21 June 2013

Another Review Of Beady Eye In Manchester

The thing with Liam Gallagher is, he has you leaving his shows convinced what you’ve witnessed was a musical masterpiece, even if, on reflection, you’ve seen better.

Nothing much has changed over the years, in terms of the swagger with which Liam walks on stage, the way he sings into the mic and stands motionless, gazing into space during instrumental sections of his songs.

But his loyal followers, particularly those in Manchester, know what they like and like what they know and lapped it up throughout Beady Eye's gig at The Ritz.

The set opened with the first song to be released from BE, Flick of the Finger, which set the tone well, as the tightly-packed-in crowd instantly came to life.

The band then flitted between albums one and two, rattling through Face the Crowd, Millionaire, Four Letter Word and Soul Love in quick succession.

Beady Eye really hit their stride when it came to Iz Rite, another from the new album, which evoked memories of Be Here Now-era Oasis, with its floaty but catchy chorus.

That tee’d up Shine a Light, which led into a pleasant surprise for the crowd, in the form of Definitely Maybe classic Rock ‘n’ Roll Star.

It was always going to be the case but the Oasis covers (they also did Morning Glory) got by far and away the best reception and took the atmosphere inside The Ritz to the next level. But Beady Eye seem to have found their own identity, rather than just appearing as Oasis minus Noel, and are comfortable welcoming saxophone and maracas player on stage.

Liam’s bandmates Gem Archer and Andy Bell also seem to feel more part of the show, engaging with the crowd more than ever before.

Source: www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk


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