21 October 2012

The 15 Best Oasis B-Sides

Following in the footsteps of idols such as The Smiths and The Jam, Oasis continued the tradition of releasing tracks that were left off of each album they released as b-sides amidst their colossal rise to worldwide fame in the mid-‘90s. While common sense might suggest that b-sides are lower in quality than any album track, that’s not the case with Oasis; several of these unreleased tracks are among the best the band ever produced.

With most of the best-hidden gems coming from Oasis’ golden age of mid-90s chart domination, we have ranked the 15 best b-sides from Noel and Liam Gallagher. So, feel free to continue having “Wonderwall” perpetually on pause and instead indulge the underappreciated tracks that truly made Oasis a great band.

Click here to see the songs that were picked.

 Source: www.pastemagazine.com

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds have released International Magic Live At The O2 DVD through Sour Mash Records.

They will embark on a number European dates before they tour the US and Canada alongside Snow Patrol and Jake Bugg.

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Anonymous said...

the best b-sides are Boy with the blues by Liam, epic Thank you for the good times by Andy, Pass me down the wine by Liam, etc.

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