10 February 2013

Sarah Harding Was The Liam Gallagher Of Girls Aloud

Sarah Harding was once known as the wild one of Girls Aloud – but last night she declared: “I’m not that girl any more.”

After battling her demons, the blonde has spent the past year rebuilding her life.

In her first in-depth interview since she checked in to rehab, Sarah tells how she’s in a new relationship with music producer DJMRK1, and says she is at her happiest simply strolling around her country pad in Buckinghamshire.

She also revealed the unlikely inspiration behind her transformation from caner to country girl — her ex-hellraising heroes Robbie Williams and Liam Gallagher.

Sarah, 31, said: “I’ve been through the s******t couple of years of my life but I want people to know me for the girl I am today.

“I’m in the happiest place ever in my life, and the past is in the past.”

Sarah’s partying got out of hand because she tried to live up to her rock ’n’ roll image as “the Liam Gallagher of Girls Aloud”.

But now 40-year-old Liam has settled into domestic bliss, Sarah is convinced that she too can leave her past behind.

She said: “I grew up absolutely obsessed with Oasis and Blur and all the bad boys.
“I used to think I was like Liam and in the end, it kind of became who I was.

“At one point, people thought I was the Liam Gallagher of the band because I’m more of a rock chick and I went out more than my friends. But I’ve grown up now.”

Sarah also identifies with the way Robbie Williams, 38, has gone from wildman to happily married dad.

She said: “I can really, really relate to Robbie — we’re very similar characters.

“Now he’s all settled and married with a baby, I’m just really happy for him. He’s a really nice guy.”

Despite her admiration for the way Liam and Robbie have settled down, Sarah says she wants to focus on her career before considering having a child.

She added: “I don’t know about kids just yet — although I am at that age. I’ve just got so many more boxes I want to tick before that.”

A big part of Sarah’s comeback is the Girls Aloud ten-year reunion tour — which kicks off on February 21.

When she’s not rehearsing, Sarah is busy grafting on solo material and adding more acting roles to her CV.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk


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