19 January 2013

Cherry Red To Release Debut Record By Parlour Flames

Cherry Red Records is delighted to announce VOLUME#ONE the debut record by Parlour Flames is due for release Spring 2013! Parlour Flames is a musical collaboration between former Oasis rhythm guitarist Bonehead (aka Paul Arthurs) and the Manchester based singer songwriter & poet Vinny Peculiar (aka Alan Wilkes).

Vinny and Bonehead have co-written & produced all the songs on VOLUME#ONE, playing the guitars, basses, pianos and keyboards. The vocals and lyrics were all sang/written by Vinny.

The record features Che Beresford (Badly Drawn Boy) on drums and percussion, Semay Woo on cellos, Anna Zweck (Samson & Delilah) on flute and backing vocals, Bob Marsh (Badly Drawn Boy, I Am Kloot) on trumpets & fugal horn. Ollie Collins alos plays bass on a couple of tracks.

The record was engineered by Dave Fyfe, and produced by Parlour Flames in Boneheads home studio. Parlour Flames were so named by Vinny after watching a TV program on Victorian lifestyles, early performance spaces and the flames of faith and endurance.

The band will play a number of UK gigs in February. Check the dates here.

To find out more about Parlour Flames & to hear some samples check out their official website & Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @ParlourFlames.

Source: www.cherryred.co.uk


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