9 January 2013

Liam Gallagher: 'I Know F**K All About Fashion'

Liam Gallagher has admitted that he knows "f**k all" about fashion and only created his fashion line because he was given the chance to.

Speaking at the presentation of his Pretty Green fashion label’s 2013 autumn-winter collection, the singer spoke to The Evening Standard and responded to people who are sceptical about his career in fashion.

“I’m not doing it to prove anything. I’m doing it because I had an opportunity." “I spend a lot of my money on clothes so I feel like I’m within my rights to do whatever I want to do," the 40-year-old explained.

"I know f**k all about fashion. I just know what I like. We might get bored of it in three years time, go back to our day job. But at the moment, we’re having a good time. It gets us out the house. So why not?”

Gallagher also critiqued the way modern pop stars dress: “They’re a lot smarter these days. The clothes are a lot more fitted. I tried on some of the clothes I used to wear back in the day, and they were all a hundred sizes too big.”

His wife, former All Saints singer Nicole Appleton, added: “Liam has always been into clothes. He is very particular about what he likes.”

Source: www.entertainmentwise.com


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