31 December 2012

Liam Gallagher Not Impressed By Noel's Success

Noel Gallagher hasn't "lit up the world" with his solo material, according to his brother Liam.

The two siblings have a famously fiery relationship which caused their band, Oasis, to split in 2009. While Liam has gone on to release music with his group Beady Eye, Noel has focused on his own material.

Noel has made disparaging remarks about Beady Eye's success in public, with Liam unsure why he feels able to point the finger.

"I tell you f**king what, we've all got a lot of graft to do, d'you know what I mean? Him too," Liam fumed to Q magazine. "He's sold a f**king few records, why wouldn't he sell records, he was the main songwriter of Oasis but he certainly hasn't f**king lit up the world."

Liam still harbours some animosity towards his brother for the way Oasis ended. The pair argued backstage at a concert in Paris, resulting in a broken guitar and Noel quitting.

Liam finds is hard to support his brother's new venture after what happened.

"Was I pleased for him [when he released his album]? What, for splitting up my f**king band? I'm not pleased for him, no," Liam said.

"I hope he's f**king happy but he doesn't look it. And he won't be happy when he hears we've done an out-there record that we're actually gonna f**king release before him. With our out-there record, you're gonna hear it next year, with his out-there record, you'll never hear it."

Source: www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk


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