27 December 2012

Liam Gallagher On The New Beady Eye Album

Liam Gallagher is abandoning Britpop on the next Beady Eye album. The former Oasis man has been working with TV On The Radio and Yeah Yeah Yeahs producer DAVE Dave Sitek.

He said: “I hate the word ‘experimenting’, but we are definitely experimenting “In five words, it’s ‘majestic’, ‘imperial’, ‘out there’ and, er, what was the other one? Oh yeah, ‘heavy’. “It’s different to the first. It’s been heads down, none of that nonsense from the Nineties. We’ve got our s*** together.”

Liam’s in bullish mood about his band’s second release, which is due out next year. He added: “It feels like a really special album. You know when you normally go through a door and go, ‘Er, I’m not really sure about that’. “Well, we’ve f***ing booted the door off the hinges.”

Source: www.sun.co.uk


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