30 April 2011

Miles Kane On Liam & Noel Gallagher

Taken from an interview with Miles Kane.

Miles Kane may be a dapper young rocker with the world at his feet, but occasionally he sounds like a shell-shocked veteran sharing war stories. "Fame is a learning curve," he says in a treacly Liverpool burr. "One minute you're at number one and you're shagging loads of birds. And it's easy. What's hard is when reality strikes and you're back in the basement."

It was at that point that Noel Gallagher entered the story, though Kane is distinctly cagey about the subject. As is his record label, a representative of which politely requests we not go overboard on the Noel questions, no matter that his guitar solo on My Fantasy is a highlight of Kane's LP. Chatting to Miles before Christmas, the singer was happy to discuss their collaboration.

Today, in contrast, he is crestfallen when Noel's name is mentioned. It's as if you've asked what colour Y-fronts he's wearing.

Why so circumspect? It appears Kane created a bit of cyberspace kerfuffle after he let slip he had guested on Noel's hush-hush solo album, the existence of which remains a subject of wild conjecture. Confirming Noel was working on a record was apparently tantamount to tweeting the third secret of Fatima, and Kane has had to do some backpedalling.

"No offence to you, but the media blow these things out of the water," he says. "All it is is that one song. He came down when we were mixing. We had a coffee and a KitKat. That was it. It's been built out of all proportion. I don't really know him that well. I've only met him a couple of times. But that was a great afternoon, one that I'll cherish."

If anything he's friendlier with Liam, who hand-picked Kane to support his new band, Beady Eye, on their inaugural jaunt around the UK. In what seems to be a recurring theme in Kane's life and career, their first meeting was a bit haphazard.

"I'd only met him once, falling around the bar. We had a chat and got on. He'd heard a few songs and asked me to do the tour. It was a great honour. He'd come and watch me every night from the side. I'm chuffed. Not to compare myself to Oasis, but they've been a big part of my life. You grew your hair to look like them. I think they can appreciate that you are following in their footsteps."

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Source: www.independent.ie

Leighton Baines Run From Liam Gallagher

Music is not so much Leighton Baines hobby as a way of life. He writes a weekly blog for Everton Football Club's website and has an encyclopedic knowledge of bands.

‘The last gig I went to was Beady Eye in Manchester. Some people aren’t having them but I thought they were good. Miles Kane was supporting and I know Miles a bit. I ended up going backstage to have a chat with Miles. As I was waiting, Liam Gallagher appeared through this door.

I just froze. He is quite intimidating up close. I caught his eye and he said, “All right?” to me. I said it back but then scarpered. He must have wondered, “What’s this little squirt doing here!” I got out of his way as quick as I could.’

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Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

29 April 2011

On This Day In Oasis History...

On April 29th 2000, Oasis played at the 'Maple Leaf Gardens' in Toronto, Canada.

Above are a few videos from the gig.

Alan Mcgee Almost Passed On Signing Oasis Because?

Scots music legend Alan McGee has revealed he almost didn't sign supergroup Oasis because he thought Liam Gallagher looked too dodgy.

East Kilbride-born McGee famously discovered the band after seeing them play an unbilled set at legendary Glasgow venue King Tut's back in 1993.

But he admits he thought Liam's arrogance and looks pointed to him being involved in crime.

Alan, who will be in Scotland next week to premiere the Creation Records documentary Upside Down, recalled: "I would never have seen Oasis if I hadn't got the licensing laws wrong and turned up at 8.30pm because I expeced the venue to close early.

"It was a Sunday, falling on a Bank Holiday weekend and I was there to see my band 18 Wheeler. No bands were on when I arrived.

"Liam Gallagher was sitting in the bar in a blue Adidas tracksuit. He looked like an 18-year old Paul Weller.

"I'm a bit cynical. I thought he was obviously a drug dealer because he looked both tremendous and arrogant. I thought, rock 'n' roll stars don't look that good.

"I was thinking the bald guy behind him, who turned out to be Bonehead, must be the singer."

So Alan almost didn't bother to catch the short set by Oasis that led him to offer them a deal on the spot and made him a millionaire.

The retired music mogul recalled: "I had heard these mouthy Mancs wanted to get up on stage. That was all I knew about it. I was drinking Jack Daniels when I was told there was going to be a punch-up with the Mancunians.

"I went upstairs with my sister to check 18 Wheeler were going to be okay.

"Then Liam Gallagher came on stage. As Liam's performances go, it was pretty subdued. He wasn't giving it large.

"If anything, it was Noel and his guitar playing that dominated. I am not even sure they knew I was in the audience."

Alan saw the potential of the band, though even he admits he could never have foreseen the 50 million sales that followed.

He said: "The music business had already passed Oasis by at this point. They had already done a gig at In The City showcase in Manchester that year. Noel and Liam had a tiff on stage, so nobody had bothered to check out if they were any good.

"Six months later, I get the opening times for King Tut's wrong and happen to see them play four songs in Glasgow. It's like it was meant to be. It was that random.

"It was a bit like walking to a bus stop and discovering Elvis Presley."

Alan added: "I thought they were a good band. I never knew they were going to sell so many records.

"I knew they were influenced by The Stone Roses and I was clever enough to think I might do a bit of business. We thought we would be doing well if Definitely Maybe went platinum. We sold seven million."

Alan is back in Glasgow on Tuesday when director Danny O' Connor's film documentary premieres at Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT). It charts the Creation label and the signing of Oasis, Primal Scream, Teenage Fanclub, My Bloody Valentine and many more.

Fresh interviews are mixed with concert footage, including Oasis at Knebworth. The screening at 6.15pm will be followed by an after-party at the 02 ABC in Sauchiehall Street. It will feature a live set by BMX Bandits, a DJ set by Alan McGee and other special guests.

Alan, now 50, admits he snubbed the chance to hold a premiere for the film in London. He said: "We are doing the premiere at the GFT. It's nothing personal against London. I don't mind DJ-ing there but I feel Glasgow deserves this. It's a Scottish story, it's a Celtic story, it's an Irish story. It is basically people from Glasgow, Ireland and Manchester.

"My family came over from Ireland 100 years ago. The Gallaghers are first generation Irish and My Bloody Valentine are Irish. It's very Celtic.

"The funniest part of the film is Manchester. The pivotal moments are obviously the rise of Oasis. Everything Noel Gallagher says is comic genius. Bobby Gillespie's take on it all is very astute.

"The main story centres around Bobby Gillespie and I arriving in London because Andrew Innes, who I was in a band with, wanted to become a pop star.

"The two of them formed Primal Scream and I formed a record label. I had only gone to London because Andrew was going to throw me out of our band!"

Alan is back in talks with the BBC and Channel 4 for a programme based on his time at the label.

He and Scots writer Irvine Welsh hope to persuade them to create a drama based around his own experiences and those of Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren and former Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham.

When prompted, Alan wastes no time in listing the bands who defined Creation.

He said: "Oasis, obviously, because they defined the 90s, Primal Scream because they defined Creation and my life in a lot of ways and Teenage Fanclub because Norman Blake is a pop genius.

"Then there's The Jesus And Mary Chain because they helped Creation to get off the ground and My Bloody Valentine because they are still relevant and could headline most festivals in Europe."

Meanwhile, he is certain Oasis will reform, following their split in 2009.

He said: "I think the break-up was meant to be because Liam's band Beady Eye have made a much better record than anybody wants to give him credit for. It is very listenable. It's a feel-good record you want to hear on a Saturday morning.

"But it's not the best record he'll ever make. And having heard the Noel demos, I think this will be his most important record since What's The Story. But Noel and Liam will both suffer when they release albums because they are no longer Oasis.

"They are going their separate ways at this point. Ever since I have known them they have been having bad arguments.

"I don't think you can discount them getting on well in the future and somebody paying them to do an Oasis world tour. I would be shocked if that doesn't happen.

"I think both Liam and Noel needed, creatively, to go and do their own thing There will probably be fireworks if they get back together but they still share the same management and at some point someone will say, 'there's £200 million. Go do 100 shows'."

Alan recounts one piece of Scottish rock history previously unwritten and not featured in the film.

He said: "Remember the Bungalow Bar in Paisley? The bands who played there were amazing.

"It was incredible and arguably the most important punk venue in Scotland.

"Andrew and I played a Newspeak gig with Lloyd Cole on drums. It was the first time Lloyd had been on stage. I have never told anybody before. Somehow I had become pals with Lloyd Cole. He was our first drummer and we were absolutely rubbish."

Source: www.dailyrecord.co.uk

Liam Gallagher And Gem Archer On The Royal Wedding

Liam Gallagher and Gem Archer spoke last year to the NME about the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton that will take place today.

Liam said "Good luck to them man, and fair play to them". He admitted that the bank holiday declared in celebration won't have much effect on him or new band Beady Eye.

He said that "We don't observe holidays in this band. It's all one big holiday, one big fucking day off.

Gem Archer said that we will all be sick of it by next year, but admitted "It's class" that most people will enjoy two days off work that week.

28 April 2011

Beady Eye To Perform On Letterman

Beady Eye have confirmed their appearance on 'Live on Letterman' on Wednesday, June 22 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT. The private concert will be broadcast LIVE on CBS.com & on select CBS Radio stations throughout America.

Following the broadcast, Beady Eye will make their US television debut on 'The Late Show with David Letterman', airing at 11:35pm ET/PT, and the full set will be available on-demand on VEVO.com and the CBS online network.

Source: www.beadyeyemusic.com

Review: Beady Eye, The Brighton Centre

Liam prowled the stage like a caged animal, his mood oscillated between mardy (grumpy) and mad for it (excitable) and he sidled up to the microphone like he was intent on head butting it.

The charismatic front man was definitely entertaining to watch and remained just as unpredictable as ever.

In response to someone from the crowd he said: “You’re from Brazil? Great. I’m from the Manchester.” And the crowd cheered.

At the end of the gig he even disappeared into the audience to say hello which lead to a wave of crowd surfing as fans tried to make their way down to him.

Liam sang really well, performing some of the more difficult songs from Beady Eye’s first album exactly as they were recorded.

The guitars and drums sounded brilliant, with a touch of the 1960s and a hint of big beat.

There were dazzling visuals behind the band too, which coupled with the sing along upbeat music made for a top night out.

Interestingly there were no Oasis songs at all but the new material was really very good - just as good as Oasis.

Make no mistake. This was a rowdy gig - there were a lot of plastic beer glasses being hurled around, most of them with beer in them, a bit of crowd surfing until security got their mits on the miscreants and a lot of moshing. Awesome.

On one final note, can I point out to the muppets who threw beer glasses into the seats, there is an etiquette at gigs?

If you want to do it, fine, almost everyone enjoys getting a bit messy, but the proper place for this is in the pit, not the seats where people are hoping to enjoy the music and avoid getting into any scrapes.

Source: www.sussexexpress.co.uk

New Oasis T-Shirts On Sale Now!

A number of new T-Shirts have been added to the Official Oasis store, click here for more details.

On This Day In Oasis History...

On April 28th 1996, Oasis played the second of two legendary sold-out concerts at Manchester's 'Maine Road' Stadium.

Above are a few videos from the gig. Footage from the two shows are available on the Official Oasis Video/DVD release 'There And Then'.

On April 28th 2000, Noel Gallagher and Gem Archer stopped by 'MuchMusic' studios in Canada to promote Oasis' fourth studio album 'Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants' and play a few songs.

Watch Part One of the interview and performance here, and here for part two.

27 April 2011

Beady Eye Roll Into Brighton

Beady Eye will at the Centre in Brighton, today (April 27th).

If you are going to any of the shows, and you are able to scan your ticket or send in pictures email them to us @ scyhodotcom@gmail.com and I will do my best to get them all on the site.

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Review: Beady Eye In Southampton

The snarling lip, the monkey stroll, the rasping voice - there’s no mistaking Liam Gallagher.

And in his new incarnation as frontman of Beady Eye, he’s a man reborn to rock and roll.

Critics who dismissed this line-up as Oasis without Noel were pleasantly surprised by Beady Eye’s debut album Different Gear, Still Speeding, which wore its 60s influences on its sleeve and sounded a lot fresher than the late-period offerings of Gallagher’s former band.

And there’s no disputing who’s the star here. Even before the band takes to the stage, a buzzing crowd are foootball-chanting Liam’s name.

Live and loud, these songs have a lot more punch. Opener Four Letter Word states the band’s intention perfectly as the singer adopts his slightly-too-tall-for-the-mike-stand pose and spits the lyrics into the crowd.

Subtler tracks like Millionaire and For Anyone break up the pace nicely, and thanks to belting versions of The Roller and Bring The Light, the beered-up fans got exactly what they came for.

There’s a definite sense that this new life on the road playing smalller venues again has revitalised the younger Gallagher brother. Someday, he and Noel will bury the hatchet for an Oasis reunion and a mega pay day.

But until then, this will do just fine.

Source: www.portsmouth.co.uk

On This Day In Oasis History...

On April 27th 1996, Oasis played the first of two legendary sold-out concerts at Manchester's 'Maine Road' Stadium.

Above are a few videos from the gig. Footage from the two shows are available on the Official Oasis Video/DVD release 'There And Then'.

26 April 2011

Beady Eye Tour Pictures By Fans

The above pictures are from various Beady Eye gigs, they have been sent in by site visitors Gordon, Tom, Joel, Calum, Matt, Alex and Jake.

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Upside Down Hits UK Cinemas For One Week

Upside Down hits UK cinemas for one week only from April 29th including a super special event in Glasgow on Tuesday, May 3rd, featuring a screening, live performances and a DJ set from Alan McGee himself.

For details and tickets, click here, more dates to be annonunced soon.

The story of 'Creation Records' DVD/Blu-ray and soundtrack is now available to pre-order here.

Alan McGee Interview From Radio 2

Alan McGee gave an interview with Jo Whiley on Radio 2 last week, Jo was as enthusiastic as ever and played tracks by the House of Love, Primal Scream, Jesus and Mary Chain and Oasis.

In the interview they discuss the Television Personalities, the Gallaghers, the Creation years and the forthcoming film Upside Down.

You can listen to Alan on the show here.

Source: www.creation-records.com

Noel Gallagher Calls For Lowry Paintings To Be Made Public

Noel Gallagher is backing calls for gallery bosses in London to display paintings by L.S. Lowry, calling the British artist's work "very brilliant".

The rocker is a big fan of Lowry, famed for painting industrial Britain, and even paid tribute to the painter in Oasis' animated music video for The Masterplan in 2006.

Gallagher is now backing actor Sir Ian MCKellen's campaign to convince officials at London's famous Tate Britain museum to exhibit 23 Lowry pieces that are currently kept in private.

Speaking in MCKellen's U.K. TV documentary Looking for Lowry, Gallagher admits he has always admired the artist for his honest depiction of life in the north of England.

He says, "It's like when did you first hear the Beatles? Lowry has always been there... I guess all the people Lowry ever met are there in his paintings...

"Everybody's on the move. There's nobody standing still. They're very brilliant... You get great skies up in Manchester, real turbulent. Grey skies and tall buildings and a little scraggy dog."

Gallagher goes on to question why Lowry's artwork has been kept from the public, adding: "They're not considered Tate worthy. Is it just because he was a northerner? Does anybody know why? Why? What's the official line?"

Source: www.contactmusic.com

Beady Eye Roll Into Southampton

Beady Eye will at the Guildhall in Southampton, today (April 26th).

If you are going to any of the shows, and you are able to scan your ticket or send in pictures email them to us @ scyhodotcom@gmail.com and I will do my best to get them all on the site.

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Orlando Bloom Based Rock Star Character On Gallagher Brothers

Orlando Bloom looked to the music scene in his native Britain for inspiration as he portrayed a cocky rocker in new movie Sympathy For Delicious - basing his character on Ian Brown and Liam and Noel Gallagher.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star plays group frontman The Stain in Mark Ruffalo's directorial debut, and he reveals the rock wildmen provided him with plenty of material to work with as he developed the role.

He tells WENN, "I was thinking of Ian Brown, lead singer for The Stone Roses and the Gallagher brothers from Oasis.

"A lot of the great British bands come from the North of England. Those guys particularly, the Gallagher brothers and Ian Brown, have got this real attitude, arrogance and confidence that they are the best band in the world and everyone needs to know that and I really thought that lent itself to The Stain."

Bloom admits he had no personal run-ins with rockers to draw from, but he'd love to experience that lifestyle in another lifetime.

He adds, "I never had a brush with a rock star but I'd like to come back as a rock star."

The actor debuted his movie band with a free concert in Los Angeles in February 2009, when he recorded a gig scene for the film with co-star and punk rocker Juliette Lewis.

Source: www.contactmusic.com

25 April 2011

Review: Beady Eye In Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton Civic Hall welcomed Beady Eye as they made their West Midland debut. The now defunct band Oasis, renamed Beady Eye and minus big brother Noel, opened with a wild 90 minutes of music.

Liam Gallagher, keeping with his unique swagger and his particular style of dress, opened with Four Letter Word, a perfect, in your face rock’n roll song, got the crowd up on their feet in just 4 minutes.

The sold out show, chanting “Liam” after every song, was followed with Gallagher coming back with “nice one” almost as much.

Millionaire was definitely a crowd pleaser but, For Anyone, a sensitive song, turned out to be the best of the evening. It showcased Gallagher’s voice as he actually sang, instead of rasping down the microphone.

Roller, sounding as if it just came off one of the old Oasis albums, still brought the crowd being showered with all the drinks and showing that some things just never change.

The band, looking very relaxed, and less predictable and regimented, broke out in swirling psychedelic solos on the guitar and upbeat rock’n roll piano sounds.

The next hit was Bring The Light and the songs just kept coming after that, and then finally, The Beat Goes On, an anthemia rendition.

Everyone had been waiting, expecting this to be one of the best bands of the year, and they proved not to disappoint the crowd. The future for Beady Eye appears to have a terrific future ahead of them.

Source: www.newsquod.com

Liam Gallagher Says Michael Jackson Statue Is "Silly"

The Beady Eye singer isn't impressed by the statue of Michael Jackson that has been erected outside Fulham's football stadium.

There have been a number of disgruntled opinions about Mohamed Al Fayed’s decision to place a huge statue of Michael Jackson outside Fulham FC’s stadium, and now it’s the turn of Liam Gallagher to give his word on the matter.

“It’s a bit silly isn’t it?” the Beady Eye front man said. “It could be worse. It could have been Justin Bieber.”

Well, there you have it. The final word on the matter. Nothing more to say really is there?

The statue is thought to have cost £100,000, and was Al Fayed’s way of paying tribute to Jackson, who he considered a great friend. Many have said that despite the sentiment behind it, a football ground is not the place for the statue.

Source: www.musicrooms.net

Noel Gallagher, Johnny Marr, Ricky Hatton, Freddie Flintoff And Jason Manford To Cover Tom Jones?

Footie City rivals Stoke and Manchester are set for an FA Cup Final song ding-dong – ­after unveiling plans to get top showbiz names in on the act.

Sources at mega-rich Manchester City claim the club is planning to ask some of Britain’s most famous Blues to perform a Band Aid-style charity single.

And legendary crooner Sir Tom Jones is in talks with Stoke to revamp his classic tune Delilah.

The Sixties hit has long been a fans’ favourite at the Britannia Stadium and a spokesman said: “The club would be delighted if Tom agreed to re-do Delilah as the song for the FA Cup Final.

“The reaction of our supporters at Wembley for the semi-final – when Delilah was played over the PA system – was first class. It really helped make it feel like a home game.

“The song is sung by supporters at every game, home and away, and in particular when we score a goal. There were at least five renditions at Wembley for the 5-0 win over Bolton.”

In the Blue corner, Oasis songwriter Noel Gallagher has been sounded out to help pen a song to help good causes.

Other names in the mix include legendary Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr, TV funnyman Jason Manford, ex-boxing champ Ricky Hatton and former England cricket star Freddie Flintoff.

Gallagher, 43, recently admitted he wasn’t far off doing something for his beloved Blues.

And a Man City source said last week: “The club wants to get some big names for a worthwhile song – and get the players involved too.

“It’s still uncertain what will happen but having Noel Gallagher take part makes a lot of sense.”

Gallagher said: “Someone called me from the club and asked if they could bounce a few ideas off me. If they asked seriously I don’t know. Let’s wait till they ask.”

Over-the-moon Stoke fans say they would love veteran Sir Tom, 70, to re-release a version of Delilah for them.

Supporters’ club chairman Bryan Shaw said the song gives the players and fans a lift.

“It started a long time ago when fans were trying to think of a song to sing that didn’t have any swear words in it,” he said.

“Somehow Delilah was chosen and it was an instant favourite.”

Source: Daily Star Sunday

24 April 2011

Noel Gallagher DJing On 100.3 The Sound Tonight

Noel Gallagher is a guest Dj on 100.3 The Sound tonight (24th April), at 6pm US Pacific Time.

The show is called "My Turn" and is one of The Sound's most talked about on-air features where artists and personalities take over The Sound airwaves. It happens every Sunday evening at 6:00 PM, commercial free. This unique program allows these artists to pick their own music and be a real Los Angeles radio DJ.

Recent guests include Beck, Kevin Nealon, Gavin Rossdale, BB King, The Pretenders, Sasha Vujacic and Pau Gasol of The Los Angeles Lakers and many more!

To listen live click here.

Beady Eye Roll Into Wolverhampton

Beady Eye will at the Civic Hall in Wolverhampton, today (April 24th).

If you are going to any of the shows, and you are able to scan your ticket or send in pictures email them to us @ scyhodotcom@gmail.com and I will do my best to get them all on the site.

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Review: Beady Eye In Newport

Beatles and Stones shot at Newport Centre, Wales. For the 3-D effect you will need some Blue and Red anaglyph Glasses to view.

The last time Liam Gallagher swaggered his way onto a Welsh stage was at the spacious surrounds of The Millennium Stadium in June 2009.

Fast forward almost two years and the more vociferous half of the Gallagher brothers was back in Wales, in front of approximately 60,000 less people than witnessed what was probably the last appearance of Oasis in Wales.

Unsurprisingly, tickets for Beady Eye’s Spring UK tour sold out in hours, and the 2,000-capacity Newport Centre was fit to burst with the mad-for-it crowd ecstatically lapping up each song.

They were treated to a thorough run-through of Beady Eye’s debut album, Different Gear, Still Speeding, delivered with style and panache by Gallagher and his immaculately turned-out gang.

We got the TNT-packed, one-foot-on-the-monitor opener Four-Letter Word, one of several leather-clad wig-outs that give Beady Eye’s set a bruising sonic edge.

However, it’s moments such as deft ’70s rocker Millionaire, blistering rock ‘n’ roll barnstormer Bring The Light, plaintive psych-folk lament Kill For A Dream and the dreamy headspace of The Beat Goes On that got the adrenaline pumping.

Okay, so there were no Oasis songs, but then what did you expect? There is evidently no wish here to re-enact the last lumpen days of their reign.

As the crashing final chords of Sons Of The Stage – an electrifying cover by early ’90s Manc should-have-beens World Of Twist – brings the set to an incendiary close, the Newport crowd is left to reflect on one question – Oasis? Who are Oasis

Source: www.walesonline.co.uk

23 April 2011

Watch Liam Gallagher On Football Focus Later Today

Watch Liam Gallagher on Football Focus today from 11:45 (UK ONLY) on BBC One and on the website here (UK ONLY).

Beady Eye Roll Into Newport

Beady Eye will at the Centre in Newport, today (April 23rd).

If you are going to any of the shows, and you are able to scan your ticket or send in pictures email them to us @ scyhodotcom@gmail.com and I will do my best to get them all on the site.

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22 April 2011

Liam Gallagher Predicts This Week's Premiership Football Results

It is the turn of former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher, currently touring with his new band Beady Eye, to predict the results for the next round of Premier League matches.

Liam is a lifelong Manchester City fan, and he backs his side to boost their push for a top-four place with a win at Blackburn on Monday.

Aston Villa v Stoke 2-1
Blackburn v Man City 0-2
Blackpool v Newcastle 2-1
Bolton v Arsenal 0-3
Chelsea v West Ham 1-0
Liverpool v Birmingham 2-0
Man Utd v Everton 2-2
Sunderland v Wigan 0-0
Tottenham v West Brom 2-2
Wolves v Fulham 2-1

Listen to Liam picking the results here.

Gallery: Beady Eye At Leeds Academy

April 11 2011 – Beady Eye continued their UK and Irish tour at the O2 Academy in Leeds.

The band showcased material from their Top 10 debut album, 'Different Gear, Still Speeding', in front of a sell-out crowd, including 'Bring The Light' and 'Beatles And Stones'.

Beady Eye's live dates have already called in Ireland and will continue tomorrow in Newport (April 23), before calling at three more venues in Wolverhampton, Southampton and Brighton.

Click here to see the pictures.

Noel Gallagher DJing On 100.3 The Sound This Sunday

Noel Gallagher is a guest Dj on 100.3 The Sound on Sunday 24th April, at 6pm Pacific Time.

The show is called "My Turn" and is one of The Sound's most talked about on-air features where artists and personalities take over The Sound airwaves. It happens every Sunday evening at 6:00 PM, commercial free. This unique program allows these artists to pick their own music and be a real Los Angeles radio DJ.

Recent guests include Beck, Kevin Nealon, Gavin Rossdale, BB King, The Pretenders, Sasha Vujacic and Pau Gasol of The Los Angeles Lakers and many more!

To listen live click here.

Noel Gallagher To Feature In A Movie Later This Year

The world premiere of Kevin Sampson’s new film Powder will take place in Liverpool as part of the Sound City festival.

The film, written by Liverpool author Kevin, was shot in Merseyside – at Alma de Cuba, Korova and Knowsley Hall – and at music festivals in Ibiza and the UK.

It stars Liam Boyle, who also appeared in Sampson’s first film Awaydays and Keith Allen’s son Alfie Allen.

Liam said: “We’re really looking forward to having the premiere in Liverpool. After filming so much of it here it made sense to have it here.

“I haven’t seen the final film yet – the first edit was more than three hours long, then I saw the two and a half hour cut, but the final film is just 100 minutes. I can’t wait to see it.”

The film centres around the music industry – and in particular the fictional band The Grams.

It was filmed at the V Festival, alongside some of the biggest names in the music industry.

The Grams – and their fictional rivals – were allowed to play on stage in between the main acts, with the crew planting their own flags and T-shirts among the crowds.

The security team even let the Powder cameras in their helicopter to get impressive overhead shots of the band playing. Real-life musicians were keen to help out too. The film features cameos from the Ting Tings, Lily Allen, The Script, The Wombats, Noel Gallagher, Johnny Marr and Brandon Flowers.

Powder will be screening for one night only at FACT, Seel Street, on Thursday May 19 before the film goes on general release in the autumn.

Places are limited, with a first-come first served free allocation for Liverpool Sound City delegate pass holders and a small number of tickets on sale to the general public, available from the FACT website, www.fact.co.uk.

For more info on Liverpool Sound City, including schedules, line-ups, speakers and how to buy tickets or delegate passes, go to www.liverpoolsoundcity.co.uk

Source: www.liverpoolecho.co.uk

Read the full article by clicking here.

21 April 2011

Beady Eye's Second Album Coming Soon

Liam Gallagher has promised that Beady Eye won't be hanging around when it comes to releasing their second album.

The singer told the Irish Times that they wouldn't let promotion for their recent debut 'Different Gear, Still Speeding' run into 2012 and instead would get to work on its follow-up.

Comparing life in Beady Eye to his old Oasis reigime he said: "We're not going to put the ball down, sit around in a big house and go 'We're great'. We won't be booking into the studio for months and months on end."

He added: "We're not going to be rolling over this album into the next year. There will be an awesome second album coming soon. We're responsible for our every move. We're on our own label. We do all our own artwork and videos. It's not like, 'Oh, send that off to the visual arts person

Source: www.nme.com

Alan McGee Turns Down Creation Records Factual Drama

Former Creation Records owner Alan McGee turned down the chance to make a film drama about the label's history, he has revealed.

The British music label, which McGee founded in 1983, was home to bands like Oasis and Primal Scream and The Jesus and Mary Chain before folding in 1999.

He said he was approached by the BBC and Channel 4 about telling the story.

But speaking to BBC 5 live, McGee said that a straight dramatisation "reeked of miscalculation."

The 50-year-old added that Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh had agreed to write the screenplay and had suggested "morphing" McGee, Sex Pistol's manager Malcolm McLaren and former Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham into one character.

"That to me was a 10 out of 10 idea," McGee said on Thursday.

"But not for the BBC or Channel 4, they want a dramatisation of Creation Records straight, so yesterday me and Irvine turned it down.

"It was going to be called something like Beyond The Eruption."

The former manager, who is featured in Upside, Down - a new film documentary about Creation's history - added: "If we were going to do a literal Creation thing let's do it on one of two subjects.

"Either when we were out of our minds 88-94, or the whole Brit Pop political thing when Labour were asking me if I could get young Britain back to work and we were going to Downing Street.

"The rest of it is too much of a freak show."

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Click here for a large number of UK screenings of Upside Down.

Review: Beady Eye In Newcastle

Rock ‘n’ roll badboy Liam Gallagher came to Newcastle last night to play his first gig in the city with his new band.

The Mancunian returned with his newly-formed group Beady Eye for the first time since Oasis spectacularly split.

Unlike most new bands, this one already has a flock of loyal disciples, most of whom are still coming to terms with losing Britain’s biggest group.

Beady Eye are Oasis, but without the man who wrote the songs which made them so popular. That is, of course, Liam’s brother, Noel.

But looking around the o2 Academy minutes before Beady Eye took to the stage last night, it’s as if nothing has changed. Fans chanted Liam’s name, lager flew everywhere, and The Stone Roses blared from the speakers as excitement grew and the temperature rose.

Then the band walked out to hysteria, and Liam saluted the crowd with a peace sign, before saying: “Hello Newcastle, it’s been a long time.”

But one thing was notably missing, some chap called Noel.

The first song, Four Letter Word, which was introduced by Liam with a few of his own, set the tone from the off. The crowd fed off its raucous, relentless and abrasive sound as Liam dissolved straight back into his trademark pose, leaning into the microphone with his hands behind his back.

Wearing a khaki jacket, blue jeans and white trainers, Liam seemed to be the only person in the 2,000 capacity arena not sweating as the heat was hiked up with each song.

As they played tracks from their debut album – Different Gear, Still Speeding – Liam’s passion for the songs became clear, as he attempted to banish any memory of Oasis.

Liam’s status as one of rock’s most iconic frontmen is undeniable. But what’s equally undeniable is the crowd would have given anything to hear him belt out just one more Oasis classic alongside his brother. I know I did.

After a mix of rowdy tunes and majestic ballads, the highlight being Kill for a Dream, Liam calmly walked off before an impatient crowd beckoned him back.

As the band played their grand finale – an impressive cover of World of Twist’s Sons of the Stage – Liam paused for a moment, looked to the balconies and flapped his jacket to let some air in.

The heat in the place had even got to one of the coolest men in the world.

Click here for a number of pictures from the gig.

Source: www.chroniclelive.co.uk

Liam Gallagher And Andy Bell Interview


Beady Eye Head To Russia

Beady Eye are pleased to announce they will play two gigs in Russia this June. The band will mark their first visit to the country by playing St Petersburg's GlavClub and Moscow's Milk venue.

Tickets are on sale now. The full details of the tour are below:

2nd June - Saint Petersburg: GlavClub :: Click HERE for tickets.
4th June - Moscow: Milk :: Click HERE for tickets.

Source: www.beadyeyemusic.com

Beady Eye To Play In Russia?

Two Beady Eye dates in Russia have been posted on Last FM, they have not yet been confirmed on the band's official site.

The dates are...

Thursday 2 June 2011
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saturday 4 June 2011
Moscow, Russia

Beady Eye Roll Into Leeds

Beady Eye will at the 02 Academy in Leeds, today (April 21st).

If you are going to any of the shows, and you are able to scan your ticket or send in pictures email them to us @ scyhodotcom@gmail.com and I will do my best to get them all on the site.

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Win A 'Beady Eye' US Record Store Day Box Set

Dangerbird Records and The Oasis Fan Guide is giving the limited to 2000 copies US Record Store Day promo, Beady Eye 7inch box set to ONE lucky reader!

Click here for the details.

20 April 2011

Liam Gallagher Is On Football Focus Again This Weekend

We've had plenty of comments and emails about the interview since Saturday - the vast majority of them being positive. Some asked why we would even want to speak to him but I think he's one of those people who you listen to even if you know what he says will make you angry.

He certainly plays up to the image of a rockstar but he was much wittier than I expected. You don't have to be called Sebastian (as he suggested in the interview) to be offended by some of his language but he has a good sense of humour and a sharp tongue.

Some people suggested I looked a little scared during the interview which I find a bizarre. I like interviewing people who make you work for the answers and a bit of confrontation goes a long way to making something watchable. I also maintain that there is nothing wrong with
the occasional tucked shirt! Having said that, I do take the point of the guy who tweeted me to say that if you're going to interview a style guru, with the hottest clothing line on the high street, you might want to iron your shirt!

Mark Woodward, the producer, did have to spend quite a bit of time editing out the choice language and there were some things Liam said - and did - that we couldn't put out even on a post-watershed version of Focus.

That said, I thought his opinions on City, Mancini, United, Rooney and football in general were well worth the airtime and, even if you're Gary Neville's biggest fan, his take on the former Manchester United defender brought a little smile to most faces.

Once the interview was over Liam had another dig at my shirt before saying he might bump into me at Wembley on Saturday. We didn't see each other at the Manchester derby but I'm sure he enjoyed himself.

Before we left I asked him for a picture for the blog. "Don't do that rock & roll face" I said "otherwise I'll look like the school prefect sitting next to the cool kid." "You do your face, I'll do mine" he replied. Sadly he did produce the rock & roll face leaving me to look like a slightly over-medicated buffoon.

Mr Gallagher features again on the show this week, with some rather interesting Premier League Predictions. He also has some style advice for the man he's talking on, so definitely worth a watch at our earlier time of 1145 BST.

Watch the interview from last week here.

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Liam Gallagher Meets Inspirational Teenagers At Teenage Cancer Trust Unit

Liam Gallagher visited the Great North Children's Hospital, Teenage Cancer Trust Unit in Newcastle today, to meet with patients and staff.

Whilst there, Liam presented a cheque for £40K on behalf of his Pretty Green label. The charitable donation came from the sales of a limited edition t-shirt Liam designed earlier in the year.

Talking of his visit, Liam says:

"Those young people are inspirational, I hope that this makes a difference to them and that it has helped raise awareness of teenage cancer. Teenage Cancer Trust is Pretty Greens chosen charity and we will continue to support them "

Liam and the team from Pretty Green would like to thank everyone who purchased the Limited Edition Tambourine t-shirt and pin badge package.

Andy Bell (Beady Eye) also accompanied Liam on this visit..

Teenage Cancer Trust Nurses deliver new opportunities and excellent services for young people with cancer and their families.

Background to the Great Northern Children's Hospital:

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie officially opened Teenage Cancer Trust’s new state-of-the-art unit in Newcastle in May 2010. They were joined by The Who frontman Roger Daltrey CBE and local star Joe McElderry.

The unit is the result of a £1.7 million fundraising appeal and will provide care for 13 to 18 year olds with cancer from across the North East and Cumbria.

The new unit in Newcastle includes 10 inpatient beds and will provide a home from home for many young people and their families. Unlike ‘ordinary’ hospital wards, it has been designed specifically with teenagers in mind. It includes a recreational room, kitchen and dining area, a study, parents’ room and kitchen, a complementary therapy room and chill out zone plus access to media facilities such as the internet, TV and music.

Pretty Green would like to thank all of our followers and fans for helping make this donation possible.

Source: www.prettygreen.com

Beady Eye Roll Into Newcastle

Beady Eye will at the 02 Academy in Newcastle, today (April 20th).

If you are going to any of the shows, and you are able to scan your ticket or send in pictures email them to us @ scyhodotcom@gmail.com and I will do my best to get them all on the site.

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Liam Gallagher And Scully At Wembley

Click here to watch Noel Gallagher and Scully at Wembley.

Source: www.mcfc.co.uk

19 April 2011

Video: Noel Gallagher And Scully At Wembley

Click here to watch Noel Gallagher and Scully at Wembley.

Source: www.mcfc.co.uk

Liam Gallagher Advises Post Celtic Tiger Ireland

Liam Gallagher has urged post Celtic Tiger Ireland to learn from its mistakes, saying Irish people had "good souls".

The rock star talked about how he knew something was wrong with the country when he realised that his cousins in Mayo had bigger houses than him.

The Daily Star quotes him as saying: "I'm well off, right, but my cousins in Mayo had bigger houses than me during those years. Whenever I came back it was all new cars and expensive holidays all round.

"It happens, you get corruption and all of that and everything goes t*** up."

However, the singer has urged Irish fans to learn from the experience.

He said: "I know you've got good souls over there. Learn from your mistakes, the same way I've had to."

Gallagher, whose mum is from Mayo and dad is from Meath, described his family as "a dead proud Irish family".

The ex-Oasis star is now in a new band Beady Eye, who played in The Olympia Theatre in Dublin last week.

Source: www.rte.ie

Review: Beady Eye, Corn Exchange

Liam Gallagher says he's moved on. Oasis in the past. Beady Eye in the future. Typical of the man, his recent interviews are littered with f-words and talk about how his new band can become the biggest on the planet.

"F*** being as big as Oasis," he said. "I want to be bigger than The Beatles."

No pressure, then, as the gobby singer swaggered on stage for Beady Eye's first live outing in these parts.

Like when Oasis played Murrayfield in 2009, there was a real air of occasion as Gallagher returned with a line-up that includes all of his former band, bar brother Noel.

The venue was packed with die-hards and, even though Beady Eye didn't play any Oasis songs, it didn't seem to matter to fans, who greeted songs from Different Gear, Still Speeding like old favourites.

The standard line from critics is that the album's "slightly better than expected", but the crowd gave it a resounding roar of approval, as opening number Four Letter Word unleashed mayhem.

As songs, they're hardly the same standard as the likes of Live Forever and Some Might Say but, along with everything else, the band played them with an energy and enthusiasm that was lacking from the Murrayfield shambles.

As he approaches 40, Gallagher may be mellower than he was, but he still commands attention. Whether sneering into his microphone with his hands behind his back, or messing with a scarf that never left his hands, he oozed the charisma and confidence of one rock 'n' roll's greatest frontmen.

True, standouts The Roller, Bring The Light and Beatles And Stones owe too much to The Beatles and the Stones, but then you could say that about most Oasis tunes, too.

The main thing is these songs inspired mass singalongs last night and, if they can knock out a few more in the same vein, Beady Eye have huge potential.

Source: scotsman.com

Photo Credit: Site Visitor Michael Logan

Noel Gallagher To Fulfil Manchester City Fantasy By Singing At FA Cup Final

Former Oasis guitarist and lifelong Manchester City fan Noel Gallagher revealed that the club have approached him about a possible performance to inspire his dearly beloved Blues when they take on Stoke in the FA Cup final at Wembley.

Watching on from the stands Gallagher was overwhelmed by his childhood club's victory over fierce cross-town rivals United and a rousing performance by the rock star could be the catalyst for their first FA Cup title since 1969.

Gallagher joked that first and foremost an appearance fee has to be negotiated, but he hinted that a once-off favour might be done if a guarantee is made that the Blues hold aloft the trophy.

'Someone called me from the club and asked if they could bounce a few ideas of me,' Gallagher told talksSPORT.

'I'd ask them the usual question, how much? If they asked (seriously) I don't know, but let's wait till they ask.'

Two possible song choices for the big day include 'Champagne Supernova' and 'Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is', however the 43-year-old said picking the right words would be harder than writing a number one hit.

'The words would be the hardest thing. I could be busy you never know,' he added.

City's win was a proud day for both Gallagher brothers, with Liam exclaiming 'Bosch!' on his twitter account and posting this picture below.

Source: www.metro.co.uk

Noel Gallagher also spoke about the Michael Jackson statue at Fulham FC’s Craven Cottage Stadium.

The statue which has faced criticism from Fulham fans was erected in March and Noel said he thought the Jacko statue was ‘ludicrous’ but added: “but it’s also, I quite like it’.

He went on to say: “I’m getting my picture taken with it next time, that’s for sure”.

Noel also joked he would like to see himself ‘erected’ at Manchester City’s ground, ‘just for once’.

Paul Gallagher Interview

An interview with Paul Gallagher, from Dublin.

18 April 2011

Beady Eye Interview

It's not often I'd get nervous about an interview, but when Liam Gallagher walked into the residents bar of a hotel in Belfast, I knocked over a glass of water and near tripped over my headphones lead. Thankfully he didn't seem to notice, as he grabbed my hand and instantly became exactly the type of aggressively friendly character I'd prepared for. He opens with an apology.

'Andy Bell is messing about somewhere, he always tries to be late so he'll look cool. I don't need to bother with that.' Checking his watch, he boasts 'I'm always on time, me.'

He bounces about the room, explaining how he's still to come down following his experiences at Wembley Stadium - not for a gig (though 'stadiums will come again soon enough') but to enjoy Man City win the biggest match they've played in Liam's lifetime. He's surprisingly gracious when I explain I'm United. There's a good five minutes of him pacing about the room, asking me a load of questions about the hotel we're in and Belfast in general. I couldn't answer most of them and he gives me stick.

For some reason I explain how this is the first interview our show has done with a band not from Ireland in almost a year, that we've made an exception for him. I tell him the music here is so good our show is pretty much 100% 'local' these days. He asks for names of bands, so I tell him about Cashier, ASIWYFA, Rams Pocket Radio and The Wondervillians. I point out he'll probably hate them all equally. He laughs.

Finally Andy weighs in and the three of us chat for a good twenty minutes. I'm constantly chasing Liams mouth with the mic - he literally doesn't sit still for more than a second. I think about the edit we have ahead of us - Liam swears a LOT. Like, every third or fourth word. We're going to need a fair few beeps.

I don't want to bomb straight in with questions about Oasis or Liam's relationship with Noel. It seems a little crude and, in my head, could jeopardize the entire interview. So we chat about the frist Beady Eye gigs. But funnily enough, Liam's off on a rant about his big brother within a minute, questioning why he got off 'scott free'. He then claims his paranoia surrounding the issue of who was to 'blame' for Oasis' demise was so bad he actually thought him being bottled off the stage on that first gig in Glasgow wasn't out of the question. Andy seems a little taken aback by this idea. He'll think about it for a while before stopping me mid-question, half way through the interview to clarify - 'going back to that whole thing abut the paranoia - can I just say, the fans were beyond cool.'

And so it continues, Liam being as good an interview as I'd assumed - winding himself up constantly and over selling just how much he believes in Beady Eye. The number of swears increases as we go on. It's pretty infectious, to the point I start to worry I've started dropping the odd F-bomb myself. And then, a quick picture and I'm off, buzzing, texting a couple of people who were as obsessed with Oasis as I was, back in the day.

To listen to the interview click here, it starts at around the 1hr 30min mark.

Watch Liam Gallagher On Football Focus Now

Liam Gallagher talks to Football Focus about Manchester City, Mario Balotelli, Wayne Rooney, Gary Neville and more.

Thanks to frjdoasis3.

Noel Gallagher & Ian McKellen Challenge 'The Tate' Over LS Lowry Exclusion

Actor demands London galleries sell 23 works by Manchester painter rather than continue to store them.

The Tate has been challenged to put its collection of paintings by LS Lowry up for sale if it intends to continue to exclude them from its London galleries.

The actor Sir Ian McKellen threw down the challenge in a joint attack by leading figures from the art world which questioned whether the "matchstick men painter" has been sidelined as too northern and provincial.

Although many artists from the north of England enjoy metropolitan critical acclaim, including David Hockney and Damien Hirst, none assert the character of northern people and landscape with Lowry's dogged persistence.

"Over the years, silly lies have been thrown around that he was only a Sunday painter, an amateur, untrained and naive," said McKellen, who narrates a highly critical television programme about Lowry's "exclusion" to be screened by ITV1 on Easter Day.

The programme is called Perspectives: Looking for Lowry.

"His popularity needs no official endorsement from the Tate, but it is a shame verging on the iniquitous that foreign visitors to London shouldn't have access to the painter English people like more than most others."

The film sees others line up to condemn the fact that the Tate has shown only one of its 23 Lowrys – Industrial Landscape, painted in 1955 and owned by the gallery for 50 years – and then only briefly.

Noel Gallagher, of the Manchester band Oasis, said: "They're not considered Tateworthy. Or is it just because he is a northerner?"

Read the full article here,

Source: guardian.co.uk

Oasis' video for The Masterplan was based on the paintings of L.S. Lowry.

Noel Gallagher: 'The Hardest Thing About FA Cup Final Songs Is The Lyrics'

Former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher and massive Manchester City fan tells the boys whether he's been asked to pen the Citizens' final tune.

To listen to the interview click here.

Miles Kane On The Gallagher's

Miles Kane has spoken about working with both Noel and Liam Gallagher recently.

Falling out just one time too many, Noel and Liam Gallagher have not spoken since that fateful day in France. However the animosity between the two has not affected several people from cross no man's land.

The new members of Beady Eye apparently remain close to Noel Gallagher, while Miles Kane has worked with both brothers. Gallagher Snr popped into the studio to lay down backing vocals on his new album, while the Liverpool singer has just completed a stint on tour with Beady Eye.

Speaking to Absolute Radio, Miles Kane down-played Noel Gallagher's contribution to his new material. "Again that’s a thing the press blow out of the water, but I was mixing my record and he came down one afternoon to hang out, and I was going to put these harmonies on and he ended up doing it" he explained.

"I just met him a couple of times really and it was just one of them things where I was mixing, he was about and came in to say hello and had a Kit Kat and a coffee and sang a bit of BVs, you know."

Meanwhile, Miles Kane also enjoyed his time with Beady Eye. "It was great, you know, we had the time of our lives there. You know, it was an honour to get asked and we had a great time and the gigs were good."

However despite working with both sides of the Gallagher divide, Miles Kane retains a special affection for Welsh singer Gruff Rhys. "Before making this record we was on a bit of a come-down and he sort of gave me a boost real early on when I went in to do my first recording session on my own. It was just me, him, and Craig Silvey, and this drummer that he got in, and we recorded a song called King Crawler and Take the Night From Me that are on the record, and that was the first thing I did. You know, when you’re listening back to it you thought ‘Well this just sounds amazing’, so I always thank him for that”.

“When I was whatever, 14, 15. I think Super Furry Animals was one of the first gigs me and my mate bought a ticket for and you waited ages to go, you know, you went and then it’s the first time you scored the mosh pit or whatever. You know, even bought a t-shirt, and when I got home my mother said I was never the same since really, and it did change my life, man.”

The interview with Miles Kane will be broadcast on Absolute Radio on May 9th.

Source: www.clashmusic.com

Beady Eye Roll Into Edinburgh

Beady Eye will at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh, today (April 18th).

If you are going to any of the shows, and you are able to scan your ticket or send in pictures email them to us @ scyhodotcom@gmail.com and I will do my best to get them all on the site.

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Liam Gallagher: 'Noel And Me Are Over'

As his new band Beady Eye – basically Oasis without Noel – performs in Dublin, Liam Gallagher tells Brian Boyd about life without his brother, his softer singing style and the size of his cousins’ cars during the boom.

In the lift of Dublin’s Four Seasons Hotel, Liam Gallagher makes a move on me.

First, it’s in for a kiss. Then one hand moves down to my waist as he pulls me in closer. His other hand goes deep inside my back jeans pocket. I close my eyes and think of the article . . . and wonder if the Four Seasons has CCTV cameras in its lifts.

“That’s what she just did to me,” he says by way of explanation. While waiting with him for the lift, his much-loved aunt from the west of Ireland had stepped out before we got in. Once back inside the lift he can’t find his new iPhone.

“My aunt’s just gone and nicked it while she was hugging me, ” he laughs. “That’s the way the Irish do it isn’t it? In for the kiss and the hug and the hand goes into the back pocket for the mobile phone. Still, there is a recession on I suppose.” He later finds his phone and stresses he was joking about his lovely aunt.

From “a dead proud Irish family” he ruminates on how strange he found the country of his childhood holidays during the Celtic Tiger years. “I’m well off, right, but my cousins in Mayo had bigger houses than me during those years. Whenever I came back it was all new cars and expensive holidays all round. It happens, you get corruption and all of that and everything goes tits up. But coming from an Irish family I know you’ve got good souls over here. Learn from your mistakes – the same way I’ve had to.”

In remarkably good form, off the drink now for a good while – “there’s just too much going on in my life at the moment” – and trim of figure: “I run and run and keep running,” he hasn’t exactly been hitting the self-help books and been bothering the life coaches since the acrimonious break up of Oasis in August 2009.

Confidence is not an issue. “This is going to be the biggest fuckin’ thing you’ve ever encountered,” he says of his new band Beady Eye (who are Oasis minus Noel basically).

“I want us to be as big as The Beatles, as big as The Stones. I want our music to stand the test of time. I could go on before The Beatles, I could go on after The Beatles – all of us in this band could. It’s that great”.

Beady Eye was formed approximately one hour after Noel Gallagher stormed out of Oasis following the mother of all fights with Liam moments before they were due on stage in Paris. A press release that night starkly announced, “Oasis don’t exist any more” and there was a note attached from Noel saying, “I simply could not go working with Liam a day longer.” The two have not talked since.

Beady Eye guitarist Andy Bell takes up the story. “Noel’s walked out, so it’s the rest of us sitting around in a room like this one going ‘we’re still a rock ‘n’ roll band and we still want to play’, so effectively we formed that very same night.”

“I remember looking around the table that night,” says Liam. “I was thinking to myself: ‘He’s a great guitarist, so is he, he’s a great drummer and I’m a geezer so let’s continue on without him. We don’t need him.’ Let’s be clear about one thing here – this band is not a stop gap until me and our kid bump into each other. Him and me are over and done with. This is the real deal.”

“People think Oasis were 99 per cent Noel,” says Bell. “But that was never the truth. All of could play, all of us would write for the band and it was Liam’s voice out front. We are in no way trying to capitalise off Oasis – we’re a new band. We’re a democratic band.”

“There’s no leader here. There’s no claps on the back, rewards, Blue Peter badges or seven bedroom houses with us,” says Gallagher. “We’ve been in a band with a leader for a long time and we don’t want that again. We’ve enough experience to know what works and what doesn’t and we know when writing together – as we did the whole album – when something is good for the band and when something isn’t instead of just shouting ‘that’s not working’ at somebody.

“And I’m a lot more chilled now. I’m no longer the look-at-me-I’m-the-big-bollocks walking around town and giving it all that. I’ve been there – but no more.”

The debut, Different Gear, Still Speeding (released last month) has received plenty of critical praise (the standard line being “it’s much better than expected”) and has been a top three hit going gold within two weeks of sales. Displaying a sound that owes more to Glam Rock and classic 50s’ rock ‘n’ roll than anything by Oasis, Gallagher’s vocals have been transformed.

“With Oasis I was singing too loud both in the studio and on stage. I was pushing my voice too far,” says Gallagher. “On stage it was because of the noise from the crowd and when it came to recording it was because my vocal would always go on last. And I never wanted to be singing like a little girl – I had to get in there and compete with the guitars. But now the signing goes down with the drum and acoustic tracks so I’ve room to fit in better and do some nice bits. Also I think there’s a sexiness to it. As great as Oasis were – certain songs just weren’t sexy.”

“The way we’re recording now is more like the Tamla Motown/Stax model where you structure the recording around the vocal,” notes Bell.

AT THE MOMENT Beady Eye are only playing theatre-style venues. “There’s only one album, a few B-sides and a few covers so we can’t do arenas just yet,” says Liam.

“We’re playing The Olympia tonight and in our own heads we’re already a success because we’ve got this new band this far and all on democratic principles – that’s the sweetest part of this. And we haven’t once been asked to play Wonderwall or anything like that. We don’t do Oasis songs. We’ll leave that to Noel to do at his own gigs.”

“I really expected people coming along to our shows wearing Oasis T-shirts and holding placards saying ‘Where’s Noel?’ but none of that has happened,” adds Bell.

“The other big difference here is that we’re not going to put the ball down, sit around in a big house and go ‘we’re great’,” says Liam. “We won’t be booking into the studio for months and months on end. We’re not going to be rolling over this album into the next year. There will be an awesome second album coming soon. We’re responsible for our every move. We’re on our own label. We do all our own artwork and videos. It’s not like, ‘oh, send that off to the visual arts person’.

“What really did for Oasis was that we took our eye off the ball. We were too busy reaping the rewards of our success. I know now that money is not the precious thing when you’re in a band. It’s not the flash cars or the big houses – it’s the music that’s precious. Once you take your eye off that – which we did – it’s hard to get back. It got all ‘just put the private plane on the credit card’. We’re keeping a lid on things now. The band hasn’t made a penny yet but we know what’s important.”

How does his mother feel about the two of them not talking and taking swipes at each other in the press? “I haven’t spoken a word with Noel since what was said between us that night in Paris. I know he’s going to the match on Saturday (Man City v Man Utd FA Cup semi-final) so I may bump into him then and say hello. But there’s no desire to go around knocking on each other’s doors. We spoke enough – that was the whole problem, too many words between us. Mam’s ok about it. She sees him and says he’s happy. And she knows I’m happy so you know . . .

“I’d like to think we grow up to be friends later on but I’ve no time for that just yet. The way I view Oasis now is that’s it like having a child from a previous relationship.”

Noel v Liam: Where it all went wrong

THE WORDS exchanged between Liam and Noel Gallagher backstage at the Paris En Seine festival in 2009 were so serious and malicious that they led not just to the cancellation of the show, but to the end of Oasis. The brothers are still not speaking to each other. As time passes though, the events of that night are a little clearer.

Liam had travelled on his own to Paris (something Noel didn’t like as he feels bands should travel together). The singer was furious over an interview Noel had given Q magazine in which he said Liam had not seen his then 18-month-old son, Donovan.

“He’s never seen my little lad, just pictures. To a stranger, it sounds ludicrous but you wouldn’t have him in the house if he spoke to you the way he speaks to me and my family. He’s rude, arrogant and intimidating,” said Noel.

Liam was reportedly enraged by Noel bringing up “family matters” in public. When he arrived backstage, he allegedly made some remarks about Noel’s wife. There was an altercation during which Noel allegedly smashed a favourite guitar of Liam’s. A band member in an adjacent dressing room called for an ambulance, such was the ferocity of the fight next door.

When Noel announced the end of Oasis that night, Liam replied: “It takes more than blood to be my brother.”

Their mother Peggy says: “They do love each other, but they’ve always been very different. They didn’t fight as children. They didn’t fight until they started the band”.

Source: www.irishtimes.com

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