25 April 2013

Liam Gallagher Wants £30million For An Oasis Reunion

Liam Gallagher is open to an Oasis reunion.

But it would take a Manchester City-size transfer fee to secure the deal.

The singer is currently on the promo trail with Beady Eye for new album BE.

Asked about making up with and performing alongside brother Noel, he said: “Listen, it’ll happen when it happens, but it ain’t a f***ing game — it’s the real deal.

“I read a lot of people going, ‘Oh, it’s just a blag, innit? So they can get some more noughts on their big f***ing comeback.’

“But I’m still me and he’s gonna be him.

“I ain’t changing for a million f***ing pounds... I might do it for £30million.”

Liam’s clearly exaggerating the final fee but the band would definitely make some serious cash if they returned to the stage.

It’s unlikely any reunion will happen for a few years given the success of Noel’s solo career and Liam having a new Beady Eye album to promote.

He’s ditched his parka jacket on the cover of the new issue of Q out on Tuesday next week, as a sign that the band have changed their sound for the second album.

He told the mag: “People didn’t like the first one. So we couldn’t do that again.

Jumpin’ Jack Flash and Lennon gear — that’s my thing. I could do that all day long but people don’t want that, so we had to do summat.”

That “summat” included drafting in producer Dave Sitek, who had the band watching 2001: A Space Odyssey in the studio. Liam says he’s put in serious effort on the new record, admitting he cares so much about music that it could one day kill him.

He said: “I won’t die of a drug overdose or a f***ing drinking habit.

“I’ll die of living and breathing and being in a band.

“It won’t be over snorting a line off someone’s head or drinking a daft drink. It’ll be because I’m into it too much. I’ll die of caring too much.”

According to Q, Sitek also had the band burning sage leaves before recording to “ward off evil spirits”.

Liam’s facial expression would have been a sight when that came up.
Like the face made when catching a whiff of what a bear might leave in the woods.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk


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