9 December 2012

Liam Gallagher And Chance Facebook Link Leave Band Sitting Pretty

They're the stylish Welsh band taking the first steps to stardom thanks to Liam Gallagher – and a chance Facebook connection.

Cold Committee so impressed Gallagher that he invited the youngsters to play a series of dates at his Pretty Green shops around the UK.

The four-piece from Prestatyn and Rhyl are hoping their career now goes Supersonic and they quickly become Rock ‘n’ Roll Stars after the lucky Facebook encounter resulted in a meeting with the former Oasis frontman.

The outfit – James Cairns, 19, Sam Hughes, 19, Adam Bass, 20, and Jordan Samuel, 20 – linked up with London-based actor Frankie Rizzo, who liked them so much he offered to manage the band.

“I saw a photo on Facebook of Frankie and Liam and I thought I’ll add Frankie, and then I sent him some songs over and asked if he could have a listen and tell me what he thought,” recalls singer and guitarist James.

“Then he came back and said ‘I’m interested and I’d actually like to start managing you’. It was as simple as that.”

Their manager played friend Liam the band’s demos and the rock star offered them the gigs at Gallagher’s clothes stores in Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool, Cardiff, Birmingham and Newcastle before rounding off with a gig at the store in Covent Garden in London.

“Liam really liked the songs, obviously he’s a mate of Frankie’s but he had to be into the tracks for us to go on the tour,” adds the musician.

It’s been a whirlwind few months for the band formed just five months ago and who started out playing covers in holiday camps around North Wales.

“The Pretty Green gigs have given us incredible exposure,” says James. “It’s all been a bit difficult to take in. We never thought we’d be at this stage in just a few months, it’s all happened so fast.

Last night we played the last date of the tour in London it was and probably the best one yet.

“We got some free clothes, free T-shirts and polos which was great. We look the part!”

And they even got the chance to be starstruck when they met the larger-than-live singer.

“Well, it was weird because we were heading down to London for a gig at The Purple Turtle in Camden and we were playing Oasis songs in the car when my mobile rang.

“It was Frankie who was down in London at a pub with Liam. He said Liam wants to meet you, so we went and a had a few beers with him before our gig.

“We had a chat, he told us a few rock ‘n’ roll tales but mainly he was giving us advice.

“We are all massive Oasis fans so we were thrilled.”

The band’s adventure look sets to continue with James letting slip there is record company interest, but he adds the band are determined to keep their feet firmly on the ground.

“Sony are interested, and Mercury, but it’s early days yet. We want to take it step by step. Hopefully next year we can hit it hard and 2013 can be a big year for us.”

:: Cold Committee play Bar 236 in Prestatyn on December 14 and Proud Galleries, London on December 27.

For more information on the band and to hear their latest songs visit www.soundcloud.com/coldcommitteemusic

Source: www.walesonline.co.uk


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