21 September 2012

Liam Gallagher's Real Character Revealed By Alan McGee

Middle age creeps up on us all – even rock stars.

Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher is celebrating his 40th birthday today – leaving his fans feeling a little old. The Manchester City fan kicked off festivities with a high-spirited trip to the Bernabeu this week where his beloved team lost 3-2 to home side Real Madrid. Liam got a ticking off from local cops for getting lairy.

Liam’s music career started when he joined his school mate Paul McGuigan’s band The Rain as a teenager. They changed the name to Oasis and were joined by Liam’s brother Noel.

They played their first gig in August 1991.

The group went on to get eight UK No1 singles and seven No1 albums before splitting in August 2009.

Liam is still touring with his band Beady Eye and is at loggerheads with Noel.

Here, the man who gave Oasis their first record deal pays tribute to Liam – and we revisit some of the mouthy star’s most memorable quotes.

There's a story I want to tell about Liam which sums the man up to me. Everyone’s got an idea of what he’s like. But to me the real Liam is a courteous gentleman.

I was one of the first casualties of the Nineties scene. After partying straight for seven years, I spent nine months in rehab.

When I got clean I came back to London around October 1994 really shaken up. You’d think that people would welcome you back with open arms. But most people were too embarrassed to speak to me. I was the elephant in the living room.

The one person who came up and spent two hours talking to me was Liam. It was in December 1994, the night after Oasis had recorded Jools Holland, with the suits on and the orchestra.

Even people from my own record company, Creation, didn’t know what to say. But Liam was the one to say, “Are you all right?” For that I will always love him.

He was just a kid at that point and he was always being bothered by people coming up to him. But all he cared about was checking that I was OK. In a sense that showed real balls. That, to me, shows the real guy who is often misrepresented.

It’s a total cliché but you are only as old as you feel. I doubt I’ll ever grow up properly — and Liam certainly won’t either.

To me he’s like one of the old blues guys — or Paul Weller or Mick Jagger. He will be in a band until the day he dies.

The Beatles and the Rolling Stones were the first generation of rock stars and the first people that we’ve had to get used to playing gigs as older men.

 Liam will be just the same. He’ll be up on stage when he’s in his seventies — whether it’s a small gig in the 100 Club or Wembley Stadium — and he’ll be doing it because he loves music.

That’s the best compliment I can pay him — that he still loves music and will still be doing it for a long time.

Turning 40 is always a big one. When you are in your thirties you can blag it that you are still a young guy. After 40, you can’t.

 But I don’t think Liam will give a s***. He’ll put on a massive party for his close friends and it will be an excuse for a big night out.

He will live his forties like he has the rest of his life, in his own way. Good luck to him — and Happy Birthday.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds embark on a UK tour in September and will tour the US and Canada alongside Snow Patrol and Jake Bugg later this year.

More details on the above dates and more can be found by clicking here.


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