10 January 2013

Gem Archer On Working With Dave Sitek And More

Beady Eye's Gem Archer has been speaking about working with producer Dave Sitek on the bands new album.

He told the NME "I didn't know whether he was going to build it up bit by bit: bass drum, drum track, drum machine, whatever. But no: it's like we're getting live takes down, but then he'll say stuff: 'It needs to be more this, it needs to be more that'. You know really getting in there.And this coming from a guy who apparently hasn't miked up a guitar amp for 10 years!"

Beady Eye, are working with the TV On The Radio musician on a new album, and It's fascinating them as they are making it.

Gem explained: "It's fascinating us as were making it. There are sounds there that we would never come up with. And I'm sure there are sounds there that he's never had to manipulate before, that he's never had his hands on. There's a real tug daily, because both of us are pushing each other. Sometimes it'll just go out there."


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