19 December 2012

Noel Gallagher Banned From Buying His Family Christmas Tree This Year

Noel Gallagher was banned from buying his family Christmas tree this year.

The gobby rocker was shown a red card by wife Sara, 39, after being rude to a tree seller last year.

The Manc legend, 45, said: “You don’t get a chance to sit around with my missus at Christmas. She said to me, ‘I’m going to get the tree. You’re not invited to get the tree because you were so mean and awful to the man last year!’ I think the bloke was giving me the tree’s life history and I said ‘Look mate it’s minus two here, I’m not interested. Just stick it in the back of the Rolls and shut up’.

“Christmas is a lot of nonsense for me.”

Despite his Grinchlike misdemeanour, the High Flying Birds front man has brought his missus some fancy Christmas presents.

He said: “I got Mrs Gallagher a sparkly thing and some books.

“What is she going to get me with my money? It’s every man’s sore point.

“I’m trying to keep it down to a family pack of Squares crisps.

“She’s insisting she buys me some outlandish David Bowie photograph.

“I said I don’t really need that. I’ll just have the crisps.

“I don’t really need anything.”

Source: www.dailystar.co.uk


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