8 May 2013

Liam Gallagher Blasts Noel's Friendship With Damon Albarn

Liam Gallagher has never been one to keep his opinions on the down low and the singer has now blasted his brother Noel and his alleged friendship with former arch-enemy Damon Albarn, labelling their pally ways "b*****ks."

The ex-Oasis stars famously endured a rivalry with Albarn and his Blur bandmates in their 1990s heyday but guitarist Noel put the long-running feud behind him in March this year, when he joined the Parklife singer onstage at a charity show in London.

Liam took a swipe at his brother over the performance, but now he has spoken out to accuse Noel of faking his newfound friendship with Albarn.

He tells NME magazine, "That was b**locks. If you think that was genuine you must be living on the f**king moon. Why do I know that? Because I know my brother. That's how I feel. He's full of s**t. I think Damon's alright... But you know our kid (Noel). It'll be Robbie Williams next."

And those aren't the only harsh words that Liam had in terms of his family member, blasting Noel once again recently, calling him a "f***ing Gobsh***."

The controversial singer made the comments after revealing that his Beady Eye band will not be performing Oasis's back catalogue when they go on tour.

Talking to the magazine the 40-year-old rocker said: “We'll keep it as two because there's too many people loitering in the past.”

He then went to do say: “Noel does quite a bit, but that's his f***ing thing: splitting up Oasis and putting half the f***ing songs in your f***ing set, it's schizophrenic.”

Sending out a clear message to his brother and former band mate, he then said: “If you want to play f***ing Oasis songs put the band back together and stop being a f***ing gobs***e”

Liam recently said that if Beady Eye's new album 'Be' flopped then he would retire from music for good.

The Beady Eye front man has also been hitting the headlines recently for his boozy antics being spotted riding a dog in a posh London pub.

Source: www.nme.com


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