8 January 2013

Liam Gallagher Says Beady Eye Have Gone For The Full Pink Floyd Trip On New Album

In Oasis's heyday a call going out to a brass band to join a studio session would have been a sign the drug threshold had been reached.

But Liam Gallagher insists his new band Beady Eye are willing to do things a bit differently on their second album in a quest for more rock ’n’ roll success.

Last week he had a pop at Mumford & Sons for looking like they might have nits — but the brass section isn’t a sign he’s joining a colliery band.

Speaking at the launch of his new fashion range for Pretty Green, he said: “We’ve gone for the full Pink Floyd trip, man.

“There’s the psychedelic stuff and then the rock ’n’ roll bangers.

“Our producer Dave called up our manager and told him to get a brass band round sharpish one day.

“If it makes it a better record, I’m having it man. I’m buzzing for it. It’s going to blow people’s minds.”

It was a brave move getting Dave Sitek on board. He’s in a band called TV On The Radio and produced Foals and Yeah Yeah Yeahs records.

They are the kind of characters you might expect to be mingling with the Derek Zoolander fashion crowd with ironic facial hair.

But Liam and his team have done the business slipping into the fashion world over the last four or five years — and they are cashing in.

Pretty Green unveiled the new face of their brand, Jesse Wood, the guitarist son of Rolling Stone Ronnie.

He’s a top bloke and a great shout for the brand. He brought his heavily preggers missus Fearne Cotton along, but they did the back door shuffle when her feet couldn’t take any more.

Inbetweeners hero James Buckley was in his element, too.

The actor, who owns so much he must keep Liam’s label ticking over, joked that he was trying to steal some threads. He tweeted: “Tried to walk out with those suit jackets.”

Speaking about being newly married to Scottish girlfriend CLAIR MEEK, he said: “My father-in-law came over to me at the wedding and said, ‘Don’t you ever be doing a Scottish accent in any films now, you hear me?’ I got the message loud and clear.”

Kasabian’s Tom Meighan was out for the night too. And being out for the night, he’s probably still going as you read this.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk


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