30 December 2012

Noel Gallagher Doesn't Want His Kids Profiting From His Music

Noel Gallagher doesn't want his kids profiting from his music.

The former Oasis rocker has always wanted a solo career in order to make use of his prolific writing, as he hates the thought of his unreleased material surfacing after he dies and his children - Anais, 12, Donovan, five, and Sonny, two - getting to ''take the glory''.

He said: ''I did fancy making solo albums but never to the detriment of Oasis because I f***ing loved that band. But it never quite transpired that I got the time...

''When Gem [Archer] and Andy [Bell] bass joined Oasis, they started writing songs, so I was only getting five on an album, every three years, but I was still writing 30 songs a year and I ended up with this huge backlog.

''I was like, 'What I'm going to be in Oasis when I'm 53 and have 140 unreleased songs? And then release them when I die and then all my kids will be flying around in Ferraris and Boeing 747s, f***ing taking my glory?' Oh no, I don't f***ing think so.''

Because of the changes in the music industry, Noel thinks his kids will have different ''relationships'' to records and he worries his collection will go to waste when he dies.

He said: ''I do wonder what my five-year-old lad's relationship to music is going to be. When they're reading the will out, 'And I bequeath to you, Donovan 14,000 vinyl records...' He's just going to go, 'Sell it, not arsed.' Two Bodines albums and a La's 10-inch that was deleted on the day it was bought from Picadilly records? He's going to say, 'F**k, that's just taking up room, I don't want it.' ''

Source: www.tv3.ie


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