality TV series can have, with Joe McElderry's performance of Don't Stop Believin' on the ITV1 show helping the Journey track break the top 20.

And in 2008, Alexandra Burke's X Factor version of Hallelujah led to a chart battle between her and Jeff Buckley's original for Christmas number one.

Source: www.metro.co.uk

Alan McGee Was On The Pull When He Discovered Oasis

Alan McGee has been recalling the moment he discovered Oasis in 1993, Alan told californiachronicle.com: "It was a complete fluke. Because I was single, I was always on the lookout for women.

"My sister was trying to hook me up with one of her mates who was doing a bit of modelling.

"I was on the chase so I went to King Tut's in Glasgow but she didn't show up.

"Oasis did show up and they were good. But it wasn't until they covered I Am The Walrus by The Beatles that I realised how good they were.

"I went up to Noel Gallagher and asked if he wanted a deal.

"He said: 'Who with?' I said Creation and we shook on it."

Alan hoped the Manchester band would sell 100,000 copies of their debut album, Definitely Maybe, earning gold certification.

His estimate was a little bit out. The album sold 12million and Oasis went on to become the most successful band of the Nineties, selling 70 million records worldwide.

Read the full article here.

Blast From The Past...

'Setting Sun' by The Chemical Brothers was released as a single on September 30th 1996 and was taken from their second album 'Dig Your Own Hole' in 1997.

With vocals by Noel Gallagher, it reached #1 on the UK charts and #80 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Click here to watch the video.

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29 September 2010

On This Day In Oasis History...

The Shock of the Lightning" is a song by British rock band Oasis and is the fourth track from the band's seventh studio album Dig Out Your Soul. The song was released as the first single from the album on 29 September 2008. It received its first airplay on 15 August 2008 on multiple UK and Irish radio stations including the Ian Dempsey Breakfast show on Today FM in Ireland, BBC 6 Music by Shaun Keaveny, and by Chris Moyles on BBC Radio 1. Chris was joined by Noel Gallagher on the 15 August 2008.

Noel said of the song: "If 'The Shock of the Lightning' sounds instant and compelling to you, it’s because it was written dead fast. And recorded dead fast. 'The Shock of the Lightning' basically is the demo. And it has retained its energy. And there’s a lot to be said for that, I think. The first time you record something is always the best”. It was described by NME as "a massively improved version of 'It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)'" and featuring "love is a litany/a magical mystery" as the song's chorus.

The single is the first Oasis song to feature a remix on a studio release. The B-side is a remixed version of the album track "Falling Down" by The Chemical Brothers, who Noel has worked with in the past. However, a promo release of Oasis' cover of "Cum On Feel the Noize" contained the "Lynchmob Beats Mix" of "Champagne Supernova" by Brandon Lynch that was also re-released as a stand alone promo for Stop the Clocks. Consequently this is their first official CD single release that does contain a new track as a B-side.

On 30 July 2008, the official Oasis website posted a Dig Out Your Soul trailer which contained a 23 second clip of the intro to "The Shock of the Lightning" as well as a 20 second clip of the drum solo. On 15 August 2008, the song received it first airplay on the The Chris Moyles Show on BBC Radio 1 with Noel Gallagher present. Noel said of the song on Shaun Keaveny's Radio 6 show, "It's a driving, pumping, pop, rock 'n' roll masterpiece". In NME, the song was named as 'song of the week' and received a score of 9/10, despite being referred to as "only the fifth best song on Dig Out Your Soul".

"The Shock of the Lightning" entered the UK Singles Chart at #3, becoming the band's first lead single since their debut, "Supersonic", to fail to reach #1 in their homeland. However the song reached #12 on the Billboard Modern Rock chart in the USA, making it their most successful single there since "Don't Go Away", which peaked on the chart at #5 in 1998. It also reached #93 on the Billboard Hot 100, their first song to chart on the Hot 100 since "Don't Look Back in Anger" in 1996.

Music video

The music video for the song (directed by Julian House and Julian Gibbs) debuted on the band's official site on 25 August at 17:30 (UK time) and was broadcast on Channel 4 at 23:40. The video depicts Liam singing and the occasional appearance of the rest of the band, intercut with stock footage related to the album's artwork. The opening shot of the video of silhouetted heads is a reference to the cover of the Rolling Stones compilation record Hot Rocks 1964-1971.

Track listing

All songs written by Noel Gallagher.

CD / 7"
"The Shock of the Lightning", 5:02
"Falling Down" (Chemical Brothers remix), 4:32

iTunes / Oasisinet exclusive bundle
"The Shock of the Lightning", 5:02
"Falling Down" (Chemical Brothers remix), 4:32
"The Shock of the Lightning" (music video)

28 September 2010

Snow Patrol Don't See Oasis As Equals

Snow Patrol singer Gary Lightbody has previously said he wants the band - whose 2006 effort 'Eyes Open' became the biggest selling album in the UK of that year - to make it into the top tier of most successful UK bands around today, with their next album.

He said: "I see U2 in a class of their own, Coldplay in the next tier down and us and a ton of bands in the tier below them.

"I don't see Oasis as equals, for example. We need 10 or 15 more songs in the national consciousness for that to happen."

Snow Patrol - which also includes Gary Lightbody, Jonny Quinn, Nathan Connolly and Paul Wilson - have previously said they want to release their next album sometime 2011.

Source: www.musicrooms.net

27 September 2010

Pretty Green Photoshoot With Ed Smith

The Pretty Green Find a Face winner Ed Smith attended the Autumn Winter 2010 photoshoot alongside Liam Gallagher last month in London.

Source: www.prettygreen.com

The Vortex Tour Dates

Visit Bonehead's band 'The Vortex' MySpace page (here) for a number of UK and European dates.

26 September 2010

Oasis Covered On The X Factor By Liam Payne

Liam Payne performed Oasis' Stop Crying Your Heart Out on the X Factor last night.

Noel Gallagher Celebrates Russell Brand’s Stag Party

Russell Brand celebrated his final days of freedom last night during his stag party but instead of thinking of an original plan he merely had dinner at the pub before heading to Stringfellows.

Jonathan Ross, Noel Gallagher, Guy Ritchie and The Libertines’ Carl Barat were among his guests and even Peter Stringfellow himself showed up to wish Brand all the best.

The lads started their day with watching his team-of-choice West Ham United beat Tottenham Hotspur 1-0 at Upton Park along with David Walliams, Noel Gallagher and David Baddiel.

The 35-year-old and his pals then carried on to the York and Albany gastro pub in Regents Park and stayed there for several hours eating and drinking.

Once the boys had satisfied their cravings at the pub, they moved onto Peter Stringfellow’s Angels table dancing club in central London, where they were greeted personally by Mr Stringfellow

After doing what boys do at the club, they finally left at 1:45am and returned to their north London hotel.

But they didn’t just jump in any old taxi, the group had hired a special bus that they could all ride, which took them back to the hotel to end the night.

Carl Barat was said to be in the worst shape by the end of the night, but soon-to-be married Brand actually looked quite sombre considering it was his do.

Brand clearly enjoyed his party though and later tweeted: ‘Wes Ham beat Spurs and [Peter] Stringfellow just told me to ‘do what you like’; truly I am the Duke of Essex.’

The British comedian hid under a pair of large aviator sunglasses and sported his usual skinny black jeans, leather jacket and a silver boots.

While his former BBC pal Jonathan Ross decided to dress formally for the occasion in a grey tweed suit.

Brand’s party followed his fiancée Katy Perry’s recent hen party which was thrown by Rihanna.

The Teenage Dream singer decided to have her bash at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, where she arrived in a stretch Hummer Limo and was joined by 25 friends for the event.

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

Pictures from the night can be found here and here.

25 September 2010

More On 'Upside Down The Story Of Creation'

'Upside Down The Story Of Creation' is being premiered at the London Film Festival on October 23rd.

Visit www.upsidedownthemovie.com for information on how to get tickets to the premiere and if you sign up to the mailing list for exclusive extras and free merchandise.

The film will be in cinemas globally Autumn 2010 and TV/DVD in Winter 2010.

24 September 2010

Beady Eye Album Near Completion?

Beady Eye members Liam Gallagher, Andy Bell and Gem Archer with sound engineer John Davis.

He has worked with bands like U2, REM, Prodigy, Led Zeppelin, Joy Division, Arctic Monkeys and Paul Weller.

Is that the Beady Eye album in Liam's hands?

Source: Oasis News Brazil

Brian Cannon On Working With Oasis

Unbridled access to two of the country's biggest bands, a work ethic unmatched and a walk-the-walk rock 'n' roll attitude, Brian Cannon acted as Artistic Director for a number of projects with both Oasis and The Verve. He has also created work for a number of world-wide brands such as Converse and Levi's®. His company, Microdot, has just celebrated its twenty-year anniversary at the forefront of British Rock 'n' Roll. To celebrate Brian's work and his achievements, Zani some questions to Brian.

ZANI - How did you get involved with Oasis?

Brian Cannon - Noel asked me to do the Oasis artwork after he saw the early Verve sleeves.

ZANI - What was your impression of Creation Records?

Brian Cannon - Creation was a one off, coupled with the fact that I was working with Oasis, I have never had so much creative freedom with a label. They just let me get on with it and then paid the bills... couldn’t fault them really.

ZANI - Some of the covers you did including the Oasis single Some Might Say relayed the lyrics to the song within the artwork. Do you always listen to a song before you decide on the angle of the work, or do you just get ideas?

Brian Cannon - I find it astonishing that people actually design covers before, or not even listening to, the record at all. I think it’s impossible to do a good job that way. I am charged with the responsibility of ‘dressing’ a piece of music so I ALWAYS listened to the track(s) as much as possible and got my head around the lyrics too.

ZANI - You toured with Oasis back in 1993 for 12 months, just before they took off. It must have been something special to be “in the eye of the hurricane”: what can you remember from the period...if anything?

Brian Cannon - I remember it being very exciting. The band themselves were absolutely bang into it. I can’t stand po-faced bands who think the world owes them a living and that rock 'n' roll lifestyle is the norm. Bonehead used to be a plasterer before the band took off and he, more than the rest, never forgot what he might otherwise be doing: it was a full on fun time.

- Is it true that you and Liam once offered out a whole pub?

Brian Cannon - I can’t confirm that either way, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

ZANI - You were there during the short, but hectic, recording session for (What The Story) Morning Glory?, in which (rumour has it) Noel hit Liam with a cricket bat after he brought back the whole pub to the studio. Is it true that you locked yourself in your room as all hell broke loose?

Brian Cannon - Totally. It was between the two of them and there was NOTHING anyone could do to diffuse the situation. I just went to my room, had a beer and waited for the whole thing to die down.

ZANI - Tell me about the shoot for the Wonderwall cover – wasn’t the girl in the picture-frame an employee from Creation?

Brian Cannon - We originally shot the sleeve with Liam depicted through the frame (an idea I nicked from the paintings of Belgian surrealist painter, Rene Magritte). Mid-shoot, and I am totally serious about this, Noel just happened to be passing in a taxi. I mean, talk about a coincidence. We were shooting on Primrose Hill, London, and Noel Gallagher by chance drove past.. He obviously did not get the message I had sent to his manager about the session. The taxi screeched to a halt, and, much to everyone’s amazement, an irate Noel jumped out, called a halt to the proceedings stating that it had to be a girl in the shot. This totally put me on the back foot as the artwork was due to be delivered in a few days. Primrose Hill was a few hundred yards from the Creation Records office at the time; we called upon Anita Heryet who worked there, and that’s how she became the cover star.

ZANI - Do you think it’s fair to say you held the sixth Oasis member tag for a while? Weren’t you also part of the group that added hand claps to All Around The World at Air Studios?

Brian Cannon - I dunno about the sixth member thing, but I was part of the ‘inner circle’. You have to understand, I had known them before they were massive and when they finally became big many people tried to befriend them and leak stories to the press. They knew myself and all the Microdot guys could be trusted. Liam would turn up at my flat in Camden at tea time on a Friday night and get hammered all weekend with us lot knowing that nothing would appear in the papers. I did do handclaps on All Around The World, and I also played keyboards on the title track to What’s The Story? A little known fact.

ZANI - Was that a “pinch me” moment?

Brian Cannon - The whole Oasis thing was a pinch me moment.

ZANI - Would you mind sharing the story of when you and Dave Halliwell pitched the one-off 199magazine to a certain publisher? (Only if you want to of course, I read about it on your Facebook page, it sounds funny)

Brian Cannon - I pitched the idea of an official Oasis magazine to Noel and Oasis manager Marcus Russell as a counter to all the garbage that was being written in the press about them at the time. They gave me the green light to publish it. I was Editor and Art Director on the project, Dave Halliwell (who was The Verve’s first manager) was Business Manager. The magazine industry works on the following premise – you only get paid once a magazine has physically sold over the counter and then you can only expect 50 per cent of the cover price. We had a cover price of £3.50 and managed to convince the Virgin Megastore Group to take the mag on an exclusive basis if they gave us £3 per copy and paid us upfront... Dave and I left the meeting at their office with a cheque for 30 grand and we hadn’t even had the magazines printed by then...

Click here to read the full interview.

Source: www.zani.co.uk

23 September 2010

The Killers' Brandon Flowers Praises Oasis

He speaks highly of Noel and Liam...

The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has paid tribute to Oasis, who split last year.

The singer told Shortlist magazine the Manchester band didn't need to reform because “they've already left their mark”.

Flowers also said he had been “lucky” when meeting Oasis brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher in the past.

“They've made some good music so that's good enough for me,” Flowers replied when asked if he hoped the band would ever reform.

“I've met [Noel and Liam] and they've been kind to me. I'm one of the lucky ones.”

Flowers is currently promoting his debut solo album 'Flamingo', which topped the UK album chart earlier this month.

Source: www.gigwise.com

On This Day In Oasis History...

Posted the wrong one yesterday.

Little By Little

"Little by Little" is a song by British rock band Oasis, first released as the sixth track on their fifth studio album Heathen Chemistry. On September 22nd 2002, it was released with "She Is Love" as the first (and, so far, only) double A-sided single by the band, peaking at #2 in the UK Singles Chart Noel Gallagher provides lead vocals on both tracks, which he also wrote.

"Little by Little" was perhaps the most controversial song on the album, receiving mixed reviews from those who felt it was a classic example of an upbeat Oasis anthem and those who felt it was a twee, patronising, sycophantic melody. Regardless of this, the song managed to peak at number two in the UK charts based largely on the publicity garnered by the song.

The promo video to the song featured a guest role by Robert Carlyle. The cover art for the single is an homage to Robert Indiana's LOVE artwork.

She Is Love

"She Is Love" is a song by British rock band Oasis, first released as the ninth track on their fifth studio album Heathen Chemistry. In September 2002, it was released with "Little by Little" as the first double A-sided single by the band, peaking at #2 in the UK Singles Chart. The song was written about Noel Gallagher's girlfriend Sara McDonald and is a light, acoustic song about being in love.

Gallagher claims it was written in the Buckingham Gate Hotel in London, and that it took 30 minutes to complete. The band commissioned British fashion art director Rachel Thomas to make a promo video for the song. However, the resulting film, a mix of animation and live action, has never been released on any format.

Track listings

7" RKID 26, CD RKIDSCD 26, 12" RKID 26T
"Little By Little" - 4:57
"She Is Love" - 3:11
"My Generation" - 4:05 (CD and 12" only)
"My Generation" was recorded live at the BBC's Maida Vale studios on January 20, 2000. The sleevenotes claim it was recorded on February 7, 2000, but this was the transmission date, not the recording date.

"Little By Little" - 5:02
"Little By Little" (demo) - 4:55
10 minutes of noise and confusion - pt three - 8:31
The third part of the "10 Minutes..." documentary looks behind the scenes of their sell out shows at Finsbury Park in London from July 5-7 2002.

German CD CDM 6730685
"Little by Little"
"My Generation"
"Columbia" (live)
"Columbia" was recorded live at the Barrowlands, Glasgow, on October 13, 2001.
"Little by Little" (live video)
CD-ROM video recorded live at Finsbury Park, London, on July 7, 2002.

Noel Gallagher Is One Of The Driving Forces Behind Russell Brand's Return To Radio

Russell Brand and Jonathon Ross will be together on the radio next month for the first time since Sachsgate.

The pair will record a podcast live from Hackney, east London, for Absolute Radio.

It's all part of the promotion for Russell's new Booky Wook 2: This Time It's Personal, which is on sale next week.

And Russ is hoping to get most of the old team from his Radio 2 show back together for subsequent programmes.

He said: "I'll be doing a series of podcasts and the first one will be with Jonathan. Then I'll be doing between five and ten with my old sidekick Matt Morgan.

"I'm hoping to get Noel Gallagher back on, too.

"We'll record them at my live shows. We'll do some things backstage and then do the show.

"It should be really good."

Noel is one of the driving forces behind Russell's return to radio.

Russ said: "Noel told me he would put the radio on top of the television and him and his missus SARA would listen together.

"He said when it was gone, he missed it as a thing to listen to, and that's lovely."

I'll bring you more details when I get them.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Pretty Green Introduce Green Label AW10

Introducing the Green Label Autumn Winter 2010 collection. The colour palette is a combination of earthy darks and warm bright's. The fabrics are sumptuous and luxurious made from fibres; merino wool, lambs wool and high quality cottons. Key pieces for this season include the long awaited GP Jacket, the Hooded Parka and the outstanding tailored denim range.

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22 September 2010

Noel Gallagher: 'Call Me Anything But Liam!'

Noel Gallagher explains to Jason Cundy that he's annoyed with him and explains why he was out of place at the GQ awards.

Click here to listen again.

Source: Talksport

On This Day In Oasis History...

"Stand by Me" is a song by British rock group Oasis, written by lead guitarist, Noel Gallagher. It was the second single to be released from the band's third album, Be Here Now, and peaked at number 2 in the UK charts in September 1997. It was kept from the top-spot by the record breaking Elton John single "Candle in the Wind 1997," re-recorded and released in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, who had died three weeks before the release of "Stand by Me". Despite this, "Stand By Me" still went Gold in the UK. "Stand by Me" was acknowledged as one of the stand-out tracks from Be Here Now.


In a 1997 interview promoting Be Here Now, Noel Gallagher had the following to say: "It starts, 'Made a meal and threw it up on Sunday'. When I first moved to London my mam kept on ringing up and asking was I eating properly. Yes, Mam. So I tried to cook a Sunday roast and puked up for two days with food poisoning. It was back to Pot Noodles after that. It's a bit like "Live Forever", I suppose, with a touch of "All the Young Dudes" in the background -- though I made sure I changed the chords."

Live Performances

Due to Noel Gallagher's general dislike of Be Here Now, "Stand by Me" is rarely played live by the band at their concerts, as it is Noel who usually decides the song listings for Oasis' tours. A live version of the song from this tour can be found on the double-CD version of Familiar to Millions.

A well-known acoustic version of "Stand by Me" was shown on television the night before the release of Be Here Now as part of a BBC1 documentary, featuring Noel, Liam Gallagher and drummer Alan White sitting by the side of a swimming pool, with Liam on vocals, Noel on acoustic guitar and White holding a tambourine.


Noel Gallagher claims to have written the song whilst suffering from food poisoning when he first moved to London. His mother Peggy would phone him to check on him and repeatedly told him to ensure he was eating properly. This spurred Gallagher to cook himself a proper English Sunday dinner, which resulted in a bout of food poisoning. Gallagher claims that the song's first line—"Made a meal and threw it up on Sunday/I've got a lot of things to learn"—came to him as he lay on the floor and it was then that he began to pen the lyrics to the song.

The title for the song probably comes from the song "Stand By Me", which was covered by the Gallaghers' idol John Lennon. In a characteristic example of Noel Gallagher lifting elements from songs of which he is fond, the rousing sequence of chord changes between the repeated chorus lyrics 'Stand by me/Nobody knows the way it's gonna be' bears a remarkable similarity to a similar chord sequence in Mott the Hoople's "All the Young Dudes", written by David Bowie.


The video for the song was a reworking of a famous series of adverts for The Guardian newspaper. Entitled The Whole Picture, the adverts showed people appearing to be engaging in criminal and/or anti-social acts—only to revealed that they are actually helping someone else. For example, a scruffily-dressed skinhead rushes at a businessman; it appears he is making an effort to mug him; only the "whole picture" reveals that he is fact dashing to push him away from a load of falling bricks. Similarly in the video for "Stand By Me", a shop appears to be being burgled - its window smashed and people taking away electrical goods—only for it to be revealed that in fact the victim of a motorcycle crash has gone through the window and is buried under the televisions.

Track listing

"Stand by Me" – 5:55
"(I Got) The Fever" – 5:14
"My Sister Lover" – 5:58
"Going Nowhere " – 4:41

7" CRE 278
"Stand by Me" – 5:55
"(I Got) The Fever" – 5:14

12" CRE 278T
"Stand by Me" – 5:55
"(I Got) The Fever" – 5:14
"My Sister Lover" – 5:58

Cassette CRECS 278
"Stand by Me" – 5:55
"(I Got) The Fever" – 5:14

"My Sister Lover" - Some fans believe the title to be a reference to the band Sister Lovers, a group that invited Oasis to a May 1993 gig at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow, Scotland, where they were spotted by Creation Records chief Alan McGee, who reportedly offered Oasis a recording contract on the spot after the gig.

"Going Nowhere" - apparently Noel's attempt at a Burt Bacharach style song - can be found on The Masterplan, a collection of Oasis B-sides. It is one of only two B-sides from the Be Here Now era to be included on the album. Although it was not released until 1997, the song was written in 1990, before Noel even joined Oasis, let alone before they were signed.

21 September 2010

Alan McGee: 'If There's One Thing Creation Records Wasn't, It Was Boring'

Ahead of next month's premiere of Upside Down, a film about Creation, label founder Alan McGee remembers running out of money, feuding with Kevin Shields and babysitting Mick Hucknall.

Read the full interview here.

Which Creation band were the most hedonistic?

Oasis. By a mile. Primal Scream and House of Love were pretty bad. But you really don't know what Oasis were like …

Are there any Oasis stories that haven't been told?

Loads. I'm always seen as having made a grand, selfless gesture giving Noel that chocolate brown Rolls Royce as a gift. What people don't know is that five minutes before I gave him the car I was sat in it, thinking how nice it was and going, "Why the fuck am I giving this away?" I nearly kept it for myself.

You've fallen out with a lot of bands over the years. Do you think this film helped you bury the hatchet to some extent?

Yeah. I'm not overly fond of tonnes of the music we put out. Some stuff, like Oasis, I love to bits, and I've grown to love Screamadelica again after watching the film. But the film made me realise that I really liked the musicians involved, the people in the bands.

You did once tell me that Oasis were the only people who hadn't turned bitter …

I was telling you that I didn't like any of them any more but that was just talk: this film made me remember that I did like them. Listen, I'm not about to invite a load of them round for tea, but there are people there on that label – your Ed Ball or your Pat Fish, the Jazz Butcher – who will always be 10 out of 10 to me.

Source: www.guardian.co.uk

Liam Gallagher Gives Annie Nightingale Guinness World Record Honour

Annie Nightingale has entered the Guinness World Records book for serving the longest career as a female radio presenter.

The DJ is still a member of the team at Radio 1 – forty years after she joined the station as its first female disc jockey.

Nightingale was presented with the honour by former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher, who paid tribute to her career.

"Annie is a true icon of British Radio,” he told BBC Newsbeat. “She's been on Radio 1 since before I was born.

"Good on her for getting this record. I hope she's still here in another 40 years!"

Nightingale, who was awarded an MBE in 2002, currently presents the 2am-4am slot on Friday mornings.

Source: www.gigwise.com

Oasis Are Now On Ping

Oasis are now on Ping, the new iTunes new social network.

You can follow them here.

Happy Birthday Liam Gallagher

Happy Birthday to Liam Gallagher who is 38 today.

20 September 2010

Liam Gallagher Supports Brighton Pup Aid

Celebrities including Liam Gallagher and Paul Weller got tongues, and tails, wagging at an event to raise awareness of cruel puppy farming methods.

A guitar signed by both musicians, as well as The Clash’s Mick Jones, went under the hammer as part of the fundraising activities at Pup Aid 2010.

The Kennel Club event, held at Brighton’s Stanmer House today (SEPTEMBER 19), was aimed at drawing attention to the plight of sick and mistreated dogs bred at puppy farms.

As well as an auction there were dog shows judged by EastEnders star David Spinx (Keith Miller in the show) and former Bill actor Chris Ellison, dog-themed karaoke in The Rex Factor and live music.

Heidi Ancell, from The Kennel Club, said: “We had more than a 1,000 people come along and they all seemed to be really enjoying themselves. Hopefully they will have come away with the message that puppies should only be bought from responsible owners and not from the back of a car or a dodgy advert online.”

Source: www.theargus.co.uk

19 September 2010

Tony Blair Is Mad Fer It...

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has told culture magazine ShortList he is a big fan of Oasis.

He said of Noel and Liam Gallagher: “You know, those guys are great guys to know. I think Oasis are a great band. I don’t think they’re big fans of mine.”

17 September 2010

Win Tickets To See The Vortex At The Underground!

It was 1999 when Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs walked away from one of the biggest acts on the planet.

The band was Oasis and Bonehead left during the recording of their fourth album, Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants.

He was one of the founding members of the group – when it was known as The Rain – before the arrival of the Gallagher brothers and subsequent change of name.

From 1995 onwards, Oasis were the undisputed kings of Britpop.

They sold millions of records worldwide and played the biggest concert in history in front of 250,000 people across two days at Knebworth. For many, they defined the sound of a generation.

Citing family reasons (his daughter was very young at the time) Bonehead stepped down at the height of their fame. But he didn't disappear from music altogether.

His latest musical project, The Vortex, sees him play a gig in the Potteries.

Next Friday, he will perform at The Underground, Hanley, alongside bandmates John Mackie, Maz Behdjet, Nick Repton, Sean O' Donnell and Colin Ward.

"The Vortex were going before that but I joined them full-time at the beginning of last year and we've been gigging non-stop since then," says Bonehead. "Originally I got to know them by going to a few gigs myself and they asked me to join them on stage.

"We've also been recording an album in Manchester which we've funded ourselves. I'm really enjoying it. It's out and out guitar music but there are dancy elements to it as well.

"There's a massive interest in Oasis still. Every interview I do, people are going to ask me about that and compare it with what I'm doing now.

"I've not seen Noel or Liam for ages but we seem to bump into each other every other year or so. There's no bad feelings and there never was between us."

Local band Skinny Pigs will be proud to be supporting The Vortex when they play in Hanley. Lead singer Craig Paterson says that he grew up as a fan of Oasis.

Craig will be joined by fellow Skinny Pigs Sam Hardy on guitar, rhythm guitarist Lee Swindells, bass player Ben Nixon and drummer Jake Cunningham.

Fresh from shooting a video with Flashgun Films last weekend – for their new song Best In Me – the group, who are all from Stoke, are looking forward to the gig.

"It will be the biggest date we've played so far," says 31-year-old Craig, of Baddeley Green. "We supported Kid British at The Box in Crewe last month.

"With The Vortex having onehead, that's obviously a big draw for us. We take inspiration from all that era and Oasis were the biggest band going at the time."

The Vortex play at The Underground on Friday, September 24. Support will be provided by local bands Skinny Pigs, The Riots and The Way. Doors open at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £7 from Music Mania on 01782 206000.

Win tickets to see The Vortex at The Underground!

The Sentinel has teamed up with promoters of tickets to The Vortex's gig at The Underground on Friday September 24. Winners will also have the chance to meet the band. All you have to do is answer the question below and fill in your details and submit the form before noon on Wednesday September 22.

Click here for more details.

Source: www.thisisstaffordshire.co.uk

Visit Bonehead's band 'The Vortex' MySpace page (here) for a number of newly announced tour dates.

Win A £200 Shopping Spree At Pretty Green Carnaby Street

Sport.co.uk have teamed up with Liam Gallagher’s clothing label Pretty Green to offer one lucky reader the chance of a £200 shopping spree at the recently opened Carnaby Street store.

Pretty Green is a British clothing label founded and designed by Liam Gallagher. There are two distinct collections –

Green Label is a focused, casual range dedicated to providing quality, everyday signature pieces.

Black Label is classic British tailoring, using fine fabrics with an innovative attention to detail.

Click here to enter.

Source: www.sport.co.uk

'New Manchester Scene Owes Nothing To Oasis Or The Stone Roses'

Bands explain why the city's latest sounds are so different from its 'great past'

The Manchester music is buzzing - but don't expect a repeat of the stylistic driven scenes of the past, the city's new bands have told NME.

With the likes of Hurts, Everything Everything, Egyptian Hip Hop, Delphic and Wu Lyf emerging from the area at the same time, music fans have been suggesting Manchester is on the bring of a new scene, like the ones that heralded the likes of Joy Division, The Stone Roses and Oasis.

However while admitting there is lots of great music currently emerging, the acts involved say the only thing they have in common in geography.

"There's definitely something going on in Manchester, but probably less of a scene then is perceived at the moment. The point is there's lots of bands, we're all cooperative but we all do completely different things, there's no stylistic element that unites everything," explained Everything Everything's Jeremy Pritchard in a video interview you can watch on the right now.

"People got sick of the clichés that are associated with Manchester, and the past, as great as it's been, became a bit of a millstone for any band coming out of the city. Everyone sounds completely different."

Delphic's Matt Cocksedge agreed, suggesting that reaction against that past had help inspire the wider spectrum of music.

"There was this post-Oasis, post-Stone Roses lull, were everything sounded the same, there was a lot of homogeny," he said in the same film. "People who were forming bands were wanting to do something that wasn't like that, and we all came back with slightly different answers."

Watch the full video on the right now, and get this week's issue of NME for an investigation into the new Manchester sound, including exclusive interviews with the city's main players. It's on UK newsstands now, or available digitally worldwide right now.

Meanwhile Everything Everything take over NME TV tomorrow (September 18) from 9am (BST) - tune in via Sky Channel 382 or Freesat 503.

Watch the video here.

Source: www.nme.com

16 September 2010

Lady Gaga Beats Oasis To Set New Guinness World Record

Lady Gaga has overtaken Oasis to become the artist to enjoy the most weeks in the UK chart.

The singer's debut album 'The Fame' has now spent 154 weeks in the top-75.

She has also been named the most searched for female on the internet in the new edition of the Guinness World Records.

Meanwhile, the late Michael Jackson is the most search for male on the internet, while Madonna is the biggest-selling female act of the 21st century in the UK.

Husband and wife Jay-Z and Beyonce have been named the year's biggest 'Power Couple', earning around $122 million through June 2009.

Pixie Lott has recorded the biggest chart jump, with her song 'Boys And Girls' climbing to number one from number 72 in one week.

Craig Glenday, editor-in-chief of this year's records book, said: "Almost two years ago, Lady Gaga and Pixie Lott were not even around so it's amazing they have broken these records.

"Every year, so many new music records are broken."

The latest edition of Guinness World Records 2011 is released today (September 16).

Source: www.gigwise.com

Liam Gallagher's Help For Hero

Liam Gallagher was once the wildman of Britpop.

Now he's turning into a modern-day Jimmy Savile.

The former Oasis frontman is dipping into his pocket to help an ex-soldier who served in Afghanistan rebuild his life.

The move fits in to Liam's cuddly new image - a family man more interested in going to dog shows than all-night tear-ups.

Falklands veteran Robert Lawrence asked Liam's clothing label Pretty Green to pay for Dodge Holls to go on a special expedition to the Himalayas.

The trip aims to help ex-soldiers restore their strength and motivation to carry on with normal life, while using the skills learnt in the military.

I caught up with Liam fresh from a studio session with new band Beady Eye and he told me why he had to get involved.

He said: "I find it hard enough adjusting to normal life after a tour - that's nothing compared to what these guys have to go through.

"I was more than happy to help out."

Robert lost 43 per cent of his brain and is paralysed down one side after being shot in the head in 1982 on Mount Tumbledown while serving with the Scots Guards.

He explained the problems facing Our Boys when they leave the military.

"In war everything is black and white, right or wrong. Civilian home life is nothing like that.

"Just look at the facts. A high percentage of prisoners are ex-military; 256 (British) soldiers were killed in the Falklands, 370-plus have committed suicide since."

Dodge, who left the Marines last year, is a huge Oasis fan.

He played guitar while in a band at uni aged 19.

He said: "We listened to Oasis to cheer us up when we weren't performing very well.

"It got us motivated to play again. My favourite song is Magic Pie.

"It's brilliant Liam is involved in the cause. He's a big hero of mine."

He is grateful to Liam for helping to fund the life-changing expedition, which will involve driving as far as they can up the mountain range alongside a small group of Army veterans and civilians.

The two-week challenge costs a total of £75,000. Dodge will set off on Saturday.

He said: "I had a bad time in Afghanistan. I lost a close friend and there are a lot of invisible scars.

"It's been a tough old slog so I'm really excited about the trip.

"It will prove life doesn't have to be mundane all the time and I can go off and do exciting things."

Liam's version of Help for Heroes is something I would never have predicted back in his Oasis heyday.

He'll be vying for the Nobel Peace Prize next.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

15 September 2010

Liam Gallagher Tells Professor Green To Cut Out Rapping

If anyone was going to try to teach a professor a thing or two, you might guess it would be a mouthy Manc with an ego the size of the Ship Canal.

Yes, Liam Gallagher has told Professor Green to stick with singing instead of rapping.

Prof Green met the Oasis legend at a party. He said: "Liam spun me round and said, 'I like your tones, I don't give a f*** about your rapping but I like your tones. You've got a good voice.' "

Despite being awestruck, the rapper - and we might not call him that for much longer if he decides to take Liam's advice - joked he almost came to blows with his childhood hero.

Prof said: "He shouted 'Green' then put his hand out to shake mine. I went to shake it and he started air boxing.

"I was like, 'Do you want to shake my hand or punch me?' But the banter was wicked, he's a real top bloke."

Green was gobsmacked that Liam knew him. He said: "I was listening to his music as a child so for him to be the one coming up to me was incredible."

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

14 September 2010

Liam Gallagher's 'Pretty Green' Nominated For Menswear Brand Of The Year

After a tremendously successful debut year, we are delighted to announce that Pretty Green has been nominated for Drapers menswear brand of the year award, alongside some of the most elite menswear brands in the industry, including Paul Smith, Boss Orange, Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all, for you’re ongoing support and loyalty to the brand.

Source: www.prettygreen.com

New PG website is now live live: GP Jackets, Bomber Jackets, Hooded Parka and a load of new tees and shirts ! Plenty more to come!!!

13 September 2010

Happy Birthday Zak Starkey

Zak Starkey, (born 13 September 1965) 45 today is an English drummer, well-known as the first child of The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) and his first wife Maureen Cox. Starkey is mostly noted for his unofficial membership in The Who, since 1994.

Starkey is the fourth drummer for the rock band The Who, playing with them live and occasionally in the studio. He is also known as being the third drummer for the English rock band Oasis. Starkey has also worked on session and touring basis with artists including: Johnny Marr, Paul Weller, The Icicle Works, the Waterboys, ASAP and the Lightning Seeds.

Alan Mcgee: 'The Demos Of Noel Gallagher's New Record Are F**king Amazing'

Misrepresented? Possibly. Machiavellian? Potentially. Maverick? Certainly. Alan McGee, former label boss of the hugely influential Creation Records, has been called all of the above and worse. Not that he gives a fuck. During the 80’s he propelled two musically inspired misanthropic brothers into the public consciousness in the form of The Jesus and Mary Chain. And just to show it wasn’t a fluke he did it again a decade later with the Gallaghers, when he signed Oasis. Throw Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine, Teenage Fanclub and a host of others into the already heady mix of bedlam and breakdowns and you have one hell of a story.

‘Upside Down’, premiering at next months London Film Festival charts it all; the deals, drugs and disenchantment of Creations unprecedented 15 year history. In an exclusive interview about Danny O'Connor's film Clash spoke to an amiable, amusing and always provacative Mr McGee.


In similar sort of terms we run an independent magazine and we’ve done everything the way we thought we should do it and not necessarily the way that other people do it.

I think the music business now is incredibly corporate. I’ll be honest,I’ve lost interest in music now really. The only things that interest me are Noel Gallagher and Glasgvegas, if you’re talking about current music. The demos of Noels new record are fucking amazing and James Allan I think is an incredible talent. And I’m interested in Liam’s new band and hear what he’s doing. They could maybe come up with something amazing. Who knows?

Click here for part one of the interview, and here for part two.

Upside Down: The Creation Records Story is showing at the BFI London Film Festival on:

Sat 23th October - 18:15 - Vue Screen 7 (Leicester Square)
Sun 24the October - 12:45 - Vue Screen 6 (Leicester Square)

Visit the website for details: www.bfi.org.uk

Source: www.clashmusic.com

Liam Gallagher Is Quitting Smoking

Here's a sentence I thought I'd never write - Liam Gallagher is battling to give up smoking.

The former hard-living Oasis frontman - who belted out Cigarettes And Alcohol - is trying hard to quit after 20-plus years on the fags.

The news comes just weeks after I revealed the Beady Eye singer is now such a dog lover he judges at pet shows in north London.

A pal said: "Liam is into his fitness these days and goes running most mornings. And now he has decided to quit smoking.

"He also wants his singing voice to be perfect for launching new band Beady Eye."

Whatever next - Jeremy Clarkson ditching cars for a push bike with stabilisers?

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

11 September 2010

James Buckley Is A Oasis Fan

James Buckley faces daily abuse from his colleagues because of an embarrassing tattoo on his wrist.

The actor, who plays Jay, is a massive fan of Oasis - and Noel Gallagher in particular.

To pay tribute to his idol, James had the brand symbol of Noel's favourite guitars - Epiphone - inked on his arm. But sadly, everyone mistakes it for the euro symbol. James admitted: "They are always winding me up asking if I'll be getting a Pound sign next.

"But I like it. I've also got a Live Forever tattoo on my arm.

"I used to play in a band called London Waiting. We were a bad Oasis but stopped when we supported Essex band States Of Emotion and thought we'd never be that good."

The others can't laugh too much. James has had the most work since The Inbetweeners started - notably as Del Boy in Only Fools And Horses prequel Rock & Chips.

On the down side, he IS a Crystal Palace fan.

Se the tattoos here.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Noel Gallagher Brawls With Manchester City Players

Manchester rockers Noel and Liam Gallagher love a good brawl.

So we weren’t surprised to hear they’d had the mother of all fights with a horde of Man City players.

Noel told us: “There was a mass brawl one night in the dressing room which involved Steve Lomas, Georgi Kinkladze and Terry Phelan at one of our gigs at Maine Road. It was absolutely mental.

“Somebody insulted somebody’s wife. Next minute it was chaos, fists everywhere, with all these City players going mental.

“Eventually it involved us. Well, it’d be rude not to get involved.”

Chatting to us at the Manchester premiere of film Blue Moon Rising, a behind-the-scenes story of the club’s 2009/10 season, Noel, 43, continued: “No-one has quite got to the bottom of the argument. Neil Lennon was involved as well.”

Just sounds like a typical man brawl to us, pointless in all aspects but fun to watch.

Noel appears in the movie as one of City’s celebrity fans but admits he’d never become an actor full-time. “Needless to say I’d be brilliant at it,” he boasts. “But I like being a rock star.”

Source: www.dailystar.co.uk

10 September 2010

Another Interview With Noel Gallagher From The 'Blue Moon Rising' Premiere

Sky News report from the premiere of 'Blue Moon Rising' that features a short interview with Noel Gallagher.

EDIT: Noel also features in a interview with TalkSPORT, click here to watch the video.

Noel Gallagher Puts Music On Hold For Now

Former Oasis star Noel Gallagher has told fans not to expect any solo material in the near future, following the band's split last year.

Asked about his plans for new music, he replied: "I'm moving house and my missus is nine months pregnant so I'm not doing anything until well into next year.

"I'll be doing nappies and all that malarkey."

His brother and estranged bandmate Liam has announced a new band, Beady Eye.

They are currently in the studio and are expected to release their debut album next year.

Noel Gallagher played his first post-Oasis solo shows in March, but has not yet unveiled any new material.

The singer and guitarist was speaking at the premiere of Blue Moon Rising, a documentary about his beloved football team Manchester City.

Gallagher appears in the film, which follows seven die-hard City fans through the highs and lows of last season, and also features several Manchester City players and manager Roberto Mancini.

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Limited Edition Oasis Prints & New Classic Logo T-Shirts!

Oasisinet have teamed up with Sonic Editions to bring you four exclusive and limited edition prints featuring the photography of Andrew Macpherson. There are two band photos and two unique portraits of Liam and Noel available. Each print is limited to a run of 500. The photos were taken around the time of the 'Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants' and 'Heathen Chemistry' albums. They are available in three different sizes and either framed or un-framed. For more information, click HERE!

Also, from today, Oasisinet will be taking pre-orders on a new range of t-shirts featuring the classic Oasis logo. Over the years the design has come to be considered the definitive Oasis logo and features on several of the bands' releases including 'Definitely Maybe', '(What's The Story) Morning Glory?', 'Be Here Now', 'Stop The Clocks' and recent release, 'Time Flies...1994-2009', the complete singles collection. If you pre-order the t-shirt before September 27th you will also receive a free badge set! To check the t-shirts out, click HERE!

Source: www.oasisinet.com

Noel Gallagher On Manchester City, Moving House And Music

Noel Gallagher waxes lyrical about City and music at the film Premiere of Blue Moon Rising.

9 September 2010

Steve Cradock To DJ In Pretty Green Store This Saturday

Steve Cradock, most notable for playing in the rock group Ocean Colour Scene and being the second guitarist in Paul Weller's band, will be playing an exclusive DJ set in the Pretty Green store on Carnaby Street on Saturday the 11th of September at 13:30.

Be sure to visit the shop and get involved! All are welcome.

Source: www.prettygreen.com

Noel Gallagher Has A Pop At 'Boring' Rockers

We love Noel Gallagher for many reasons, but mainly for just telling it like it is.

The rock ’n’ roll legend thinks the new flow of music stars are too clean-cut and are ruining the raucous nature of showbiz.

Ranting about well-behaved chart-toppers, the Oasis rocker, 42, condemned them as “dull”.

Chatting at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards, Noel told us: “The showbiz scene is really boring these days, everyone’s so dull. The old days of wild partying seem to be a thing of the past.”

And we have to agree. Party pioneers including Amy Winehouse, 26, Pete Doherty, 31, Russell Brand, 35, and Kate Moss, 36, are taking it easy after pickling their livers for many years.

We need some new vodka-guzzlers to arrive and start a royal booze-up. However, the Manchester strummer is adamant things are set to go back to rock ’n roll revelry soon.

“There will definitely be a new wave of coolness, it’s just a matter of time. You girls are just going to have to sit and wait for the Muppets to go by.

“It’s about time a new set of proper rock stars came out.”

Mr Gallagher has always been a notorious booze-hound but even he’s slowing things down, admitting: “My days of waking up with someone else’s chandelier in my bed are over. I’ve got kids now, I’m more chilled out.”

Looking sharp in a camel blazer, Noel spent most of the night chewing the fat with cricketer Freddie Flintoff, 32, and muso Mark Ronson, 35, at the bash at the Royal Opera House in London’s Covent Garden.

Source: www.dailystar.co.uk

8 September 2010

Backstage Interview With Noel Gallagher And Ray Davies

Noel Gallagher and GQ's Outstanding Achievement winner Ray Davies give us a flavour of the awards do.

Noel Gallagher Shock: 'Damon Award Deserved

It's not often you hear a compliment for Damon Albarn from Noel Gallagher.

Time has moved on from the Britpop nonsense of the late Nineties but the rival songwriters are still as different as bitter and beaujolais.

But both the lyrics giants of the UK music scene were under the same glass roof last night for the GQ Men Of The Year Awards at The Royal Opera House in London's Covent Garden.

And Noel was full of praise for Gorillaz' victory in the Best Band category. Sort of.

Noel said: "Gorillaz definitely deserve some kind of award - if only for having 104 people on stage at Glastonbury. What a f***** rider that must've been to organise - more complicated than a Big Brother shopping list!"

But it wasn't just the Oasis lord's old Blur rival brightening up his night. The die-hard Man City fan had the pleasure of watching Man United hero Ryan Giggs pick up the Sportsman Of The Year Award.

And in true Gallagher fashion, he had a view on that decision too.

He added: "Giggsy-wiggsy? Sportsman Of The Year? When you consider the gymnastics Wayne Rooney, Ashley Cole and little Peter Crouch have been getting up to lately, that award was a bit of a sham."

Noel was at the bash to present Kinks legend Ray Davies with the Outstanding Achievement gong.

He should be down for an outstanding contribution to awards ceremonies...

Damon and Jamie Hewlett accepted their Best Band gong and Damon made a grovelling apology for misbehaving when he last saw guest Giorgio Armani.

Damon said: "I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise to Mr Armani for my appalling behaviour the last time I saw him. I am truly sorry."

Jamie added: "I would just like to add a genuine apology for Damon's shocking behaviour."

Blimey, what happened there?

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

7 September 2010

Liam & Noel Gallagher Feature On The Cover Of This Week's NME Magazine

Musical Differences’ abound in this week’s issue as we look at the messiest bust-ups in rock history. Check out the amazing stories of the drug meltdowns, punch-ups, and mutual loathing which has torn bands like The Smiths, Guns n Roses and... oh yes... Oasis.

It’s been exactly a year since Oasis burst apart in Paris, and we take a look at their warring history how the music world’s changed since their split, and what’s next for Liam and Noel.

Source: www.nme.com

Paul Weller: 'Working With Paul McCartney And Noel Gallagher Was The Best Day Of My Life'

Paul Weller has said that his War Child duet with Paul McCartney on Beatles classic Come Together as the best day of his life.

Paul said: "It all kind of came together. The Beatles were a huge influence on me and my career so working with Macca was brilliant. Noel Gallagher got involved too.

Weller said the music legends were a major influence on his music "We rehearsed at Abbey Road. Working with a Beatle in Abbey Road studio was very surreal. I never ever would have dreamt that would happen."

6 September 2010

Listen Again To Noel Gallagher On TalkSport

Noel Gallagher was on TalkSport last night he spoke about going to V Fest and gatecrashing the wedding afterwards, Man City, England, said he is presenting one of the GQ awards on Tuesday and took part in the Ask Noel feature. One of the questions:

"Have you ever heard one of your own songs back and then thought, 'Ive just thought of a better line'"?

"Yeah, of course, all the time! I listen to stuff on the radio and think, 'That's a bit rubbish that.' "I'm not going to draw attention to any of it, to be honest with you, but around about 2000-2003 it was a problem to be inspired to write music." "I wasn't standing on the shoulder of giants, I was too busy counting out money to be bothered to write the songs."

Click here to listen again.

Thanks to Dougie as always.

The Vortex Tour Dates

Visit Bonehead's band 'The Vortex' MySpace page (here) for a number of newly announced tour dates.


5 September 2010

Beady Eye Members At Jim Jones Revue Gig In London

Swan-diving into rock 'n' roll's primordial ooze, the Jim Jones Revue previewed their new album, 'Burning Your House Down,' with a combustible set that recalled the holler of Little Richard and the electric energy of the MC5 at intimate London club Madame Jojo's on the evening of Thursday, Sept. 2.

The audience at the packed-out venue included band producer and Grinderman drummer Jim Sclavunos as well as former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher and his Beady Eye guitarists Gem Archer and Andy Bell.

Displaying a ferocity and near gospel passion that's in all too short supply these days, the Jim Jones Revue are poised to break through to a wider audience as one rock 'n' roll salvo after another was fired with nary a thought for personal safety. While current single 'High Horse' gained the biggest cheers -- its presence on radio increasing on a daily basis -- it's the likes of 'Big Len,' 'Elemental' and 'Killing Spree' that delight long-time observers.

The Jim Jones Revue sweat profusely and heartily. Refusing to stand still, Jones and band -- guitarist Rupert Orton, bassist Gavin Jay, keyboardist Elliot Mortimer and drummer Nick Jones -- wring every drop of energy from their own energy reserves and three-chord ramalama. Like it or not, they're here to save your soul.

4 September 2010

Liam Gallagher Stomps Out Of Restaurant

He's not short of a bob or two but Liam Gallagher still acts like a "tight-a***" in a restaurant... with the emphasis on a***.

The Mancunian wide boy, 37, visited one of Simon Cowell's favourite haunts, The Colony in Marylebone, with some scruffy mates.

They didn't fancy anything on the menu and said they wanted builder's tea and bacon butties. The barman said they had Silver Needle Tea but no butties.

An onlooker said: "Liam said it was 'f***ing expensive' and stomped out. What a tight-a***."

Liam, who later rocked and rolled at Madame Jojo's for the Jim Jones Revue, then went to the greasy spoon opposite and stuck up two fingers.

Is that how many pence you've got on you, Liam?

Source: www.mirror.co.uk

Phil Collins Surprised By Liam & Noel Gallagher's Comments

Phil Collins clearly has his bêtes noires. 'I get a bit… surprised at the vitriol of [Noel and Liam] Gallagher and people like that who consider me the Antichrist of music.

I don’t think I’ve done anything that bad,’ he says. In any case, the fact that the American hip-hop community has embraced him – his drum sounds and melodies are ripe for sampling or covering – helps balance things out.

And the smash hit 2007 Cadbury’s 'drumming gorilla’ ad was a timely reminder of his adroit pop songwriting skills.

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

On This Day In Oasis History...

On September 4th 1996, Oasis performed at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York.

Liam Gallagher May Your Smile Shine On

In the battle of the fake gnashers it's a knockout to the man in the Green corner.

Liam Gallagher and rapper Professor Green - who have each had their teeth fixed - bumped into each other at a fashion bash at the Studio Valbonne club in London's Soho.

Earlier ex-Oasis rocker Liam's new teeth did look worth the money as he laughed out loud with Prodigy star Liam Howlett, his brother-in-law, in Notting Hill.

Click here to see the pictures.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

2 September 2010

Andy Bell & Steve Cradock To DJ At Pretty Green Store In London

In Store DJ Sets from Steve Cradock and Andy Bell at Pretty Green, Carnaby Street!

Andy Bell: 8th September 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Steve Cradock: 11th September 1.30pm - 3.00pm

1 September 2010

Video: Liam Gallagher Visits Copenhagen Fashion Show

This month Liam and the team flew out to the infamous Copenhagen fashion fair trade show. The Copenhagen International Fashion Fair is currently Europe’s number one trade show. The show has grown with extremity over the decades and is bigger than ever in all aspects: visitors, space and collections.

Source: www.prettygreen.com

Noel Gallagher Supports Jamie Carragher's Testimonial

A raft of Liverpool favourites will pull on red shirts once again next Saturday to help Jamie Carragher celebrate his glittering Anfield career.

Carragher’s eagerly-awaited testimonial game against Everton takes place on September 4 and the Liverpool side that will line up against the Blues will feature several faces who shared in some of the defender’s greatest moments.

Michael Owen and Emile Heskey will reprise their double act from the treble winning season of 2000/01, wearing the numbers – 10 and eight respectively – with which they were synonymous during that glorious campaign.

Steven Finnan, a mainstay of the teams that won the Champions League in 2005 and the FA Cup 12 months later, will slot in on the right side of Liverpool’s defence, while Jerzy Dudek – one of the heroes from an unforgettable night in Istanbul – will stand between the posts once more.

Danny Murphy will be pulling the strings in midfield, while Stephen Wright, Stephen Warnock, David Thompson and Jason McAteer will be involved, as will Jamie Redknapp; commitments overseas, unfortunately, have prevented Steve McManaman and Robbie Fowler from taking part.

Everton boss David Moyes has promised to pick a strong team for the game, which kicks off at 2pm, and it is understood that attempts have been made to see if Duncan Ferguson – with whom Carragher enjoyed many fierce battles – will pull on a blue shirt again.

In the directors box, meanwhile, a number of faces who helped nurture Carragher from promising novice to world class defender will be evident, as men such as Gerard Houllier, Rafa Benitez, Ronnie Moran, Hughie Macauley, Phil Thompson and Roy Evans have been invited.

Tickets are selling well for the contest – it is the first time since Bruce Grobbelaar’s benefit game ended in a 2-2 draw in October 1992 that Liverpool and Everton have faced each other in a testimonial – and every penny raised will go to charities in Merseyside through the 23 Foundation.

Tickets can be bought from the tickets offices at both Anfield and Goodison and also from the Liverpool Club Shop at Liverpool One in the city centre.

There will be free entry to all members of the armed forces from Merseyside who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq and a number of tickets have gone to the 1,900 charitable organisations in the region.

The theme of the day will be very much centred towards family and Carragher is hoping to see the stands packed with youngsters; in keeping with that, every member of Liverpool and Everton’s Academy have been invited

Carragher, who has made 635 appearances for Liverpool since coming on as a substitute against Middlesbrough in January 1997, is also holding a gala dinner at the Echo Arena convention centre and 20 tables have been added to the original floor plan of 60 due to demand.

Again, all money will go to charity and the night will be hosted by John Bishop; music will be provided by James Walsh from Starsailor, Ian Broudie, The Coral and The Bluetones, while among the unique auction prizes are two Gold discs donated by Noel Gallagher.

Tables of 10 cost between £2,000 and £4,000, while there is also an opportunity to buy single seats, the prices of which range from £200 to £400; all enquiries should address to Stacey Koks by emailing info@23foundation.com or calling 0151 236 2025.

Source: www.chesterchronicle.co.uk

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