20 June 2013

Another Gallery: Beady Eye In Manchester

Beady Eye are back, and Liam Gallagher is on the best form he's been since his Oasis days, with second album BE picking up (mostly) positive reviews in the press.

Following a week of unlikely promotional duties for the band (gigs in record stores, album signings and performances on The Voice UK), Gallagher and co kicked off their short UK tour last night at The Ritz in Manchester, the city where Oasis first took root way back in the nineties.

In typical Gallagher, the set was heavy on tunes and light on conversation, with the frontman breaking his between-song silence rarely, thanking fans for singing along towards the end of the show. "You've been in good voice. Nice one for coming out, thanks," he said as the show came to a close. Gallagher also paid tribute to his Britpop roots, dropping 'Rock N Roll Star' and '(What's The Story) Morning Glory' into the show.

Check out 11 stunning shots of the show our photographer described as 'a dark, sweaty, beer drenched affair', here.

Source: www.gigwise.com


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