1 January 2013

More On The New Beady Eye Album

A few quotes about the new Beady Eye album, that I typed up from the current issue of Mojo.

Liam Gallagher: "It feels like a really special album, You know when you normally go through a door. Errr, I'm not really sure about that... Well, we've f*cking booted the door of the hinges. We've steamed in... I hate the word experimenting, but we are definitely experimenting."

Gem Archer: "We've had a few mates in, there's been the sound of jaws dropping."

Liam Gallagher "We tend to work 12 to 12. Maybe have a drink at the weekend. But theres a lot of sage being burnt. keep out them evil spirits. That's Dave - you know what Americans are like. Scaredy cats aren't they? it smells nice though.

Gem Archer: "It's broader, wider, deeper. It's not stripped-down rock 'n' roll, that's for sure. The constant is Liam's voice and he's truly on form. He sounding outrageous."

Producer Dave Sitek on Liam's voice: "It's unreal. When you can just turn on a microphone and do nothing to the vocals and you're like, that sounds like a goddam record! It's one of those. It's rock band instrumentation, but it's used in a different way. There's a lot of slowed-down and sped-up and outer space. It's trippy. The Strength of the songs is so high that we got to be real playfull."

The album features some unusual instrumentation - including celeste, plus cymbals played with a violin bow.


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