19 October 2012

Liam Gallagher Attends The Premiere Of The Rolling Stones 'Crossfire Hurricane'

The Rolling Stones turned Leicester Square into a Rock and Roll circus as they attended the premiere of 'Crossfire Hurricane', a documentary on their 50 years as rock's biggest and baddest bands.

The band recently announced that they would be playing a bout of new gigs, as well as new songs, and even if the stars were not quite the wild horses of their youth they seemed to have some of the spriteliness that has made their live shows a must see for half a century, laughing and joking on the red carpet.

The movie, directed by Brett Morgan, charts their rise from the early days of the late Brian Jones and hits such as 'Time Is On My Side' through their emergence alongside The Beatles as the defining bands of the 60s into the rock superstars they've become, chronicling the bad behaviour and great music through interviews and archive footage.

On the new gigs Sir Mick Jagger was upbeat, saying that rehearsals "are going really well, we've done loads of songs, playing well, everyone's playing really good".

When asked whether he needed his memory jogging about the old days he said that he "remembered everything".

One of rock's more modern miscreants, Liam Gallagher also hit the red carpet, and when speaking to red carpet presenter Lauren Laverne he was unusually full of praise, saying: "If it weren't for the Beatles and The Stones there'd be no point in living,"

The former Oasis frontman also expressed a desire to still be performing at The Stones' age, saying "why not" and adding that if you look cool you should "crack on with it".

Click here to see a number of pictures of Liam and Nicole Gallagher at the premiere.

Source: www.entertainmentwise.com

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds have released International Magic Live At The O2 DVD through Sour Mash Records.

They will embark on a number European dates before they tour the US and Canada alongside Snow Patrol and Jake Bugg.

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