19 March 2013

Liam Gallagher And His Wife Nicole Enjoy A Day Out Together

He’s known for being a bit of a rock and roll legend who causes trouble wherever he goes.

So it’s no wonder Liam Gallagher didn’t look best pleased when he was spotted doing something rather mundane – shopping with his wife on Monday.

Despite pulling a miserable face, it seems Liam did in fact enjoy a successful spend up with Nicole Appleton as he carried just as many bags as she did.

His wife, former All Saints singer Nicole linked her arm through his, dampening his hard man image somewhat.

The pretty 38-year-old also wore a parka, although hers was fur trimmed and rather sensibly she wore a pair of wellington boots.

Embracing her laid back look she opted to go make-up free, showing off her natural beauty.

After a while of picking up designer goodies, Liam’s mood seemed to brighten and as he left a sunglasses shop, he even managed to crack a smile.

Click here to see a number of pictures of the pair, below is an article from the Daily Star.

Source www.dailymail.com


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