28 June 2013

Beady Eye Kick Off Glastonbury 2013 To Thousands Of Eager Fans

Beady Eye opened this year's Glastonbury festival with thousands of fans sprinting to the main stage to see their unadvertised secret set.

Liam Gallagher's band were the first band on at the English music event held on Worthy Farm in Pilton, Somerset, after a posting on the group's official Twitter account cryptically revealed a time and date which coincides with the start of the festival.

The tweet read, 'Where will you BE? 11am 28.06.13.'

Liam also posted on Twitter: '11am Friday - BE there or BE square..LG x'. (sic)

Liam was joined by his wife Nicole Appleton and three children Lennon, Molly and Gene who watched the main man perform from the side of the stage.

The last time Liam, guitarist Gem Archer and lead guitarist Andy Bell played at Glastonbury in 2004 they headlined with Oasis - which disbanded after Noel Gallagher quit in August 2009.

The super-group also topped the bill in 1995 after performing one of the sets of the weekend in 1994 - a performance which organiser Michael Eavis has listed in his top five festival moments.

His daughter Emily Eavis also included Oasis' 95 headline slot as one of her favourite moments in the festival's illustrious history.

She said: '1995 was a great year. It was the height of Britpop, and that was reflected in all the great bands who played - Oasis, Elastica, The Verve.

'Pulp were amazing, headlining the Pyramid stage. Plus, the weather was gorgeous. Another thing I remember is Robbie Williams turning up backstage. At that point he was still in Take That, so everyone was totally amazed to see him there. He bowled up to the festival with bright yellow hair.

'I remember thinking, Is that really him? He was hanging out with Oasis, running around - totally manic. And then of course he joined Oasis on stage. It was quite a spontaneous thing - I don't think he'd planned it at all.

'It seemed like that weekend convinced him that life in Take That was not for him. He seemed to have some kind of epiphany.'

Liam - who has just released the band's second album 'BE' - had claimed he wouldn't play the iconic event again because it was now full of 'celebrities' and had lost touch with its hippy roots.

The secret guests when the festival was last staged in 2011 were Pulp and Radiohead and rumours have circulated that David Bowie could also make a shock appearance this weekend.

Louise Mullock, spokesperson for Seatwave, said: 'Demand for Rolling Stones tickets is always high, however in the days preceding their Glastonbury performance we have seen ticket demand surge beyond expectations.

'Despite their advancing years, Sir Mick and his cohorts are still able draw huge audiences.'

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk


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